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Unit 1 : Sounds Around Us
Unit 2 : All About Me
Tasks Skills Task-Text- KSSR SBA
Unit 1 : DAY 1 (L&S)
Power Point - Meaning, Td Ph -
keywords L&S
Listen & Circle L &S Td Ph 1.1.1(f)
Unit 1 : DAY 2 (L&S)
Recall the sounds and L&S Td Ph 1.1.4
Matching game – L&S PdTh 1.1.1(a),(f)
‘Who am I?’
Unit 2 : DAY 3
A4 Word card – L&S Td Ph, PdTh 1.2.1(b)
introduce key
words:’Hello’ and ‘Hi’
A4 word card – Recall R PdTh 2.2.1(b)
‘Hello’ and ‘Hi’,
Unit 2 : DAY 4
Myself S PdTh, Pd Tw 1.2.1(b)
Ball Roll Game S PdTh, Pd Tw 1.2.1(b)

Unit 3: Let’s Be Friends
Tasks Skills Task-Text-based KSSR SBA
Greeting word cards L&S Td Ph 1.2.1.(a)
and pictures
Running and Touch L&S Td Ph, PdTh 1.2.1(a)
Recall meaning Td Ph -
Matching game R PdTh, Pd Tw 2.2.1(a)
Reading Chant R Td Ph, PdTh 2.2.3
Copy and Write W PdTh, Pd Tw 3.1.2(a) (d)
Jumbled Letters W PdTh 3.1.2(a) (d)

Recall greeting words LA Td Ph 4.1.2
and pictures
Sing greeting Songs LA TpPh, Pd Tw 4.3.2(c )


Unit 4: Listen to Me
Tasks Skills Task-Text-based KSSR SBA
Process Conceptual
Demostration/listen and L&S 1.2.2(a)
Listen and tick L&S 1.2.2(a)
Phrases cards R 2.2.1(a)
Matching Phrases to R 2.2.1(a)
Running and Win R 2.2.2
Reading Chant R 2.2.3
Copy and Write W 3.1.2(a)(d)
Jumbled Word W 3.2.2

Music box LA 4.3.2(c)
Playing Simon Says LA 4.3.2(c)

Unit 5: May I...
Tasks Skills Task-Text-based KSSR SBA
Process Conceptual
Explain To Me L&S 1.1.4
Share My Mat L&S 1.2.1
Making Request L&S 1.1.4
Making Request – R 2.1.2
Reading DialoguE R 2.1.2
Magic BoX R 2.1.2
Run and Grab R 2.1.3
Making Request recall W 2.1.2
Running Dictation W 3.2.2

Punctuate Me W 3.2.3

Let`s Chant LA 4.1.2
Act It Out LA 4.3.2


2d PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Tw 4.1a meaning Powerpoint – L +R Td. Tw 2.4.4 Music Box (Testing Pd.4 with words Reading Chant R Pd.2.3.2. LA Pd.2. Tw 3.2.2 (Sentence structure) Three Friends.dialogue Fill in the bubble R+W Pd. R Pd. Tw 3.1.1d cut-glue) Group chant S Pd.4 Role play the story S Pd. Ph Storyline . W Pd.2.2.2a4. Tw 1.Unit 6:Dilly Duck’s Doughnut Task-based Tasks Skills KSSR SBA Process Model Day 1 (L&S) Ppt-Recall animals L+S Td.1. Ph 1.2.4.Th 1. meaning) 2.Th 1.1a keywords Crosswords puzzle R+W+ Pd.2.3.2b Day 3(W) Reading Chant.2a correct animals Day 2 (R) Powerpoint– R + L+S Td.2 Sequencing story Day 4 (LA) Bookmark (Colour. Th 1.1.f (Unit 1) and sound Where are the Pd.1 Recall Jumbled words W Pd.1a. Tw animals? Hide and Seek Listen and colour the L + meaning Pd. Th 2. Tw 1.Tw 2. Ph 1.

1. P do 1. P do. T help 4.1 game “Jigsaw reading P do. P help 1. snap.1. Listening T do. T do.2. T help 4.1 stamp. P do. T help blanks writing 2.1.2 ( d ) “game” reading (Trace and spell the 3. knee. T help -Fill in the blanks – Writing.4 -Repetation speaking P do. Slap 1.1. ears.1 Puzzle” -Tasksheet –spelling Meaning.2 . P watch . mouth.1 -Action Song T do.2. P help 4.1. T watch 2. 2. 1+2) 3. P do. shoulders.2( c).2 word) writing P do.1.1.Unit 7: Look At Me TASKS SKILLS TASK-TEXT BASED KSSR SBA PROCESS CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Day 1 Meaning T do.1.1.2. Meaning.1 . eyes. toe. T watch PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .1.verb P do.1.1 ( a ) -Reading chant (LS – reading P do.2. P watch 1. T watch 3.2 ( d ) Day 3 (Writing) -Reading chant recall Reading P do.1 ( a ) . Meaning.3 -Recall keywords. nose and T do. reading 1. T watch -Jumbled words (sentence structure) Day 4 (Language Art) -“Dragon ball” –group listening P do.Sing and do Reading.part of the body T do. T help .1 ( c ) (Listening/Speaking) -Introduce part of the body (flashcards) – eg. T watch activity reading 4. P help 1.3.Listen and identify meaning part of the body Day 2 (Reading) -Keywords (clap.1. head.

tw 3. B. wash. pd.1 Chant together pupils present pd.2. face. tw 2. tw 4.3.2/ 4. th 1. dry td.2. pw 1. Word find (2.2.2 A.2.1.2 A) (2. pw 3. tw iv) Copy down the steps in sequence ( 4.1.1 Language Arts 4.1) pd. pw Introduce new words Meaning ii) soap.1 (a) 1.2 (f) levels.3.2 Action Song pd. th 2. th 1. Be Happy Recall the words learned before Listening i) hands.1.2 B) Spelling i) Circle the words according to the pictures.2 sentences iii) Arrange the steps in sequence pd. BE HAPPY TTB Tasks Skills CONCEPTUAL KSSR Evidens DAY 1 (LISTENING & SPEAKING) 1. rinse.2. th ii) Rearrange the words to make correct Writing pd. tw 3. tw 3.1.4 ii) Copy the words under pictures. PPT Introduce spelling of keywords Reading td. (d) 2. fingers.2.4 (a) DAY 2 (READING) 2. th 3.2 (f) v) Complete the task sheet according to their pd. pd. (3. scrub. Reading Recall Textbook on page 34 Reading pd.3 Textbook on page 34 DAY 3 (WRITING) 3. Reading Reading pd. UNIT 8: STAY CLEAN . Matching Game L&S pd. wipe. feet Speaking td. wet.2(b) PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Running Dictation i) Pupils works in pairs (as a runner or writter) pd. Memory Game L&S pd.3 3. th tw 3.1 Stay Clean. C) DAY 4 (LANGUAGE ARTS) 4.

2.4 DAY 2 (R) Big book Reading TD. TW 3. TH 1.2. PW 2.UNIT 9 : MEET MY FAMILY Tasks Skills Task-based KSSR SBA Process Model DAY 1 (L&S) Recall name of family L&S PD.3. TW Happy family (card L & S + meaning PD.3 meaning Making concertina Reading + PD.2 Sequence story Reading + PD.2(a) words Family photo.2. TW 3.1(a) Spelling W PD.2.1 UNIT 10 : HOW MANY PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . TW 1.1. TH 4.TW 2. TW 1.TW 2. TW (a) story book meaning DAY 3 (W) Write sentences W PD.3.3.2 DAY 4 (LA) Role play LA PD. Describe S PD.1 games) Listen and circle the L + meaning PD.2 (c) Fun Family Mobile LA PD.

3 DAY 3 (WRITING) Worksheet s(Refer W STAGE Singing ‘Old Pak Karim Had A L.4. 4 Farm’ PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Identify and colour the farm L.4 3.1.4 1.W STAGE 3.3.S.S.1.3.2(a) Read and match R + MEANING STAGE 3.1.L STAGE 3. R STAGE 2.2.2 (a WS1.4 1. Hula Hoop Game R .1.WS2.1.1.4 2.1 (a animals Sing the Song ‘Old Pak Karim L&S STAGE 3 1.4 3.2.4 1.3 Had A Farm’ DAY 2(READING) Pictures and sentences (PPT) R.2(a) DAY 4 LANGUAGE ART Finger puppets L.WS3) Memory Game L.W STAGE 3.2.1. Tasks Skills Task-Text-based process Conceptual Framework DAY 1 (LISTENING & SPEAKING) Recall sounds of farm animals L&S STAGE 2 (unit 1) And numbers in preschool Guessing who am I L&S + MEANING STAGE 2 1.4.4 1.L STAGE 2 1.W STAGE 3.

Tw 1. 3. Ph Happy Days L&S Pd. Pw 2.1.2. Tw 3.1. Pw activities Match picture with days R Td.2. Th Day 3 (W) Trace and write W (AB) Pd. Write it right R+W Pd. Tw Day 2 (R) Word Find R Pd.2.3. Tw 1.2.3 Listen and cross L+W Pd.Tw 2.2 (d).2 (d) (e) ( Day 4 (LA) Concertina Book LA Pd. Th 2.1 (a) Reading Chant R Pd. Tasks Skills Task-text-based Unit 11: My Happy Days Task-text-based Tasks Skills KSSR Process Model Day 1 (L&S) Sing a song Td.1.2 (a) Rearrange letter cards R+W Pd.1 (d) UNIT 12: When Is Your Birthday? PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .3 Music box L+R Pd. Tw 1. Th Jumbled words W Pd.1 (b) Powerpoint – Days and L&S+R Td.2. Tw 3.2 (a) Bingo game L Pd.2. Tw 4.

7 Reading chant R Td. Spell and colour W Pd.Tw 2.Tw 2. Ph 2.3.3 13. Day 1 (L&S) 12.Th Ph 2.1 12.9 Poison box R&L&S Pd.5 Chant L&R Td.2(a) Rearrange Letters R&W Pd.3 Listen and colour L Pd.2.2(f) 13.Tw 3.S &W Pd.1(a) PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .1 Unit 13 : I see colours Task Tasks Skills Task-text.3.1 12.4 12.2 13.2.4 Word find R Pd.15 Snake ladder L&S Pd.2 2.3 Copy words W Pd.1 12. Tw 4. KSSR SBA # based Day 1(L&S) 13. Tw 3.2(f) Day 4 (LA) 13.1.Tw 3.Tw 3.2(a) Day 2 (R) 13.4 3.3 Day 4 (LA) 12.6 Match and colour R Pd.9 Punctuation L&W Pd.1(a) keywords 13.Tw Jumbled words W&R Pd.11 Concertina Book W Pd.2(a) 13.3 Day 3 (W) 13.Tw 2.1.10 Birthday Checklist L .Th 2. Tw 3.3 slide show 13.11 Reading chant R Pd.1 Introduce colours through L&S Td.1 Sing a song (name of months) L&S Td.2(a) 13.2.Tw 2.Tw 1.1.1 4.2.5 Colours and object R&L Td.3 13.2.14 Stick puppet L Pd.2.7 Spelling keywords W Pd.2.2 Memory card game S Pd.8 Reading chant R Pd.Th 2.3 Day 3 (W) 12.2 Day 2 (R) 12.2. Tw 4.1.Pw 1. Ph 1.3.1 12.1 12.13 Puzzle game W Pd.1.8 Fill in the Blanks W Pd.Tw 3.1(a).3 Matching game L&S Td.Tw 1.Tw 3.3 3.Th 1.3 12.

Tw 1. Th 1.3.13 Creative Cards (Thank You & Sorry) LA Pd.7 Reading chant Reading Pd.4 Recall toys names ( real toys ) Reading + Listening Td.3.Th 2. Tw 1.8 Paint Ball (Testing meaning) Pd. Ph 1.2(f) Day 2 (R) 14.Th 2.2. Tw 2.1 Day 3(W) 14.1. Tw 1.1 15.3 Listen and Tick L Pd.2. Tw 3.1. Ph 14.1.1 PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .3 Listen and colour L + meaning Pd.3 Glue It On! (Match the Situation) R Pd.2 Happy toys L & S + meaning Pd.2. Tw 2. Th 2. Pw 2.1(a) Unit 15: My Favourite Toys Task Task-text-based Tasks Skills # Process Model Day 1 (L&S) 15. Pw 2. 3. Tw 3.Unit 14: Say It Nicely Task Task-text-based Tasks Skills # Process Model Day 1 (L&S) 14.11 Running Dictation R+W Pd. Th 2.6 Memory Game R(meaning) Pd.2.Tw 2.2. Day 4 (LA) 14.1.1 15.9 Say It Nicely (Sentences) S Pd.1 15. 14. 14.1 Recall colours (Unit 13) Speaking Td.1 15.1 Recalling Words (Keywords) S Td.6 Spelling keywords W Pd.10 Rearrange the Words R+W Pd.5 Word Find Reading + meaning Pd.2.8 Music box Reading Pd.1 14.5 Say It Nicely (Sentences) R+L Td.1 (a 15.3. 3.3. Tw Day 2 (R) 15.1(d)( 14.3.2. 3. 3 15.3.1(d)( 14. Th 3. 14. Th 3.12 Sentence Group R+W Pd.2.2 Say It Out LS Pd. 3.3 14.2.3. Tw 1.4 Write It Right W(testing meaning) Pd.

3a 15.3. Tw 4.1. Th 2. 3 3.1c 15. Th 4. Tw 4.3.14 Perform toys chant LA Pd.13 Toys Chant LA Pd.9 Reading Chant S Pd. Tw 3.10 Jumbled words W (AB) Pd. Day 3(W) 15.2.12 Toy puppets Listening Pd.1 15.2c 15.2.11 Running dictation W Pd.2.2. 3 Day 4 (LA) Unit 16 : What Is In My Classroom PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Tw 3.

1a meaning) Listen. tw Jigsaw chant Td. Td. Tasks Skills Task-based KSSR SBA Process Model Recall colours (Unit 13) ppt 4. th 1.2d reading.4 Word Find Reading (testing 1. Td.1b reading.2. 3.2a Day 2: Reading Recall objects in the Speaking Pd.2f 3. UNIT 17 – Sorry don’t have it! PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . pupils 1.2f Day 4 : Language Arts Stick puppets (pictures.1c meaning) Listen and colour Pd.4 word cards of objects Pd. writing 1.1a Find My Match Game Listening.2.2.3. (testing Pd.1b Role play the Jigsaw chant Pd.1c Speaking Reading Pd.3. Picture cards/ realia and classroom Pd.1.2. tw Introducing Phrases / Listening and Pd. 3. glue) Day 3: Writing Card Game Listening Td. 3.2b 2.3. Language Arts 2.1a Pd. Td.4 sentences (ppt) Reading.2.2.1 (testing meaning) Jigsaw puzzle Writing 4. ph Listen to a song Listening. tick and write 3.1b Speaking and listen meaning Pd.

1 meaning) DAY 2 (R) Chant Reading Td.3 Poison Box Reading + Pd.2 At The Restaurant LA Pd.1 Tasksheet – word W Pd.4 Listen and match L + meaning Pd. No Activity W Pd.2 replacing DAY 4 (LA) Let’s Eat LA Pd.2. Tw 3. Tw 1. 3.3.Tw 2. Tw 1.Tw 2.4 Unit 19 : I Wear… PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .2.2 meaning Tasksheet – spelling (Testing meaning) Pd. Tw 1.1.Tw blanks DAY 3 (W) Reading Chant Recall Pd.1. Tw 3.1.2. Pw 1.2 Secret Code W ? (testing Pd. Ph knowledge) Bingo L & S + meaning Pd.UNIT 18 : LET’S EAT Tasks Skills Task-based KSSR SBA Process Model DAY 1 (L&S) Recall food (previous Td.2. Th 1.1. Th 1.1.3 (A3 Map) Yes.2. Tw 1.3 meaning Word find Reading + Pd. UNIT 20 : MY PET TASK-BASED TASK SKILLS KSS PROCESS MODEL DAY 1 (L+S) Rhythmic Clapping LS Td.4 Day 2 (R) What Do I Wear? L & S + meaning Td.1.Tw 3.4 Tasksheet : Write Right (Ac. Powerpoint : Recall Family (Unit 9) and dialogue R + meaning Td. 2 W (testing Tasksheet : Identify Me meaning) Pd.2.Tw 1. Tw 2.Th 2.Tw 4.1.3.Tw 4.Th 1.2 Colour Me LA Pd.Tw 2. Th Repeat sentences after teacher.1.1.3 Tasksheet : Match Me (Ac.1. Tw PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .1.Th 4. R Pd.2(a). 3.1 Recall Unit 9 (Family) L & S + meaning Td.Ph 1.Tw 2.3.1 Sing a Song S + meaning Pd.Bk: pg 92) R + meaning Pd. 3.3 Introduction of words LS + R Pd.3.Bk: pg 93) R &W + meaning Pd. Ph 1. Ph Pupils read sentences.2 Sing a Song LA Pd.2.3.3 Dragonball R Pd.3 Running Dictation R &W Pd.4 Card Games : Creative Drill L & S + meaning Pd.Pw 1. LS + R Td. 2. Th Recalling previous lesson. Pw Chanting.Ph 1. Tasksheet : Puzzle (Ac.2.1. Roleplay by Pupils L&S Pd.1.4 DAY 2 (R) Picture puzzle L Pd. Put Me Right (Rearranging Words) R + meaning Pd.Bk: pg 94) W & meaning Pd.2.1(b).Ph 1.Th 1. LS Pd.1.Tw 2.2.3 Day 3 (W) Sing a Song L&S Pd. Day 4 (LA) Roleplay by Teacher L Td.3.Pw 1.4. 1.Tw 1. Th 1. LS Td.1.2 I am a Model : Performance LA Pd. Task-based Tasks Skills Process Model K Day 1 (L&S) I Wear :Powerpoint-vocabulary L & S + meaning Td.3.2.

2 DAY 4 (LA) Making finger puppet LA Pd.2 DAY 3 (W) Mr. Pw 1. Shape game L&S Td.4 Match words to shapes W + meaning Pd.3. Pd.2a DAY 2 ( R) PPT key words – recall R&L Td. Th 4. Th 1.1. Th 3.2a My Face L + meaning Pd.1.1 ( c) Unit 21: Fun with Shapes Task-based Tasks Skills Process KSSR SBA Model DAY 1 ( L & S ) Recall colours (Unit 13) Td . Pw 2. Match and colour the S Td. S Td.2.1. Tw 3.1.+ meaning Td. LA Pd.3. Tw 3.1. LA Pd. Th Jigsaw Chant. Pd.1(a).2(f) (g) correct Chants together R Pd.1.1. Ph shapes Descriptions of shapes R. Th 4. W Pd.3. S. Th 2.4 pictures. Ph Fun with shapes L&S+ Pd.2d Talking flash cards R. Ph 1. R.3.1g meaning My Robot L + meaning Td.2 (a) (b Pair-Square-Share R+W Pd. Pw 2. Pw 1.2(d) DAY 4 Words in shapes R.1(g) Pd. Ph Roll and Match R+W Pd. Th Read together. Pw 1.2.2 Write W Pd. Tw 3.1(g).1.3.1(a) PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . S + meaning Pd. S Td.1.1(a) Pd.2. DAY 3 (W) Reading Chant (Recall) R Td. Tw 1. Tw 4.2 Group Chant. Tw 1. Tw 3. Th 4. Th Replace the shapes with R.

Th. Pw My toy truck LA Td.3. Th. Th. Pw Cut and play. Td .3. Pd.Finding Mama Hen L&S Td.2.2. Colouring and cutting pictures. Th. Go out of the class.doing exercises in the worksheet (pg.2.2. 2. Th 4. Reading sentences Conducting running dictation L. S & R Pd. (DAY 3) L. words. S & Activity Book (Page 107) Meaning Td. a& Worksheet (Name the objects found in the worksheet) Pd.1.1(d) Video watching. Presenting word cards /pPicture cards. Tw.2. LA Td. DAY 5 (LANGUAGE ARTS) Recall the shapes. Writing activity . Reading aloud of the story Pd. Tw 2. 2. Writing sentences 3. Tw. LA Pd. Th. L&S Pd. Conducting role play in groups and individually Pd.1.2.2. W Td. 1.Worksheet L&W Pd. Written exercises . L/S/R Td. Pw 4. Writing activity Squencing the story W (Number the sentences and write them in sequence) (DAY 2) Conducting garden tour. Revising the words and vocabulary learnt Prestenting senteces L&R Pd. Pw.3. Pw 1. 3. 2. draw the objects and colour them. Tw. 107) W (DAY 4) Language Arts L Pd. Power Point presentation of the story L Pd. W Pd. Pd 2.1(c) UNIT 22: IN THE GARDEN TASKS SKILLS TTPM (DAY 1) Reading Story . Th 2. UNIT 23 : CHAD THE MILKMAN Task-based Process Tasks Skills Model KSSR S Day 1 (L & S) PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Pw. Reading words / vocabulary Td.

1. LA Pd.1.Label the pictures meaning) Pd.1 (a) B Labelling big picture in groups L & S.1.2. Tw 3. Pd 1. 2. Tw 1.2.3 B Collecting sentence strips and rearrange W.storyline R.3.pair work W. Tw 2.2.2 (a) B Colour pictures of story LA Pd.2. Th 2. R + meaning Pd.BASED KSSR SBA PROCESS MODEL Day 1 ( Listening & Speaking ) Talk about a shopping mall L&S+ Td.1 Guess the pictures (emphasize Meaning Pd.3.3. Ph 2.2 (h) B Recall shapes and Introducing words L & S + meaning Td Ph 1.2.4 Powerpoint . 2. Tw 4.2 ( Read and number the pictures. Th 2.2.2. Meaning Pd.1.1 (c) conversation (highlight Meaning keywords) Match pictures to words.1 (a) B3DB1E1 Worksheet Day 2 (Reading) Show Buy and Sell R+L+ Pd.2.2.2. L & S.Introduction L&S Td Ph 2.2 (f) B B B Jigsaw writing .1 B Identify the "ch" word in the story L&S Pd. Ph 4.2 please? Buy and sell conversation L + Meaning Td.3. Tw 4. Pw 1.4 B Draw the shape on the picture L & S + meaning Pd.(Activity Book) W. (b) B YEAR 1 SK UNIT 24: LET’S GO SHOPPING TASKS SKILLS TASK. 4. R Td Ph 1.2.2 (b) B Compilation of Big Book & Presentation LA Td.1 PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Tw 2.1(a) B Rearrange "Big" letters in group to spell words given L & S. Tw 3. R Pd.2.Phonics fairy "ch" . L & S Pd. Th 2. Th conversation on PPT Meaning Highlight the keywords R + Meaning Td.1. Tw 2.3. W + meaning Pd. L & S Td Pw.3 B Rearrange pictures and sentences R + meaning Pd.2 Pupils practice the L&S+ Pd.2 (h) B Filling in the blanks R.2 (a).2.2 B Day 3 (Writing) Recap by reading R Pd. R Pd. Tw B W (testing Worksheet .2 B Day 4 (Language Arts) Recap (Q & A) R Td. Th 1. Th 2. R + meaning Pd.4 Meaning Sing along. Pw 2. write in a paragraph .1.1 B Colour and decorate front page LA Pd.Can I have that.4. Tw 3. Th 1.2. Th 2.2.3 B Write Chad's wishes (Activity Book) R. 2. R Pd. Ph 1. Tw 3.4 B Day 2 (Reading) Recall words L & S.2.

PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .1. Tw 3.1 Game .1 b) Picture puzzle L + Meaning Pd.3.pupils identify and say S + Meaning Td. Th 1.3.3. Th 4.2 b) .1 b) DAY 2 (R) Powerpoint -recall types of transportation Word Find R +Meaning Pd.2 a) d) Chanting : How do you go to school? I go to school by bus.2 in the hotdog book Role-play the dialogue LA Pd.1.2.2.find the pair 2. cut and paste pictures LA Pw.g: "How do you go to school?" Td.4 BINGO Pd.5 DAY 3 (W) Recall lesson S + Meaning Pd.2. Th 2. Tw 4.2 (b) UNIT 25 : HOW DO YOU GET AROUND? (TRANSPORTATION) TASK-BASED TASK SKILLS KSSR PROCESS MODEL DAY 1 (L+S) Recall types of transportation (based on pupils' knowledge) e.2.1.phonemes R + Meaning Pd. Th 3.1 How do you go to school? I go to school by car. Th 1. B5DT3E1 Day 4 (Language arts) Make a hotdog book LA Pd.2. Th 2.1 a) b) Label the transport . Ph 1.1 (conversation) Meaning Day 3 (Writing) Recall buy and sell R+L+ Pd. Th 2. Tw 2.2 ‘ch’ & ‘sh’ Fill in the missing letters W+R Pd. Pw 1.2 B6DT1E2 Colour.2 a) Show pictures of transportation .2 conversation Meaning Fill in the blanks W Pd.Happy Transport (info gap) Test meaning Pd.3. Tw 4.2(d) Write a shopping list W Pd. Tw 4.phonemes) Words grouping.1. Tw 2. Th 1.4 B1DB3E1 Music box game L&S+ Pd. S + Meaning Pd. Tw 3.2. Tw 2.1 a) Word Shape worksheet W Pd.

TH 2. TW 3. Tw Running dictation W Pd.1 (g) B 26.2 (e).11 Jumbled words W PD.2 (f) B 26.1. PH 1.2. TH 2.3.14 Paper Thimbles L PD.2. TH 2. TH 2.1.12 Jumbled trouble W PD.1 (b) B 26.3.TW 2. R & W PD.2."Getting Around" Textbook pg.15 Role play the story L&S PD.3 B Day 3 (W) 26.2.5 Word Find (Puzzle) R PD.2 (f) B 26.6 The Tiny Thimble dialogue L&S TD.1.2.1 Introduce words L&S TD.1. 3.1 (a) B 26. TW 2. TH 4.1 (b) B Day 4 (LA) 26.2 (d) B Unit 27: So Hairy And Scary Task Task-text-based Tasks Skills KSSR # Process Model Day 1 (L&S) PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .9 Read and colour L&W PD.3. TW 4.How do you go to school? I go to school by motorcycle Jumbled Words worksheet W Pd.8 Whisper dictation L .TW 3.13 Recall reading Chant R PD.2 Car model LA Pd. TH 1.2 B 26.4.1 (d) B 26.1 (a) B Day 2 (R) 26.2.1. S.4 B 26. 111 LA Pd. Tw 4. TH 2. Tw DAY 4 (LA) Sing Song .4 B 26.7 Reading Chant R PD.2 Music Box L&S PD.1 (b) B 26. TW 2.1.4 Hangman L &S PD.2.10 Recall reading Chant R PD.1 (b) B 26.2. Th UNIT 26: The Tiny Thimble Task Tasks Skills Task-text-based KSSR S Day 1 (L&S) 26.1.1.PW 1.3 Matching Games R PD.

Tw 2.15 Action song LA Pd.3 28. Tw 27.10 Reading Chant R Pd.1. Tw 1.1.4 DAY 2 28.1 ( d PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 . Pw 27. Th Day 2 (R) (f) 28. Tw Unit :28 EARTH DETECTIVE Task Task Skill Task text base KSSR numbers DAY 1 28.10 Running dictation W Pd.1. Tw 27.7 Circle me R&W Pd.3.1.12 Rearrange Sentences W Pd. Tw 3. Ph 27.2.Tw 4.14 We are in the zoo LA Pd.1 What’s this? – Animals in the zoo L&S Td.3.Tw 27.1. Th 27.9 Jumble word W Pd. Ph 1.2.2 Earth is sad S Td .5 Look at me! L&S Td.4 Board game S Pd . Th 27. Tw 2. 27.3 Listen and colour L + meaning Pd. Th 1.Pw 27.1 Chant together L&S Td . Tw 27.6 Word Find-Parts of body R Pd.11 Lets make poster R&W Pd.4 28.6 Spell it's right R&W Pd. Tw 3.5 Recall keywords S Pd .2 (d 1DAY 4 28.3 28. Tw Day 4 (LA) 27.12 Show Time S&R Pd.4 28.13 Animal Masks LA Pd.3.9 Magic Box R&S Pd.1 (d 28. Tw Day 3(W) 27. Th 2. Th 27.3 28.7 Spell & Bingo R + meaning Pd.3 28. Th 3.11 Copy and write W Pd.8 Word substitution W Pd. Tw 4. Tw 27. Pw 1.4 Let’s go to the zoo! W Pd.8 Reading Chant R Td.2 Memory game L&S Pd.3 Listen and say L&S Pd .1 DAY 3 28.

2.2.17 Making postcard W My Camping Day (Picture + words) L.Unit 29: Happy Holidays Task # Tasks Skills KSSR SBA Day 1 (L&S) 29.2.W 1.2(a) B2DT1E1 29.2 29.11 Dragon ball R Day 3 (W) 29.13 Missing phrases W 3.1(b) 29.R Day 4 (W) 29.R 2.(d).2 Happy holidays L.S 2.2.2.S 29.2.8 Scrambled spelling R.W 3.R B3DL1E1 29.3 29.(e) 29.10 Reading chant L.S 1.2.1(a) 29.9 My camping day (words)-(Sentences) R 1.3.1(c).1 29.16 Running dictation W.(b PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .R 2.2.2(e) B4DB1E1 29.S.S 3.4 Picture & match R.14 Jumbled sentences R.3.R.2.12 Reading Chant S 2.2.6 Recall picture & match L.1 29.1.18 Postcard drill W.S.R B3DL1E1 Day 2 (R) 29.1 Recall how do you get around (unit 25) L.1(a) B2DT1E1 29.2.7 Words find R.S B2DB2EL 29.1(a) 29.5 Play cards S.3.15 Running dictation W.W 3.2 B4DT1E1 29.2.19 Produce postcard W B4DT1E1(a).L.

6 Word card R 2.2 (d) B2DT1E1 30. R 1.1 (b) 30.5 Greeting keywords R.2 Happy friends L&S.3 (a) B3DB2E1.2.3.9 Reading chant R. B4DT1 Day 4 (LA) 30.4 Greeting map L&S 1.3 Match picture to words L Missing text W 3.7 Spelling keywords R 2.2. 3.2. L 2.14 Talk about the card S 1.8 Greeting dialogue R.11 Word Scramble W 3.4 30.3.1 (a) B2DB1E1 Day 2 (R) 30.2 B3DB1E1 30.1 Day 3 (W) 30.2.2 (a) B3DB1E1 30.1.1 (a) (Unit 3) 30. Goodbye Task Tasks Skills KSSR SBA Day 1 (L&S) 30.13 Creating a message card LA (W) 3.1. S 2.1 Recall All About Me (Unit 2) and Let’s Be Friend L&S 1.3.1 (a) B6DT1E1 30.1.4 B5DL1E1 PEJABAT PENDIDIKAN DAERAH SETIU UNIT PENGURUSAN KURIKULUM 2016 .2.2.Unit 30: Goodbye. S 2.2.1 (a) 30.10 Reading chant R 2.1 (a) B2DL1E1 30.1 30.2.