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Dangers of Drugs among Youth in Indonesia

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

First of all, let us praise and thank unto Allah Almighty, for the abundance of grace, we can still
gather in this place in good health without any barriers. Not forgetting the shalawat and greetings
we pour out to our Prophet Muhammad SAW, may we all get intercession on the end. Aamiin.

On this occasion, allow me standing here to deliver a couple of sentence speeches about an
emerging issue among youth in Indonesia, which is drug abuse.

Ladies and gentleman,

What comes on your mind when I say the word ‘Drugs’? Yes, ‘drugs’ is a term used in Indonesia
for narcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances.

There is no doubt that drug is dangerous and has tragically ruined many lives, yet the number of
drugs consumption in Indonesia is still increasing.

President Jokowi even said that drug abuse is number one problem in our country. He stated that
our country is in a state of emergency on this issue right now.

I hope you don’t get shocked hearing the data I found. According to a research in 2011 by the
National Narcotics Agency (BNN), 2.2 percent of Indonesians, about 4 million people,
consumed drugs and a 22 percent of this number, about 880,000 people, was school or university

It means 4 out of every 100 students are drugs users. 2 out of 10 users are also involved in illicit
trafficking. Some of them start being involved in trafficking drugs between the ages of 13 and

Furthermore, every year about 200,000 drug users die due to drug abuse, and only 18,000 drug
users receive care from rehabilitation centers annually.
This finding is really worrying. It is sad to know that the students, which is hoped to continue the
legacy of this nation, becomes the victim of drug abuse.

Then, what makes them recklessly trying to use drugs? Do they not realize the dangers of drugs?
Don’t they know once they’re stuck into the mud of drugs, it becomes hard to get rid of the

Ladies and gentleman,

There are a number of reasons responsible for this issue. Based on the researches, many young
people experimenting with drugs for the first time are unsure of the risks and dangers they face.
Like smoking, they start using it, only because his or her friends use it.

They want to be seen as cool and brave ones. Some others consume it because of stress. They
can’t handle their own problems, like conflict in family, peer problems, and other personal
problems. They use drugs to forget their problems and to escape from reality.

But later, they will realize they cannot get rid of stress with the help of drugs. The drugs will
only increase the level of stress.

It has been found that the drug-addicts can not live without the drug even for a short while. At
the beginning, they are given a free try to consume it. Once they’re addicted, they will come by
themselves to the traffickers to buy the drugs.

If they don’t have money, they will steal it from their family members or others. They must get it
at the certain time and if they do not get it, they will feel weak and even may end up in a death.
The sale of drugs is very careful and neat. The students also involved on dealing it to get extra
pocket money.

Ladies and gentleman,

Drug abuse is an extremely serious issue in our country. It must be eradicated at any cost. Public
opinion through various mass medias must be created to combat it.
The youth must be made aware, of the risks and dangers by the use of drugs. Strict punishment
against drugs smugglers must also be undertaken by all means. Rehabilitation centers should be
developed more by the government to provide more medical treatment for the addicts.

The last, we must not forget that the drug addicts need our sympathy. Their case must be handled
delicately because that is the only way to win their heart and put them on the right track.

Hope this speech can re-open our point of view and make us more familiar with the risks and
dangers of the drugs users face. We need to do more and work together, to keep people,
especially the youths, away from drugs. Together, let us keep Indonesia drug-free.

Thank you for your attention. No rose without thorn. I apologise for any possible mistakes
during the speech.

Wassalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Nama Dosen : Zulfikar Fajar, SS., M.Pd


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TAHUN 2017