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Festival Chamber Music 2015

Last week (18) of April 2015

“FREEDOM” will be a week-long chamber music festival held to commemorate the

anniversary of the liberation of Limburg. Organized by students and staff of the
Conservatorium Maastricht, the festival will bring together world-class classical musicians
from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Canada and America to perform
concerts (at historically important locations) in and around Maastricht.

Our purpose in commemorating the liberation with a chamber music festival is to use the
powerful, universal tool of music to unite people of all backgrounds. The festival will
feature a series of compelling concert experiences, where listeners will be invited to come
and reflect on the historical events that occurred.

Since music, and all art, is an ideal medium to find common ground between all people,
our aim is to emphasize the human aspect of what occurred by focussing on the people
who's lives were completely and forever changed. By presenting these concerts we hope to
further emphasize the reality what occurred 70 years ago. In doing so we hope that our
audiences, who enjoy the freedom fought and won during the liberation, can be inspired
by these war-time heroes and stand up for human rights and justices today.

The festival will take a unique format, with the goal being to provide the participating
students with as much practical professional exposure and experience as possible. This will
be done through a variety of ways, most notably it will include public performances by
students and a festival competition. As mentioned the festival will feature a number of
international masters as well as a select group of chamber ensembles from the
conservatorium (chosen through and audition processes). During the week each ensemble
will have the opportunity to work with the faculty in both private lessons and public
master classes. Each evening one or more of the student ensembles will perform a public
concert in a variety of significant locations around Maastricht. This concert will function as
their competition performance and will be adjudicated by the faculty. On the final night of
the festival the faculty will perform a concert featuring music specifically chosen to fit with
the festival's theme. In addition to this important artworks will be presented prior to the
concert as well as a lecture on the topic of freedom.
In order to promote this week long festival and in order to further our goal of providing
students with professional exposure, the selected ensembles will perform concerts in
Maastricht and the surrounding area. These concerts will also include artworks presented
by the students of the iArts department and mini lectures. The purpose of this is to create a
sort of "sneak preview" for the festival in order to entice audiences.