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What is Ogilvie

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a. Largest study to date on acpo
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a. overview
Hypokalemia in Ogilvie – mechanism plus secretory diarrhea

1. Sunnoqrot, N., & Reilly, R. F. (2015). Hypokalemia associated with colonic pseudo-
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a. Has diagram with upregulation of bk receptor
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a. Secretory vs classic diarrhea ?
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Treatment of Ogilvies and hypokalemia

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decreased ganglion cells in colonic smooth muscles . dysregulation of stretch receptors.Risk stratification: male. retrospective of more than 100.000 pts over 14 yrs .What is Ogilvie Ross et al: largest study to date. comorbid patients.Pathophys: inhibition of parasympathetic activity. requiring colonoscopy = greater odds of inpatient mortality - .Epidemiology: . emergent admissions. older.