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Seminar Plan - 10/14 /Professionalism-8

When people get sick most turn to over the counter medicine, but most don't realize that

the best medicine might just be in there backyard, some even being more efficient than over the

counter medicine. But don't fear there are people who specialize in trying to find herd remedies.

Herbalist have been around for a long time the oldest list of one being, ​Shennong Ben Cao Jing

(c. 3000 B.C.), a Chinese herbal list that is probably a compilation of an even older oral tradition.

Many cultures have been practicing The art of using herbs as medicine, some being the Ancient

Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians and Native Americans.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were renowned herbalist. Surgeons traveling with the

Roman army actually spread their expertise in the craft throughout the Roman Empire.

Dioscorides​ (c. 40-c. 90) and Galen (131-200 A.D.), both Greek surgeons in the Roman army,

complied herbals that remain the definitive materia medica texts for 1500 years.

Through the middle ages the art of using herbs was preserved by monasteries. Before

the creation of schools / universities, monasteries served as medical schools, Monks would

copy and translate the works of past great herbalist such as Dioscorides and Galen. And

eventually we found chemicals that did a minuscule things such as mask pain or chemicals that

did a fraction of what some herbs do. There are still many herbalist today, but sadly not many

people know that there are cheaper version of most over the counter remedies. This is why i

want to do my seminar on this because i want to show my peers that they have been lied to and

that very powerful people have clouded their minds all because that they profit from our pain.

My Seminar will address the following Global Domains, Taking action and Recognize

perspectives , i will demonstrate Taking action because i want to take action to inform my peers

about a topic that is very controversial and give my own perspective. I will demonstrate
Seminar Plan - 10/14 /Professionalism-8
Recognize perspectives researching other perspectives on my topic and by sharing my

perspective with my peers i will force them to recognize another’s perspective.

Lucky for all my peers Herbalist is in my blood, my uncle Monticue is an herbalist and

actually runs his own shop, i chose my uncle to speak because for one, he is really easy to get

a hold of, and unlike some people who would come in just to advertise their shop, my uncle is

very humble and will care more about teaching people a little more about how they can better

there lives with traditional medicine.

List of Questions

● How efficient is herbs?

● Should people which to herbs as a permanent form of medicine?

● So why did you decide to be a Herbalist?

● So why do think less people use herbs as medicine?

● Do you think people should choose this form of medicine opposed to

western medicine?

Learning objective

I want my peers to understand more about herbs the use of herbs.

Also want my peers to understand why people chose this form of medicine.

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