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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)
Week 1 The difference 1. Students will Formative Assessment Introduction Introduction
between climat recognise the
Lesson  Provide a short YouTube song about weather. 1- Two minute YouTube
e and weather,
differences of Kahoot Quiz for Students will walk into the classroom or be introduced by a video on Weather.
2 the
song about weather, discussing the terms; sunny, windy,
main climatic weather the students,
zones of the between Perth cloudy and rainy. Also Hot and cold is mentioned.
testing their
world (e.g. and another ?v=6MGRkUlFZws
understanding of Kahoot Quiz - Summative Assessment.
equatorial, capitol city in
tropical, arid, weather. This will This is a way for students to have fun without feeling like they 2- 5 question Kahoot Quiz
temperate) and Australia. happen at the are being assessed. It will test the students understanding of on the understanding of
the similarities 2. Students will very start of the weather and prepare them for the upcoming task.
and differences construct a bar lesson.
between the graph using the Body of the Lesson
climates of
app My Graph Summative  Using their ipads, students will be asked to research
different places
(ACHASSK06 (Chart) to Assessment the weekly weather forecast of Perth and another Body of Lesson
8) provide the  Students will take Australian Capital City of their choice. Weather Forecasts for students.
students with a screenshot of  They will be instructed to find this on the Bureau of
the visual their completed meteorology of Australia.
ICT Tool
representation bar graphs and  Students will then use their findings to construct a bar
My Graph (Chart) is an ICT tool
of the upload it onto graph using the app My Chart (Graph) to represent that is on the ipad that the
differences of padlet. their data in a bar graph form. students will use to construct
weather in  Teachers will  The Teacher will remind the students that they must their graphs demonstrating the
different places. focus on Students label the x axis and the y axis and provide key/legend. two different weekly weather
 Both Perth and the Students Capital City of Choice are forecasts of Perth and another
labelling the axis
Australian Capital City.
correctly and the to be included on the same graph so the comparison is
clarity of how clear to everybody.
Submission for Assessment
they represented  Once completed, students will be asked to screenshot
Padlet- This is used for submitting
the differences of their graphs to upload for assessment. the screenshot of their graph.
capital cities. I
would use Conclusion
different colours  Students will upload their screenshots to padlet in a
and then create a blog format.
key/ legend.  The teacher will then select a few students to present
their graphs and what they can observe.
Week 2 The difference Objectives Formative Assessment Introduction Introduction
between climate
Lesson 3 1- Students will  The Teacher asks YouTube Video about Weather.
and weather,
construct and a question, and This Video is used to show students what it looks like in an YouTube video on weather to
main climatic create a comic students write animation format, what sunny days and rainy days look like introduce students to the imagery
zones of the while also entertaining the students. that would come along with the
strip showing down their
world (e.g. different types of weather.
both rain and answers. TitanPad Think, Pair & Share.
tropical, arid,
shine.  Students are then This is an ICT tool that is used for group collaboration and ?v=881ZjqH9d6w
temperate) and 2- Students will placed in pairs to would be extremely useful to assist students in sharing ideas
the similarities demonstrate discuss their on what they learnt from their previous lesson. This will also ICT Tool - TitanPad
and differences an responses. get the teacher to contribute to the brainstorm or look at the This will be used for Students
between the brainstorm as students are writing down their ideas, as it is live individual thoughts to be put
climates of
understanding  Teachers are able
sharing. down but be a part of a group
different places of the to move around collaboration at the same time.
(ACHASSK068 contextual the classroom This will be used during the think,
) change of rain and listen to Body Of The Lesson pair, and share.
and shine. various
3- Students will discussions.  Students will be ask to use their ipads to search up
Body of Lesson
have the  It lets them gain sunny days on Britannica Image Quest to gain
ability to write valuable insight inspiration on what their comic strips will look like.
Britannica Image Quest
their own into levels of  They will then be asked to do the same for a rainy day.
Students will be asked to research
story line and understanding.  After looking at these images, students will then be images of a sunny day and rainy
change it  An example of a asked to apply what they just observed in their comic day to gain inspiration for their
accordingly question could be strip. comic strips.
while the  Students may choose whatever story line they like
“Discuss the
weather however it must start with rain and end in sunshine or target=%2F
changes. between hot and start with sunshine and end with rain.
 Student are required to demonstrate an ICT Tool- Comic Life.
Students will use the app Comic
understanding of how the environment changes along
Life on their ipads to create a
Summative Assessment with weather, like how clouds become more and more comic strip. This comic strip will
 The Students will grey as weather becomes more stormy. assess the students’ knowledge of
share their comic  Students will also be asked to consider choices of what it looks like while its sunny
strip onto their clothing if the comic strip includes people. and when it is raining.
padlet blog. This
will give the Conclusion Submission for assignment
teacher access.  Students will be asked to submit their comic strip to Padlet- This is used for submitting
padlet. the comic strip and share it with
the teacher.
 Teacher will select a few students to share their
creations with the class and explain their choices.
Week 3 The difference Objectives Formative Assessment Introduction Introduction
between climat
Lesson e and weather,
YouTube video of a weather report example. YouTube Video
 This will inspire the students for their own weather reports and This is an example of a weather
4 the 1- Students will Students will be
provide them with some ideas of their own that they could use. report done by a child and will
main climatic construct and asked to create a
zones of the The Video is however American based so the students cannot be used as a demonstration
create a Word Cloud using copy what the YouTube video is saying and report based on their and inspiration for the
world (e.g.
weather report Word Art. own data. students.
tropical, arid, receiving the  This will include
temperate) and data from their the key words Word Art- Word Cloud tch?v=NHVgRbwTAa0
the similarities bar graphs they students have This is a form of formative assessment for the students. It provides
and differences created in their them with an opportunity to be creative but also put their Word Art- Word Cloud
learnt over the
between the knowledge down through only key words. This will be uploaded to This is for the students to write
climates of first lesson. past few lessons the Students padlet for observation by the teacher as it down and illustrate the
different places 2- Students will on weather. summarises a lot of what words that would be used in the keywords they believe is
(ACHASSK06 demonstrate  This word Cloud weather reports. related to weather. It will be
8 their will then be recorded on the students’
understanding uploaded onto Body of the Lesson padlet for the teacher to
of weather padlet to  Students will be asked to use the Imovie app on their observe.
change and showcase the Ipads and create a weather report, much like the one
climate change students’ they just watched in their introduction.
Body Of the Lesson
through their development of  This will be done in groups of two however each student
ICT Tool – Imovie.
script of their knowledge over must create their own report. This Is just to help each Students will use this tool on
weather report. the course of the other film. the ipad to record their
3- Students will three lessons.  They will use the data they collected a few lessons ago in weather report. It allows
understand the bar graph activity and must report and compare both students to video, voice
how weather Perth and their chosen capital city. record, show images and
import other videos. It is an
can be Summative Assessment  Students will be instructed to also script their
easy tool to use for students. A
presented in performance using keywords like sunny, rainy, cloudy, link will also be available for
different ways  Students will hot and cold. All of which they would have learnt over students if struggling on how
(Bar Graph, present their the past couple of lessons and demonstrated through to use Imovie.
Comic Strip weather reports their previous activities.
and/or a to the class and  Students will edit and export their products once tch?v=TzkMWIj7ywc
weather also up load to completed…. This could take more than one lesson.
report.) padlet for further Conclusion
Padlet- Students will upload
assessment by Conclusion
their final products to padlet
the teacher.  Students share their reports with the class and upload
and present them to the class.
their movies to padlet for further assessment.