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Real-world IoT: digitization of truck registration

process using Automatic Number Plate
Recognition with ODTH
Your logo Wim Van Leuven – ODTH
Digitization leader
Koen Peters – Flexso Project
Manager / Business Analyst TECHday 2017

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ODTH – First Class Logistics
Logistic service provider
• Located: Axis Antwerp – Brussels
• 6 sites - 150.000m²
• 380 employees
• Storage and handling of FMCG – dangerous goods – pharma
• Revenue €25M
• High EHS standards TECHday 2017

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ODTH – Today
Hyperlink TECHday 2017

Your logo Who is Flexso TECHday 2017 .

be/ > 5000 IT experts Mobile. … https://cronos-groep. Fiori http://www. GIS.aptus. Big TECHday 2017 .be/nl/ 100% IoT focus IoT E2E integrations https://www. Your logo 100% SAP focus S/4HANA. Blockchain. Leonardo.flexso.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Agenda Challenges Objectives Solution Technology Wrap up (+Future Outlook) SAPience.

Your logo Challenges Objectives TECHday 2017 .

Your logo Challenges Business growth = Increased administration labour Maintain the guards focus on security Manual sign-in process creates congestion Reduce sign-in time to maintain customer satisfaction TECHday 2017 .

Your logo Challenges – AS IS Manual sign in registration process for 150 trucks/day 06-22h Language barrier .be TECHday 2017 .international drivers SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo SAPience.

Your logo Objectives Requirements Requirements TECHday 2017 .

. Your logo Objectives Support ODTH growth through digitization Optimize internal processes Differentiate through innovation ( TECHday 2017 . .) Automate repetitive manual work SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Objectives – TO BE A simple automated registration Limited administration for guards Eliminate language barrier SAPience.

Your logo Business requirements Automatic registration of trucks • User-friendly app for self-registration of trucks • Automatic number plate recognition • Optimized registration. planning & (un)loading process • Validated access control • App to adjust failed registrations • Real-time attendance list TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Solution Solution SAPience.

x Self-service kiosk Drive to designated warehouse location Truck arrives at ODTH ANPR camera (Un)load & exit SAPience. Your logo Kiosk self-service app ODTH plans (un)loading SAP Fiori + SAP APIs (OData) Truck registration monitor SAP ECC TECHday 2017 monitor .

Your logo Truck is scanned at ODTH entry gate TECHday 2017 .

Your logo Shipment number License plate Driver registers using kiosk self-service app Name Trailer/container number Passport snap TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo ODTH plans truck (un)loading SAPience.

Your logo Reception monitors & approves registrations TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo ANPR management console SAPience.

Your logo Solution Technology Technology TECHday 2017 . TECHday 2017 . analyser. …) • Installation height (vandalism) Features • Automatic number plate reading • All-in-1: camera. Your logo ANPR cameras Criteria • Available countries • Scanning performance (distance. IR illuminator • All European countries onboard • World-wide countries available • Range of action 4 to 6 meters SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Kiosk hardware & terminal Criteria • Kiosk inside or outside (eg. Water proof)? • Space limitations? • Software requirements? Features • Custom built Kiosk frame • Open frame touch screen (Multi-touch) • IP65 water proof • Terminal with Ubuntu Linux runs Kiosk web app in browser • Extra feature: camera for passport photo SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Integration with ODTH barriers ANPR bridge software manages ANPR camera and steers security barriers I/O module connects security barrier controller to ODTH network SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Architecture BARRIER CONTROLLER CAMERA Planning Kiosk app cockpit ANPR bridge Registration & approval app SAP/ANPR data model ANPR monitor SAP Fiori FES / NW Gateway SAP ECC SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Solution Wrap-up Technology Outlook SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo (Un)load & exit Kiosk self-service app Self-service kiosk Truck arrives at ODTH SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Your logo Challenges transform into benefits Business growth is supported by a stable administration process Guards can focus on security Automated sign-in process eliminates congestion Sign-in time is reduced to maintain customer satisfaction SAPience.

Your logo Future Outlook Fioritize SAP @ Online ODTH planning tool Geolocation app Roll-out to other locations TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 .Thank you! Your logo SAPience.