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70 No |008893V Form IMAR THE COMPANIES ACT 2006 ANNUAL RETURN Pursuant to Section 85 Company Name ICS Risk Solutions Limited (full name of the company, Including any suffix) Return Date: 25 October 2016 (Note 1) ‘The company is Tick f appropriate (a) a chant, as defined by the Companies (Fees and Dues) Order 2013 (SD 243/13) and im ‘aims relief from payment of the annual return fee or, (b) an excepted company, as defined by the Companies (Fees and Duties) Order 2013 (SD 243/13) and pays the reduced annual return fee of £95 i ‘See Note 2 Please note, late fling fees are payable by every company, even those companies which claim exception from, or payment Of the reduced annual return fee, if the annual return is devered outside of the prescheiiatortttO? — on0001 #7259 Pee eee eee eee iiieiece tt RSI Registered Office: ‘Address 18 Athol Street Douglas (Note 3) Isle of Man Post Code IM1 1A Presented By: Greystone Trust Company Limited For Official Use only: 18 Athol Street Douglas Isle of Man IM1 1JA, (Note 4) ‘The Registrar of Companies has no duty to verify the contents of this form or that the Memorandum & Articles of the company provide authority with respect to the matters contained in this form. IMAR-February 2014 ‘Auxiium Reverto Page 1 of 3 INN | ~CoNo |008893V Form IMAR Name Address Registered Agent: (Note 5) Greystone Trust Company Limited 18 Athol Street Douglas Isle of Man List of Directors at the Return Date and of any changes since the last Return Date, or the date of incorporation or first registration under the Act, whichever is the later: Name Arron Fraser Banks Usual Business or Residential Address Little Brodbury Farm, Lower Tockington Road, Tockington, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS32 4LE Details and Date of Change (Note 6) Resigned : 05/08/2016 Elzabeth Bilney Matthew James Puttick Orchard House, Lianbethery, Barry, , United Kingdom, CF62 3AN 9, Chantry Road, Bristol, , United Kingdom, BS8 20F Resigned : 05/08/2016 Resigned : 03/08/2016 ‘Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom, NNP7 GAL Louise Ann Kentish Calle El Madrono, 12 Bajo El Cuarton, | ‘Resigned : 27/06/2016 Madrid, Spain, 11380 Alison Marshall Brynderwyn, 3 Lansdown Road, Resigned : 05/08/2016 Change of Address : 21/09/2016 Alan Roy Kentish Las Neblinas, El Madrono 13, El Cuarton, Tarifa, Cadiz,, Spain, 11380 Appointed » 24/06/2016 Michael Ross Riddell Glentruan Cottage, Lhen Road, Bride, Isle of Man, IM7 486 Appointed : 24/06/2016 ‘Timothy John Revill La Chaumiere Cachee, Fermain Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2TB. Appointed 24/06/2016 Jonathan lan Banks 6 Tal Hang Hau Road, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong Appointed : 24/06/2016 Change of Address : 24/06/2016 ‘Auxilum Reverto Page 2of 3 vCoNo |008893V Form IMAR ACCOUNTS DECLARATION T confirm the company 1s keeping reliable accounting records which: ®) correctly explain the transactions of the company, and (e) ‘enable the financial position of the company to be determined with reasonable accuracy at any time, and © allow financial statements to be prepared please dolete this if it does not apply Dated: __25 \io \ Full Name of Signatory: For and on behalf of Greystone Trust Company Limited (Print Name) ent Position 7 Status I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information contained on this form is accurate and complete. Signed on behalf of the company by: ipsa Q (Authorised Signatory) ‘Auxlium Reverto Page 3 of 3