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MV-U2- Actividad 1.

Práctica de la gramática del Módulo V

Name: Jesús Francisco Gonzalez Alba

1) Forma 3 oraciones correctas usando los modales (de preferencia con “would”, pero se puede usar “could” una
vez) para expresar preferencia. Subraya los modales.

It would like to swim today if the water is warm.
John would enjoy making dinner for us.

1. I would like to play a video game.

2. Areli would like to sleep all day long.
3. It would be nice to visit Paris during the summer.

2) Forma 3 oraciones usando los gerundios e infinitivos.

Subraya los gerundios, infinitivos, y la expresión de gusto.

I prefer to go to bed early.
We enjoy singing traditional songs.

1. People like to walk in park

2. He loves cooking dinner for his mom.
3. We enjoy spending time with friends.

3) Forma 3 oraciones usando las clausulas relativas. No se puede repetir. Subraya el pronombre relativo (“that”,
“which”, “who” y “whose”). Determinar si es: defining o non- defining.

Sally has to take care of her grandmother, who is sick. Non- defining
I might like to go to college that offers engineering. Defining

1. He likes to walk in the park that is near my house.

2. Paco wants to talk to Sarah, whose dad passed away last week.
3. My aunt has to go to visit a friend, who is living in Canada.

4) Forma 4 oraciones usando el vocabulario del tema 3, unidad 2. Subraya las palabras.

1. Please clean-up, your face is very dirty.

2. I can the large glass to drink water.
3. My house is usually empty and lonely in the morning
4. The lady is very elegant but quite nervous.

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