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ENGLISH Scope and Sequence
Level 1
Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore 
Pronunciation Writing (reading, listening,
1 Hello • Introduce yourself • Numbers • Present tense of My Classmates English Around the Interviews: Columbus and the New
Be: Statements, (description) World Introductions World
• Give personal • Countries questions
information Pronunciation:

2  The Classroom • Describe a • Classroom objects • Articles: A/An The Classroom Letter from a Teacher Interviews: Things at The Story of the Hula
classroom (description) Home
• Singular and plural
• Understand nouns Pronunciation: Plural
classroom directions nouns
• There is/There are

3  The Family • Describe your family • Family members • Questions with How Talking about Families Three Families Interviews: My Family Happy Elephants
old (conversations)
• Adjectives to
describe people • Yes/No questions Pronunciation:
with Be Statements and

4  At Home • Identify rooms and • Rooms • Prepositions of A Messy Bedroom Department Store Ad Interviews: Where I Don’t Believe Your Eyes!
furniture location (conversation) Live
• Furniture and
• Describe locations appliances • Where questions
with Be

• Yes/No questions and
answers with Be

5  I’m Talking on the • Describe actions • Actions • Present continuous Activities at Home Cell Phones Skit: How Do I Get Arctic Whale
Phone tense: Statements, (phone conversation) There? Danger!
• Talk on the phone Yes/No questions

• Wh. listening.) present continuous 10  Clothing and • Describe clothing • Clothing • Present continuous The Clothing Store Spring in Sapporo Interviews: Clothing Alaskan Ice Climbing Weather tense (review) (description) and Fashion • Describe weather • Colors Editing for and seasons • Questions with How capitalization • Sizes much (review) • Weather • Seasons . etc. Around Here? and Yes/No questions conversations) Editing for • Other things (review) capitalization and found on a street spelling (passengers. Washington Interviews: The The Lost City of Machu describe places (description) Weather Where I’m Picchu • Because Writing sentences From • Locations Pronunciation: Or • Adjectives questions • Weather 7 Downtown • Describe locations • Stores • Prepositions of What are Saturday Mornings Interviews: The Town Puffin Rescue location People Doing? Downtown Where I Live • Understand and give • Places downtown (conversations) directions Downtown (description) Pronunciation: Checking information 8 Money • State amounts • Coins and bills • Questions with How I Need a Desk My Favorite Store Skit: Can I Help You? The Future of a Village much (conversation) • Ask for and give Using capital letters prices Pronunciation: Saying prices • Give instructions 9 Transportation • Describe kinds of • Kinds of • Present continuous The train Station Traveling by Bicycle Skit: Do You Live Giant’s Causeway transportation transportation tense: Statements (description. Australia Seattle.questions with sidewalk. video) 6  My City • Describe a city • Adjectives to • Or questions Sydney. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading.

/gonna/ • Make and • Sports and physical discuss plans activities . days of the tense: Yes/No he / Does she week questions. towns • Simple present Pronunciation: Does and cities. (review) (conversations) restaurant dinner Using commas • Adverbs of frequency • Talk about food from • Drinks different countries • Dessert • Fruit 13 Jobs • Describe jobs • Jobs and • Simple present The Sunrise Hotel Hotel Jobs Interviews: My Job The Knife Markets of occupations tense: Statements (description. listening. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. Monkey Party tense: Statements Restaurant of July Lunch and Dinner • Order food at a • Breakfast. Wh- questions. Sanaa (review) conversations) Capitalizing: Companies. video) 11  Daily Life • Describe everyday • Everyday activities • Prepositions of time A Daily Routine Strategies for Learning Interviews: Schedules Life on the Orinoco routines (description) English and Routines • Time • Simple present • Say the time tense: Statements Pronunciation: Final s in third person present tense verbs 12 Food • Identify foods • Foods • Simple present Ordering in a Celebrating the Fourth Interviews: Breakfast. lunch. Who questions 14  A Visit to the • Give health-related • Parts of the body • Simple present In the Waiting Room An Unhealthy Lifestyle Interviews: Sickness Farley the Red Panda Doctor advice tense: Statements (description) and Health • Health problems with hurt Using commas with Pronunciation: but and and • Remedies • Have/has Medical specialists • Must/must not 15  Weekend Plans • Describe weekend • Daily routines • Future with be going A Trip to the Beach A Surprise Party Interviews: Keeping Water Sports Adventure plans to: Statements (conversation) Strong and Fit • Celebrations Using commas with • Talk about hobbies Pronunciation: Going but and and (review) and leisure activities • Chores to vs.

we.S. • Present tense of be: Affirmative Student Introductions Classroom Interviews: A Special Kind of Introductions and negative statements. Yes/No Expectations Describing • Introduce a Pronunciation: Neighborhood questions Yourself and classmate Contractions Using capital letters Others • Subject pronouns (I. • Give personal she. Pronunciation: What’s Using possessive • Talk about family occupations questions his/What’s her/What’s nouns members your • Simple present tense: Statements 4 Home • Describe an • An apartment • Prepositions of location Locations (conversations) Immigrant Interviews: Dream Living with a apartment building building Communities Houses Volcano • Can: Statements Asking about an • Identify rooms and • Rooms and apartment (questions) furniture furniture • Where questions Pronunciation: Syllables • Describe locations • Places in a on a map neighborhood . his. listening. our. you. video) 1 Welcome • Introduce yourself • Greetings. he. it. they) information • Possessive adjectives (my. her. your. nouns Yes/No questions 3  The Family • Describe family • Family members • Possessives adjectives (review) A family (descriptions) Families Skit: Where Are Gorilla Watching relationships You From? Tours • Jobs and • Present tense of be: Wh.myTime ENGLISH Scope and Sequence Level 2 Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. Plans Boxing Champion • Articles: A/An Pronunciation: Final s in • Describe a school • Inside the school plural nouns Checking plural building • There is/There are: Statements. their) 2  My School • Identify classroom • Inside the • Singular and plural nouns Times and Locations An Exchange Student Interviews: Study Making a Thai objects classroom in the U.

questions (description) Foods • Read a menu • I’d like Pronunciation: I’d like Explaining new words • Order lunch • State prices 9  Food Shopping • Identify food items • Foods and drinks • Count and non-count nouns Making a Shopping List How to Make an Interviews: What Night Hunt (conversation) Omelet Food Do You • Talk about simple • A. any Buy? recipes How to Make Pasta • How much is/are Primavera (instructions) • Identify containers Talking about Prices • Talk about prices (conversations) Pronunciation: of . Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. some.questions (conversation) Perfect Job • Answer questions Checking subject- about jobs Pronunciation: Does he/ verb agreement Does she 7  A Day at Work • Talk about work • Work activities • Present continuous tense: A Day at Work Staying Healthy at Smokejumpers Peruvian Weavers Affirmative and negative (description) Work School statements Checking for correct tense 8  Fast Food • Describe actions at • Working at a • Present continuous tense: Yes/ A Lunch Menu Regional Favorite Slow Food Dangerous Dining a restaurant restaurant verbs No and Wh. listening. video) 5  A Typical Day • Describe a typical • Daily activities • Simple present tense: A Daily Routine Walking: It’s Good Skit: My Schedule Birds in Paradise day Statements (review) (description) for You Is Crazy • Talk about • Time Expressions Pronunciation: Final s schedules in third person present • When and What time questions tense verbs • Adverbs of frequency 6  Airport Jobs • Describe jobs • Jobs at the airport • Simple present tense: Yes/No A Job Interview Security Screeners Interviews: The Snow Magic! and Wh.

him. Wh. /gonna/ ideas • Make predictions 15 Vacations • Describe vacation • Vacation • Future with be going to: Yes/No Vacation Plans Kyoto Interviews: My Mount Fuji plans destinations questions. them) Future • Plan steps to reach Pronunciation: going to Organizing your a goal • Future with will/won’t vs. Who questions and Leaders Pronunciation: Did you/ Using a comma after • Talk about famous Did he a time expression people • Talk about growing up 13  People and • Compare family • Adjectives • Comparative adjectives Comparing Movies Comparing Two Skit: It’s Faster Taiko Master Places members (conversation) Aunts — and More Expensive • Compare job Comparing Soups Using but and performance (conversation) however Pronunciation: -ier than 14  Goals and Plans • Describe future • Future goals • Future with be going to Problems and Plans What Motivates Interviews: A Real Winner plans (conversations) Younger Workers? Planning for the • Object pronouns (me. Why.questions (conversations) City Paying attention to • Ask about a Pronunciation: Questions time expressions vacation with /gonna/ . video) 10  A Good • Talk about the • Adjectives • Past tense of Be: Statements. How questions (conversations) the Receipt? Weekend Checking verb forms • Describe good and Pronunciation: wasn’t/ bad service weren’t 11  Last Weekend • Describe past • Weekend • Simple past tense: Regular and The Wrong Directions A Busy Weekend Interviews: The Dreamtime activities activities: Verbs irregular verbs (story) Shopping and Painters (past tense) Checking time errands • Describe a Pronunciation: Final -ed expressions sequence of events in past tense verbs 12  Growing Up • Describe major life • Important events • Simple past tense: Yes/no Growing Up (narrative) Jackie Chan Interviews: Heroes One Boy’s Journey events questions. Who. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. Where? Restaurant Reviews Skit: Do You Have Dinosaur Search Weekend/A Bad weekend Yes/No questions. Wh-. What. listening.

• Simple present tense Locations at School Learning English Alex the Parrot Orangutan Language team. photographer. earn. salary. train (v). • Simple present tense: The Shaw Family The Average The World’s Bird Girl American behavior public transportation. Wh.myTime ENGLISH Scope and Sequence Level 3 Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. • Simple present tense: Yes/ Laura’s Budget Tips for Saving Making a Deal The Black Diamonds Saving spend money budget (n). Affirmative and negative (description) Community Biggest Melting average. account • Who questions Editing questions to save money . complete (v) • Singular and plural subjects in third person present Checking verb tense verbs forms • Time expressions • Adverbs of frequency 3  Spending and • Talk about how people withdraw. loan (n). statements College Student Pot • Talk about routines accept. listening. alone. semester. video) 1  The First Week • Meet classmates campus. affordable. with Be and regular verbs: (description) • Exchange personal get married Affirmative statements Checking information Pronunciation: singular and • There is/there are and Sentence stress plural nouns • Learn about school prepositions of location facilities • Discuss classroom expectations • Talk about learning English 2  The Average • Describe typical roommate.questions (conversation) Money in Fes of Provence late fee. No questions. deposit (v). interests. interest rate. transfer Pronunciation: Final s (v) goal. credit • Share ideas about how card. typical. ATM.

mountain • Singular and plural Florida (description) Death Valley The Lost City The Missing Snows terms range. eye • Future with be going The Accident Jenna’s Lifestyle Longevity Zoo Dentists Lifestyle problems and injuries chart.questions. Yes/No (description) keyboard. bay. listening. gaming • Present continuous Planning a Cruise Phone addiction Spacewalk Flying Pumpkins! equipment console. Wh. Subway (description) Hermitage Argentina • Talk about life in cities diverse. forest. modern. famous. some of the. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. quantifiers (each. seaport. National Park of Kilimanjaro river. to: Statements. Syllables and stress Identifying geography of a country ocean. 3D printer. crutch questions. coast. questions. valley. tablet. enjoyable • More/less/fewer + noun Museum and towns • Comparing Subways • Superlative adjectives Around the World Checking for (description) commas • Superlative adjectives Pronunciation: • As…as. plain. sea • Quantifiers with count and supporting non-count nouns details • Label a map • Count and non-count nouns • How much/How many • Too much/too many/not enough 5 Technology • Talk about electronic text (v). • Comparative adjectives • The New York City The State Venice The Gauchos of World humid. tense: Statements. bandage. video) 4 Geography • Understand geography hill. island. Wh. Yes/No (description) Leaders icepack. temperature. canyon. not as…as Superlative adjectives . crowded. elevate. lake. online Who questions Pronunciation: Wh- questions Checking verb • Non-action verbs tenses • Time expressions with simple present tense and present continuous tense 6  A Healthy • Describe health blood pressure. many of the) Pronunciation: • Describe the desert.questions Verb + infinitive • Understand a doctor’s Pronunciation: Medical orders • Future with will specialists • Talk about future plans • Offer to help • Make predictions 7   Around the • Compare countries populated. virtual. gulf. noisy. physical. every. application.

take • Two-word verbs off. Job in Four Easy • Make polite requests plumber. band. hurricane and answers preparations 10 Wedding Plans • Describe a wedding bride. put on. best man. snowstorm. nurse. • Must/must not/can’t conversations) Steps florist. • Simple past tense: We Moved – Again! A Home on Mongolian A Chinese Artist in sign (v). maid and negative statements. civil engineer. • Have to / has to: Affirmative Where’s My Dress? A Chinese Nubian Wedding One Woman’s Choice tuxedo. application irregular verbs and the past Pronunciation: Linking Using so • Past time expressions –ed + vowel sound • Talk about important life events • Past tense of Be: Statements 9   Natural • Describe natural forest fire. listening. • Could you/would you A Confident Employee How to Lose Your Butler School Opal Town website developer. get up. (description. Children Stress look at. volcano. Destructive earthquake. cable installer. responsibilities get out of. photographer. • Present time clauses School Days (narratives) Disciplining The Science of Chuckwagon Racing routines. pick up. honeymoon • Had to/Didn’t have to Has to and results: So and because • Give advice • Should/shouldn’t 11  At Work • Describe job skills hairdresser. turn on. drought. • May and might Pronunciation: Would Adding details and policies hotel front desk receptionist. accountant. lease (n). Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. turn off. video) 8   Moving • Describe a move rent (v). get in. tenant. get on. Who questions Editing questions Weather • Discuss disaster blizzard. questions. marketing • Describe work rules manager. car mechanic. tornado. (conversation) Wedding • Discuss wedding plans of honor.questions. groom. • Past tense of Be: Yes/No Emergency Directions Tornadoes A Year of Tornado Chase Disasters disasters flood. wake up Using quotes . Yes/No questions guests. you/Could you caterer • Modal contrast • Talk about possibilities 12  Busy Lives • Talk about daily eat out. pack (v). Statements with regular and (conversation) Wheels Herders Harlem • Compare the present neighborhood. wedding gown. Wh. hang up. landlord. wedding cake. get off. Pronunciation: Have to/ Giving reasons • Describe obligations reception.

travel agent. lab technician. businesswoman . robbery. • Past time clauses A Robbery at the The Moving Van Beagle Patrol Killer Bees! crimes shoplift. burglar. (description) Communities • Describe occupations doorman. hot dog vendor. tense: Statements and How Pronunciation: ‘ve Stating an customer. window washer. sanitation • Present perfect continuous worker. • Past continuous tense Using quotes • Describe past events robber. home Application health aide Pronunciation: Design • Talk about future plans Question intonation Career Tips 15  City Life • Describe life in the city clothing shop owner. steal. video) 13 Crime • Discuss types of shoplifting. Statements and questions (narrative) the Future: Woman Divers • Discuss career goals computer engineer. rob. Pronunciation: Word (review) car theft. taxi driver. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore  Pronunciation Writing (reading. mugging. server. burglary. dog walker. the Doorman Smart Growth Urban Art Wild Animal Town construction worker. • For and since Harry. firefighter. car thief • Past continuous tense with stress while • Past continuous tense with simple past tense 14 Careers • Describe jobs police officer. delivery person. parking violations long questions been/’s been opinion officer. mail carrier. administrative • Future time clauses: Career Choices Careers of The Last of the The Life of a Geisha assistant. listening. mug (v). Jewelry Store (story) mugger. shoplifter.

Pronunciation Writing listening. • Used to historic. like. • Simple past tense: Statements. Yes/No questions. believe. • Present continuous tense with Pronunciation: I’ll Transition Words offers sign up future meaning • Make predictions • Will for promises and offers • Will for predictions • Future time clauses . sound facilities • Present continuous tense: Statements.questions • Talk about school miss. • Simple present tense: The University of Texas The Open University Earth Capoeira: The school/college belong. Questions (conversation) Abroad Voices Together achieve. request (v). system. Wh. (description) University Fighting Dance hear. impress. wealthy 3  Changing Lifestyles • Talk about future focus (v). hate. • Future with be going to: After the Baby Comes Advice for Studying Enduring Saving the Amazon plans apply for. • Talk about school Wh. set up. Statements. Yes/No questions. Statements. original. Pronunciation: Used Providing Examples Angkor Wat past discover. lifestyle. feel.questions requirements • Compare your daily schedules • Talk about your classes 2  In the Past • Talk about history ancient. improve. • Make promises and succeed. uncover. video) 1 Education • Talk about your appear. questions World of the Maya • Talk about life in the artifacts.myTime ENGLISH Scope and Sequence Level 4 Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore (reading. hope. traditional. Pompeii (description) Secrets of the Past The Lost The Lost Temples of archaeologist. prefer. build. • Past tense of Be to community. site. look.

nuclear Pronunciation: Announcements family. can. dancing. extended family. present perfect continuous. • Present perfect tense for the Gossip (conversations) Kingsbury College Crossing Koalas from the past to the invitation. photography. immediate • Already and yet Surprise intonation Page family. • May and might for possibility Planning a Vacation A Visit to Argentina Indian Gliding Across the enthusiastic. upset. Rebecca’s Plans for Distracted Driving Making Fire Extreme Skydiving to. don’t have to/ Today (narrative) • Describe obligations doesn’t have to. and so • Understand a description of a soccer game 8 Changes • Talk about changes reunion. concessions. tense: Statements. and simple past tenses . (description) and Trading Capital of traveling. have • Must/must not. athlete. committee. had better not • Can/Can’t • Could/Couldn’t • Should/Shouldn’t • Had better/Had better not 5  Leisure Activities • Talk about leisure cards. • For and since A Soccer Game The History of the Cheese The Olympians professional. relative • Contrast: Present perfect. could. worried. • Would rather and would prefer to stressed out • Modals review 7 Sports • Talk about sports amateur. whose. shouldn’t. who. must not. • Present perfect continuous Races athletes coach. • Have to/Don’t have to/doesn’t can’t. frustrated. (description) World Cup Rolling • Describe famous fan. (conversation) Railways Gobi • Express preferences homesick. nervous. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore (reading. fishing. Pronunciation Writing listening. • Questions with who. Yes/No Pronunciation: ‘ve Combining sentences official (n) questions. recent past : Statements Events and America present decorations. announcer. How long questions been / ‘s been with and. video) 4  We Should Meet! • Discuss blogging must. how Pronunciation: Tag Using the correct verb scrapbooking questions form • Tag questions 6 Travel • Talk about travel exhausted. but. the World gardening. had better. • Yes/No questions review A Trip to Vancouver Olympic Pin Collecting Adventure The Great Kite Fight activities cooking. couldn’t have to should. • Must for deductions relieved.

passive light bulb. driver’s license. • Make a deduction empathy • Express empathy 11   Business and • Talk about products manufacture. T-shirts – From The Hybrid Cars The The Art of Making Silk Industry in different countries (v). personal • The passive: Other tenses human transporter . Pronunciation Writing listening. might have. could Pronunciation: Word Using quotation marks • Discuss stay out late. produce • Present passive: Statements. video game. dress expectation Office (conversation) Programs • Discuss possibilities appropriately. raise (v). • How long and how many Job Performance Franchises Destroyers Dinosaur Builder performance. In the Counselor’s Language and Culture Crop Circles Giant Cave Crocs! Possibilities turn down. perform • Passive with by in Japan companies and their Pronunciation: products Syllable stress Using for example. • Should have for regret.questions Field to Your Closet Business of grow. label have for past possibility stress expectations luggage • Must have for deduction. design (description) Business and Industry Cranberries • Talk about (v). Wh. vaccine. (narrative) • Evaluate job evaluation. catch (v). such as and including • Describe a process to introduce examples 12 Technology: • Talk about anti-shoplifting • Past passive Shopping Technology Cell Phones: Then and Solar Cooking Para-Life Rescue! Yesterday and inventions and device. (narrative) Now Today technology compact fluorescent • Active vs. promotion. artificial Pronunciation: Summarizing a • Express opinions heart. actions Pronunciation: ‘ve errors overtime and ‘s • Present perfect: Word order • Contrast: Present perfect and present perfect continuous tenses • Contrast: Simple past and present perfect tenses 10  Regrets and • Talk about regrets pay attention. • Passive with by Compound nouns paragraph space shuttle. • May have. • Present perfect for repeated Checking for verb performance supervisor. sign up for. applicant. video) 9  Job Performance • Discuss job skills raise (n). Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore (reading. laptop computer. mine (v). shift (n).

regard. aggressive. • Adjective clauses with who. encourage. dramatic • Adjective clauses with when and where 14   Let’s Get • Talk about home advise. (conversations) manage. which. convince. • Contrast: Infinitives and gerunds sentences (avoiding regret. video) 13 Music • Talk about types of upbeat. catchy. Pronunciation Writing listening. and whose (narrative) Music Barcelona soothing. • Verb + infinitive The Procrastinator Active Learning Memory Man Aquarium on Wheels Organized organization allow. expect. Unit Learning Goals Vocabulary Grammar Listening and Reading and Video Explore (reading. • Express musical irritating. recall (v). (conversation) Eco-Volunteer in 24 Hours imagine. uplifting. require Pronunciation: procrastination • Be + adjective + infinitive Stressed syllables • Give advice 15 Volunteering • Talk about admit. • Preposition + gerund quit. mellow. consider. • Verb + gerund Volontourism My Experience as an Bio Blitz: Life Cupid the Dolphin volunteering appreciate. anticipate. whom. postpone. resent fragments) . remind. • Verb + object + infinitive • Discuss urge. Bono and U2 The History of Country World Music The Exciting Streets of music and musicians easy-listening. • Adjective clauses with that preferences deafening. Writing complete recommend.