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ENGLISH REVISION SECTION C Conclude your speech with a ‘thank you’.

SECTION A Question 4
Question 1  Identify key words to know what to Question 7 (Literature) (Fair’s fair)
 There is one error in one line. find. Start your answer with ‘Based on the
 Look for clues in the text. Eg: What is the primary approach to Short Story Fair’s Fair,’
 Do not leave the blank empty. get rid of waste? The story is about three children, Lee,
SECTION B The primary approach is through Raj, and Sam who were excited about
Question 2 (Information Transfer) landfills. going to the fair.
 Read the text  Question J requires your OWN IDEAS,  Raj: persistent and generous (enjoyed
 Study the graphic organiser not from the text. going on a ghost train ride)
 Find the information from the text Question 5 (Poem: Sad I Ams)  Sam: happy and lively (enjoyed going
and copy the required word or phrase The poem is about everyday objects on the big wheel ride)
straight from the text. which are no longer useful.  Lee: determined and honest (enjoyed
 Check your answers. Avoid careless eating candy floss)
mistakes! Moral Value: 1. We must value things Theme: honesty and friendship
that we have. Moral Value: We must always be honest
Question 3 (j) 2. Recycle, Reduce, or Reuse with friends and strangers.
SECTION D We must be willing to help friends and
 Write a response (postcard, email, Question 6 (Speech/Talk) strangers.
notes, messages) Read the questions carefully.
 50-60 words only (5-6 sentences) Greet the audience. For example:
 Give reasons to support your decision ‘Good morning to the principal Mr. Justin
 Add other points outside from the Bieber, teachers..’
text. Mention the topic/title of your talk.
Provide the main points with details and