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Emil Jalilov

341 Great Western Street

M14 4AP
12th February 2018

Human Resources
VAALCO Energy, Inc
9800 Richmond
Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77042

Dear HR Manager,
I am a graduate student at the University of Manchester looking for a placement or
entry-level position within an upstream section in Petroleum Industry from June of
this year. I am writing to you as I understand that growing Development &
Production company like VAALCO Energy may have appropriate vacancies
available. I have a deep interest in reservoir and production operations which are
predominantly carried out at VAALCO Energy. My strong petroleum engineering
foundation built on integrity, honour and dedication would benefit your department
and overall community itself.

One of main reasons for choosing Petroleum Engineering as a career is that I am

constantly looking for challenges in all endeavours of my life and this path will test
me to end degree both physically, but more mentally. At the end of each journey I
realize over and over again that the journey was more valuable than the goal itself,
as your confidence is so high you feel you can overcome anything and this is the
best life can ever offer. So i always try to be content with journey itself, not being
identified by success of it, but enjoying the learning process, the pain, the
hardships along the way. The variety of working on different parts of the world on
different projects ensures constant challenges for me.

Through my degree course, I have been able to develop my interest in petroleum

industry, whilst improving my theoretical skills along with my computational skills
on different software platforms widely used by big companies. In the Drilling
engineering course I engaged in constructing 3 types of directional drilling
trajectories by ensuring the reliability and cost-efficiency of the wells, calculated the
volume of cement required for a single- and two-stage cementing operations as well
as casing and well control equipment installation. I have gained experience in
reservoir modelling and have good computing skills, having used several industry-
reference simulators as Eclipse, Petrel as well as Matlab. I achieved 1:1 for my first
3 years examinations and am hoping to maintain it for my design project this year.
I have also been able to utilise my skills in industry throughout my field engineer
internship at SOCAR. My work at a onshore field Saafan was valuable in teaching
me the importance of the MWD needs and providing clear and accurate information.

I would be most grateful if you could consider me for any suitable positions. I will
be available for interview at any time and I can be contacted at my email address.
Please find enclosed my CV where you will find further information.

Yours sincerely

Emil Jalilov