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Project Proposal

Name: - Pandey Satish Sanjaykumar
Roll No.: - 57
Internal Guide: - Prof. Johnson D’cruz
Project Name: -
Students/School Management System
Title Name: -


Introduction: -
The “Student/School Management System “is use for the School propose. The main objective of our
project is to develop a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is user friendly. It is fast in operation
and databases will be up to date. Every user will have their own profile. Its performs all the
operations in effective and smooth way.

Abstract: -
Student/School Management System is a web application which provides a very easy way for where
the teachers update their notices. By this web application students easily check their results and
notices of their school.
Objectives: -
The student management system is used to make student aware about the
event happening in the school. From this management system one can
check results, pay institution fees. Registration for new admission is
possible. From this management system teachers and parents could
monitor the attendance of their student.
Functionality of the project: –
 1) Teachers
1. Add student
2. Upload results
3. Updates student details
4. Update Notices
 2) Students
1. Check Notices
2. Check Results
3. Registration

Scope: -
Future updation for attendance record.

Report: -
1. Generates results
2. Generates notices.
3. Registration.

Modules of the system: –
 Teachers
 Student
Software Requirement Systems: -
 Visual Studio
 Sql server

Hardware Requirement Systems: -
 Windows operating system (Win 7, 8, & above)
 Processor upto 2.00GHz
 Ram – 2Gb