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Predictive Analysis of Big Data in Retail

Conference Paper · November 2016


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4 authors, including:

Hamza Belarbi Hamid Bennis
Université Hassan 1er Université Moulay Ismail


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II. it takes the form of messages. etc. GPS data [5]. I. [11]. firms are slow to set up big data platforms for their analytics refers to the application of analytic techniques and decision making [9]. we must have analytics to obtain insights from big images posted to social networks. by the organization. IMDB or Ebay were built around enter the organization. analytics to improve their target marketing.5 Exabyte of data are created each day. as data volume increases. into a continuous flow of information rather than discrete Nowadays many companies are collecting and processing a packages of data [12]. FPK/FST of Settat. the size of datasets that qualify as big and that number is doubling every 40 months or so [11]. streaming. Variety collect more than 2. big data analytics. obtain helpful business insights and also to detect potentially fraud [6]. richness. velocity. DEFINING BIG DATA Keyword — Big data. BIG DATA ANALYTICS : REVIEW firm can use all the benefits of big data analytics [7]. INTRODUCTION A. The analysis of big data to gain insights is a new concept [6]. From an analytic and technologies specifically designed to analyze big data in perspective. 560 ISSN: 2509-2014 . Predictive Analysis of Big Data in Retail Industry Literature Review Hamza BELARBI1. Morocco 3 *hamzabelarbi@gmail. Morocco Abstract— Nowadays retailers are having access to a raw Much of the publication on big data and data analytics has been material of production: big data. Hassan 1st University Settat. it is not necessarily owned management software and concepts [1]. Even with the potential gains of the use of big data performance of an organization [9]. Some researches has been focus on the value created by big data for retail industry. Rabat. Retail industy. and aggregation of Big data is not a new concept and companies such Google. Linkedin. huge amounts of data on a daily basis : for instance Google processes about 24 petabytes of data every day [3]. Big data analytics are not exclusive to a specific industry. we can use big data analytics to get more Big data analytics refers the technologies and techniques which insights about how customers behave or what the best pricing are used to analyze big data in order to improve the [8]. updates. While almost of studies has been conducted around the technical side. While conducted the usage of data analytics to analyze customer almost of publications of big data and big data analytics are relationships [10]. In the retail INSEA. Abdelali TAJMOUATI1 Hamid BENNIS2. Big data analytics refers to all the analytic techniques signals from cell phones. Big data analytics. Morocco Settat. Mohammed EL HAJ TIRARI3 1 st 2 LMEET. analytics. and generated. Yahoo. Data velocity can also refer to the rate at which data may Facebook. In this paper. The value of data records will decrease in This definition remain subjective. Velocity is the speed of creation. type. depending on software tools are B. With the all of data that being representation. we attempt to around the technical side [9]. The uses of big data analytics are not exclusive to one industry. Walmart C. Hassan 1 University LMEET. and any III. Velocity available and sizes of datasets. it is the biggest challenge to effectively using large need to inform decision making [6]. In this paper we on industries like retail. The velocity dimension shifts the data big data from the beginning [2].5 petabytes of data every hour from Data variety is a measure of the richness of the data customer transactions alone [4]. data will also increase. as technology advances. store. and variety of data that is generated [6].*. there is a lack of papers and studies on the use of data analytics by intuitions like The Data Ware- which focus on retail. data. about 2. there is a lack of researches which focus decision about pricing and merchandising. readings from sensors. FST of Settat. The objective of this study is to show provide a summary the state-of-the-art research on big data the usage of big data analytics in the retail industry. as long as it can access it. Big data can be characterized by the volume. we don’t define big data in proportion to age. Volume Big data refers to datasets which are difficult to capture. In this article. Data volume is the amount of data available to an organization manage and analyze effectively using current database or a firm. In retail we can use big data to make housing Institute [6]. Also the definition can be different from sector to another. terms of being larger than a certain number of terabytes cause Since 2012. Industries can use big data volumes and incompatible data formats.

ETL transform data according to a Predictive analytics refers to techniques used in statistical structure and load it into a data warehouse. the characteristics of successful employees or even determine A. Inventory management 3) Neural networks Big data analytic tools can help improve inventory Neural networks refers to computational models based on management [16]. Those techniques are drawn from querying big datasets on multiple platforms using parallel mathematical and statistical disciplines [16]. For example combining data of sales biological neural networks and used for detecting patterns in histories and seasonal sales can improve stock forecasting and data which can be used for pattern recognition. classification The value of big data analytics is in the retail industry it can be and regression. In retail business we can use prescriptive analytics to set the B. together are used to solve a computational problem [16]. by transforming models and empirical methods on past data to create empirical data into a structured format.In this chapter we give and overview of the main and Distributed systems are commonly used to analyze big datasets popular techniques and technologies used as big data analytics [19]. Predictive analytics a variety of sources. Descriptive analytics Predictive modelling uses a set of models in order to predict the Descriptive analytics refers to techniques used to describe and probability of an event occurring. [16]. storing and big data analytics. such rule learning. stock replenishment by analyzing data such bar code systems 4) Machine Learning which can reduce stock delays [16]. and with the objective of improving business performance [14]. Prescriptive analytics Cluster analysis uses techniques allow to turn a diverse group into a smaller with similar characteristics. ETL tools are a technology that allows to extract raw data from C. which can help to obtain meaningful informations [17]. cluster analysis. [16]. . transformation and loading (ETL) revenue [13]. used for managing the storage. Machine learning is an artificial intelligence technique which allows computers to adapt behavior based on empirical data in 561 ISSN: 2509-2014 . Also. a retailer can automate optimization and adaptive control [16]. Technologies for big data analytics price mark down in order to set discount levels to maximize 1) Extraction. 6) Cluster analysis B. inventory levels [13]. store and analyze big data behind the A distributed system is a set of multiple computers connected reason of developing techniques and technologies of analytics. 2) Optimisation methods Customer’s individual behaviors can be segmented by using Optimization methods are the numerical techniques using to big data analytics and collect customer behavior at each touch redesign a system or process. predictions about the future or determine the impact of one variable on another [15]. which can be used to determining for example obtained from analyzing big data to help decision makers [1]. 5) Predictive modeling A. technologies to analyze complexes and heavy data to help order to making intelligent decisions based on information firms making decisions by obtaining valuable informations [6]. predict changes in demands [20]. In the retail industry we can use the example in order to predict the potential that make a customer descriptive analytics to summarize sales by region and can be cross sold another product [16]. Techniques for big data analytics writing applications which process large datasets in parallel on We give a short overview of some of the main techniques of a distributed system [19]. we can personalize product applied to improve performance according to a certain measure recommendations to increase customer satisfaction [20]. analytics [3]. BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND RETAIL INDUSTRY Data mining refers to techniques are used to extract patterns from data . 1) Data mining V. solution. [16]. ANALYTICS 3) Distributed systems The need of capture. B. By analyzing customers. Optimization methods can be point [16]. Data warehouses use ETL to transform IV. customers’ satisfactions and the potential of choice an specifically structured for analysis [18]. TECHNIQUES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR BIG DATA big data to a structured format for storage and retrieval [16]. Hadoop allows loading. which can be applied for report on the past [13]. image analysis. Retailers can use predictive analytics 2) Data warehouse to get patterns from data and make predictions about future Data warehouse is a database used for storing data which are sales. Data warehouses are online purchase [13]. it can be used for Prescriptive analytics is the set of techniques which allow to segmenting consumers into groups to perform better marketing determine the best way to take based on a set of requirements [16]. Customer targeting customer purchase behavior [16]. retrieval and analysis of structured big data [18]. 4) Hadoop Hadoop is an Apache open source software framework for A.

MIT Sloan Management Review. Cochran J. 90(10). Demirkan H (2013). CONCLUSION This paper show how can big data analytics help to improve the retail business and can be applied in the sector and help improve marge. E. Davis K (2011). Song I. 562 ISSN: 2509-2014 View publication stats . Manage. 2. pp. 1–31. pp. decisions [16]. N. Lee N. The data on social media about customers’ reactions can help decision makers to monitor marketing campaigns [3]. 1–9 [12] Williams. 14(2). pp. pp. 553–572. Spencer P. Brynjolfsson. Fourth Quarter. and forecast to the future. Bughin J. Bifet A (2013). which can then be derived to get an optimal pricing ACM 14th international workshop on Data Warehousing and OLAP. 90(10). 101–103. 7. Byers A (2011). pp. [13] Camm J. May 2013. 5 – 7. VI. Big data: The next frontier for innovation. [8] Singh S. [9] Kwon O. Big data: the management revolution. Chui M. [4] McAfee A. Hogan O (2012). 1165–1188. Data-intensive applications. In-store behaviour and customer sentiment analysis techniques and technologies: A survey on big data. pp. Brynjolfsson. challenges. Ferdinand. R. Zhang CY (2014). 3-17 [11] McAfee A. 34(3). [7] Davenport T. pp. shelf positioning and product mix [16]. Shin B (2014). pp. (2012). ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter. Dragnea R. [2] Davenport T (2013). Storey V (2012). Dyche J (2013). Communications of the behavior such footpath and time spent in different parts of the ACM. 1–44. and A variety of data sources can be used to help get pricing productivity. REFERENCES [1] Fan W. Informat. 36(4). Data. pp. 1–5. [3] Davenport T. information and analytics as services. TDWI Best Practices Report.18(4). pp. Ismail O. MIS Quarterly. Barth P. [14] Delen D. Big data: the management revolution. [18] Chen CL. Information & Computing Technology (ICCICT). pp. pp. Chiang R.. Bean R (2012). pp. decision [20]. pp. 1–4. 52(8). Dobbs R. N. Analytics over large-scale be used to analyze market demands on price or products multidimensional data: the big data revolution! In Proceedings of the changing. pp. & Croft. Price optimisation [16] Manyika J. Ohlmann J. Harvard Busin. store. 311-317. competition. pp. 54(1). [15] Shmueli G. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business. T'Joens Y. In Essentials of Business Analytics. Mining big data: current status. 64– 72. [6] Russom P (2011). Business Intelligence and analytics: From big data to Big Impact. (2012). 2014. E. Brown B.36–44. 22–24. data usage experience and acquisition intention of big data analytics. MIS Quarterly.Rev.I. 1–9. The pathologies of big data. Bell Labs Technical J. Upcoming. Big data analytics. 387–394. value of big data (Whitepaper). Project management maturity in the age of big data. Harvard Business Review. 35(3). pp. Roxburgh C. Inter. 55(1). Anderson D (2014). Koppius O (2011).91(12). In order to help analyze big data. Philippart L (2014). Using big data to improve customer experience and business performance. 1–143. D. C. Information Sciences. Analytics 3. Retailers can collect information on customer’s in-store [19] Jacobs A (2009). No. J. pp. Data quality management. [10] Spiess J. Decision Support Systems. Predictive Analytics in Information Systems Research.The granularity of data of sales and pricing can [17] Cuzzocrea A. A Categorization of Analytical Methods and Models. However. pp. retailers can use analytic techniques and technologies to help analyze big data in order to help with supporting decision making. Data equity Unlocking the layout. Vol. [5] Chen H. there are some barriers to using big data analytics such as the privacy of information and scalability of analytic algorithms. Big data analytics. Singh N (2012). How “big data”is different. 1–35.0.1–34. Harvard Business Review. pp. 359–363. Fry M. Big data in Big Companies (White paper). In 2012 International Conference on Communication. and the data collected can be analyzed to improve store [20] Mohamed S.