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Kunya Nasab Laqab Known by Twelvers Lifespan

Num Name
(title) (patrynomic) (nickname/epithet) for in CE

The first Imam and
c Amīr al-Mu'minīn
Ālī Abū al- Ibn Abī Tālib the greatest human
1 Commander of the 600–661
Hassan being to live after

Along with his
brother, one of the
Abū Ibn cAlī ibn
al-Hassan Al-Mujtabā Lords of the Youth of
2 Muhammad Abī Tālib 625–669
Leader of Wisdom Paradise; famous for
his gentleness and
calm demeanor

Sayyid ash-Shuhadā'
Sacrificing himself
c - Lord of the Martyrs,
Abū Ibn Alī ibn and his family at the
al-Hussayn c and along with his
3 Abdillāh Abī Tālib Battle of Karbala for 626–680
brother, one of the
the sake of saving
Lords of the Youth of

Preaching and
c Abū Ibn al- Zayn al-cĀbidīn
Alī propagating Islam
4 Muhammad Hussayn Jewel of the 658–713
through his prayers
and supplications

Laid the foundations
Muhammad Abū Jacfar Ibn cAlī Al-Bāqir
5 for the Shia seminary 676–743

law. Malik ibn Ans. Jacfar c Al-Sādiq 6 Abdillāh Muhammad and jurisprudence.somewhat speakers) unprecedented access to preach to the masses Al-Jawad Muhammad Abū Jacfar Ibn cAlī Famous for his 9 At-Taqī 810–835 generosity and piety . 703–765 among his many students were Abu Hanifa. and Jabir ibn Hayyan Famous for his patience and his Abū Mūsā Ibn Jacfar Al-Kāzim ability to swallow 7 Ibrāhīm 745–799 anger despite repeated attempts to infuriate him Made the crown- prince by caliph Ar-Ridā Ma'mun al-Rashid.and Urdu. c Abū al- Alī Ibn Mūsā (pronounced "Reza" allowing him a 8 Hassan 765–818 by Persian. Known as a great teacher who continued his father's practice of codifying Abū Ibn Shia theology.

lived almost Abū Al-cAskarī his entire life under 11 Al-Hassan Muhammad Ibn cAlī 846–874 house arrest and yet still preached to people Current Imam. the 868– 12 Hassan saviour. Assumed the role of the Imam at a very c Abū al. Ibn Alī Al-Hādī tender age yet 10 Hassan Muhammad 827–868 an-Naqī repeatedly defeated many great scholars in theological debates The penultimate Imam. believed to Present be in occultation . known Ibn al- Muhammad Abū Qāsim Al-Mahdī to be al-Mehdi.

Jafar al-Sadiq (733–765) 6. Muhammad al-Baqir (713–733) 5. Ali ibn Abi Talib (632–661) 2.1. Ismail bin Jafar (765–775 . Husayn ibn Ali (669–680) 3. Ali ibn Husayn (Zayn al-Abidin) (680–713) 4.