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This file summarizes changes in JStock releases.

Numbers in parentheses refer to tracker item numbers (#XXXXX)

JStock 1.0.7d - 2013-07-08

Bugfix: Use Google Finance as India stock market (NSE) backup feed.

JStock 1.0.7c - 2013-06-18

Bugfix: Forget perform zip file cleanup after loadFromGoogleDoc.
Bugfix: Netherlands' AEX fixed.
Bugfix: Portugal's PSI 20 fixed.
Bugfix: Change Sweeden's Stockholm General to OMX 30.
Bugfix: Slight improvement on our very core RealTimeStockMonitor.
Bugfix: Avoid refreshing UI if there is no stock in the list.
Bugfix: Fix on YahooStockFormat on edge case (LCC US stock). We use CSVParser
to perform parsing. Although it might slower than String.split, it is
more reliable.
Bugfix: Use new UK database contributed by user.

JStock 1.0.7b - 2013-05-21

Bugfix: Dividend dialog wouldn't pop up.

JStock 1.0.7a - 2013-05-18

Feature: Support chinese stock name for Taiwan.
Bugfix: Critical bug fix during stock deletion.
Bugfix: Bug fix on edit sell transaction.
Bugfix: Fix buy dialog box UI.
Bugfix: Use StockInfo data structure for Dividend. This is for optimization
Bugfix: Taiwan uses red to indicate up. Same as China.
Bugfix: Update warning_message_running_2_jstock to clearer message.
Bugfix: Better UI. We will scroll and highlight the newly added stock.

JStock 1.0.7 - 2013-03-10

Feature: Added currency exchange on investment flow chart.
Feature: Request focus on combo box for Stock Watchlist.
Feature: Prepare watchlist and portfolio info for future Android usage.
Feature: Right aligned stock price to have cleaner UI look.
Bugfix: Cleanup unused XML indicator files.
Bugfix: Bug fix on stockprices.csv.
Bugfix: Bug fix on adding user defined stock.

JStock 1.0.6z - 2012-01-02

Bugfix: Fix new year handling for Malaysia stock market.

JStock 1.0.6Y - 2012-12-31

Feature: Added Israel stock market.
Bugfix: Added startNewThreadsIfNecessary.
Bugfix: Better way to restrict 1 instance of JStock.
Bugfix: Fix column missing bug.
Bugfix: Spain stock market no longer supported.

JStock 1.0.6x - 2012-12-26

Bugfix: Only allow single instance of JStock to prevent data corruption.
(For Windows only)
Bugfix: Hide intraday chart by default, as it is not a popular feature. We
make more room for useful information.
Bugfix: Remove redundant dummy information (volume, value, up, down, unchanged)
out from top area.
Bugfix: Bugfix on indicator renaming.
Bugfix: It is common to use Open, High, Low, Close for history charting.
Currently, we are using Prev, Last, High, Low, which is not correct.
Bugfix: Use 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds for Yahoo! server retrying, in
order to reduce server pressure.
Bugfix: Further break down purchase fee to purchase broker, purchase clearing
fee and purchase stamp duty.
Bugfix: UI re-arrangement for Stock Indicator Scanner wizard.
Bugfix: Bugfix on sell dialog box's profit percentage calculation.
Bugfix: Make news window and indicator install window resizable.

JStock 1.0.6w - 2012-12-09

Feature: Display "Last update" time information in status bar.
Feature: Added Ctrl+R shortcut key for "Refresh Stock Prices".
Feature: Added Ctrl+W shortcut key for "Watchlist Switching"
Feature: Added Ctrl+P shortcut key for "Portfolio Switching"

JStock 1.0.6v - 2012-11-19

Feature: Added Italian language. Contributed by Maurizio Da Lio.
Feature: Added "Refresh Stock Prices". Please refer to
Feature: UI cleanup, by removing unused buyer/seller information.
Bugfix: Bugfix on edit sell transaction. Buy cost should be adjusted after
adjusting quantity.

JStock 1.0.6u - 2012-10-15

Bugfix: Critical bugfix. JStock overwrites sell transactions' sell date to buy
date mistakenly. Affected users may need to edit their sell
transactions' date 1 by 1.

JStock 1.0.6t - 2012-10-08

Feature: Added "Support JStock".
Bugfix: Fix on color change mechanism when there is price change.
Bugfix: Fix on broker fee, stamp duty and clearing fee calcuation, when
performing batch selling.

JStock 1.0.6s - 2012-09-24

Feature: Able to change stock symbol, during stock purchasing.
Feature: In order to make JStock further fun and easy, we decide to present
broker fee/ stamp duty/ clearing fee in a better way. We will either
show them and include them in the calculation, or hide them and
exclude them from the calculation. But not both. All depend on user
Meaning, we will not show "Net Purchase Value, Net Gain/Loss
Value, ..." anymore.
Feature: Migrate stock database from XML to CSV. This is part of strategy to
port JStock to Android.
Feature: Provides latest stock database for Australia, HongKong, Malaysia,
Singapore and UnitedStates. Thanks to
Feature: Remember the last selected item, for buy summary chart and sell
summary chart.
Bugfix : Bug fixed on isToleranceAllowed. It may cause JStock failed to retrieve
stock quote sometimes.
Bugfix: Bug fixed on unable to add user defined stock as we are using
immutable list.
Bugfix: Bug fixed on portfolio management title. Portfolio management title
doesn't update after switching portfolio.

JStock 1.0.6r - 2012-09-04

Bugfix: Fix an old alert sound bug. Thanks for the testing effort by
Kerry & Karen Reeves.
Bugfix: Proper icon used in Windows 8.

JStock 1.0.6q - 2012-08-28

Feature: Provides new color dark theme option for history charting.
Bugfix: Fix Dow Jones and Nasdaq index.
Bugfix: Stock scanning becomes more responsive. Yet, we try to minimize
wastage of CPU and network resource.
Bugfix: Go green, by increasing minimum scanning speed from 1 second to 2
Bugfix: Fix sort by stock bug in dividend dialog.
Bugfix: Fix on investment flow chart for UK pence to pound conversion.
Bugfix: Stock price in watchlist is not updating after loading from cloud.

JStock 1.0.6p - 2012-06-04

Feature: Able to perform sorting on Stock Portfolio Management's buy and sell
Feature: Complete migration from XML to CSV, for Stock Watchlist and Stock
Portfolio Management. This enables us to migrate JStock to Android
Bugfix: Fix Mac OSX application quit bug. If we quit the application through
keyboard shortcut, or through "taskbar", no information will be
saved. (#3490453)

JStock 1.0.6o - 2012-05-11

Bugfix: We do not want to keep history server too busy. We implement a very
efficient history data caching mechanism, to reduce history server
Bugfix: Use Boolean.valueOf for minor optimization. Contributed by Mark
Bugfix: Ensure during combo box selection, investment flow chart dialog will
not resize suddenly.

JStock 1.0.6n - 2012-04-05

Feature: Added MACD to Stock Relative History Information and Stock History
Information. (#3510973)
Bugfix: Spelling fix. Change "UnitedState" to "UnitedStates".

JStock 1.0.6m - 2012-03-29

Feature: Enhacement on stock indicator editor, by adding "N-days ago" feature
on stock relative history information. (#3424813)
Feature: Dividend dialog default sorted by date.
Bugfix: Update dividend total immediately after deletion.

JStock 1.0.6L - 2012-02-15

Bugfix: Fix on Dow Jone Indexes due to incorrect regular expression.

JStock 1.0.6k - 2012-02-06

Bugfix: Critical bugfix on stock server engine.

JStock 1.0.6j - 2012-01-30

Feature: Migrating cloud storage to Google Doc. (#3474108)
Bugfix: Fix SMS feature.

JStock 1.0.6i - 2012-01-15

Feature: Let Gmail as default email for cloud feaure.
Feature: Use Google server to retrieve Malaysia's index.
Feature: Immediate price update for investment flow chart. (#3463226)
Feature: Pence to pound feature will be on country basic.
Bugfix: GUI not being displayed correctly in OS X. Contributed by Peter Kane.
(#3036822 and #2876960)
Bugfix: Wrong displayed number format for France users. (#3437350)
Bugfix: Support Java 7, by using XStream 1.4.2. (#3464436)

JStock 1.0.6h - 2011-10-26

Bugfix: Fix on incorrect Malaysia stock history, which listed for less than
10 years.

JStock 1.0.6g - 2011-10-19

Feature: History data feed sponsored by With this, we
had overcame Yahoo! history data feed problem for Malaysia market.

JStock 1.0.6f - 2011-09-24

Bugfix: Bug fixed on combo box drop down. We ensure its drop down width is
sufficient enough to display entire information. This bug will appear,
if you are using Java 6u25 or later.

JStock 1.0.6e - 2011-09-16

Feature: Supports German (Contributed by Stefan Angrick) and Traditional
Chinese language.
Bugfix: Filter corrupted data returned from Yahoo! server.
Bugfix: Fix on BuyPortfolioTreeTableModel's updateStockLastPrice, which may
cause redundant information being inserted.
Bugfix: Introduce from Google App Engine, which may yield
accurate server timing compared to unstable public Network Time
Bugfix: Prevent NPE in ToolTipHighlighter.

JStock 1.0.6d - 2011-07-21

Bugfix: Filter corrupted data returned from Yahoo! server.

JStock 1.0.6c - 2011-06-27

Bugfix: Fix on blank stock combo box drop down. (#3325192)
Bugfix: Avoid having empty symbol being displayed for user defined stock.

JStock 1.0.6b - 2011-05-24

Feature: Supports New Zealand stock market. (#3295570)

JStock 1.0.6a - 2011-05-18

Feature: Currency exchange rate feature. Able to display stock wealth in your
local currency.
Bugfix: Fix on the wrong behavior and appearance of language buttons.
Contributed by Vetsper Felix.
Bugfix: Better usability in auto complete combo box, by displaying busy
indicator in both indicator editor and buy dialog box.
Bugfix: Better usability in buy dialog box, by making sure the first
character of stock symbol is always being displayed.
Bugfix: Avoid duplicated custom TA for CCI, RSI and MFI.

JStock 1.0.6 - 2011-03-30

Feature: Able to find new stock which is not included in offline database,
through an easy way. We no longer need to open up Stock Databse
dialog box.
Feature: Able to choose either 1 columns stock suggestion list or 2 columns
stock suggestion list.
Feature: We will allow user to view stock history, event though offline
database isn't ready yet.
Feature: Investment flow chart able to show the investment activities of
individual stock.
Feature: Able to restore previous position and size of JStock. (#3178010)
Feature: Supports stock buy and sell units in floating point. (#3193411)
Feature: Supports stock merging and splitting.
Feature: We will reload table GUI option from cloud, for Stock Watchlist and
Stock Indicator Scanner.
Bugfix: Although it will consume more network resource, portfolio will be
updated although it is not being viewed. We want user able to view
his latest portfolio when he switches to portfolio page, without
any waiting.
Bugfix: Avoid empty record in dividend chart. (#3198728)
Bugfix: Change Italy stock index from S&P/MIB to FTSE MIB. FTSE MIB replaces
S&P/MIB since June 2009. (#3106655)
Bugfix: Avoid having java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in
AbstractCompositeFigure's removeAll. This happens when you try to
delete more than 1 indicator at a time. (#3045128)
Bugfix: Remove splash screen for better simplicity user experience.

JStock 1.0.5y - 2011-02-15

Bugfix: There is change in stock server policy. Stock server may return empty
stock symbol for certain stocks, especially for United State stock
market. We will ignore those empty stock symbols, and replace them
with our own offline stock database's.

JStock 1.0.5x - 2011-02-12

Feature: Stock Watchlist will able to load result saved from Stock Indicator
Scanner. (#3176566)
Feature: Able to use left/right arrow key to move around yellow information
boxes of Investment Flow Chart.
Feature: Make the stock purchase process smoother, by doesn't require user to
press ENTER explicitly.
Feature: Automatic switch to the particular page, when user tries to activate
a portfolio or watchlist.
Feature: Having a confirmation dialog box, to avoid user from clicking
uninstall icon accidentally.
Feature: Indicator scanning completion progress will be displayed at status
Bugfix: Able to suspend and resume network activity in
PortfolioManagementJPanel when not in used, so that network resource
is being preserved.
Bugfix: Adjust combo box popup width, so that horizontal scrollbar will not
Bugfix: Instead of limiting currency decimal places to 2 only, we allow them
to float between 2 to 3, to avoid from losing precision.
Bugfix: Prevent user from uploading Stock Watchlist file with too many stocks
to cloud server.
Bugfix: Under dividend dialog box, the stock selection through combo box will
be sorted in alphabetical order.

JStock 1.0.5w - 2010-11-26

Bugfix: If we perform server re-connecting explicitly, there might be chance
where the entire stock database will be corrupted due to empty stock
list returned from stock server.

JStock 1.0.5v - 2010-11-25

Bugfix: Remember to update currency symbol after we change the country.
Bugfix: Prevent exception, when inserting new column through right clicked
menu. The newly inserted column will now at the right side of
clicked column instead of left.
Bugfix: Unable to load CSV and Excel file into Stock Watchlist.

JStock 1.0.5u - 2010-11-08

Bugfix: Fix on MFI calculation error during stock indicator scanning.

JStock 1.0.5t - 2010-11-05

Bugfix: Critical fix on Mac platform, where user is facing ClassCastException
during startup.

JStock 1.0.5s - 2010-11-02

Feature: Having consistent decimal places for portfolio page. (#3092882)
Feature: When user try to add stocks through Stock Database, they will able to
make query to Online Stock Database, to ensure the added stocks is
always up-to-date.
Feature: Support "Open Price" column in Stock Watchlist and Stock Indicator
Feature: Enhancement on charting, by providing daily, weekly and monthly
Feature: Able to use left/right arrow key to move around yellow information
Bugfix: Even when there is no stock being selected in Stock Watchlist and
Stock Indicator Scanner, right clicked menu is still shown.
Bugfix: Provide a better usability experience, by doesn't not require user to
press ENTER, after finish editing. This will affect deposit dialog,
dividend dialog, stock database dialog, and property dialog for
stock indicator editor.
Bugfix: No longer using horizontal scroll bar for stock input text field.
Instead, we will automatically enlarge the drop down field when there
is a need.
Bugfix: We forget to trim the input in StockDatabaseJDialog.
Bugfix: Trim the string input in AutoCompleteJComboBox.

JStock 1.0.5r - 2010-09-19

Feature: Enable cash withdrawal by entering -ve amount. (#2924161)
Feature: Remember position of portfolio horizontal split bar. (#3060396)
Feature: Last selected portfolio should be per country basic. (#3062599)
Feature: To have currency amount in Cash and Dividend right aligned, so that
they look more neat.
Bugfix: Yahoo! Finance no longer provide current information for Dow Jones
Index. We will be getting the information from Google Finance.
Bugfix: Prevent most stocks from returning 0 for Buy and Sell price.
Bugfix: China users unable to add UserDefined stocks due to

JStock 1.0.5q - 2010-09-6

Bugfix: Due to incorrect implementation of XML write encoding, the entire
JStock application may corrupted if we are switching language to
Chinese or switching country to China.

JStock 1.0.5p - 2010-09-03

Bugfix: Critical bug fix. Due to incorrect usage of DomDriver, stock server
connecting process is extremely slow. Fixing this bug will improve
application start-up time dramatically.
Bugfix: Incorrect email encoding while we are in Chinese language.
Bugfix: Added missing
Bugfix: Able to send SMS in Chinese, by using a shorter message content.
Bugfix: Avoid possible NPE during unboxing. Contributed by Mark DeSpain.
JStock 1.0.5n - 2010-08-25
Feature: Support China stock market. (#3049597)
Feature: Different colors for fall below alert and rise above alert.
Feature: User may choose their preferred currency symbol, per country basic.
Feature: Improve cloud storage speed and space, by saving only UserDefined
stocks, instead of the entire database.
Bugfix: Wrong returned value by AbstractYahooStockHistoryServer.parse.
Contributed by Mark DeSpain. (#3031918)
Bugfix: Avoid unnecessary instantiation of Double objects. Contributed by
Mark DeSpain.(#3037411)
Bugfix: No duplicated items will be allowed in TSTSearchEngine.
Bugfix: Cancelation doesn't work, in LoadFromCloudJDialog and
Bugfix: Avoid possible NPE caused by null StockCodeAndSymbolDatabase.

JStock 1.0.5m - 2010-07-03

Feature: Internationalization and localization. Currently, only Simplified
Chinese is supported. (#2214275)
Bugfix: When chart dialog is being re-sized big enough, yellow box will not
be able to move toward right most. (#2969416)
Bugfix: Highlight the stock, when the stock is already in the list.
Bugfix: Do not change the table cell color, when last price is 0, and causing
Fall Below and Rise Above alert condition to be triggered.
Bugfix: Deposit and dividend may contains meaningless records due to
incorrect data structure handling by their respective dialog boxes.

JStock 1.0.5L - 2010-05-14

Feature: Support multiple watchlists. Manage your favorite stock watchlist, by
splitting them into high growth stocks and dividend gained stocks.
Feature: User will have much better hint on what portfolio he is in, by
looking at the label, instead of having to click on the drop-down
menu. (#2957729)
Feature: User may launch calculator through Help menu. (#2919440)
Bugfix: MFI calculation causing infinity loop. (#2989168)
Bugfix: Load cloud files fail in Linux, if the cloud files are saved from
Windows. (#2979338)
Bugfix: When changing to a new country, the previous country's portfolio name
will be carried over to new country. The new country's portfolio name
shouldn't have any relation with old country's.
Bugfix: Rename "Real-Time Info" to "Stock Watchlist".
Bugfix: Avoid potential OutOfMemory exception caused by endless add operation
into the same button group.

JStock 1.0.5k - 2010-03-27

Bugfix: During "Save to Cloud" and "Load from Cloud", Google will prompt for
captcha verification sometimes. We will support captcha right now.

JStock 1.0.5j - 2010-03-15

Bugfix: Critical bug fixed, when color changed options is being enabled, the
entire Real-Time Info tab will freeze. (#2968754) (#2970454)

JStock 1.0.5i - 2010-03-07

Feature: Having predefined range for history chart. (#2954753) During
buy-low-sell-high strategy, it answers the question liked "what is
the lowest and highest price during last 3 months?"
Feature: Support any type of email alert (Yahoo! Mail, your company mail...),
not just GMail email alert. (#2920400)
Feature: Remember the technical analysis settings and GUI options of history
chart. User needs not to manual select his favorite technical
analysis whenever a new history chart pops up.
Feature: Embedded with online help, so that user may always get the most
up-to-date help.
Bugfix: Portfolio column doesn't stay when switching to another portfolio.
Bugfix: We want to avoid information box from keep changing its width while
user moves along the mouse. This will prevent user from feeling,
information box is flickering, which is uncomfortable to user's eye.
Also, instead of using "Monday, December", we use "Mon, Dec".
Bugfix: Remove unused XStockServerFactory in Malaysia. This will make our
data feed speed slightly faster.
Bugfix: Use long instead of int for volume. This is just a partial fix. We
still need to do it for the rest.

JStock 1.0.5h - 2010-02-10

Feature: Interactive chart with real-time information tracing, together with
yellow information box.
Feature: Remove cash flow chart. Added investment flow chart, to keep track of
your investment time line.
Feature: Better usability of auto drop down combo box. Instead of having to
press enter, using one time mouse click will enable stock selection.
Feature: Better candlestick chart, with larger candle width. (But slower
during zoom-in and zoom-out)
Bugfix: Unparseable date: "Date". Contributed by bbuelte. (#2830487)
Bugfix: Cannot enter email password. (#2924737)

JStock 1.0.5g - 2009-12-29

Feature: Support Brazil stock market. Contributed by sytee. (#2875071)
Feature: Able to play sound for alert. (#2902067)
Feature: Able to add indicator scanner result into real-time info tab.
Bugfix: IndicatorProjectManager's directory may become invalid when loaded
from cloud. This bug is fixed in 1.0.5c. But is being remove
accidentally after that.
Bugfix: Avoid using adjustedClosePrice from Yahoo, due to badly constructed
charting look.

JStock 1.0.5f - 2009-12-13

Feature: Added Money Flow Index indicator, to detect whether there is a lot or
little interest in a trade.
Bugfix: Use adjustedClosePrice intead of closePrice in history information.
Bugfix: Reduce CPU usage, during indicator scanning process.
Bugfix: Save stock history in Excel with correct column format.

JStock 1.0.5e - 2009-12-09

Bugfix: Speed improvement in Stock Indicator Scanner.

JStock 1.0.5d - 2009-12-07

Feature: View yearly dividend summary. (#2908966)
Feature: Enable user to specific symbol in user defined database (#2909586)
Feature: Right-click and buy stocks from the Stock Indicator Scanner.
Feature: Pressing ESC, will enable user to deselect table in Real-Time Info,
Stock Indicator Scanner and Portfolio Management.
Feature: Added "JStock Home" menu.
Bugfix: Incorrect Hong Kong Database. (#2909595)
Bugfix: Wrong information for Spain Market database. (#2892990)

JStock 1.0.5c - 2009-11-05

Bugfix: Speed optimization on save to cloud process.
Bugfix: IndicatorProjectManager's directory may become invalid when loaded
from cloud.

JStock 1.0.5b - 2009-11-04

Feature: Able to save JStock files into cloud. (#2833216)
Bugfix: United Kingdom portfolio issue. (#2807941)
Bugfix: SMS Alert doesn't work if System Tray Alert is not enabled.(#2889592)
Bugfix: RSI is miscalculated. (#2886976)

JStock 1.0.5a - 2009-10-23

Bugfix: Bug fixed for CCI and RSI charting. Stock information will interrupt
with each others.

JStock 1.0.5 - 2009-10-22

Feature: Added SMA, EMA, RSI, CCI on history charting. Please note that this
feature request ticket shall not be closed yet. As this is an ongoing
long term task. (#2602842)
Feature: Let user able to view last update news. (#2876930)
Feature: Auto download and install indicators from web. (#2880375)
Feature: Improve Buy Portolio Dialog Box usability case for
Feature: Improvement on multiple portfolios. Double click will active selected
Bugfix: Real-Time Info page is not updated when user not viewing it.

JStock 1.0.4j - 2009-09-26

Feature: Multiple portfolios. (#2694145)
Feature: Able to save/load Portfolio in Excel/CSV format. Able to save
Indicator scan result in Excel/CSV format. (#2797840). Patched by
Feature: SMS enhancement to reduce the number of sms messages. (#2856559)
Feature: CSV for history chart. (#2850571)
Feature: Avoid annoying update news. (#2840794)
Feature: New realiable real-time stock server for Malaysia market.
Bugfix : Treat Prev Price and Open Price as two different things.
Bugfix : Remove annoying "You have previous built indicators, do you want to
re-use them?" message box.
Bugfix : Remove password indicator protection feature. Replaced with indicator
Bugfix : Minor speed improvement, by using thread unsafe StringBuilder,
instead of thread safe StringBuffer.
Bugfix : Use Google App Engine to host static files.

JStock 1.0.4i - 2009-08-18

Feature: Use SwingWorker to perform connection, email, sms checking (#2839440)
Feature: Auto detect proxy server (#1771740). Patched by nb76
Feature: Google Analytics Campaign (#2839391)
Bugfix : JStock uses up all network resource (#2836422)
Bugfix : Stock Indicator Scanner freeze during scanning (#2839065)
Bugfix : Unable to display image icon during server health checking (#2839362)
Bugfix : ClassCastException in AboutBox (#2818878)

JStock 1.0.4h-bugfix - 2009-08-07

Bugfix: Switching among servers has no effect on market index (#2833030)
Bugfix: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException for KLCI index (#2833029)

JStock 1.0.4h - 2009-08-06

Select multiple servers when one of the server goes down (#2832887)
Bugfix: Unable to set stock scanning speed to minute (#2832423)

JStock 1.0.4g - 2009-08-04

Displaying history for index (#2831881)
Bugfix: Not able to connect to KLSE data (#2831804)
Bugfix: Fall Below and Rise Above false alarm (#2826327)

version 1.0.4f
1. SMS feature.

version 1.0.4e
1. Re-factor on ActivitySummary, DepositSummary and DividendSummary. In order
to achieve backward compatible, we start to use xstream 1.3.1. Previous
version doesn't work well with 'transient'. If we remove previous fields
in new class, it still can goes wrong although we mark the fields as

2. Bug fixed. Update user preferred GUI look when changing country.

3. [2804310] Bug fixed. Lazy evaluation x work in DividendSummary


4. [2803284] Bug fixed. NPE In RealTimeStockMonitor. (Partial fixed)

version 1.0.4d
1. [2787608] Feature added. A better About Box with auto update detector ,
credit, license and blobsallad.

2. [2797839] Feature added. Note field in portfolio, for user to add note on
every transactions.

3. [2787627] Feature added. Remember when is the last view page.

4. [2801063] Feature added. Cash Flow Management.

5. [2797839] Feature added. note field.

6. [2787627] Feature added. Remember when is the last view page.

7. Feature added. Able to perform batch sell transaction.

8. [2800598] Bug fixed. buyportfolio.xml file not updated with code symbol

9. [2790218] Bug fixed. User unable to add new buy transaction in Spain.

10. Bug fixed. Previously, when CIMB server failed, there are no chance for
us to fall into Yahoo server.
version 1.0.4c
1. [2604585] Feature added. If you are a daily trader, we understand that
your need in monitoring stock price movement in seconds precision. Hence,
JStock is providing intraday stock price snapshot. The stock price will be
captured in every 10 seconds in daily basics, lasted for 2 hours.

version 1.0.4b
1. [2686577] Feature added. Proxy Auth Support. Contributed by gransi.

2. [2722273] Feature added. Read/ Write on Excel/ CSV File Format.

3. [2725384] Remember The Width of Table Column. Contributed by gransi.

4. [2687975] Bug fixed. Wrong Information Displayed For Korea Market.

5. [2767249] Bug fixed. Current price Is 0 when there is no transaction on

that day.

6. [2737316] Bug fixed. NPE in ArithmeticOperator.division. Contributed by


version 1.0.4a
1. Added 11 new countires. We have now total 23 countries stock market.
- Australia
- Austria
- Belgium
- Canada
- HongKong
- Indonesia
- Korea
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Switzerland
- Taiwan

version 1.0.4
1. [2567297] Feature added. Having seconds/ minutes/ hour selection for
scanning speed.

2. [2567292] Feature added. India Stock Market Support.

3. [2580597] Testing to be done on Ubuntu Linux.

4. [2503260] Bug fixed. Get all stocks from a country is slow and buggy.
Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UnitedKingdom and
UnitedState stock market information are now accurate. All their database
are most update to date by using Yahoo search engine.

5. [2617125] Bug fixed. Market Index Display Wrong.

6. Feature added. Case insensitive auto drop down combo box.

7. Bug fixed on Stock Database Dialog. The displayed stock and symbol is now
associated with the same stock.

8. Bug fixed on Malaysia stock market. 5148.KL is being included into


version 1.0.3
1. [2567295] "Rise Above" and "Fall Below" table column

2. Bug fixed on Market Chit Chat. Smile symbol will be case insensitive. :p
same as :P

3. [2548085] Real-Time Info can remember Column Position.

version 1.0.2 (nightly build number 030209)
1. Bug fixed on Market Chit Chat. Smile symbol will be case insensitive.
:p same as :P

2. [2548085] Real-Time Info can remember Column Position.

version 1.0.2
1. [2391797] Bug fixed. We provide a much more user friendly mechanism, in
database download process during indicator scanning. The entire indicator
scanning process had been speed up by :-
(a) Several threads performing history download simultaneously.
(b) Real time stock scanning and history download run simultaneously.

2. [2417893] Feature added. Market Chit Chat feature being added.

3. User is able to choose the duration of history information.

version 1.0.1
1. Bug fixed. We support maximum 9 boards (due to large boards in Germany
market) in all select stocks dialog boxes.

2. A more robust Malaysia stock server from Yahoo! is being introduced. User
shall not experience stock server down problem as in previous version.

3. New Singapore stock market is being introduced.

4. JStock is now having its own logo and icon. Special thanks to Iconblock, a
small company that specializes in providing professional and personalized
design services.

5. Bug fixed in using HttpClient. Every method will has its own HttpClient.
This may avoid problem from multiple connections at the same time.

version 1.0.0
1. [1956185] Feature added. 10 countries stock market is being supported.

2. [2211339] Bug fixed. Type safe symbol and code.

3. [2235506] Feature added. Refactor config files directories structure

according to selected country.

4. [2213089] Feature added. Load stock database from pre-save file. User no
longer need to wait for database to download over the network.

5. [2219098] Feature added. Dynamic WizardSelectStockJPanel. All GUIs will be

generated according to selected country.

6. [2219038] Feature added. Dynamic Market Information Header. All GUIs will
be generated according to selected country.

version 0.9.9
1. [1955258] Bug fixed. Vista compataible, by revising user data storing
directory location.

2. Bug fixed from avoiding getting "yesterday" history information.

3. Bug fixed during removing transaction.

4. Fully support sell transaction, including sell advisor feature.

version 0.9.8
1. Bug fixed when having non-terminating division result : 1/3

2. Enable user to edit a transaction.

3. Bug fixed when having manual broker fee/ stamp duty/ clearing fee

4. Bug fixed. Have a workaround, to enable pie-chart able to display loss

(-ve) value.

version 0.9.7
1. Support auto broker fee, stamp duty, clearing fee calculation.

version 0.9.6
1. Bug fixed on getStockBySymbol(String symbol). We forget to break after
successl. This cause Indicator Editor Panel takes a long time to retrieve
a real time sample data.

2. Bug fixed on IndicatorPanel. Avoid from calling stop when state change.
This is to avoid GUI from being freezed.

3. Apply soft start/ soft stop in MainFrame, to avoid GUI from being freezed.
4. Bug fixed. Forget to update GUI state.

5. Porfolio feature by using tree table from SwingLabs.

version 0.9.5
1. Bug fixed on stock scanning speed.

2. [1851625] Bug fixed on indicator scanning. We will only download history

only when there is a need.

version 0.9.4
1. Added Market Capital and Shares Issued, in Indicator Scanner.

2. Bug fixed. Click on empty area, should clear indicator table selection.

version 0.9.3
1. [ 1830911 ] Bug fixed : Uninstall doesn't remove shortcut.

2. Support color customization.

3. Bug fixed on second sell quantity.

4. Option object as static.

version 0.9.2
1. Fix email feature, which is caused by changes in GMAIL SMTP service.

2. [ 1776936 ] Load all the entire market stocks into the Real-Time Monitor.

version 0.9.1
1. Initial release to the public.

1. Improve speed of indicators constructing by

* Avoid saving history to disk, by directly stream the history output to

indicator constructing.

* Only use a single CIMB history server, to avoid extensive server

pooling if the history data cannot be found. However, we will be facing
inaccurate data risk.

2. User may choose to display a single stock although there is multiple

indicators being triggered.

1. Initial creation.