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Feature SWT 3000 Areva DIP 5000 Conclusion

Communication For analogue and digital For digital and analog communication
communication links. links analog / digital / optical

SWT 3000 can use 2

independent transmission paths.
One of these two has to be
digital, means only one analog
transmission path is possible.

Possible transmission paths:

1 x analog
1 x digital / optical
1 x analog + 1 x digital / optical
2 x digital / optical
Integration in PLC SWT 3000 Stand Alone No integration, SWT 3000 is available as Stand Alone
SWT 3000 Integrated in Stand alone only equipment (19”- frame) or can be integrated in
PowerLink PowerLink.
Line interface digital • 64 kbps: X.21 or G.703.1 • G703.1 64kbps
• 2 Mbps: G703.6 for direct • E1 2Mbps
• V11/V35 32-256kbps
Line Interface optical - Multi Mode 850nm up to 2km - 1310nm Fibre optic connection is available for SWT
- Single Mode 1310nm up to - 1550nm 3000 and supports:
87km - 1300nm • SWT 3000 to SWT 3000 direct
- Single Mode 1550nm up to distances are not defined optical connection
154km • SWT 3000 optical connection to
are available as: PowerLink
• integrated version for • SWT 3000 optical connection to FO-
SWT 3000 Box for PDH/SDH networks
• stand alone FO-Box
for PSH/SDH network
Configuration PowerSys Optional from integrated One program for the Siemens equipment:
Special Designed Human - LAN as an option PowerLink SWT 3000
Machine Interface local or - RS232 connection
optional via SNMP adapter (local
and remote)
External synchronisation Time Synchronization IRIG B optional
Management facility • By means of standard PC • Netmanagement via TMS 5000 SWT 3000 does allow integration into upper
and PowerSys level Network management system based on
• From one end via RM
(Embedded Operation
• Via LAN with optional
modem, RAS, SNMP adapter
• Upper level management
via SNMP