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Famous dishes Guangdong cuisine. Translation to English. For more information on Chinese cuisine go to: http://chinese-menus.

Chinese name !"#$%

Pinyin tang2 cu4 gu1 lu1 rou4

&'%( )*%+ ,'-. /012

guo3 zhi1 rou4 pu2 hua1 sheng1 rou4 ding1 mi4 zhi1 cha1 shao1 bai2 yun2 zhu1 shou3 chi3 zhi1 zheng1 pai2 gu3 kao3 ru3 zhu1 hua2 dan4 niu2 rou4 hao2 you2 niu2 rou4 hua1 diao1 ji1 bai2 qie1 ji1 guang3 zhou1 wen2 chang1 ji1 ye1 nai3 dun4 ji1 qing1 zheng1 hua2 ji1


781 9:;% <=;%




EFG? H49?

<=9?I ?%JKL MNO?P QRS.T UVWT <=TX YB.Z[ \]^: 9:_` H4aK bcdef 4gK HG/h ij_k il_m =n_o *pq_ /lrK_ 4stuv O'^v v%wxy

hao2 you2 hua2 ji1 tiao2 ji1 rou4 hui4 yu2 si1 shang4 tang1 xiang1 ji1 zha2 dong1 jiang1 guo1 shao1 ya1 nuo4 mi3 su1 ya1 hao2 you2 ya1 jiao3 chao2 zhou1 shao1 yan4 e2 huang2 pu3 chao3 dan4 hua2 dan4 xia1 ren2 qing1 zheng1 gui4 yu2 bi4 lü4 san1 pin1 lu2 zheng1 chang1 yu2 qing1 dun4 bai2 shan4 gan1 jian1 xia1 lu4 gan1 zha2 xia1 tong3 you2 pao4 xia1 qiu2 sheng1 cai4 long2 xia1 bai2 zha2 you2 yu2 xia1 zheng1 da4 hong2 gao1 xie4 xiang1 zhi1 chao3 xie4 xie4 rou4 pa2 xian1 gu1

English description Sweet and sour pork. A famous dish thanks to Chinese restaurants around the world. In general if you say to a Chinese person: “I love Chinese food and my favourite dish is Sweet and Sour pork” you are done. Everybody will understand you know nothing about Chinese food. However it is a good choice if you are not keen to experiment too much. Fried pork with bamboo shoots than stir fired again with garlic, chilli, onions, liquor and special sauce (spicy soy sauce – Qipu, with sugar, vinegar, salt and tomato paste). That is the secret of famous sweet and sour taste! Pork cooked in a sweet sauce (mix of Qipu, tomatoes, broth, sugar, salt.) with dry shrimps. Stir-Fried Diced Pork with Peanuts. Pork cut in cubes fried with peanuts. Liquor Fenji, black soy sauce, sugar and salt. Caramelized Pork Slices. Pork meat baked in oven and then caramel. Seasoned with soy paste, salt and sugar. Sweet-and-sour pig's feet Front and back pig feet boiled and seasoned with vinegar sauce. The cooked pig's feet also provides ample amounts of calcium for one's health. Spareribs with black bean sauce. Black bean sauce is made in general of mixing cornstarch Soy sauce, vegetable oil, minced fresh ginger, sesame oil, chicken broth, sugar, hot chilli paste, garlic, fermented black beans Roast suckling pig. Roast Suckling Pig is a very famous Cantonese dish for banquet, especially for wedding and birthday, etc. Stir-Fried beef with scrambled eggs. Beef first fried on a medium fire and then stir fried with eggs Beef with Oyster sauce*. Beef cooked with celery and red peppers in oyster sauce. * It is made from oyster and other ingredients to give you a seafood flavour Drunk chicken. Fried with a pork fat and seasoned with Huadiao wine, ginger, onions, honey. Originally this dish is from Zhejiang and is also known as Shaoxing wine chicken. Plain steamed chicken. Slices of boiled chicken served cold with soy sauce and other condiments. This dish features tender and delicious meat, and original taste and juice. Steamed chicken from Wenchang. Boneless pieces of chicken and chicken livers cooked in a spicy sauce. Sliced and delicately steamed chicken is the most common way to prepare chicken meat in Guangzhou Coconut stuffed with chicken and milk. Coconut stuffed with boiled chicken, ham and pork. Sauce is made of coconut milk. Sliced steamed chicken. Sliced and delicately steamed chicken is the most common way to prepare chicken meat in Guangzhou. As such, this is a very popular dim sum dish and the meat prepared this way maintains its succulence and flavour. Meat is prepared in this way has its skin brushed with peanut oil and the cooked chicken is usually accompanied by a ginger and shredded onion sauce. Chicken with oyster sauce Chicken first steamed and then fried with a special sauce. Sauce is made of sea fish meat and eggs. Chicken soup with ham and mushrooms. Dong jiang duck. Braised duck stuffed with different ingredients (ham, mushrooms etc.) and glutinous rice Chaozhou Stewed Duck. Can be served with Chaozhou sauce (Chaozhou soy paste with onion and flour) Duck feet with oyster sauce. Braised duck feet with oyster sauce Deep fried goose Scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs with shrimps. Good for a dim sum tea time Steamed Mandarin fish. Steamed whole fish in a soy sauce Perch with bamboo shoots and slices of ham Fried halibut with sweet and sour sauce Stewed eel Prawns fried in a tomato sauce and Qipu sauce. Fried rolls made of prawns, ham and mushrooms Pan-fried prawns Lobster with Chinese lettuce Prawns with squid Steamed red crabs Stir fried crab Stir - fried crab meat with mushroom

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Famous dishes Guangdong cuisine. Translation to English. For more information on Chinese cuisine go to:

Chinese name *^z< v\*{ tGK{ _|w}~ t•}~

Pinyin sheng1 chao3 ming2 hao2 xie4 huang2 sheng1 chi4 hong2 dun4 yu2 chi4 xia1 zi5 pa2 hai3 shen1 hong2 men4 hai3 shen1

English description Stir-fried oyster with ginger & scallions Shark fin soup with crab eggs Stewed shark fins in a soy sauce Fried and simmered sea cucumber with shrimps roe Stewed sea cucumber

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