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Vianney LE BLAN
Founder & Chairman
+33 6 12 21 05 33

Yannick RACHET
Chief Digital Officer
+33 6 78 74 68 80 TECHday 2017

Mug@rt produces and distributes paper cups consumed in Coffeeshops around the world Mug@rt Mug@rt Distribution Center (x15) Stores Factory (x2) Warehouses (x3) ( TECHday 2017 Confidential .000) 2 SAPience.

Mug@rt already monitors KPIs with SAP DIGITAL BOARDROOM 3 TECHday 2017 Confidential .

be TECHday 2017 Confidential .4 SAPience.

How could we enjoy new experience with Coffee and new freshest delicious cookies? ( TECHday 2017 Confidential 5 . new services. customer satisfaction) How could we also help the Coffeehouses in their digital transformation for a better world ? (Reduce stocks/waste. improve time to market. new products) SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . New challenge : Integrate an innovation in Mug@rt business model : the EDIBLE CUP The world moves fast. the analytics tools have to follow ! SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 Confidential .7 SAPience.

How to transform the model to a collaborative business model ? Photo Radius of 5km Mug@rt deployed its solution on SAP Cloud Platform to produce and deliver edible cups from baker’s shops. (“Uberisation transformation”) TECHday 2017 .

be TECHday 2017 Confidential .9 SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . Mobile How can we transform Digital Platform in the Cloud ? SAP Cloud Platform Send a deal of edible cups UX Fiori Apps Bakers select a deal and realize the deal Mug@rt deployed its Mobility solution with SAP Mobile Cloud Platform on Android and on Apple Devices with New SDK for IOS SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 Confidential 1 .1 SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 Confidential 2 .1 SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 Confidential 3 . SDK for iOS 1 SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 . IoT How can we anticipate the needs for the next 12 hours ? SAP Cloud Platform Advanced Analytics IOT integration Predictive SensorTag 6000 5000 4000 3000 H-5 H-4 H-3 H-2 H-1 H0 H+1H+2H+3H+4H+5 Forecast Actual SAPience.

1 TECHday 2017 Confidential 5 .

Social How to analyze in real time the impact of new product/flavor ? SAP Cloud Platform BI Marketing Analysis Geospatial marketing TECHday 2017 .

1 TECHday 2017 Confidential 7 .

be TECHday 2017 . Move Business to by Digital Service Platform Mobile Analytics Social IoT Photo Zia Valentina The Mug@rt company is VIRTUAL SAP Enterprise Digital Cloud Platform is REAL SAPience.

be TECHday 2017 .Thank you! 19 SAPience.