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Step 1 - Rapid Review + Goljan + Pathoma High Yield

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1. 2 causes of 1. Renal failure, 2. Addison's 16. Absence of NADPH in Chronic Catalase positive Staph
hyperkalemia disease Granulomatousis prevents Aureus
oxidative burst, and prevents
2. 2 effects of LTB4 1. Neutrophil chemotaxis, 2.
immune cells from killing
Neutrophil adhesion
17. Absence seizures (Tx) Ethosuxamide
3. 2 essential fatty acids Linoleic acid and Linolenic acid
18. Absetn DNA repair enzymes -> Xeroderma Pigmentosa
4. 2 inhibitors of F2,6bP, AMP
inc UVB-related skin cancers
19. ___ accumulation causes Sorbitol
5. 2 inhibitors of glycolysis ATP, citrate
cataracts, neuropathy,
6. 2 stimulators of AMP, fructose 2,6-bisphosphate retinopathy in DM
20. Achilles tendon xanthoma Familial
7. 3 causes of hypokalemia 1. Diuretics (thiazides, loops), 2. hypercholesterolemia (.l.
Vomiting/Diarrhea, 3. LDL receptor signaling)
Aldosterone excess
21. Acid fact diarrhea in an AIDs Cryptosporidium
8. 3 effects of TXA2 1. Platelet aggregation, 2. patient is due to
Vasoconstriction, 3.
22. Acidosis: K+ moves into ___ serum (hyperkalemia)
23. Acrodermatitis enteropathica: Zinc
9. 3 NTs derived from Epinephrine, Norepinephrine,
autosomal recessive ___
tyrosine Dopamine
10. 17-hydroxycorticoids in Decreased levels of 17, and 21-
24. Actinic (solar) keratosis Precursor to squamous
the urine indicates hydroxylase
cell carcinoma
Increased levels of 11-
hydroxylase 25. Activated charcoal in Aspirin Make urine bsic and
overdose is to absorb the acidic aspirin
11. 17-ketosteroids in the Decreased levels of 17-
urine indicates hydroxylase 26. ___ activates glycogen Glucagon
Increased levels of 11, and 21 phosphorylase
27. ___ activates glycogen synthase Insulin
12. AAT (alpha-1 antitripsin) Hepatocellular carcinoma
28. Acute gastric ulcer associated Cushing's ulcer
is an enzyme of which Yolk sac tumor
with CNS injury (increased ICP
tumors Endodermal sinus tumor
stimulates vagal gastric
13. Abdominal pain, ascites, Budd-Chiari syndrome secretion)
hepatomegaly (posthepatic venous thrombosis)
29. Acute gastric ulcer associated Curling's ulcer (greatly
14. Ability of test to identify Specificity with severe burns reduced plasma volume
negative results (can tell when something is not results in sloughing of
there) gastric mucosa)
15. Ability of test to identify Sensitivity 30. Acute gout attack (Tx) NSAIDs, colchicine
positive results (can tell something is there)
31. Acute inflammation appears on Monoclonal
serum protein electrophoresis as immunoglobulins
gammopathy normally
of undetermined

32. Acute myocardial 45. AFP (alpha feto protein) is a Hepatocellular carcinoma
infarction gene product (oncofetal Germ cell tumors
commonly results antigen) of which tumors Yolk sac tumors
in what form of Testicular/ovarian tumors
necrosis Endodermal sinus tumors
46. Age dependent changes in Inc Carbohydrate intolerance
endocrine (via less insulin receptors from
increased adipose tissue)
47. Age dependent changes in Dec GFR (as much as 40%)
Coagulation Necrosis renal function Dec creatinine clearance
33. Acute All-trans retinoic acid 48. Age dependent changes in Cataracts
promyelocytic the CNS and special senses Prebycusis (inner ear degen)
leukemia (M3) (tx) Otosclerosis (conduct hear
34. ___(AD) defect in Hereditary spherocytosis (AD) loss)
spectrin, produce Decreased smell and taste
hemolysis Arcus senilis (grey/blue/white
ring around margin of the
35. ___(AD) defect in Gilbert's Disease (AD) cornea)
uptake and
conjugation of 49. Age dependent changes in Loss of elasticity in Aorta
bilirubin the CVS

36. ___(AD) deficient Familial dysbetalipoproteinemia 50. Age dependent changes in Inc CD4 T-cells
in ApoE ("Remnant Disease" due to chylomicron the immune system Inc autoantibody synth
and IDL remnants unable to be Dec CD8 T-cells
metabolized by liver) Dec cellular immunity

37. ___(AD) deficient Familial hypercholesterolemia 51. Age dependent changes in Inc elasticity
in LDL receptors the integument Inc body fat
Inc ecchymoses (vessel
38. ___(AD) deficient Porphyria cutanea tarda instability)
in Dec collagen cross bridging
uroporphyrinogen Dec skin turgor (tenting of
decarboxylase skin on pinch)
39. ___(AD) deficient Acute intermittent porphyria 52. Age dependent changes in Osteoarthritis
in the musculoskeletal system
I synthase 53. Age dependent changes in Breast, vulvo vaginal atrophy
the reproductive system Dec estrogens and inc
40. ADHD (tx) Methylphenidate, amphetamines gonadotropins
41. ___(AD) increased Familial hypertriglyceridemia (most Testicular atrophy
synthesis of VLDL common hyperlipoproteinemia) Dec testosterone
Prostate hyperplasia
42. Adrenal Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome
hemorrhage, (meningococcemia) 54. Age dependent changes in Findings similar to obstructive
hypotension, DIC the respiratory system lung disease:
Dec elasticity (senile
43. Adult presenting Aspirin overdose
with mixed
Dec FEV1
metabolic acidosis (same treatment as child, lavage and
Dec PaO2
and respiratory charcoal)
Inc FRCapacity
55. Age related changes in Type2 diabetes
44. Aflatoxin B is a HBV
carcinogen that
can cause
carcinoma and
originates from

56. Age related changes in Inc incidence of 72. Alport's Syndrome: defective type ___ IV
immune system monoclonal gammopathy collagen
Inc incidence of multiple
73. ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) Glutamate +
catalyzes what reaction Pyruvate
Inc susceptibility to
57. Age related changes in renal Inc renal adenocarcinoma + Alanine
function Renovascular HTN 2ry to
74. ALT converts ___ to ___ ALT converts alanine
to pyruvate
58. Age related changes in the Dementias
75. Alternating areas of transmural Skip lesions (Crohn's
CNS and special senses Cerebral atrophy
inflammation and normal colon disease)
Parkinsonism 76. Amino acids are classified as ___ if Ketogenic
Subdural hematoma they are degraded to acetyl CoA
Stroke 77. Amino acids are classified as ___ if Glucogenic
59. Age related changes in the Atherosclerosis they are degraded to pyruvate or
CVS IHD TCA intermediates
Temporal arteritis 78. ___ and ___ enhance Na/K-ATPase; >> Albuterol, Insulin
Aortic stenosis hypokalemia
60. Age related changes in the Inc skin cancer 79. ___ and ___ inhibit Na/K-ATPase; >> B-Blockers,
integument Inc basal cell carcinoma hyperkalemia Succinylcholine
Inc squamous cell
80. ___ and ___ require a carrier protein to Charged molecules
cross membrane and ions
Inc seborrhic keratosis
81. Aneurysm, dissecting Hypertension
61. Age related changes in the Osteoporosis
musculoskeletal system Fractures 82. Angiotensin II: G_ >> ___ (protein) >> angiotensin II: Gq >>
RA ___ (second messenger) phospholipase C >>
Paget's disease IP3 + DAG

62. Age related changes in the Inc cancer of female sexual 83. Anorexia nervosa normally leads to ventricular arrhyth
reproductive system organs death in a patient due to
Inc cancer of male secual 84. Anorexia (tx) SSRIs
85. Anticentromere antibodies Scleroderma
63. Age related changes in the Cancer (CREST)
respiratory system Pneumonia
64. Alanine Cycle: liver conversion of alanine to
conversion of ___ to ___ glucose
65. Alcohol abuse (tx) AA + disulfiram for patient
of Al-Anon for family
66. Alcoholic hepatitis: ___ > ___ AST > ALT
67. Alcohol withdrawal (tx) Benzodiazepines
68. Alkalosis: K+ moves into ___ cells (hypokalemia)
69. Alkalotic states ___ ionized decreases ionized calcium
calcium levels levels, causes tetany
70. alpha1 receptors: G_ >> ___ alpha1: Gq >>
(protein) >> ___ (second phospholipase C >> IP3 +
messenger) DAG
71. alpha2 receptors: G_ >> ___ alpha2: Gi >> inhibits
(protein) >> ___ (second adenylyl cyclase >>
messenger) decreases cAMP

86. Anticentromere 94. Antihistone Drug-induced SLE (hydralazine,
antibodies antibodies isoniazid, phenytoin, procainamide,
95. Anti-IgG Rheumatoid arthritis (systemic
antibodies inflammation, joint pannus, boutonniere
96. Anti-lgG Rheumatoid arthritis (systemic
antibodies inflammation, joint pannus, boutonniere
97. Antimitochondrial Primary biliary cirrhosis (female,
Scleroderma (CREST) antibodies (AMAs) cholestasis, portal hypertension)
87. Anticoagulant Warfarin 98. Antineutrophil
drug that would cytoplasmic
be increased in (inhibits VitK dependent clotting factors) antibodies
efficacy by a (ANCAs)
toxicity of VitE
88. Anticoagulation Heparin
during pregnancy
89. Antidesmoglein
(epithelial) Vasculitis:
antibodies c-ANCA: Wegener's
p-ANCA: microscopic polyangiitis,
Churg-Strauss syndrome
99. Antineutrophil Vasculitis (c-ANCA: Wegener's; p-
cytoplasmic ANCA: microscopic polyangiitis, Churg-
antibodies Strauss syndrome)
100. Antinuclear SLE (type III hypersensitivity)
Pemphigus vulgaris (blistering) antibodies (ANAs:
90. Antidesmoglein Pemphigus vulgaris (blistering) anti-Smith and
(epithelial) anti-dsDNA)
antibodies 101. Antinuclear SLE (type Ill hypersensitivity)
91. Anti-glomerular antibodies (ANAs:
basement anti-Smith and
membrane anti-dsDNA)
antibodies 102. Antiplatelet Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
antibodies (ITP)

Goodpasture's syndrome
(glomerulonehpritis and hemoptysis)
92. Anti-glomerular Goodpasture's syndrome
basement (glomerulonephritis and hemoptysis)
93. Antihistone Drug-induced SLE (hydralazine,
antibodies isoniazid, phenytoin, procainamide)

UGT (uridine endomysial antibodies glucuronyltransferase) 106. structural 124. ___(AR) deficient in Andersen's secretion into branching enzyme lymphatics 126. Aortic aneurysm. Apo___: mediates ApoE cystathionine uptake of chylomicron synthase remnants and IDL 127. Apo___: activates ApoA-1 LCAT.4-glucosidase gliadin/anti- 119. Anti. Anti-topoisomerase Diffuse systemic scleroderma dissection. lens Marfan's syndrome (fibrillin defect) purpura (ITP) dislocation. ___(AR) deficient in B. ___(AR) deficient in Homocystinuria 112. Anti. Apo___: important in ApoB-48 dehydrogenase formation of chylomicrons and 125. "Apple core" lesion on antibodies abdominal x-ray Colorectal cancer (usually left-sided) 115. Gaucher's Disease (AR) 109. Apple core lesion on Colorectal cancer (usually left-sided) abdominal x-ray Idiopathic thrombocytopenic 116. ___(AR/AD) deficient Crigler-Najjar Syndrome transglutaminase/anti. ___(AR) deficient in a. Antiplatelet 114. ___(AR) deficient in B. distention. Aortic aneurysm.103. weight loss) partially/totally in gliadin/anti. 118. ___(AR) deficient in Cori's remnants debranching enzyme 113. ___(AR) deficient in Metachromatic luekodystrophy (AR) abdominal and arylsulfatase A descending aorta 121. Marfan's syndrome (idiopathic cystic galactosidase ascending medial degeneration) 122. Celiac disease (diarrhea. Pompe's transglutamniase/anti. ___(AR) deficient in Malignant PKU BH2 reductase 110. aort· c 104. Atherosclerosis 120. ___(AR) deficient in Abetalipoproteinemia endomysial antibodies ApoB lipoproteins 107. antibodies hyperflexible joints 105. Apo___: the only ApoB-100 128. Krabbe's Disease (AR) 108. ___(AR) deficient in Von Gierke's structural protein in glucose-6- LDL phosphatase 129. weight loss) 1. Arachnodactyly. ___(AR) deficient in Tay-Sachs Disease (AR) hexosaminidase A . ___(AR) deficient in Maple Syrup Urine Disease protein for HDL branched-chain a- ketoacid 111. Celiac disease (diarrhea. Apo___: activates ApoC-II glucosidase capillary lipoprotein lipase 123. 117. distension.

Atrophy of the Wernicke's encephalopathy 151. especially the and stomach blasts promyelocytic [M3] type) cancer 153. SIDs b/c chemoreceptors that will wake them up damaged cardiac mexiletine. especially the promyelocytic 134. needles in leukemic leukemia. Bacteria H. Azurophilic homogentisate oxidase granular needles in leukemic blasts 131. fever. Bacitracin Sensitive: Streptococcus pyogenes 140. Atrophy of muscle in a Lack of muscle stimulation response (group A). A baby has Epispadias 137. B12 deficiency Vitamin B12 supplementation (work up 135. resistant: Streptococcus cast is due to agalactiae (group B) 141. night sweats.what catalyzes what Oxaloacetate + Glutamate condition is most reaction associated? 138. Autosplenectomy Sickle cell anemia (HbS) associated with (fibrosis and shrinkage) gastritis. Athlete with Erythropoietin injection (group B) polycythemia . and confusion) weight loss 142. 150. sleep in supine rebrething their own CO2 because they deficient in ApoC-II position to avoid do not have mature central 136. ___(AR) inability to Familial lipoprotein lipase (tx) cause with Schilling test) hydrolyze deficiency 147. Babies should Babies sleeping prone will end up chylomicrons. ___(AR) deficient in Niemann-Pick Disease (AR) Auer rods (acute myelogenous sphingomyelinase leukemia. ___(AR) deficient in Alkaptonuria 145. tocainide) from respiratory acidosis tissue (tx) 148. Bacterial Group B streptococcus (newborns) meningitis S.130. Pott's disease (vertebral tuberculosis) mammillary bodies (thiamine deficiency causing ataxia. Arrhythmia in Class 1B antiarrhythmic (lidocaine. ophthalmoplegia. ___(AR) deficient in McArdle's muscle glycogen phosphorylase 132.. Bacitracin Sensitive: Streptocococcus pyogenes oxaloacetate response (group A) Resistant: Streptococcus agalactiae 139. ___(AR) deficient in PKU phenylalanine hydroxylase 133. AST (Aspartate Aspartate + Alpha-ketoglutarate bladder Aminotransferase) to exstrophy. Back pain. ___(AR) deficient in Albinism [M3] type) tyrosinase 146. peptic 144. Azurophilic granular Auer rods (acute myelogenous ulcer disease. Bamboo spine on Ankylosing spondylitis (chronic x-ray inflammatory arthritis: HLA-B27) . Bacterial Neisseria meningitidis meningitis (adults and elderly) 154. pneumoniae/Neisseria meningitidis (newborns and (kids) kids) 155. AST converts ___ to ___ AST converts aspartate to 149. pylori 143. Attributable risk [a/(a+b)]-[c/(c+d)] 152.

due to dec Primary on x-ray conversion of bet-carotine into hypothyroidism retinoic acid in the intestines will Yellow skinned patient manifest as 168. Bilateral hilar adenopathy. Black widow bites treated with Tetanus shot >> ___ (second calcium gluconate should also be messenger) treated with prophylactic 164. Bardet-Biedl Defective cellular cilia granulomas) syndrome is due 170. Binding of different ligand alters Heterotropic to binding of substrate to active site 158. Beta1 receptors: Beta1: Gs >> adenylyl cyclase >>increases with (muscle relaxant) G_ >> ___ (protein) cAMP 175. Benign Spitz nevus (most common in first two 173. Basophilic Howell-Jolly bodies (due to adjacent subunits = ___ effect nuclear remnants splenectomy or nonfunctional spleen) 171. and is also decreased called 178. Beta-carotinemia. Beta2. Basophilic Lead poisoning or sideroblastic anemia = ___ effect stippling of RBCs 172. stabilizers) hyperplasia (tx) finasteride 174. it is exstablished had hypocalcemia. Bence Jones Proteins factor) microglobulin is 177. Beta2. Bleeding disorder with GpIb Bernard-Soulier microglobulin is a deficiency disease (defect in protein product platelet adhesion to of which tumors von Willebrand's 165. Bipolar disorder (tx) Lithium. Beta-hCG is a hormone that is a Trophoblastic tumor product of which tumors Germ cell tumors of ovary/testis Germ cell tumors of placenta Benign and invasive Hydatidiform moles Malignant choriocarcinoma Ankylosing spondylitis (chronic 169. The patient also IN AN AMYLOID specific. valproate.156. melanocytic decades) carbamazepine. uveitis Sarcoidosis inflammatory arthritis: HLA-B27) (noncaseating 157. Blocking of Phospholipase A2 by Prostaglandins often seen in the corticosteroids results in Leukotrienes urine. What is the STROMA is super better for what disease? important 161. Black widow bite may be treated Calcium gluconate 163. nevus lamotrigene (mood 162. Multiple myeloma (good prognosis) 176. Binding of substrate to one subunit Homotropic in RBCs increases binding to other subunits 159. Benign prostatic Tamsulosin (-osin suffix drugs). because PSA is Indication of tumor burden after showed malignant cells in an MALIGNANT CELLS sensitive but not Prostate adenocarcinoma has been amyloid stroma. Blue sclera Osteogenesis imperfecta (collagen defect) . Bloddy tap on LP Subarachnoid 166. "Bamboo spine" 167. Bloody tap on LP Subarachnoid >> ___ (second hemorrhage messenger) 180. Beta2 receptors: Beta2: Gs >> adenylyl cyclase hemorrhage G_ >> ___ (protein) >>increases cAMP 179. A biopsy of a thyroid nodule Medullary carcinoma- 160.

Branching gram. and osteoclastic activity) arthritis 193. Breast cancer Infiltrating ductal carcinoma (in the United States. Osteitis fibrosa cystica (cerebellum) or 200. "Boot-shaped" breast cancer) heart on x-ray 194. Hyperparathyroidism 189. Bombesin is a Small cell carcinomas of the lung peptide marker Neuroblastoma 192. Bronchogenic Pancoast tumor (can compress 185. Butterfly facial Systemic lupus erythematosus positive rods with rash and sulfur granules Raynaud's phenomenon in a young female 203. BRCA1 mutation Serous carcinoma of the ovary and often seen in carriers have an fallopian tube what tumors increased risk for what cancer 183. "Brown" tumor of hypogonadism. Brain tumor Supratentorial: mets > astrocytoma Hemorrhage (hemosiderin) causes (adults) (including glioblastoma multiforme) > brown color of osteolytic cysts. Bone pain. Branching gram- 202. Boy has Klinefelter syndrome 199. RVH apical lung tumor sympathetic ganglion and cause heart on x-ray Horner's syndrome) 186. 1 in 9 women will develop 184. CA 15-3 Breast cancer glycoprotein is a marker of which Actinomyces israelii cancer . Brain tumor (kids) Infratentorial: medulloblastoma 2. bone Paget's disease of bone (1' osteoblastic specifically? enlargement. Bounding pulses. Actinomyces israelii gingiva positive rods with sulfur granules 182. Brown tumor of Hemorrhage (hemosiderin) causes diastolic heart bone brown color of osteolytic cysts. Osteitis fibrosa bobbing cystica 187. Breast cancer in Aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole) postmenopausal woman (tx) 195. RVH 197. Bluish line on Burton's line (lead poisoning) 191. Carcinoma (in post menopausal women) 196. Breast tumor Fibroadenoma (benign) Tetralogy of Fallot. Due to: murmur. bone develops with mental retardation. Breast mass 1. and has unilateral gynecomastia 188. Aortic regurgitation 198. Hyperparathyroidism 2. Boot-shaped Tetralogy of Fallot. Bulimia (TX) SSRIs 190. Due to: meningioma > schwannoma 1. head 1. Buerger's disease Smoking cessation supratentorial: craniopharyngioma (tx) (cerebrum) 201. Fibrocystic change 2.181.

"ball and valve") 205. Cardiomegaly with 206. often seen in (kids) tuberous sclerosis . esophagitis) 223. nystatin via (oral thrush. Catecholamine Sinus tachy 211. Cardiac tumor 1. Cardiac primary tumor Rhabdomyoma. Neurofibromatosis type I (+ Lisch nodules (iris pheochromocytoma. CA 125 glycoprotein is Surface derived ovarian cancer 219.204. ___ cannot exit the OAA stimulation during Inc contractility mitochondria and hemorrhage results Inc periph resistance must be converted in JG apparatus stimulation into malate Venoconstriction 212. Cardiac manifestation Libman-Sacks endocarditis in Bowman's glomerulonephritis of lupus (nonbacterial. CD15 + CD30 = Hodgkin's Lymphoma produces facial what disease? flushing due to 226. Carcinoid syndrome Octreotide cancers Small cell of lung (tx) 227. Carcinoid Syndrome Serotonin from tryptophan 225. face Right" Increased -> right shift apical atrophy C O2 A cid D PG E xercise T emp 207. "CADET. Cardiac output CO = stroke volume * heart rate CO = Rate of O2 consumption/(arterial O2 content - venous O2 content) 217. optic hamartoma) gliomas) Neurofibromatosis type II (+ bilateral acoustic neuromas) 208. Metastasis is a marker of which (adults) 2. Calf Muscular dystrophy (most to metabolize ___ pseudohypertrophy commonly Duchenne's) : X-linked 222. Carnitine long-chain free fatty acids puberty deficiency: inability 209. Cafe-au-lait spots. Candida albicans (TX) Amphotericin B (systemic). CA 19-9 glycoprotein Pancreatic cancer 218. McCune-Albright syndrome polyostotic fibrous (mosaic G-protein signaling Chagas' disease (Trypanosoma cruzi) dysplasia. precocious mutation) 221. affecting both sides capsule of mitral valve) 216. Primary myxoma (4:1 left to right cancer atrium. Carbon Monoxide and Cytochrome Oxidase 224. Cafe-au-lait spots. Cardiomegaly with Chagas' disease (Trypanosoma cruzi) a marker of which apical atrophy cancer 220. Cellular crescents Rapidly progressive crescentic 215. Catecholamine Baroreceptors recessive deletion of dystrophin stimulation during gene hemorrhage occurs 210. Causes of Vinyl chloride (PVC) Cyanide will inhibit Angiosarcoma in Arsenic (wood fixative) which enzyme the liver 213. CEA is an oncofetal Colorectal synthesis of ___ from antigen gene Pancreatic ___ product of which Breast 214.

central retinal artery trachomatis (tx) gonorrhea coinfection). has zero GnRH. short glomerulonephritis stature and 229. Cellular 238. pectus degeneration excavatum and 248. Cholera toxin activates Gs by ADP-ribosylation retardation. Child has Kallman sundrome hypogonadism. anosmia (can't Endometriosis (frequently involves both smell) and is ovaries) color blind 245. short caudate stature. Child with Prader Willi Syndrome hypogonadism. Child uses arms Gowers' sign (Duchenne muscular crescents in to stand up from dystrophy) Bowman's squat capsule 239. Cerebellar Chiari malformation (often presents with obesity tonsillar progressive hydrocephalus or 241. Cherry-red spot Tay-Sachs (ganglioside accumulation) or on macula Niemann-Pick (sphingomyelin 242. mental Rapidly progressive crescentic retardation. found in ___ receives gastric 231. Chocolate cyst of Endometriosis (frequently involves both 236. Child with fever Slapped cheeks (erythema develops red infectiosum/fifth disease: parvovirus B19) rash on face that spreads to body 240. Huntington's disease (autosomal- mental dementia. and permanently retinitis alters G_ by ___ >> pigmentosa secretory diarrhea 237.228. Chlamydia Doxycycline (+ ceftriaxone for accumulation). Chronic Atrial fibrillation (associated with high webbed neck arrhythmia risk of embol . 244. dominant CAG repeat expansion) retardation. Cerebrosides myelin sheath gap acidosis. mental 246. Chest pain on Angina (stable: moderate exertion. Cherry Red Tay Sachs Disease lavage. Chorea. Chlorpromazine D2 receptors (antipsychotic) exertion unstable: minimal exertion) blocks ___ receptors 234. erythromycin occlusion eye drops (prophylaxis in infants) 233. "Chocolate cyst" effusion/friction 1-12 weeks after acute episode) of ovary rub. and Macula activated charcoal 232. Child has Bardet-Biedl syndrome ovary ovaries) hypogonadism. Dressler's syndrome (autoimmune- pericardial mediated post-MI fibrinous pericarditis. persistent fever following MI 235. 247. Chest pain. Child has Noonan syndrome hypogonadism. 243. Child with Aspirin overdose herniation syringomyelia) increased anion 230.

(plasma drug concentration) painful cramps. Classic coenzyme in Pyridoxine 250. Colostrum is vitamin Vitamin D medulloblastoma. Meckel's diverticulum serum BUN ___ deficiency in children 259. allopurinol the vagina (overproducer) 266. Cofactor for DA ==> Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) contain mostly NE conversion ___ 272. type II: 261. phosphorylase of dark tumor medulloblastoma. Common cause of iron Menorrhagia 260. decreased 278. Circular grouping Homer Wright rosettes (neuroblastoma. Clearance CL = (rate of elimination of drug) / myalgia. Chronic exercise McArdle's disease (muscle glycogen transamination intolerance with phosphorylase deficiency) 264. myoglobinuria 265. Chylomicrons Diet-derived TGs 271. Chronic hepatits IFN-alpha of the vagina is seen (tx) in the early form as 253. 277. Chronic Imatinib diazepam myelogenous 270. Clostridium difficile Oral metronidazole. Cofactor for ALA Pyridoxine (B6) leukemia (tx) synthase 255. Cofactor for glycogen Pyridoxine (B6) 256. Classic Thiamine deficiency in women coenzyme in 281. Common cause of iron Peptic ulcer coenzyme in deficiency in men carboxylation 280. Classic Niacin elderly man or woman) coenzyme in 282.249. Congenital adrenal 21-hydroxylase deficiency redox reactions hyperplasia . Chronic atrophic Predisposition to gastric carcinoma (can 262. Clostridium botulinum Antitoxin inflammation (polyclonal gammopathy) (tx) appears on serum protein 268. Cold intolerance Hypothyroidism 276. Circular grouping 274. retinoblastoma) rich. fatigue. Compression fracture Osteoporosis (type I: decarboxylation postmenopausal woman. Classic Biotin 279. Chronic Polyclonal immunoglobulins 267. Classic coenzyme in Folate gastritis also cause pernicious anemia) single-carbon transfer (autoimmune) 263. but is absent of which vitamin 258. Clear cell carcinoma Vaginal adenosis 252. retinoblastoma) 273. Colonies of mucoid Cystic fibrosis (AR mutation to Pseudomonas in lungs CFTR resulting in fat-soluble vitamin deficiency and mucous plugs) Homer Wright rosettes (neuroblastoma. serum BUN ammonia ___. Cofactor for Pyridoxine (B6) of dark tumor transaminase cells surrounding pale neurofibrils 275. Cirrhosis: serum serum ammonia increased. Clostridium tetani (tx) Antitoxin + vaccine booster + 254. if refractory. Chronic gout (tx) Probenecid (underexcretor). electrophoresis (tx) oral vancomycin as 269. Clear cell DES exposure in utero adenocarcinoma of 251. Cofactor for oxidative Thiamine (B1) cells surrounding decarboxylation and pale neurofibrils transketolase 257. Common cause of iron Nutritional.

Corticosteroids reduce inactivating phospholipase A2 of esophageal wall) arachidonic acid release from membranes by ___ 316. Dark purple skin/mouth Kaposi's sarcoma (usually AIDS nodules patients [gay men]: associated 298. Cyclophosphamide. Congenital adrenal 21-hydroxylase deficiency 300. hypotension ___ for urea cycle 284. Cushing's syndrome 1.283. Crohn's disease (tx) Corticosteroids. more Iron. Cystic fibrosis (tx) N-acetylcysteine + 291. Excess ACTH secretion by 286. Cutaneous/dermal Myxedema (caused by plasma ACTH hydroxylase edema due to connective hypothyroidism. less ascorbic acid 317. Decreased a-fetoprotein Down syndrome or other better absorption) in amniotic chromosomal abnormality 299. infliximab 285. Congenital 11. D2 receptors: G_ >> ___ D2: Gi >> inhibits adenylyl protein (protein) >> ___ (second cyclase >> decreases cAMP messenger) 295. Conjugate lateral gaze Internuclear ophthalmoplegia tissue deposition I periorbital!) palsy. breast milk Cow = more vitamin K. Cytochrome Oxidase in Facilitates the Hydrogen 292. bilateral 306. Cyanosis (early. Death in CML Blast crisis 318. more with HHV-8) vitamin B12. Corticosteroid therapy 2. unilateral common) of great vessels. D1 receptors: G_ >> ___ D1: Gs >> adenylyl cyclase monoacylglycerol and (protein) >> ___ (second >>increases cAMP free fatty acids messenger) 294. horizontal diplopia (damage to MLF. Cytomegalovirus (tx) Ganciclovir 293. truncus [stroke)) arteriosus 289. ASD. 17 or 21- 305. Cows milk vs. Cretinism Iodine deficit/hypothyroidism anomaly 302. Continuous "machinery" PDA (close with indomethacin. more VSD. PDA world) common) Systemic lupus erythematosus (developed world) 308. Small cell lung carcinoma 287. Pancreatic lipase 312. transposition [multiple sclerosis]. Coronary artery involved LAD > RCA > LCA 315. 17 or 21-hydroxylase pituitary hypocortisolism deficiency 3. Constrictive pericarditis Tuberculosis (developing 307. Congenitally increased Increased 11. Congenital cardiac VSD 301. Graves' disease 288. Copper-transport plasma Ceruloplasmin 313. Mesna induced hemorrhagic 290. Cryptococcus Fluconazole (prophylaxis in hyperbilirubinemia (black (inability of hepatocytes to neoformans (tx) AIDS patients) liver) secrete conjugated bilirubin into bile) 304. CPS II is located in ___ for CPS II is located in cytosol for fluid/maternal serum ___ nucleotide synthesis . CPS I is located in ___ for CPS I is located in mitochondria hyperplasia. cystitis (Tx) heart murmur open with misoprostol) 309. Converts TGs into 2. ___ converts Cobalamin (B12) the ETC has what electrochemical potential homocysteine to function needed to run ATP synthase methionine in odd-chain fatty acid metabolism 311. Cyanosis (late. DAG activates ___ Protein kinase C 296. The conversion of Biotin antipseudomonal prophylaxis Pyruvate to Oxaloacetate (tobramycin/azithromycin) relies on what cofactor (Carboxylase reaction) 310. less Tetralogy of Fallot. Cori Cycle: liver conversion of lactate to conversion of ___ to ___ glucose 314. Damage to the enamel in Purging disorders in thrombosis a woman's teeth indicates Metabolic alkalosis (-> vomiting) Boerhave's syndrome (rupture 297. Death in SLE Lupus nephropathy (Chief benefit of breast milk is 319. Congenital conjugated Dubin-Johnson syndrome 303.

Pyruvate dehydrogenase loss of muscle mass during decreased acetyl CoA. oxidizing drugs hemolytic anemia 328. Dementia 1. hemolytic anemia from weakness. tachycardia 321. stomatitis. ___ deficiency: tetany. U waves 327. early deficiency death 323. ___ deficiency due to Hartnup's Niacin (B3) 353. Degeneration of dorsal Tabes dorsalis (tertiary disease. ___ deficiency: night Vitamin A (retinol) blindness. ___ deficiency: decreased reduced G6PD 348. ___ deficiency: goiter Iodine substantia nigra ganglia disorder: rigidity. follicular glossitis. Riboflavin (B2) young women cheilosis 358. chronic pancreatitis. Depigmentation of neurons in Parkinson's disease (basal 339. Vitamin K 347. ___ deficiency: sideroblastic Pyridoxine (B6) 332. ___ deficiency: dermatitis. cerebral dependent factors due to VitE hemorrhagic stroke edema toxicity results in 346. rhabdomyolysis. Demyelinating disease in Multiple sclerosis 338. Decreased alpha-fetoprotein in Down syndrome or 342. ___ deficiency: macrocytic Cobalamin (B12) corticosteroids results in Dec Lymphocytes anemia. ___ deficiency: increased Cobalamin (B12) amniotic fluid/maternal serum other chromosomal homocysteine. Vitamin E resting. peripheral neuropathy bradykinesia) . Niacin (B3) def = smell dementia Pellagra 351. Alzheimer's disease 337. ___ deficiency: hypocalcemia. dermatitis. ___ deficiency: mental status Sodium 324. Biotin healing. Magnesium pH drops = ___ effect tetany. peripheral INH neuropathy. ___ deficiency: diarrhea. Multiple infarcts Selenium 357. Decreased levels of Vitamin K Inc incidences of changes. alopecia. hair loss deficiency healing. ___ deficiency: lactic acidosis. ___ deficiency due to alcoholism and Pyridoxine (B6) anemia. Decreased Leukotrienes due to Dec Leukocyte blocking phospholipase A2 with adhesion 344.320. Decreased affinity of Hb for O2 as Bohr 341. ___ deficiency due to alcoholism and Thiamine (B1) 352. poor wound 329. dissecting aortic breathing/hyperventilation (diabetic aneurysms. labored Kussmaul breathing anemia. ___ deficiency due to TPN Copper. tremor. convulsions 333. ___ deficiency: bleeding diathesis. ___ deficiency: dermatitis. ___ deficiency due to pernicious Cobalamin (B12) 355. ___ deficiency: poor wound Zinc healing. loss of taste and 331. norepinephrine diet 356. convulsion. lactic acidosis hyperkeratosis 330. ___ deficiency: glossitis. methylmalonic Dec Eosinophils acidemia Inc Neutrophil 345. ___ deficiency due to lack of dairy Riboflavin (B2) 354. increased abnormality urinary methylmalonic acid 322. vegan epinephrine. Chromium. ___ deficiency: microcytic Copper 325. ___ deficiency: muscle Phosphate glutathione. Calcium undernourishment osteoporosis 334. Degradation product of VMA anemia. carcinoid syndrome column nerves syphilis) 335. 2. Decreased caloric intake results in Marasmus 343. Deep. ___ deficiency: hemolytic anemia. Degradation product of HVA products or general malnourishment dopamine 336. polyuria. poor wound ketoacidosis) healing 326. ___ deficiency: dental caries Fluoride 349. ___ deficiency: muscle Potassium ecchymoses weakness. 340. slow Essential fatty acid 350.

tumor of the ovary) can result in whorled mucous plugs) 378. glossitis. Disease more Syphillis 363. Dysphagia Plummer-Vinson syndrome (may damaged bases and repair of them (esophageal progress to esophageal squamous cell webs). arthritis destruction of exocrine glands) 369. Diphyllobothrium Cobalamin (B12) 361. Difference BER is recognition of one damaged their mother between BER and base and repair of it NER NER is recognition of a series of 385. dry Sjogren's syndrome (autoimmune mouth. carcinoma) 373. Diverticulum in Zenker's diverticulum (diagnosed by pharynx barium swallow) 366. deficiency diarrhea 376. TMP. Desquamated Curschmann's spirals (bronchial asthma. (Son will not pass the disease on complications. DIC Gram-negative sepsis. Pellagra (niacin [vitamin B3] deficiency) latum causes ___ dementia. MTX. OCPs folate deficiency 368. Diabetic Fluids. oral type 2 (tx) hypoglycemics. insipidus (tx) hydrochlorothiazide. phenytoin. insulin. Dietary deficit Iron receive the mutation from 372. cardiomyopathy substantia nigra bradykinesia) is found in ___ beriberi 360. likely to infect epithelium casts can result in whorled mucous plugs) fetus after the in sputum first trimester 364. Dry eyes. Dog or cat bite Pasteurella multocida (cellulitis at amiloride (nephrogenic) resulting in inoculation site) infection 367. resting tremor. A diver comes up pN2 in blood mutation genetic testing for MEN syndrome too quickly and warrants what? gets Caisson (Caisson disease = decompression disease b/c sickness) 365. During All of them mitochondrial 370. deficiency) anem1a edema. Disarrayed Cali-Exner bodies (granulosa-theca cell 362. Dilated Wet beriberi (thiamine (vitamin B1] iron deficiency cardiomyopathy. Depigmentation Parkinson's disease (basal ganglia 374. indomethacin. EtOH. 381. Desquamated granulosa cells in tumor ofthe ovary) epithelium casts eosinophilic fluid in sputum 377. Diabetes mellitus Dietary intervention (low-sugar) + insulin type 1 (tx) replacement 382. Development of Incidence __________ is a condition in a decreased population in a period of time 380. Dilated Wet beriberi (Thiamine/B1 def) of neurons in disorder: rigidity. K+ ketoacidosis (TX) 384. Disarrayed granulosa cells in eosinophilic fluid Call-Exner bodies (granulosa-theca cell Curschmann's spirals (bronchial asthma. Detection of RET Prophylactic thyroidectomy and family 379. and insulin (possible) 383. burn trauma which offspring though) 371. Diabetes mellitus Dietary intervention. Depression (tx) SSRIs (first line) 375. polyneuropathy . Diabetes Desmopressin (central). Drugs causing 5-FU. obstetric inheritence. Dermatitis.359. cancer.

The elevated Pyridoxine (B6) levels of AST and ALT in alcoholic "Orphan Annie" eye nuclei (papillary hepatitis are due carcinoma of the thyroid) to a deficiency of . EBV must attach CD21 to which Cluster "Owl's eye" appearance of CMV Designation to 402. Elastic skin. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (type III 405. EBV is a known Burkitt's lymphoma oncogenic DNA Nasopharyngeal carcinoma virus for which Polyclonal Malignant Lymphoma cancers 390. Dysplastic Koilocytes (HPV: predisposes to cervical 398. Employees in a Lead poisoning from battery squamous cancer) car factory incinceration cervical cells present in a with nuclear grouping with enlargement and headache. N/V. Effective renal ERPF = U PAH x (V/ P PAH) = C PAH inclusion bodies plasma flow 403. EBV attaches to B-cells 401. hard Virchow's node (abdominal metastasis) 392. Enlarged thyroid hypermobility of collagen defect) cells with joints ground-glass 396. 387. Enlarged cells Owl's-eye appearance of CMV infect with intranuclear 391. Ehlers-Danlos: I and III left defective type supraclavicular ___ collagen node 393. Enlarged cells CD21 in which with intranuclear cell to infect inclusion bodies 389. Enlarged. Enlarged thyroid Orphan Annie eye nuclei (papillary cells with carcinoma ofthe thyroid) 394. Ejection fraction EF = (stroke volume / end diastolic ground-glass volume) x 100 nuclei 395. hyperchromasia muscle weakness.386. Dysplastic abdominal squamous cramps cervical cells with nuclear 399. Ejection click Aortic/pulmonic stenosis 404. End product of Bilirubin heme Koilocytes (HPV: predisposes to cervical degradation of cancer) macrophages 388. Elevated CEA Bad (normally implies undetected mets nuclei (oncofetal exist) antigen gene product) prior to surgery lends waht prognosis 397. Endometrial Tamoxifen enlargment and polyps can arise hyperchromasia as a side effect of what drug? 400.

___ excess: increase intracranial Vitamin A (retinol) inclusion in nerve pressure. Eosinophilic Lewy body (Parkinson's disease) 432. Erythroderma.406. Extracellular signals: ____philic hydrophilic dysfunction (TX) . Essential thrombocythemia is JAK2 Kinase converts glycerol associated with what mutation? What mutation to glycerol-3-P are the symptoms of this disease for TG synthesis associated with? Increased risk of 410. Esophagitis in an AIDS patient is due Herpes 409. Extracellular amyloid deposition in Senile plaques gray matter of brain (Alzhemier's 415. ___ excess: ringed sideroblasts Iron overload 430. ___ excess: Wilson's Disease Copper 413. renal Vitamin D calculi 412. Vitamin K jaundice in newborns Mallory bodies (alcoholic liver disease) 426. ___ excess: decreased synth of Vit-K Vitamin E coagulation factors 425. lymphadenopathy. ___ excess: hemolytic anemia. Eosinophilic inhibitor) cytoplasmic 423. ___ excess: hypercalcemia. Excess ___ can produce oxalate Ascorbic Acid (Vit inclusion in liver stones C) cell 424. Eosinophilic cytoplasmic 427. ER-positive breast cancer (TX) Tamoxifen vermicularis 418. bone pain cell 428. Eosinophilic Rabies virus (Lyssavirus) disease) inclusion bodies in cytoplasm of 435. liver toxicity. ___ excess/poisoning: hemorrhagic Iron gastritis. Enterococci (TX) Vancomycin/ampicillin + aminoglycoside mycosis fungoides 408. ___ excess: T-waves Potassium Lewy body (Parkinson's disease) 431.) diarrhea 420. Exposure of skin to UVB light creates Thymidine dimers 414. vardenafil 436. Exposure of a pregnant woman to Clear cell cytoplasmic DES (diethystilbestrol) results in carcinoma of the inclusion in nerve what condition in her daughter vagina cell 433. atypical T (cutaneous T-cell (Pinworm) (tx) cells lymphoma) or 407. Extracellular amyloid deposition in Senile plaques hippocampal gray matter of brain (Alzheimer's nerve cells disease) 416. Sezary syndrome infection hepatosplenomegaly. Ethylene glycol/methanol Fomepizole (alcohol cell intoxication (TX) dehydrogenase 411. liver necrosis 429. Enterobius Mebendazole 417. Enzyme present Glycerol kinase to only in liver. Eosinophilic Mallory bodies (alcoholic liver disease) bleeding and/or cytoplasmic thrombosis inclusion in liver 422. 421. often yellow fever) 434.S. Eosinophilic Councilman body (toxic or viral globule in liver hepatitis. Enterotoxigenic E activates Gs by ADP-ribosylation 419. Esophageal cancer Squamous cell Coli toxin carcinoma permanently (worldwide) alters G_ by ___ >> Adenocarcinoma secretory (U. Erectile Sildenafil.

An extremely high ACTH test would Small cell 453. Feeding difficulties. aureus. female. no Fasting state (low (AR) activation of PFK-1 insulin. A female patient develops ________. decreases serum 440. ___ fatty acids contain one or more Unsaturated synthase (converts double bonds dUMP to dTMP) 443. cereus degradation 464. and fertile Acute disorder) cholelithiasis (bile duct 459. B. How is this removal of A ldost release syndrome treated? tumor T hirst stim 450. Fasting Fed state: fatty 462. Fever. coryza. Fat. Ferritin degradation product Hemosiderin . ___ fiber: increases favorable Soluble fiber bacteria. fatal without treatment Urine Disease 466. weight loss B symptoms 438. Fibroma 468. Folate deficiency (alcoholics. headache. conjunctivitis. 444. Insoluble fiber decreases exposure to carcinogens 439. Fasting state: pyruvate >> ___ pyruvate cholesterol level shunted to gluconeogenesis 458.6bP. Female appering male with ambiguous 17-hydroxylase glucagon) genitalia deficiency 467. Forms micelles for reabsorption by Bile salts 446. night sweats. chills. Fatty liver occur during Kwashiorkor Decreased tricuspid insufficiency and pulmonic because of apolipoproteins stenosis) are present in 445. Females who were exposed to Vaginal adenosis diethylstilbestrol in utero are at R enin release increased risk for what? A DH release P eriph vessel 451. Fever. Measles Cushing diffuse rash (Morbillivirus) syndrome 455. which together form the Tx: resolves with (Na+ in urine) syndrome known as ________. F___ state: PFK-2 increases F2. chrons. low 447. myalgia Jarisch-Herxheimer indicate carcinoma of following antibiotic treatment for reaction (rapid lysis lung syphilis of spirochetes Medullary results in toxin carcinoma of release) thyroid 454. ___ fatty acids lack double bonds Saturated 461. The functions of ANP are Inhibits: which then causes pleural effusions and Meigs Syndrome R enal Na+ reabsorp ascites. Flushing of the skin. Megaloblastic state leads to fatty acid ___ acid synthesis. Food poisoning (exotoxin mediated) S.437. forty. and Carcinoid syndrome the presence of valvular lesions (ex.6bP. cough. Filtration fraction FF = GFR/RPF blockage) 460. Females with CF can get pregnant. high 448. seizures. Fluorouracil inhibits ___ Thymidylate 442. Functions in iron transport Transferrin 449. diarrhea. Maple Syrup glucagon) hypoglycemia. ___ fiber: decreases transit time. Fed state (high produce alanine activates PFK-1 insulin. vomiting. Extremely pruritic but discrete bites Chigger bites (lymphoma) forming bright red papules around the legs and the waist 456. but Thickened dilation it difficult because cervical mucus 452. Fever. diet) results in anemia Fasting state: fatty acid 463. Fed state: pyruvate >> ___ pyruvate small intestine villi transaminated to 465. celiac. Facial muscle spasm upon tapping Chvostek's sign (hypocalcemia) 457. Fibrous plagues in soft tissue of Peyronie's disease penis (connective tissue 441. Fed state leads to fatty acid ___. F___ state: PFK-2 reduces F2.

GAG important for Heparan sulfate 489. Ascaris lumbricoides cornea disease) 506. 502. Hardy-Weinberg p^2 + 2pq + q^2 = 1 inulin equilibrium p+q=1 476. "Hair-on-end" (crew cut) Beta-thalassemia. GLUT3 primarily in: Neurons. and anus (in vessel in germ cells for which cancers homosexuals) 479. Heart valve in bacterial Mitral (rheumatic fever). Half-life t1/2 = 0. GLUT4 primarily in: Skeletal and cardiac muscle. GLUT2 primarily in: Hepatocytes.epidural Rupture of middle meningeal 487. Glomerular filtration rate GFR = U inulin x (V/ P inulin) = C 495. Girl has hypogonadism. structure surrounding tumor) oncogenic DNA virus vagina. Gout. The functions of _________ ANP 488. i cancer risk) chest. GPCR primary cAMP endocarditis (IV drug abuse). GLUT1 primarily in: most cell types (except kidney 500.7 x Vd/CL bilobed nuclei with lymphoma) 493. pancreatic B cells. hCG elevated Choriocarcinoma. placenta. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (HGPRT 503. sickle cell anemia disorder (TX) appearance on x-ray (marrow expansion) 473. Glucagon: G_ >> ___ Glucagon: Gs >> adenylyl 499. small intestine 501. HBV may progress to Laryngeal papilloma (protein) >> ___ (second cyclase >>increases cAMP cancer in which messenger) presentation 480. Helminth infection (U. shield hyperpigmentation of bowel obstruction. Enterobius vermicularis around peripheral accumulation from Wilson's 2. Hematoma . Glomerulus-like Schiller-Duval bodies (yolk sac 498. sickle cell 471. webbed neck mouth/ feet/hands 475. Hashimoto's thyroiditis HLA-DR5 477. Hamartomatous GI Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (genetic 474. Heart nodules Aschoff bodies (rheumatic fever) adipocytes (granulomatous) 484. Generalized anxiety Buspirone 491. vulva. HBV is a known Squam Cell Carcinoma of cervix. Hair-on-end (crew-cut) P-thalassemia. Gangliosides found in ___ myelin sheath appearance on x-ray anemia (marrow expansion) 472. Haloperidol blocks ___ D2 receptors (antipsychotic) prominent inclusions receptors ("owl's eye") 494. Glomerulonephritis Berger's disease (IgA is associated with what (adults) nephropathy) genetic marker? 478. Hartnup's disease: defect in intestinal and renal (In terms of hydrostatic & .subdural Rupture of bridging veins carcinoma (most common (crescent shaped) worldwide) . Green-yellow rings Kayser-Fleischer rings (copper 505. esp in (B) (TX) CNS 490. Heart nodules Aschoffbodies (rheumatic fever) self-mutilating behavior deficiency. testes congenital 483.) 1. Turner's syndrome polyps. Heart murmur. Giant B cells with Reed-Sternberg cells (Hodgkin's 492. aortic (2nd secondary messenger affected in rheumatic fever) 486.). embryo) kidney. benign polyposis can cause short stature. lentiform shaped) common in U. mental retardation. Glomerular filtration rate GFR = Kf [(P GC . tricuspid 485. H2 receptors: G_ >> ___ H2: Gs >> adenylyl cyclase are generally opposite (protein) >> ___ (second >>increases cAMP those of Angiotensin 2 (actions similar to a diuretic) messenger) 470. Gynecologic malignancy Endometrial carcinoma (most artery (trauma. Mitral valve prolapse 482. hydatidiform and small intestine) mole (occurs with and without 481. Haemophilus influenzae Rifampin (prophylaxis) integrity of ECM.(∏ GC 496.P BS) .S. Hematoma . X-linked recessive) (granulomatous) in a boy 504.∏ BS)] defect in ___ uptake of neutral amino acids oncontic pressures) 497. cervical 507.469.S.

Ghon complex (TX) peripheral granulomatous lesion in (primary TB : middle or lower lung lobes (can Mycobacterium bacilli) 513. low glucagon: Fed state: 509. Gaucher's Disease (AR) Reiter's syndrome. Hepatosplenomegaly. macrophages in liver. High insulin. Holosystolic murmur VSD. 517. "bronze diabetes. Hemorrhagic cystitis Cyclophosphamide side effects Transitional carcinoma of 527.03 528. bone marrow. cataracts 523. glycolysis stimulated 510. crinkled-appearing ulcerative colitis. Henderson-Hasselbalch pH = pKa + log ([HCO3-]/ 0. Heterophile antibodies Infectious mononucleosis (EBV) . Honeycomb lung on x-ray Interstitial fibrosis 519. Niemann-Pick Disease (AR) SLE mental retardation. psoriasis spleen. tricuspid fatal early in life regurgitation.508. Hormone-sensitive lipase Epinephrine. Hereditary bleeding von Willebrand's disease lipolysis disorder 538. Hereditary nephritis. Gaucher's disease osteoporosis. growth breast cancer (TX) activated by ___ and ___ to promote hormone 520. double-pointed. "bubbly" macrophages. neurologic (glucocerebrosidase deficiency) 535. pulmonary equation PCO2) embolism. Hepatitis C Virus is a Hepatocellular carcinoma middle or lower lung lobes (can Mycobacterium bacilli) known oncogenic RNA calcify) virus for which cancer 531. High iron stores: ___ transferrin Low transferrin bladder levels 511. compatible with life 533. Hepatosplenomegaly. High level of D-dimers DVT. Hexagonal. DIC 512. HLA-B27 Ankylosing spondylitis. Hemochromatosis Multiple blood transfusions or 525. Hepatosplenomegaly. HIV is a known oncogenic RNA CNS malignant 515. rheumatoid arthritis. Bronchial asthma hereditary HFE mutation (can needle-like crystals in bronchial (Charcot-Leyden result in CHF. Hereditary harmless Gilbert's syndrome (benign by ___ thereby preventing lipolysis jaundice congenital unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia) 522. "Honeycomb lung" on x-ray Interstitial fibrosis symptoms 536. Ghon complex peripheral granulomatous lesion in (primary TB: 514. Hepatitis B Virus is a Hepatocellular carcinoma calcify) known oncogenic DNA virus for which cancer 530. Herpes Simplex Virus 8 Kaposi sarcoma is a known oncogenic DNA virus for which cancers 524. mitral regurgitation 518. HLA-DR3 or -DR4 Diabetes mellitus type I. Heparin toxicity (acute) Protamine sulfate 529. Hilar lymphadenopathy. HER2/neu-positive Trastuzumab 537. 516. glycolysis ___ gluconeogenesis ferritin levels inhibited." secretions crystals: eosinophilic and increased risk of granules) hepatocellular carcinoma 526. Hormone-sensitive lipase inhibited Insulin 521. Alport syndrome (mutation in a sensorineural hearing chain of collagen IV) loss. Hilar lymphadenopathy. 534. Hepatocellular Cirrhotic liver (associated with virus for which cancer lymphoma carcinoma hepatitis B and C 532. Hemochromatosis: ___ High ferritin gluconeogenesis ___.

How is a Increased Serum metanephrines 559. Kluver-Bucy syndrome (bilateral hypersexuality. Renal disease myeloblasts? secondary 543. Hypoparathyroidism Accidental excision during phenoxybenzamine followed by thyroidectomy adrenalectomy 561. Conn's syndrome 542. positive differentiate B-ALL Babinski sign from T-ALL? B-ALL will have the following cell markers: CD10. thrombosis) blood stasis . Hypertriglyceridemia Fibrate promyelocytic is a Vit. How do you treat all-trans-retinoic-acid (ATRA) which 557. Hypochromic Iron deficiency anemia. Hypertension. lead pheochromocytoma and 24-hour urine metanephrines microcytic anemia poisoning.539. and CD20 554. Hypoxia is different Body as a whole is deprived of RNA virus for which from Hypoxemic in adequate oxygen = generalized cancer what way hypoxia 547. Hyporeflexia. amygdala lesion) 540. How do you Lymphoblasts = TdT (+) hypokalemia. Hypersegmented Megaloblastic anemia (B12 neutrophils deficiency: neurologic symptoms. Hypercoagulability Trousseau's sign (adenocarcinoma cause peripheral glucose freely enters into Schwann (leading to migrating of pancreas or lung) neuropathy? cells (function to myelinate DVTs and vasculitis) peripheral nerves) and aldose 551. Hypochromic. Human T. T-ALL will have the following cell folate deficiency: no neurologic markers: CD2 up to CD8 (AND NO symptoms) CD10!) 555. which results in osmotic damage 552. How does thyroid Increases synthesis of Na+/K+ hyperorality. Hyperphagia. How does glucose Through OSMOTIC DAMAGE: 550. thalassemia (HbF eventually die sometimes present) 544. Hypopituitarism Pituitary adenoma (usually benign 545. Human T-Lymphtropic Hairy cell Leukemia hypercapnia Virus 2 (HTLV-2) is a known oncogenic 564. CD19. differentiate metabolic alkalosis lymphoblasts from Myeloblasts = MPO (+) 556. LMN damage (HTLV-1) is a known hypotonia. Blue bloater (chronic bronchitis: polycythemia. thalassemia (HbF diagnosed? How is it and vanillymandelic acid sometimes present) treated? Tx: Alpha blockade with 560. Hypernatremia Hypertension reductase converts that glucose causes ___tension into SORBITOL. lead causes the blasts to mature and microcytic anemia poisoning. hyperplasia of mucous cells) 546. Hypercoagulability. Hypercholesterolemia Statin (first-line) (TX) Blood is not oxygenating properly = hypoxemic 549. A derivative -> this binds the (TX) leukemia? altered retinoic acid receptor and 558. UMN damage 541. atrophy oncogenic RNA virus for which cancer 563. Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma tumor) Lymphotropic Virus 1 562. hormone increase ATPase hyperdocility basal metabolic rate? 553. How do you MAINLY THE PRESENCE OF CD10 hypertonia. Hyperaldosteronism Spironolactone Specific tissues are deprived of (TX) adequate oxygen = tissue hypoxia 548. Virchow's triad (results in venous endothelial damage. Hyperreflexia. Hypertension. Iron deficiency anemia. Hypoxemia.

If a disease is with signs of metastasis likely to be 579. that (due to inc disease has what melanocyte inheritence stimulating hormone) pattern 575. If a kidney is The opposite kidney is failing indicates what systemic imbalance hypertrophied. Impact of aging on ESR Speeds it up passed on to 25% of the parent's 573. Inc calcitonin is often due to what Medullary carcinoma disease has what Auto Dom tumor of thyroid inheritence 582. it is likely because 585. If a disease is 571.565. "starvation") regardless of the 574. Inc ADH in a patient suspected of Small cell carcinoma 566. Inc Beta-hCG in a male patient Germ cell tumor passed on to 50% Gynecomastia of the parent's Hyperthyroidism off spring regardless of the 580. Inc Beta-hCG in a female patient Choriocarcinoma 567. Inc Erythropoietin is attributable to 2ry Polycythemia pattern (X-llnked Dom pedigree is shown) what systemic disoorder 568. that Auto Dom disease has what X-linked Dom Germ cell tumor inheritence Hyperthyroidism pattern (Auto recess pedigree is shown) 578. 577. Inc Insulin-like Growth Factor Hypoglycemia 569. Adenocarcinoma the resulting Breast cancer disease is Ovarian cancer . If a disease is cancer indicates of the lung likely to be 576. Inc Beta-hCG in a female patient Trophoblastic tumor: regardless of the with no signs of malignancy Hydatidiform mole parent's of child's indicates Invasive mole gender. Inc ADH in a patient with no Dilutional passed on to 50% suspicion of cancer indicates hyponatremia of the parents offspring. Inc PTH-like peptide indicates what Squamous cell causes Prader tumors carcinoma of lung Willi originates Renal from the mother. Inc Erythrpoietin is attributable to Renal likely to be what tumors Adenocarcinoma passed on to 50% Wilm's tumor of the parent's Hepatocellular offspring who carcinoma are male. If the same Angelman syndrome Tumor Microdeletion on Chrom15 that 586. If a disease is 583. Inc Insulin-like Growth Factor Hepatocellular Tumor indicates what tumor Retroperitoneal 570. Inadequate protein intake (not Kwahiorkor offspring. Inc ACTH during Cushing's Hyperpigmentation parent's of child's syndrome would also present with Auto Recess gender. Immediate anticoagulation (TX) Heparin likely to be 572. Inc calcitonin is often due to what Hypocalcemia parent's of child's electrolyte imbalance gender. that X-linked Dom 581. that VonHippel Lindau disease has what disease inheritence X-linked Recess Uterine leiomyoma pattern 584.

clenched hands.587. disease aureus. Inc Serotonin indicates the Small bowel carcinoid met to metastasis of what tumor Liver 611. Infections in chronic granulomatous Staphylococcus 588. what is the calcification forming chancroid (Haemophilus appearance on histology? a lesion) ducreyi) 614. causes Na/Ca antiporter infranate increase in cytosolic [Ca] and 591. 590. Infection secondary to blood Hepatitis C indicates what electrolyte transfusion imbalace 603. cows milk to goats milk irreversible cell damage allowing Ca2+ into and develops anemia (goats milk is low in folate) cells. Cowdry type A 600. Indurated. coli. Infant with microcephaly. Inc PTH-like peptides Hypercalcemia (-> low PTH) 602. Infertility (TX) Leuprolide. Influenza (TX) Rimantadine. what is the appearance 596. Inc Serotonin indicates Small cell carcinoma of lung on histology? what tumors Bronchial carcinoid 612. ___ inhibited by digitalis. and 618. Inhibitor of carnitine acyltransferase Malonyl CoA supranate I 592. 604. Insulin short-term path: ___ >> ___ >> PIP2 >> Protein increased glucose uptake. Infant with hypoglycemia. Intranuclear eosinophilic droplet. Infant with failure to Niemann-Pick disease (genetic prop-apoptotic thrive. Inc Serotonin indicates Carcinoid syndrome carcinoma arises from endometrial what syndrome hyperplasia. Increased a-fetoprotein in Dating error. Intracellular signals: ___philic lipophilic neurodegeneration 616. Increased levels of ___ Chylomicrons increased force of contraction produces a turbid 607. Increased uric acid levels Gout. and enzyme deficiency) CMV) hepatomegaly 617. In the presence of a Y-chromosome Differentiates into Medullary carcinoma of the germinal ridge testes thyroid 613. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. Increased ___ produces Propionyl CoA 608. peripheral nerves. Iron-containing nodules in alveolar Ferruginous bodies structural heart defect septum (asbestosis: Inc chance of mesothelioma) . In the sporadic pathway of Psammoma body 597. Insulin long-term path: ___ >> ___ >> Ras >> MAP kinase >> demyelination in spinal gene activation gene activation cord. amniotic fluid/maternal spina bifida (neural tube Aspergillus (catalase serum defects) positive) 589. E. increased kinase B >> increased 593. In the hyperplasia pathway of Endometrioid endometrial carcinoma. anencephaly. brain 609. in which formation genital lesion syphilis. sphingomyelinase deficiency) enzymes hepatosplenomegaly. leading to ATPase pump. Treponema pallidum) endometrium arises in atrophic (concentric layers of Painful. Edwards' syndrome (trisomy 18) uterine myometrium is called what? rocker-bottom feet. with exudate: endometrium. loop and thiazide diuretics 610. Increased levels of ___ VLDL oseltamivir produces a turbid 606. GnRH fetoprotein in amniotic spina bifida (neural tube (pulsatile) fluid/maternal serum defects) 605. Infant is switched from Macrocytic anemia production causes ___. In the absence of a Y-chromosome. Cori's disease (debranching like bodies bodies (HSV or failure to thrive. In tissue hypoxia. Dating error. activating 599. ulcerated Nonpainful: chancre (lo endometrial carcinoma. anencephaly. glycogen synthase glucose uptake tumor lysis syndrome. Differentiates into the germinal ridge ovaries 594. in which appearance 595. Increased alpha. decreased ATP dysfunctional Ca- 598. Involvement of endometriosis in the Adenomyosis 601. 615.

high Fasting state: gluconeogenesis to absence of NADPH in Streptococci glucagon: stimulated. Iron deficiency anemia 2. Iron deficiency: ___ ferritin Low ferritin ___ and inhibits ___ dehydratase and inhibits levels ferrochelatase 622. Kids who contract EBV Avoid contact sports for 1 anticoagulation (TX) should follow what year 645. Low insulin. Low iron stores: ___ High transferrin 629. Long-chain fatty acid Requires carnitine shuttle radiopaque (formed by absorption: urease-positive organisms 643. Lead poisoning denatures Lead poisoning denatures ALA 621. LDH is an enzyme that is a Hodgkins alveolar septum (asbestosis: increased marker of which cancer Generally considered non- chance of mesothelioma) specific though 620. Linear appearance of Goodpasture's syndrome 623. Calcium = radiopaque 2. (congenital failure of immunodeficiency phagolysosome formation) 650. "Lumpy-bumpy" Poststerptococcal Wharton jelly appearance of glomeruli glomerulonephritis (immune on immunofluorescence complex deposition of IgG and 633. Low alpha fetoprotein is a Down syndrome 627. Largest GAG. does not prevent the glycolysis ___ immune cells from killing 648. becomes R--> L) results in pulmonary hypertension/polycythemia) . Low paO2 indicates Hypoxemic = not oxygenating 630. unbranched Proteoglycans such as Proteus vulgaris or polysaccharides attached Staphylococcus) to protein 3. Loading dose LD = Cp x Vd/F 625. Late cyanotic shunt Eisenmenger's syndrome C3b) (uncorrected L --> R (caused by ASD. Uric acid = radiolucent 644. synovial fluid. Lucid interval after Epidural hematoma (middle traumatic brain injury meningeal artery rupture) 632. ___ is a substrate for Glycerol 3-P 638.3-DPG needs Iron to bind 635. Struvite (ammonium) = 642. glycolysis inhibited Chronic Granulomatosis gluconeogenesis ___. Losartan blocks ___ angiotensin II receptors >> recommendation? Why? Increased risk for splenic receptors decreases BP rupture 646. which would then colon on x-ray haustra) to tissue because facilitate oxygen's ability to 636. Long. Liver disease Alcoholic cirrhosis biopsy 641. vitreous body Hyaluronic acid of eye. Long-term Warfarin 626.619. Kallmann syndrome occurs No GnRH production -> no glomeruli on due to hormone production immunofluorescence 624. 652. Low serum ceruloplasmin Wilson's disease (hepatolenticular 631. linear. Lack of oxidative burst due Catalase negative 647. Legionella pneumophila Erythromycin gluconeogenesis and TG (TX) synthesis 639. Large rash with bull's-eye Erythema chronicum degeneration) appearance migrans from Ixodes tick bite (Lyme disease: Borrelia) 651. PDA. VSD. Iron-containing nodules in Ferruginous bodies 634. Klinefelter syndrome occurs XXY component of which due to the presence of chromosomal mutation 628. Laminin and fibronectin bind Integrin receptors transferrin levels ___ receptors 649. Lead pipe appearance of Ulcerative colitis (loss of leave Hb when in the colon on x-ray haustra) correct organ environment 637. Keratin pearls on a skin Squamous cell carcinoma 640. Kidney stones 1. "Lead pipe" appearance of Ulcerative colitis (loss of results in less delivery of O2 to. Large lysosomal vesicles in Chediak-Higashi disease properly phagocytes.

Membrane fluidity is increased cis-unsaturated fatty genitalia by ___ and ___ acids and high 668. Mental retardation 1. Lysosomal storage Gaucher's disease 679. GI . Lysosomal accumulation Tay-Sachs Disease (AR) cyst breast of GM2 gangliosides 677. Lysosomal accumulation Krabbe's Disease (AR) 674.653. Medium-chain fatty acid Direct 667. Pompe's 670. Mean arterial pressure MAP = cardiac output * 665. Metastases to brain Lung. kidney (renal cell carcinoma). Males with CF generally are Sterile (less than 5% immunofluorescence C3b) chance having child) 654. Major cause of death in Homicide total peripheral African American's age resistance bracket 15-25 MAP = 1/3 systolic + 2/3 666. Male appearing female 21-hydroxylase or 11-hydroxylase absorption: with ambiguous deficiency 684. Malaria (TX) Chloroquine/mefloquine (for diastolic blood schizont). skin (melanoma). Mental retardation. and 687. prostate. kidney most likely diagnosis? gynecomastia or hyperthyroidism 688. A male patient presents Choriocarcinoma-secretes Beta. and 659. Malignant hyperthermia (tx) Dantrolene of galactocerebrosides 675. lung. Males with CF are generally The vas deferens never appearance of glomerulonephritis (immune sterile because fully develops glomeruli on complex deposition of IgG and 672. recurrent Bruton's disease (X-linked 685. and valine of sulfatides (AR) ___ 660. Down syndrome infections. A mass is found in the anterior Thyroglossal duct cyst- Hypokalemia (via Na/K-ATPase) neck of a patient. breast. Metastases to bone Breast. hypotonia. What is this mass 662. Lysosomal accumulation Fabry's Disease (XLR) 673. Lysosomal accumulation Niemann-Pick Disease (AR) cyst the breast of sphingomyelin 678. Lysosomal accumulation Gaucher's Disease (AR) (rarely metastasizes) of glucocerebrosides 676. Lytic ("hole-punched") Multiple myeloma On gross exam it shows a single bone lesions on x-ray lesion with areas of necrosis and hemorrhage. A mass is excised from the Leiomyosarcoma disease uterus of a 30 year old female. which has an alpha-subunit by age 2 and constant facial that is similar to FSH. Male child. 661. Lumpy-bumpy Poststreptococcal 671. Malignancy associated with Hodgkin's lymphoma of ceramide trihexosides noninfectious fever 655. Medical abortion (tx) Mifepristone liver hypnozoite) 683. Malignant skin tumor Basal cell carcinoma 656. Major cause of death in MVA (motor vehicle accident) anterior neck 15-25 age bracket 681. thyroid. ___. and so it may cause testes. LH. Lysosomal accumulation Metachromatic luekodystrophy increased levels of ___. Maple Syrup Urine Disease has Isoleucine. flushing. leucine. What is a Thyroid develops at the Arrythmia (via Na/K-ATPase) possible diagnosis? base of the tongue and then travels along the 663. What is the TSH. Mammary gland ("blue-domed") Fibrocystic change ofthe 657. cardiomegaly leading to death with elevated Beta-hCG hCG. no mature B agammgloblinemia) 2. Maintenance dose MD = Cp x CL/F thyroglossal duct to the 664. Fragile X syndrome cells 686. Magnesium deficiency () Low PTH most likely? can result in Hyperexcitability Muscle cramps/tremor 680. primaquine (for 682. Mammary gland ("blue-domed") Fibrocystic change of 658. Male cancer Prostatic carcinoma temperatures 669.

Waldenstrom's different from macroglobinemia (IgM) BER and NER in 706. hyponatremia Monoclonalgammopathy of 714. Monoclonal gammopathy Amyloidosis on Chrom15 that associated with macroglossia causes Prader (big tongue) mucocutaneous Willi Syndrome lesion. Monoclonal gammopathy of hypermagnesemia undetermined significance (MGUS). and 700. carpal tunnel. Mitral valve Rheumatic heart disease 708. hyponatremia normal consequence of aging) 3. Monoclonal gammopathy Plasmacytoma coarse associated with a solitary basophilic mass in the aerodigestive stippling region (larynx or nasopharynx region) 691. 704. pop) antibody spike usually IgG or IgA) 710. Most common cause of Osmotic diuresis undetermined significance (MGUS. Monoclonal 1. Chondroitin sulfate inheritance females. Mismatch Removes mismatched bases during or lambda Ig light chains in Repair is replication of a parent strand urine]). Primaryamyloidosis . Multiple myeloma (called the M protein. The Father Microdeletion 702. Monoclonal globulin protein Bence Jones proteins challenge in blood/urine (multiple myeloma [kappa 694. Most common cause of Renal failure 3. Monoclonal gammopathy Multiple Myeloma liver lung carcinomas asscoiated with bone pain or facture 690. and/or originates in hepatomegally which parent 703. Waldenstrom's (M protein = IgM) hyperphosphatemia macroglobulinemia 712. Migraine (tx) Sumatriptan associated with weight loss macroglobulinemia and anorexia 693. inherited through females only component of cartilage 696. breast. Most common cause of Thiazide and loop diuretics antibody spike usually IgG or IgA) 2.689. Monoclonal gammopathy Waldenstroms 692. Mixed (UMN ALS hospitalized pop) and LMN) motor 709. 713. in blood/urine (multiple myeloma [kappa decrease in or lambda Ig light chains in free glucose urine]). Most common cause of Malignancy stenosis hypercalcemia (in 697. Most common cause of Primary neuron disease hypercalcemia (in normal Hyperparathyroidism 698. Monoclonal globulin protein Bence Jones proteins hepatomegaly. Primary amyloidosis hypomagnesemia 699. Mild Cori's hypoglycemia. Waldenstrom's (M protein = IgM) macroglobulinemia 4. Most common cause of Alcoholism 4. normal consequence of aging) 711. gastric. Montelukast: ___ antagonist Leukotrine receptor what way antagonist 695. Mitochondrial Disease occurs in both males and 707. pancreatic. Most common cause of Renal failure 2. Microcytic Lead poisoning anemia with 701. Metastases to Colon. Monoclonal 1. Most abundant GAG. Multiple myeloma (called the M protein. Waldenstrom's after macroglobulinemia (lgM) epinephrine 705.

deficiency natalizumab 717. Negative predictive value NPV = TN / (TN + FN) aggregation due to lack of Gpllb/Illa) 752. Muscle cramping. ___ must be added to diets in Tyrosine cause of hypocalcemia PKU 720. development delay. fatigue. 716. Needle-shaped. MR. ___) in interstitial tissue hyluronic acid 723. Most important risk factor whcih Unprotected sex hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). glomerulonephritis Goodpasture's syndromes death within first decade (anti-basement membrane 729. peripheral neuropathy. negatively Gout (monosodium urate bleeding time thrombasthenia birefringent crysytals crystals) (defect in platelet 751. negatively Gout (monosodium urate nucleus carcinoma) birefringent crystals crystals) 732. blindness. Most common pathologic cause of Hypomagnesemia 738. Mucosal bleeding and prolonged Glanzmann's 750. Mycobacterium tuberculosis RIPE (rifampin. Movement down a concentration Facilitated diffusion barium radiograph disease) gradient with aid of transport 746. Needle-shaped. Most common cause of vitamin D Renal failure immunosuppression. Most common Familial 735. Multiple Sclerosis (tx) Beta-interferon.4- increases morbidity/mortality in a (AIDS) exercise intolerance glucosidase deficiency) single 25 yrs old black male 741. NADPH deficiency prevents Oxygen -> Superoxide is breast feeding when baby oxidative burst in neutrophils Free Radicals develops anemia and monocytes because what 724. and B12 deficiency 742. (subtype of FAP) glycolysis and impacted/ supernumerary phosphorylation of teeth glucose) 734. Movement against a concentration Primary active conversion is inhibited gradient using ATP energy transport 743. Multiple colon polyps. NAPDH deficiency prevents Neutrophils 725.715. congenital pyloric PKU (AR) antibodies) stenosis 748. Muscle weakness. Mucin-filled cell with peripheral Signet ring (gastric 749. Nasal decongestant: alpha1 Ephedrine proteins: agonist >> vasoconstriction 728. MR. INH. McArdle's hyperlipoproteinemia hypertriglyceridemia myoglobinuria with exercise 718. Tay-Sachs Disease (AR) alcoholics cherry-red macula 719. ___ need IV thiamine before Alcoholics 730. Myxedema: increased GAGs Chondroitin sulfate. Myocarditis Coxsackie B in alcoholics 740. Narrowing of bowel lumen on String sign (Crohn's 727. (also true in women) (___. Gardner's syndrome hypophosphatemia (alkalosis enhances osteomas/soft tissue tumors. (lysosomal a-1. hypocalcemia (tx) pyrazinamide. Most common cause of Resp / met alkalosis 733. Myopathy (infantile Pompe's disease 722. MRSA (tx) Vancomycin infusion fluids with glucose 731. Necrotizing vasculitis (lungs) Wegener's (c-ANCA myelin. fair skin. luekodystrophy (AR) and necrotizing positive) and urine arylsulfatase decreased. Most common nonpathologic Hypoalbuminemia 737. Mother is a hard core vegan. Most common metal deficiency in Magnesium 736. Narrowing of bowel lumen on "String sign" (Crohn's 726. Neisseria gonorrheae (tx) Ceftriaxone (+ doxycycline to cover likely concurrent Chlamydia) . Movement down a concentration Simple diffusion barium radiograph disease) gradient: 745. Movement against a concentration Secondary active Oxidative burst in which Monocytes gradient using energy from transport immune cells cotransported ion 744. Most common vitamin deficiency Folate 739. abnormal Metachromatic 747. ethambutol) 721.

resistant: epidermidis. Nutmeg appearance of liver Chronic passive corticosteroids) congestion of liver clue to right heart failure 757. No lactation Sheehan's syndrome (pituitary 784.(∏c -∏i) 778. Optochin response Sensitive: Streptococcus 772.Pi) . Nystagmus. Multiple sclerosis failure scanning speech. Normal pH of blood 7. Novobiocin response Sensitive: Staphylococcus respirations (central epidermidis apnea in CHF or I Resistant: Staphylococcus intracranial pressure) saprophyticus 791. resistant: Viridans streptococcus Staphylococcus saprophyticus 790. Nosocomial pneumonia Klebsiella. ALL 1/[Event Rate (treatment) 2. Nephrotic syndrome Minimal change disease Event Rate (treatment)] (kids) (associated with infections/vaccinations.753. Number needed to harm 1/attributable risk difficult birth injury: "waiter's tip") increase (ARI) 754. Onion-skin periosteal reaction Ewing's sarcoma 765. Neural tube defect Prenatal folic acid congestion of liver due prevention (tx) to right heart failure 759. Nodular hyaline Kimmelstiel-Wilson nodules conversion of Beta-carotenes depostis in glomeruli (diabetic nephropathy) into retinoic acid in the intestine 764. Novobiocin response Sensitive: Staphylococcus pneumoniae. bilateral 760. Opportunistic infection in AIDS Pneumocystis jiroveci 767. intention tremor. pseudomonas streptococcus aeruginosa 789. Normal paO2 75-100mmHg 788. NH4+ is nondiffusible. Normal bicarb 22-26 787. Obstruction of male urinary BPH 762. Oscillating slow/fast breathing Cheyne-Stokes 773. Neuron Specific Neuroblastoma internuclear ophthalmoplegia Enolase (NSE) is a Small cell carcinoma of lung 780.34-7. Nephrotic syndrome Focal segmental 776. Non-dysjunction in Mosaicism (malignant round-cell somatic cells will result tumor) in 786. Osteogenesis imperfecta: I defective type ___ collagen . NH___ is diffusible diffusible 782. Opening snap Mitral stenosis 766. NH___ is nondiffusible. E. "Nutmeg" appearance of liver Chronic passive 758. Number needed to treat 1/absolute risk reduction (adults) glomerulosclerosis (ARR) 1/[Event Rate (control) - 756. Cerebellar medulloblastoma . Optochin response Sensitive: Streptococcus 770. ___________ occurs due to the dec Beta-carotenemia 763. Neoplasm (kids) 1. Normal paCO2 35-45mmHg pneumonia 769. NT derived from tryptophan Serotonin paralysis following trunk [C5-C6) brachial plexus 775. cold tumor) intolerance 785. "Onion-skin" periosteal reaction Ewing's sarcoma postpartum. Neuron migration Kallmann syndrome 779. O2 content on a blood gas O2 bound to Hb marker for which refers to cancers 781. absent infarction) (malignant round-cell menstruation. Neonate with arm Erb-Duchenne palsy (superior 774.Event Rate (placebo)] 755. coli. NH3 is numbers of _______ receptors. Normal H+ 35-45 (formerly carinii) 768. Net filtration pressure Pnet = (Pc .44 pneumoniae Resistant: Viridans 771. treat with 777. Obesity leads to decreased Insulin 761. Nodular hyaline Kimmelstiel-Wilson nodules tract deposits in glomeruli (diabetic nephropathy) 783.

S. but you know better. myeloma -> wrong 808. pituitary. 811. calcium abdominal pain and an absent and vitamin D cremasteric reflex. raised red lesions on Osler's node (infective MALIGNANT CELLS ARE palms and soles endocarditis) ABSENT 804. pale. and a rash. Pancreatic. the likely diagnosis? What is involve local structures infectious mononucleosis) this disease sometimes confused for? Clinically mimics anaplastic 802. aureus 814. Parasethesia in extremities. What is the 807. A patient presents with a hard. cold fingers/toes Raynaud's syndrome carcinoma but patients (vasospasm in extremities) ARE YOUNGER AND 803. What is -> fibrosis may extend to Mycoplasma pneumoniae. A patient presents with a mass Lingual thyroid on palms and soles endocarditis) at the base of the tongue of 805. Painless spider bite turning Brown recluse spider cancer. What is the most likely 800. differential? gastric carcinoma or breast secreting signet-ring cells) 815. Painful blue fingers/toes. Reidel fibrosing thyroiditis anemia caused by woody thyroid gland. painful spider bite 794. A patient examined has a Acute prostatitis cystadenocarcinoma tender and boggy prostate on DRE. cataracts. Pancreatitis (chronic) Alcohol (adults). Ovarian metastasis from Krukenberg tumor (mucin. Serous cystadenoma mole. Patient is losing salt and is 21-hydroxylase deficiency volume depleted 801. What supplementation should be at the top of your 797. oxytocin: G_ >> ___ (protein) >> oxytocin: Gq >> diagnosis? ___ (second messenger) phospholipase C >> IP3 + DAG 817. Painful. A patient presents with lytic Gut reaction = Multiple punched out lesions. Patient carrying logs. because MM patients don't parathyroid tumors dominant) What is your gut reaction in usually get a rash 809. What cancer is this and because of its early bilateral) can it be easily treated? hematogenous spread 799. Osteomyelitis with IV drug use Pseudomonas. joint pain. Painless jaundice Cancer of the pancreatic 20 years duration and no head obstructing bile duct other symptoms.792. (IgA vasculitis affecting abdominal pain (child) skin and kidneys) 821. into slightly red and tender What is it? papular lesion. aureus 813. Patent ductus arteriosus (tx) Indomethacin 793. Cold agglutinin disease hemolytic anemia (autoimmune hemolytic 818. Painful. MEN 1 (autosomal hypercalcemia. alcohol this case? Why is this wrong This is Adult T-Cell and what is the actual Leukemia (ATLL) which is 810. A patient develops a cancer Choriocarcinoma-poor cancer after D&C of a hydatidiform response to chemotherapy 798. later becomes hemorrhagic blister 820. Ovarian tumor (benign. A patient presents with initial Hashimoto's surrounded by purpura hyperthyroidism followed by hypothyroidism. cystic diagnosis? associated with HTLV-1 in fibrosis (kids) Asia and the Caribbean. Fabry's Disease (XLR) THEY WILL HAVE A RASH reddish purple rash. Your fellow med student's first thought is 806. Pancreatitis (acute) Gallstones. Osteomyelitis in sickle cell Salmonella resulting in crampy pain in disease thighs and abdomen 795. A patient comes in with acute Testicular torsion 796. Osteomalacia/rickets (tx) Vitamin D supplementation 812. AND LYTIC LESIONS death due to kidney or heart WITH HYPERCALCEMIA failure . moving Black widow bite boxes. Painless erythematous lesions Janeway lesions (infective 819. Osteomyelitis S. Ovarian tumor (malignant) Serous 816. Osteoporosis (tx) Bisphosphonates. Palpable purpura on Henoch-Schonlein purpura likely diagnosis? buttocks/legs.

PKU has increase levels of ___ Phenylalanine episodic hypoglycemia relieved by endocrine glucose administration presents with neoplasms 848. the tissues What is a possible diagnosis? (most severe symptoms 832. Patient with inc Erythropoietin has 2ry Polycythemia 846. A patient presents with parchment-like Lichen sclerosis old car radiator. Philadelphia chromosome t(9. sclerosis which phenoxybenzamine) increases risk for squamous cell 841. Pertussis toxin permanently inactivates Gi by ADP- 824. N/V. Pheochromocytoma (tx) alpha-antagonists (e. and fatty liver in AIDS patients) 833. Patient presents with multiple wheals Fire ant bites 834. Pneumocystis jirovecii (tx) TMP-SMX (prophylaxis carbohydrates. Phosphoinositide-coupled IP3 and DAG called Lichen receptor secondary messenger simplex chronicus 843. A patient presents with thick. DOES NOT pyogenic osteomyelitis) increase risk for 838. Pentose phosphate pathway: NADPH and ribose-5-P that later develop into vesicles and major source of ___ and ___ pustules 835. Podocyte fusion of EM Minimal change disease gonorrhoeae (child with nephrotic (monoarticular syndrome) arthritis) . Patient with CML Adult 30-60 antitrypsin deficiency]) 830. Percentage of people who have Case-fatality rate risk for squamous a condition and die from it in a cell carcinoma specific time period Lichen simplex 837. benign and Ewing's sarcoma. What is the diagnosis? Is it It is benign but is headache. bullae. Codman's triangle on x- chronicus is creating triangular area ray (osteosarcoma. Prolactinoma normal PaO2. normal caloric intake from 849. Peripheral neuropathy is found Dry beriberi squamous cell in ___ beriberi (Thiamine/B1 def) carcinoma 839.g. Inc RBC mass. and 2. PN2 in blood is deficienct in a It forms bubbles in the increased insulin. leathery Benign and not at alters G_ by __ >> increased ribosylation vulvar skin. Pelvic inflammatory disease Neisseria 850. Patient with CLL Adult > 60 hyperventilation centroacinar [smoking]. HTN 844. Patient with AML Adult ~60 845. Patient with ALL Child PeCO2) / PaCO2] 827. muscle cancer causing? associated with a weakness. Patient received a painful sting that is Scorpion bite consisting of vesicles. abdominal cramps slightly increased 836. flaky paint Kwashiorkor occur in the lungs) like dermatitis. diver with Caisson disease b/c vessels and moves into and decreased serum glucose levels. Pink complexion. dec protein intake. Pink puffer (emphysema: 828. N/V. Physiologic dead space VD = VT x [(PaCO2 - 826. Is she at increased risk for increased risk mucus secretion cancer? What disease is this? (unlike lichen 840. People making moonshine in an Lead poisoning 823. Patient with pitting edema. and liver disease paresthesias. Somatotropic normal plasma volume "acidophilic" adenoma 831. Photosensitive skin lesions Porphyria cutanea tarda 825. present with vulvar skin. followed by localized itching. panacinar [alpha1- 829. Periosteum raised from bone. increased c peptide. Patient with mental status change from Pancreatic 847.822. Pituitary tumor 1. dyspnea.22) CML (may sometimes be carcinoma) (brc-abl) associated with ALL/AML) This disease is 842.

Polyclonal gammopathy Liver disease in urea cycle indicating chronic Autoimmune disease 872. epicillin. Primary hyperaldosteronism Adenoma of adrenal cortex 883. Protein aggregates in Neurofibrillary tangles shift in the oxygen (increased affinity for O2) neurons from (Alzheimer's disease and CJD) dissociation curve hyperphosphorylation of protein tau 862. Primary bile salts from ___. ticaracillin. Polished. Primary liver cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma (child with nephrotic (chronic hepatitis. PSA is a glycoprotein that Prostate adenocarcinoma death syndrome is is a marker for which cancer (good sensitivity but poor 863. growth Fanconi's syndrome failure. "ivory-like" Eburnation(osteoarthritis 870. Adenomas hyperparathyroidism 2. Pseudomonas aeruginosa Antipseudomonal penicillin secondary bile salts from ___ secondary bile salts from (tx) (amoxacillin. ___ protects erythrocytes Vitamin E medicine. 865. intestinal bacteria piperacillin. ampicillin. Primary 1. electrolyte (proximal tubular 875. Primary amenorrhea Turner syndrome (45 XO) specificity) 864. Pseudopalisading tumor Glioblastoma multiforme cells on brain biopsy 867. anhidrosis Horner's syndrome 3. large globoid 855. Primary bile salts from liver. Positive predictive value PPV = TP / (TP + FP) positives 859. The primary protein in Whey cartilage erosion breast milk is 853. Protein aggregates in Neurofibrillary tangles due to a ___________ on chromosome 15 neurons from (Alzheimer's disease and chromosome _____ hyperphosphorylation of Creuzfeldt Jakob disease) protein tau 861. acidosis. Prader Willi Syndrome is Microdeletion on 879. Primary source of NH4+ Glutamate 854. Positive anterior "drawer Anterior cruciate ligament sign" (ACL) injury 876. Polished. Proportion of negative Negative predictive value imbalances reabsorption defect) test results that are true negatives not give to pt from oxidative damage w/ CHF) leading to hemolysis 860. The presence of fetal Leftward haemoglobin causes what 880. Hyperplasia 884.851. Podocyte fusion on EM Minimal change disease 868. Ptosis. cirrhosis. Proportion of positive test Positive predictive value results that are true 858.gamma agonist (tx) pioglitazone 877. Primary bone tumor (adults) Multiple myeloma carbenacillin) + aminoglycoside 866. syndrome) hemochromatosis. especially after agonist) characteristic finding? bathing (due to histamine release from increased mass 874. Polycythemia vera is JAK2 Kinase Mutation bodies in white matter associated with what 873. Progressive psychomotor Krabbe's Disease (AR) inflammation would be from Chronic infection retardation. miosis. alpha-1 antitrypsin) 852. PPAR. Prolactinoma (tx) Bromocriptine (dopamine mutation? What is a classic Itching. Carcinoma (sympathetic chain lesion) . 882. abnormal what likely sources Malignancy myelin. Polyuria. Prostate carcinoma (tx) Flutamide (thiozolidindione- antihyperglycemic diabetic 878. Prevailing thepry on Baby should sleep in supine reducing sudden infant position 881. Proportion of a Prevalence cells) population found to have a condition 856. "ivory-like" Eburnation (osteoarthritis appearance of bone at resulting in bony sclerosis) 869. The primary protein in Casein appearance of bone at resulting in bony sclerosis) cows milk is cartilage erosion 871.

Pulmonary presentation in Pneumocystis 906. Reinke crystals are Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor heart characteristic of what 897. 903. Pyruvate dehydrogenase Thiamin (B1) inflammation/thrombosis associated with tobacco) relies on whcih vitamin of small/medium vessels cofactor (Be 1 Pyro) in extremities 894.885. Rash on palms and soles Coxsackie A. paraneoplastic syndromes (EPO. Renal tumor Renal cell carcinoma: associated (following GI/ upper inflammatory demyelinating with von Hippel-Lindau and respiratory infection) polyneuropathy) adult polycystic kidney disease. Pulmonary presentation in Cryptococcus to produce conjugated AIDS w/ compressed IVC bilirubin 889. 900. Removes an erroneous DNA Glycosylase nucleiotide in BER (base 898. 902. unusual Hyper-IgE syndrome (Job's 892. ___ reacts with bilirubin Glucuronic acid 888. Radical injury by Liver and Kidney pheochromocytoma acetominophen occurs at which organs 918. PTH. Renal blood flow RBF = RPF / (1 . bosentan. RAA system is activated Dec renal blood flow 917. Pyruvate kinase stimulated stimulated during 911. Recurrent attacks of Acute intermittent porphyria origin. Red "currant jelly" Klebsiella pneumoniae stimulated by ___ and ___ in sputum in alcoholic or fed state diabetic patients 895. RAA system activation during Na+ resorption in kidneys excision repair) hemorrhage results in resoprtion of 916. fragile RBCs hemoglobinuria release of __________ from the 913. Rocky Mountain spotted fever . Recurrent colds. Pulmonary arterial Sildenafil. Pulmonary hypertension COPD another group 887. NADH (from eczema. urine 891. itchy. RBC casts in urine Acute glomerulonephritis AIDS w/ coinfection 905. Red urine in the Paroxysmal nocturnal hemorrhage results in morning. Reinke crystals (Leydig cell AIDS w/ lung collapse cytoplasmic inclusions in tumor) 890. secondary renin. Renal epithelial casts in Acute toxic/viral nephrosis urine 901. night sweats Intracellulare abdominal pain. Pulmonary presentation in an Tuberculosis Leydig cells AIDS w/ fever of unknow Mycobacteria Avium 907. Rectangular. crystal-like. (dominant tumor suppressor of hemangioblastomas. Pyruvate dehydrogenase Insulin. the odds occuring in 886. ACTH) syphilis. high serum IgE syndrome: neutrophil inhibited by ___ and ___ in fat oxidation) chemotaxis abnormality) fasting state 909. ADP 910. Recurrent Buerger's disease (strongly 893. swollen rash Paget's disease of the breast during ___. inhibited during of nipple/areola (represents underlying ___ gluconeogenesis neoplasm) 896. RAA system activation during ADH tumor? hemorrhage results in 914. Pulmonary presentation in CMV 904. Rapidly progressive leg Guillain-Barre syndrome weakness that ascends (autoimmune acute 919. Pupil accommodates but Argyll Robertson pupil turns red-wine doesn't react (neurosyphilis) 908. inhibited during glycolysis.Hct) 899. gene mutation) angiomatosis. Ratio of the odds Odds ratio hypertension (idiopathic) (tx) epoprostenal occuring in one group vs. Pyruvate dehydrogenase Acetyl CoA. RAA system activation during ANP 912. Renal cell carcinoma von Hippel-Lindau disease during hemorrhage because Catecholamine stimulation (bilateral). Red. Relative risk [a/(a+b)]/[c/(c+d)] release of ___________ from the pituitary 915.

Retinal hemorrhage in a Shaken Syndrome gallop) stenosis. first- 929. Right heart failure due to a Cor pulmonale 945. Rhomboid crystals. ketosis. restrictive cardiomyopathy) child with some forms of trauma perhaps 940. Parkinson's disease gallop) shunt.. in BER different because it is DNA Glycosylase 935. mitral regurgitation. Riboflavin's active forms: ___ FAD and FMN (positive symptoms) and second-generation and ___ (tx) antipsychotics) 930. Ring-enhancing brain lesion Toxoplasma gondii in AIDS 947. hyperlipidemia.g. Secondary Hypocalcemia of chronic kidney hyperparathyroidism disease 933. Reye's Syndrome: serum ___ Serum transaminase elevated solium. Severe fasting Von Gierke's hypoglycemia. Schizophrenia 5-HT(2A) antagonists (e. lactic acidosis. postural instability (nigrostriatal dopamine [CHF]) depletion) 939.. griseofulvin. Right shift of the oxygen less affinity of Hb for O2 dissociation curve means 946. The sequence of DNA Helicase removes the lesions in AIDS BER and NER is only erroneous base pairs in NER. positively birefringent pyrophosphate dihydrate) olanzapine. Salt retention with 11-hydroxylase or 21-hydroxylase hypetension deficiency 924. Rib notching Coarctation of the aorta 943. S3 (protodiastolic Increased ventricular filling (L --> R 922. Seals the nucleiotide DNA Ligase pulmonary cause into it's space in the strand during BER 932. Pseudogout (calcium (tx) aripiprazole. Risk of developing disease Relative ratio Polymerase and DNA Ligase to relative to exposure complete repair) 949. 944. S4 (presystolic Stiff/hypertrophic ventricle (aortic 923. LV failure akinesia.) 928. Sensitivity Sensitivity = TP / (TP + FN) 934. Taenia 925. The role of the two Fibrin and plasma fibronectin -> the empty space during different tyeps of clotting -> Fibroblasts secrete BER fibronectin in protease -> plasma fibronectin healing is that breakdown -> Fibroblasts laydown 921. Severe jaundice in Crigler-Najjar syndrome (congenital neonate unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia) 951.g. clozapine. Scurvy: tensile lack of cross-bridges (which req. Ring-enhancing brain Toxoplasma gondii 948. Clonorchis elevated infections (tx) 926. Rickettsia rickettsii (tx) Doxycycline. amisulpride. Fish Praziquantel tapeworm. Schizophrenia D2 receptor antagonists (e. second- (low/high) (negative symptoms) generation antipsychotics- 927. hepatorenomegaly 950. Replaces a nucleiotide in DNA Polymerase 937. R-form Hb: ___ O2 affinity High 942. Schistosomiasis. Resting tremor. rigidity. Retinal hemorrhages with Roth's spots (bacterial pale centers endocarditis) 941. Resistance R = driving pressure/flow cellular fibronectin -> insoluble R = 8η (viscosity) x length / matrix (∏r^4) 938.920. chloramphenicol (especially strength of collagen vitamin C) in context of aplastic anemia) weakened due to ___ 931. Ringworm infections (tx) Terbinafine. Severe RLQ pain McBurney's sign (appendicitis) with rebound tenderness . imidazole (both systems then use DNA 936.

952. Similar to Marfan Homocystinuria 980. The source of diastolic HTN Pheochromocytoma aplastic anemia in a patient with 959. "Spikes" on basement Membranous 962. Short stature. irregular red spots Koplik spots (measles. Sporothrix schenckii (tx) Oral potassium chloride 966. Sheets of medium-sized Burkitt's lymphoma (t[8:14] c- lymphoid cells ("starry myc activation. Short-chain fatty acid Direct 974. Small. Specificity Specificity = TN / (TN + FP) antagonists (-vaptan drugs) 978. Short. Soap bubble in femur or Giant cell tumor of bone incidence of of DNA crosslink repair. Site of diverticula Sigmoid colon 983. often tibia on x-ray (generally benign) tumors/leukemia. SIADH (tx) Demeclocycline (a tetracycline). Squamous metaplasia in Nyctalopia (night blindness) the eyes due to VitA def 967. bronchiectasis. blood 961. associated with 971. "Soap bubble" in femur or Giant cell tumor of bone absorption: tibia on x-ray (generally benign) 958. progressive muscle Becker's muscular dystrophy disease with gonorrhea) weakness in boys (X-linked missense mutation in dystrophin. Site of atherosclerosis Abdominal aorta > coronary > popliteal > carotid 982. "dome-like" glomerulonephritis (may aggregation of tau progressive dementia. "dome-like" glomerulonephritis (may lens. progresses to AML) 976. Stable angina (tx) Sublingual nitroglycerin MSH production) 986. from results from myosin- lymphoid cells ("starry myc activation. Skin hyperpigmentation Addison's disease (primary may results from adrenocortical insufficiency causes Inc ACTH and alpha. Slow. flat. subepithelial deposits progress to nephrotic eunuchoid features syndrome) 964. sky" appearance on EBV. vasopressin receptor 977. multiple myeloma) . arachnodactyly. fungoides on buccal/lingual mucosa rubeola virus) with blue-white centers 954. Spikes on basement Membranous syndrome: dislocated membrane. lithium. chronic Kartagener's syndrome (dynein results in sinusitis. SIADH Small cell carcinoma of the lung Neurofibromatosis is likely to be 960. associated with light-chain kinase. Squamous metaplasia in Vitamin A deficiency the eyes or the bronchus 968. 985. Smooth. Splinter hemorrhages in Bacterial endocarditis fingernails 965. branched Glycoproteins classically associated with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia oligosaccharides what disease? "old people see all writing as attached to protein smudges" 957. Single palm crease Simian crease (Down syndrome) 981. arm defect affecting cilia) infertility 984. Smudge cells are CLL 956. Situs inversus. less severe than 953. Sheets of medium-sized Burkitt's lymphoma (t[8:14) c. changes subepithelial deposits progress to nephrotic proteins in neurons in personality) syndrome) 963. Smooth muscle contraction Ca2+-calmodulin complex 955. Inc Fanconi's anemia (genetic loss 975. moist white Condylomata lata (2° syphilis) sky" appearance on EBV. "black sky" made up of lesions on genitals histology) malignant cells) 972. Sezary cells = ? Sezary cells are the lobed- Duchenne's) brainlike nuclei that are characteristic for mycosis 970. Stacks of red blood cells Rouleaux formation (high ESR. "black sky" made up of activated by ___ histology) malignant cells) 973. Sexually transmitted Chlamydia (usually coinfected 969. Sickle cell anemia (tx) Hydroxyurea (increases fetal ___ and ___ hemoglobin) 979. Silver-staining spherical Pick bodies (Pick's disease: membrane. Sphingomyelins found in nerve tissue.

Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor Male (crescendo-decrescendo) disease resulting in male with pseudohermaphroditism 1008. short stature. Streptococcus bovis (tx) Penicillin prophylaxis. 1018. oxacillin. Strawberry tongue Scarlet fever. t(8.987. Tay Sachs Disease takes what Auto Recess gastrin levels syndrome (gastrinoma inheritance pattern in Ash of duodenum or Jews pancreas) 1013. T-form Hb: ___ O2 affinity Low 1003. painful finger Osteoarthritis (osteophytes 988. Kawasaki disease. Tennis racket granules = ? Bierbeck Granules are seen 997. Thalassemia patients have a Plasmodium falciparum causative inherited mutation malaria 1004. congenital heart Turner syndrome (45XO. tophi (hyperuricemia) what? . Stomach ulcerations and high Zollinger-Ellison 1012. "Tennis-racket"-shaped Birbeck granules cytoplasmic organelles (EM) (histiocytosis X: 999. Strongyloides stercoralis Ivermectin (low/high) infection or River blindness (onchocerca volvulus) (tx) 1021. 1005. What should you almost seeding the scrotum during vancomycin (meningitis) never do? What are most removal via radical testicular tumors orchiectomy 1001. Tennis-racket-shaped Birbeck granules endocarditis cytoplasmic organelles (EM) (histiocytosis X: in Langerhans cells eosinophilic granuloma) 1000. poor wound deficiency: can't (antistaphylococcal healing. Temporal arteritis Risk of ipsilateral blindness 995. Stomach cancer Adenocarcinoma because 994. disease resulting in absent Granulomatousis DIP [Heberden's nodes]) NADPH 1007.end systolic 1019. webbed patients with cystic hygroma at birth neck. Street drug.22) Philadelphia chromosome. polymyalgia rhuematica 996. spleen. Systolic ejection murmur Aortic valve stenosis 989. Streptococcus pneumoniae (tx) Penicillin/cephalosporin (systemic infection. dec uptake of Cocaine DOPA and NOR 1016. Testicular tumor Seminoma volume 1020. toxic shock 1014.14) Burkitt's lymphoma (c-myc testicular feminization and activation) cryptorchidism 1009. Tay sachs Disease presents GM2 Gangliosides have vaginalis) with a Cherry Red Macula accumulated in the CNS 993. lymphedema) LANGERHANS CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS 998. Staphylococcus aureus (Tx) MSSA: nafcillin. hard. Storage form of iron in intestinal Ferritin due to thrombosis of mucosa. Stippled vaginal epithelial cells Clue cells (Gardnerella 1011. horseshoe kidney. Swollen. in Langerhans cells eosinophilic granuloma) evaluation for colon cancer if linked to 1017. Swollen gums. BM ophthalmic artery. Stroke volume SV = end diastolic malignant germ cell tumors volume . Streak ovaries. spots on skin hydroxylate proline/lysine penicillins). Streptococcus pyogenes (tx) Penicillin prophylaxis statistically? Most testicular tumors are 1002. 990. Stippled vaginal epithelial cells "Clue cells" (Gardnerella 1010.18) Follicular lymphomas (bcl-2 vaginalis) activation) 992. Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor Chronic joints on PIP [Bouchard's nodes]. A testicular cancer is found. Sudden swollen/painful big toe Gout/podagra that protects them against joint. for collagen synthesis) MRSA: vancomycin 1006. t(14. t(9. Stimulator of gluconeogenesis Citrate CML (bcr-abl fusion) 991. Biopsy it-due to risk of pneumonia). on electron microscopy in disease. liver. mucous Scurvy (vitamin C dicloxacillin bleeding. Temporal arteritis (tx) High-dose steroids syndrome 1015.

Thumb sign" on lateral x-ray Epiglottitis the SPLEEN so they can't be (Haemophilus trapped in the lymph nodes -> there influenzae) is no lymphadenopathy associated 1025. Transketolase in HMP is Thiamine dependent on ___ 1049. Tumor in women Leiomyoma (estrogen dependent.1022. Thyroid tumors. MEN 2A (autosomal formed by ___ of pheochromocytoma dominant ret mutation) fatty acids 1027. MEN 2B (autosomal accumulation in liver metabolic syndrome) pheochromocytoma. Leiomyosarcomas carbamazepine typically arise from 1033. Tonic-clonic seizures (Tx) Phenytoin. glomerulonephritis 1047. True/False: Benign FALSE!!! No increased risk for 1030. not precancerous) 1038. Tumor of the adrenal Pheochromocytoma (usually medulla (adults) benign) 1051. True/False: FALSE (CIN I often regresses) 1034. Thyroid-like appearance of Chronic bacterial vaginalis (tx) kidney pyelonephritis 1043. "Tram-track" appearance on LM Membranoproliferative various stages of glomerulonephritis cervical intraepithelial 1036. Thymidine dimers in skin must be NER 1040. TRAP = ? Tartrate resistant acid phosphotase thrombus. Total calorie deprivation (not Marasmus leiomyomas. valproate. "Thumb sign" on lateral x-ray Epiglottitis (Haemophilus Cells get TRAPPED in the BONE influenzae) MARROW and they get TRAPPED in 1024. layers of platelets/RBCs) Characteristic cell marker for Hairy Cell Leukemia 1023. Toxoplasma gondii (tx) Sulfadiazine + Progression is pyrimethamine inevitable in the 1035. Tissue that replaces a fibrin clot Granulation tissue prostatic hyperplasia cancer during wound healing is associated with increased risk for 1031. Trypanosoma cruzi Nifurtimox 1037. Trichomonas Metronidazole (patient and partner) 1028. dominant ret mutation) cell vacuoles ganglioneuromatosis 1044. Thyroid cancer Papillary carcinoma 1042. Treponema pallidum Penicillin repaired by DNA repair enzymes (tx) via what process 1041. Tumor of infancy Hemangioma (usually regresses spontaneously by childhood) 1050. Triacylglcerol esterification 1026. True/False: FALSE-they arise de novo 1032. Toe extension/fanning upon Babinski sign (UMN cancer. Tumor of the adrenal Neuroblastoma (malignant) medulla (kids) . Thrombi made of white/red layers Lines of Zahn (arterial 1039. "starvation") 1046. Thyroid and parathyroid tumors. Tram-track appearance on LM Membranoproliferative neoplasia (CIN). plantar scrape lesion) 1045. Triglyceride Fatty liver disease (alcoholic or 1029. Transferase reactions in the liver Amine group (NH2) is infection (Chagas' occur when which two molecular switched in place of a disease) (tx) components are switched Keto group (=o) between molecules 1048.

Turner's syndrome is due X (no XX in a female) 1073. Urethritis. vasopressin: G_ >> ___ vasopressin: Gq >> 1083. but "smudged" elderly) wine stain) associated with Sturge-Weber 1082. Vitamin K is activated by epoxide reductase ___ in the liver . Ulcerative colitis (tx) 5-ASA. whippelii) (LFTs) fever. Vitamin deficiency (U. affects the syndrome) "smudged" elderly) 1064. Whipple's disease (Tropheryma 1066.. lymphocytic 1075. Vitamin A toxicity may Inc intracranial pressure 1085. Vomiting blood Mallory-Weiss syndrome (alcoholic depletion) following and bulimic patients) 1055. UTI prophylaxis (tx) TMP-SMX 1081. hip.what will the 1077. UTI E. Hemangioma (benign. infliximab 1076. knee 1079. What are Brenner Brenner tumors are surface epithelial result in Hypercalcemia tumors and are tumors that are composed of 1068. Weight loss. Vitamin K standing. body stores only 3. Vitamin E toxicity results in decreased levels of vitamin K dependent factors 1071. corticosteroids (protein) >> ___ (second phospholipase C >> IP3 + DAG granulomatosis messenger) with polyangiitis 1065. affects the 1063. The urethral folds fail to Hypospadias with close. Warfarin inhibits epoxide reductase resulting problem be? ___ to decrease Vit- 1059. Unilateral facial drooping Bell's palsy (LMN CN VII disease is most Renal adenocarcinoma involving forehead palsy) likely to present 1058. Von Hippel Lindau Cerebellar Hemangioblastoma and 1057. a cytic mass in the are needed in a neck. Viral hepatitis: ___ > ___ ALT > AST diarrhea. Type of non-Hodgkin's Diffuse large cell esophagogastric lacerations 1056. Urine turns black on Alkaptonuria (AR) 1078. Vitamin Fat solubles vitamins: edema of the hands and supplments that DEAK feet. Reactive arthritis associated K coagulation arthritis in a male with HLA-B27 factors 1060. adenopathy 1067.1052. Wegener's Cyclophosphamide. Type of Hodgkin's Nodular sclerosis (vs. conjunctivitis. lymphocytic distribution (plasma drug concentration) predominance. Volume of Vd= (amount of drug in the body) / cellularity. Waxy casts with Chronic end-stage renal disease 4-month supply. Staphylococcus very low urine flow saprophyticus (young women) 1080.) Folic acid (pregnant women are at high risk. mixed 1074. WBCs that look CLL (almost always B cell. Vascular birthmark (port.S. WBCs that looked CLL (almost always B cell. Warfarin toxicity Fresh frozen plasma (acute). prevents neural tube defects) 1070. arthritis. Viral encephalitis affecting HSV-1 (tx) temporal lobe 1084. VLDL contain Liver-derived TGs and cholesterol to mostly ___ and ___ 1054. WBC casts in urine Acute pyelonephritis 1062. TuNewborn female with Turner's syndrome 1072. degenerative (tx) (chronic) arthritis of spine. and 45XO karyotype patient with CF 1053. coli. lysine they cancerous? bladder-like epithelium and are of ___ and ___ in collagen usually benign synthesis 1069. Vitamin C: hydroxylation Proline.

Pernicious anemia E7 proteins? E6. Produce protons (acid) 1087.22) has a poor endometrioid epithelium tumors that are composed prognosis -> commonly tumors and what of endometrial-like glands and are seen in adults (Philadelphia are associated usually malignant. What are the three precursor 1. chromosome) with? 1098. which 1092.21) has a good What organism and results in the loss of bacs/bcl2 common translocations that prognosis -> commonly makes them? apoptosis ability. Pink myxedema. TSH activation results in squamous cell carcinoma? 2. parathyroid hyperplasia. Bowenoid papulosis = inflammation. What are the Squamous cell carcinoma and cervical a right shift in the oxygen most common carcinoma -> BOTH TYPES ARE dissociation curve subtypes of RELATED TO HPV INFECTION 1103. What change in pCO causes Decreased pCO cervical a right shift in the oxygen carcinoma? What dissociation curve (pCO outcompetes O2 for are they caused binding to Hb) by? 1104. What are some Smoking and immunodeficiency 1100. Bowen disease = findings in overlying shin express the TSH in situ lesions that can lead to LEUKOPLAKIA Grave's disease receptor. and edema muiltiple reddish papules leading to exopthalmos and pretibial 1096. fibrosis. What are E6 and High risk HPV (16/18/31/33) produces 3. What are classic Fibroblasts behind the orbit and 1095. Parietal cells? 2. What are the two most t(12. Erythroplasia of Queyrat and how do they glycosaminoglycan buildup(chondroitin How does each present? = ERYTHROPLAKIA develop? sulfate and hyaluronic acid). 3. What can be caused by a Pseudomyxoma peritonei 15% of endometrioid carcinomas of the mucinous tumor of the ovary are associated with an appendix? independent endometrial carcinoma 1099. which lead to ALL and what groups seen in children (especially destroys Rb and causes an excess of are they seen in? Down syndrome patients E2F which is used by the cell to move after age 5) into the G1/S phase 1088. What causes condyloma? Most commonly due to secondary risk (cervical carcinoma is an AIDS defining HPV types 6 or 11 factors for illness) 1101. What are the three P's of 1. as well as E7. What causes mantle cell cyclin D1 overexpression cervical lymphoma? promotes G1/S transition in carcinoma? the cell cycle. What are the PANCREATIC ENDOCRINE facilitates neoplastic components of NEOPLASMS. which causes the destruction of p53 1097. What cancer can present with BASOPHILLY -> Philly 1089. What change in pH causes a Decreased pH 1094.1086. What are the NEG of large and medium sized vessels right shift in the oxygen most critical leading to atherosclerosis dissociation curve (acidosis -> decreased cardiovascular NEG of small vessels leading to hyaline delivery of O2 to tissues for long term arteriosclerosis (PARTICULARLY IN THE this reason) consequences of RENAL ARTERIOLES LEADING TO DM? GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS) . What are Endometrioid tumors are surface t(9. proliferation MEN1 Syndrome and pituitary adenomas 1102. What are some Oligomenorrhea tyrosine kinase activity less intuitive Hypocholesterolemia clinical features Hyperglycemia Can transform into AML or of ALL since the mutation is in hyperthyroidism? a pluripotent stem cell 1091. What change in pCO2 causes Increased pCO2 1093. What are Pautrier Aggregates of neoplastic cells in the basophilia? What is the first chromosome -> CML microabscesses? epidermis commonly associated with line treatment? What can this mycosis fungoides cancer transform into? Tx: imatinib ->blocks 1090.

What is a Krukenberg tumor Metastatic mucinous from a Beta-Thalassemia and what is it most commonly tumor that involves both major patient show? due to? What is a characteristic ovaries and most 1111. What is a critical limitation of Inadequate sampling of hyperthyroidism? the Pap smear? the transformation zone 1109. What chromosomal t(14. What is a critical complication Iron deficiency anemia 1108. What is a major risk factor for Exposure to ionizing the hugs" papillary carcinoma of the radiation in childhood 1112. What hormone should be Beta-hCG thyroid? teted for in a child who is 1123. Increased 2. What is a possible diagnosis for T-ALL thought to have a Thymic mass that presents in precocious puberty a Teenager? Hint: When kids 1113.1105. What disease presents as Subacute Granulomatous (De of Paroxysmal Nocturnal and Acute Myeloid a tender thyroid with Quervain) Thyroiditis Hemoglobinuria? Leukemia transient 1119. What distinguishes Invasion through the capsule. suddenly genital system typically Usually asymptomatic but they may become very what? presents as multiple.18) -> "Four"licullar abnormality causes 1117.3. mucosal fibroids can cause 1124. well. What is a benign Follicular adenoma tumor proliferation of follicles surrounded by a fibrous capsule in the thyroid? . What do the Little or no hemoglobin alpha neoplastic B cells) electrophoresis results 1121. What is a common cause of Hydronephrosis with oxygen dissociation curve death in advanced cervical postrenal failure carcinoma? 1107. What in the female Leiomyoma (Fibroids) become teenagers. What group represents Most commonly arises in finding on histology? commonly is due to the most common class of children and is associated with METASTATIC GASTRIC patients to develop Acute Down Syndrome that USUALLY CARCINOMA Lymphoblastic Leukemia? DEVELOPS AFTER THE AGE OF 5 YEARS -> "down Signet Ring Cells syndrome kids always want ALL 1122. What is a testicular tumor that Embryonal carcinoma defined. What is a great treatment for 2-CDA (cladribine) which What study will not be Metastasis usually occurs hairy cell leukemia? is adenosine deaminase helpful with this I. (CAUSES A FALSE follicular adenoma from FNA won't help NEGATIVE SCREENING) follicular carcinoma? 1120. white. What is a characteristic type of MALToma is marginal temperature causes a Marginal Zone Lymphoma zone lymphoma in right shift in the oxygen tumor? What makes this one of mucosal sites-a gastric dissociation curve the only curable cancer? MALToma may regress with treatment of H. What change in Increased temperature 1115. What is a common cause of Small cell carcinoma of follicular lymphoma? BCL2 on chromosome 18 SIADH? the lung (oat cell translocates to the Ig heavy carcinoma) chain locus on chromosome 14 1118. 1106.3-DPG Pylori DPG levels in RBCs would cause a right shift in the 1116.D. whorled fertility issues produces glands? What is an Chemotherapy may result masses? What problems unfortunate result of in differentiation into are caused by this lesion? treatment? another type of germ cell 1114. What change in the 2.? How through hematogenous spread inhibitor (causes does metastasis usually adenosine to accumulate occur? to toxic levels in 1110.

What is the etiology of HPV -> VIN (typically age 40- 1127. What is the most common Infection due to PMN's are immature (LEFT SHIFT): THESE cause of death in CLL? hypogammaglobulinemia IMMATURE CELLS ARE CHARACTERIZED Whose fault is this? BY DECREASED Fc RECEPTORS (CD16) It's all the fault of the No- 1129. AND UMBILICAL medulla composed of? chromaffin cells HERNIA 1134. What is the most common Cystic teratoma typically "Shehan no pubes last time I checked" germ cell tumor in 1. but what 2. What is the most common Endodermal sinus tumor (yolk carcinoma? germ cell tumor in sac tumor) What is found children? What is that in this test? characteristic finding on Schiller-Duval Bodies 1131. Somatic malignancy that is characteristics can indicate USUALLY SQUAMOUS malignant potential? CARCINOMA OF THE SKIN . aggregates of MPO seen Auer Rods dyshormonogenetic goiter (DUE TO on histology? What are CONGENITAL DEFECT IN THYROID these aggregates called? HORMONE PRODUCTION THAT MOST 1135. What is Increased numbers of circulating Lymphoma? cells with multi-lobed nuclei neutrophilic neutrophils and prominent nucleoli -> leukocytosis? Owl's Eyes) that are classically What can Bacterial infection or tissue necrosis can positive for CD15 and CD 30 cause it? cause this and many of these circulating 1139. studies 1126. What is Prostate BIOPSY -> shows small invasive vacation homes in the lymph required to glands with PROMINENT NUCLEOLI node islands and become confirm the SMALL LYMPHOCYTIC presence of LYMPHOMA prostatic 1140. Elevated Liver about a string of pearls? String of pearls = PCOS Enzymes.1125. What is sideroblastic Anemia due to defective cretinism? is characterized by MENTAL anemia? protoporphyrin synthesis What causes RETARDATION. What is the diagnosis when Snowstorm = hydatidiform Syndrome? microangiopathy involving the liver a snowstorm appearance is mole seen on ultrasound? What HELLP = Hemolysis. What is Hypothyoidism in neonates and infants that 1132. Presence of immature tissue present? females? It is usually that is USUALLY NEURAL benign. What is the classic Acute Myeloid Leukemia Causes include maternal hypothyroidism diagnosis for crystal during early pregnancy. What is HELLP Preeclampsia with thrombotic 1136. SHORT STATURE. What is often Secondary diabetes mellitus (GH induces Good-Lazy-Sonofabitch- present in the liver gluconeogenesis) Plasma-Cells-That-Don't- case of Want-To-Work growth hormone cell CLL happens in old people adenoma? who often travel to their 1130. What is Pregnancy related infarction of the pituitary histology? What is the Sheehan gland that typically presents as LOSS OF classic finding on serum Elevated serum AFP syndrome? PUBIC HAIR and fatigue studies? How does it 1141. What is the most classic Neoplastic proliferation of endometritis? characteristic of Hodgkin's Reed-Sternberg cells (large B 1128. and iodine deficiency. thyroid agenesis. What is The presence of PLASMA CELLS in the vulvar carcinoma? 50) necessary for endometrium Non-HPV -> Long standing the diagnosis lichen sclerosis of chronic 1138. 1133. What is the adrenal Neural crest derived it? ENLARGED TONGUE. and Low Platelets 1137. What is the classic sign for Decreased uptake (cold COMMONLY INVOLVES THYROID thyroid neoplasia? nodule) on 131Iodine uptake PEROXIDASE).

What three locations does 1. What is the most common Yolk sac tumor 1152. which blocks circulating What typically causes lymphocytes from leaving the Beta-Thalassemia? blood to enter the lymph node 1160. What is the rule of 10's for 10% bilatera What are the histological SKELETAL MUSCLE that is also pheochromocytoma? 10% familial findings? known as SARCOMA 10% malignant BOTRYOIDES 10% located outside the adrenal medulla (LIKE IN THE Rhabdomyoblasts exhibit BLADDER WALL OR THE CYTOPLASMIC CROSS ORGAN OF ZUCKERLAND AT STRIATIONS and positive THE INFERIOR MESENTERIC staining for DESMIN AND ARTERY ROOT) MYOGLOBIN 1145. B Cells 1148. important predictor for ATYPIA endometrial hyperplasia 1153. Keratin (+). 1156. What often presents as Placenta previa 1158. and 18 how? Paget cells: PAS(+). especially infect? 1164. What is the treatment for Octreotide-somatostatin homogeneous mass with often hemorrhagic and growth hormone cell analog tht suppresses GH no hemorrhage or necrotic) adenoma? release necrosis? What hormone -may rarely produce Beta-hCG may be produced? 1147. What is the term for Extramammary Paget Disease - 1154.1142. What presents as a grape. What typically causes Alpha = GENE DELETION leukocytosis? How does it lymphocytosis-promoting Alpha-Thalassemia? Beta = GENE MUTATIONS do this? factor. Hodgkin Lymphoma 1149. What should be done in Orchiopexy should be malignant epithelial cells >must be distinguished from the case of a persistent performed before 2 years of in the epidermis of the melanoma (PAGET IS KERATIN undescended testicle? age due to risk for seminoma vulva? What must this be NEGATIVE) distinguished from and 1155. What organisms cause Young = chlamydia or oxygen indicated orchitis in young adults? gonorrhea 1161. What organism can cause BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS a lymphocytic Bacteria produce 1159. What presents as a crew This is massive erythroid testicular tumor in cut appearance on x-ray? hyperplasia causing expansion children? of hematopoiesis into the skull which can occur in alpha and 1143. What testicular tumor Seminoma (embryonal S100(+) typically forms a carcinomas of the testicles are 1146. Embryonal progressing to like mass protruding from rhabdomyosarcoma-a carcinoma? the vagina or penis of a malignant mesenchymal child? proliferation of IMMATURE 1144. 11. What physical finding Blasts characteristically infiltrate central periurethral zone of most commonly occurs in gums and cause tooth the prostate cases of Acute Monocytic degeneration and loss Leukemia? 1163. When is supplemental paO2 less than 60mmhg 1150. Where does HPV The transformation zone. Type I HS Allergic Reactions third trimester bleeding? cause Eosinophilia? 2. Liver include what? extramedullary hematopoiesis 3. What is the most PRESENCE OF CELLULAR beta thalassemia. 16. Coli and Pseudomonas the islets of Langerhans? teenage males Teenage males = mumps virus 1162. Oropharynx with? Clinical features Splenomegaly due to EBV primarily infect? 2. What mutation is JAK2 Kinase mutation myelofibrosis associated 1157. What strains of HPV are 6. Where does BPH occur? It typically occurs in the 1151. Where are beta cells in In the center In older patients? In Old = E. covered by the S100(-) quadrivalent vaccine? Melanoma: PAS(-). What three things can 1. Keratin (-). Where does iron In the duodenum where the absorption occur? enterocytes have DMT1 heme transporters . Parasitic Infections 3.

Where is vWF derived Weibel-Palade bodies of from? endothelial cells and alpha granules of platelets 1169. "Wire loop" glomerular Lupus nephropathy appearance on LM 1174. jaundiced patient would right one? What is the IVC -> left-sided renal cell carotinemia will associated with this carcinoma often invades the be drainage? renal vein distinguishable from jaundiced 1166. Zileuton inhibits Lipoxygenase FOR DIC ___ t(15. Worst headache of my life Subarachnoid hemorrhage 1176. Where does the left Left drains to left renal vein 1179. Zebra bodies are Upper 1/3 of Vagina: ILIAC seen in electron NODES microscopy of 1167. Zafirlukast: ___ Leukotrine receptor antagonist Lower 2/3 of Vagina: antagonist INGUINAL NODES 1181.17)-translocation of retinoic acid receptor on 17 to 15 -> this blocks maturation and promyelocytes accumulate 1171. decreased GnRH and gonadotropins. liver and brain) the issue associated with is considered A MEDICAL it? EMERGENCY DUE TO RISK 1182. Xeroderma Pigmentosa hs AR an ________ mode of inheritence 1177.1165. Yellow CSF Xanthochromia (previous subarachnoid hemorrhage) . amenorrhea. ___(XLR) deficient in a. the Type 2 genetic predisposition for DM type 1 or 2? Niemann Pick Disease 1170. Who gets APL and what is Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (fatty deposits in spleen. Woman with <15% of ideal Anorexia nervosa body weight. Which is stronger. Yellow skinned They do not have yellow eyes like a testicular vein drain vs the while right drains directly to patient with Beta. osteoporosis 1175. Where does vaginal Spreads to regional lymph patient b/c carcinoma spread to? nodes: 1180. Wire loop glomerular Lupus nephropathy appearance on LM 1173. Where is folate absorbed? In the jejunum Lysosomes in which disease 1168. Fabry's Disease (XLR) galactosidase 1178. Why does PSA have good Because it is also found during sensitivity but poor prostate hyperplasia specificity for prostate adenocarcinoma 1172.