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What is the country that you are researching?

Write a brief summary of the economic system of the Greece has a capitalist economy in which private sectors
country: Identify and explain the type of economic are in charge of producing and exchanging goods and
system services. It is otherwise known as a free market economy
in which there is no government regulations of the
Select three key economic indicators such as poverty 1. Poverty rates: 36% (2014 est.)
rates, labor distribution, use of resources, etc. and 2. Unemployment Rate: 22.3% (2017 est.)
analyze what this information says about the country, 3. Inflation rate: 1.2 % (2017 est.)
how does it compare to other countries, change over In order to understand why these percentages are
time, etc. important when looking at Greece’s economy, it is crucial
to know that Greece has been experiencing economic
crisis due to their accumulation of debt. There is very few
money that is circulating the economy, meaning that a lot
of people have found themselves without jobs, thus living
in poverty. As for inflation, there has been a slight
increase, when indicates that prices are rising because of
the demand of goods and services that are currently not
being rapidly produced.
Identify the GDP – per capita for the country $27,000 GDP (2017 est.)