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The Dimension of Depth: the Spirit

and Spirituality
Human beings not only have appearance, that is their
corporeal expression. Nor just interiority, that is their interior
psychic universe. Human beings are also endowed with depth,
their spiritual dimension.
The spirit is not a part of the human being alongside the other
parts. Is the whole human being, who, through consciousness,
discovers that s/he belongs to a Whole and is an integral part
of that Whole. Through the spirit we are capable of going
beyond simple appearances, of what we see, listen to, think
about, and love. We can grasp the other side of things, their
depth. Things are not just “things”. The spirit captures
symbols and metaphors from a different reality, present in
them but not circumscribed by them, because it spills over
from them in all directions. They recall, describe, and lead to
another dimension, what we call depth.
Thus, a mountain is not just a mountain. By the fact of being a
mountain, it projects a feeling of majesty. The sea evokes
grandiosity, the starry heaven, immensity; the deep lines on
the face of an old man, a hard life’s struggle; and the shining
eyes of a child, the mystery of life.
It behooves the human being, the carrier of spirit, to perceive
values and meaning, and not simply to enumerate facts and
actions. In the end, what really matters to people is not so
much what happens to them, but what those events mean to
their lives, and what type of important experience they offer.
Everything that happens carries existentially a symbolic, or,
we can even say, a sacramental, character. As Goethe subtly
observed: «Everything that is transient is nothing but a sign»
(Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Zeichen). A property of the
sign-sacrament is that it presents a larger, transcendent,

«The kingdom of God (Malkuta d’Alaha or ‘The Guiding Principle of Everything’) is within you». They flow from it. It can be the last shirt worn by our father. frag. The basic experience is that we are linked and re-linked (the root of the word “religion”). 277). who besides being a mathematical genius was also a mystic. many religions have fallen ill from . every event reminds us of what we have experienced and nourishes our depth. to be realized in the person and made an object of experience. Religions live from this spiritual experience. «You are the world. family and friends. instead of chaos. This is why we fill our homes with photographs and beloved objects from our parents. they remind us of beloved persons or meaningful events of our lives. the wooden comb of a beloved grandmother who passed away many years ago. rites. who died suddenly of a heart attack when he was only 54 years old. from everyone who entered our lives and has meaning to us. runs through all beings. Sadly. Jesus of Nazareth proclaims. the dried leaf in a book. Or «you are everything». you are the whole» say the Upanishad of India while the guru points to the universe. turning them into the cosmos. very well describe by Zen-Buddhism. Blaise Pascal. grandparents. sent by a lover. This type of experience transforms everything. not reason» (Pensées. celebrations and ethical and spiritual paths. These affirmations take us to a living experience more than to a simple doctrine. as many yogis say. one to another. Their primary function is to create and to offer the necessary conditions to allow all persons and communities to submerge themselves in the divine reality and have a personal experience with the Spirit Creator. The spirit allows us to have a non-dualistic experience. pointedly said: «The heart feels God. They express the experience in doctrines. of life and meaning. full of saudades. into a symphony instead of a cacophony. A thread of energy. Everything is impregnated with veneration and unction. These things are not just objects.meaning. and all to the Fountain of Origin. In this sense. they are sacraments that speak to our depth.

embraced and welcomed into the Divine Bosom. What happens to us. We must pass through death so as to live more and better. in the heart of God.fundamentalism and doctrines that make a spiritual experience difficult. Death itself does not scare us. radiates serenity and profound peace. accompanied by the absence of fear. happens within the Divine love. This experience. We feel loved. and as the great alchemic moment of transformation that allows us to truly be part of the Whole. precisely because it is an experience and not a doctrine. We accept it as part of life. .