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Boleto – A Payment Method

from Brazil

Confidential Versão: 2015 Rev01 . Agenda  CIP  Boleto  Credit Card – Monthly Installments CIP .

33 2012 1.09 0.92 41 Banks Regulated By Shareholders Brazilian Central Bank CIP . CIP – Interbank Payment Clearing House Brazilian Clearing Organization CIP volume x Brazil GDP 2014 CIP 2013 1.Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 .

It is used for B2B and B2C bills. More than 3. Used by banked and unbanked people.What is Boleto? The most popular solution for invoicing and payments. A Boleto may be paid at any bank.Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 offices up to due date.1 billion Boletos issued in 2014. supermarkets and post CIP . . lottery agents.

What is Boleto? Numeric representation of the barcode Due Date Payee Data Payee’s ID Amount Instructions Payer Data Bar Code CIP .Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 .

Scenario 1: The use of Boleto by unbanked people 1. generates the Boleto. The farmer prints the document. CIP . He logs on the e-commerce 4. He selects Boleto as Payment Method. 2. 3. He takes the Boleto and goes to the nearest branch. 8. E-commerce confirms the payment and delivers the television.Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 . Bank credits the e-commerce’s account and sends the response file. lotto or supermarket in order to pay that by using cash. 7. 5. Farmer wants to buy a television. At the same moment the e-commerce and chooses the TV. 6.

banking and selects “payments” > ”boleto”. The farmer can: 5. He logs on the internet television. generates the Boleto. CIP . He types the numeric representation of the barcode. payment and delivers the 6. 7. 9. He selects Boleto as Payment Method.1 print the document. E-commerce confirms the 5.2 save it as file. He logs on the e-commerce 4. 3. 8.Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 .3 keep it on the screen. Bank debits farmer’s account and credits the e-commerce’s account. 2. Farmer wants to buy a television. 5. The response file is sent. At the same moment the e-commerce and chooses the TV. 5.Scenario 2: The use of Boleto by banked people 1.

Why do e-commerces offer Boleto as payment method?  Boleto is a national standard instrument by Brazilian Banks Associations  The merchant will receive the amount paid. from D+1 up to D+n. and the operating cash flow will be improved  The merchant will not be deducted by fees such as MDR (Merchant Deduction Rate  applied for all credit card transactions)  Boleto is a way to attract people who do not like to inform/type the credit card data on web  Lower interest rate CIP .Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 .

Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 .Credit Card Payments – Easy monthly installments CIP .

Public Versão: 2015 Rev01 CIP . Leandro Minniti leandro.minniti@cip-bancos.