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Prof. Lisa Weihman G06 Colson Hall, alternating with Study Skills, 1:00 – 3:00; generally MTF Summer 2008 Course Goals • Giving you insight into the demands of college level writing • Improving your research skills • Improving your writing skills • Improving your oral presentation skills Assignments (100 points) • Diagnostic Essay (in class, Wednesday, 6/18) r • Annotated Bibliography (10 points; sources due Monday, 6/30) • Research Proposal (30 points; due 7/8) • Final Lab Report (40 points; due online by Wednesday, 7/23) • A variety of in-class writing and editing assignments (10 points) • Regular, meaningful participation in class discussions (10 points) Class Schedule Wednesday, 6/18 Monday, 6/23 Tuesday, 6/24 Friday, 6/27 Monday, 6/30 Tuesday, 7/1 Monday, 7/7 Tuesday, 7/8 Friday, 7/11 Monday, 7/14 Tuesday, 7/15 Friday, 7/18 Monday, 7/21 Tuesday, 7/22 Introductions/Diagnostic Essay (30 minutes) Database Workshop Rm. 136 Library Introduction to the Research Cycle/Brainstorming Annotated Bibliographies/source evaluation and ethics Summary/Paraphrase/Quotation (bring essay to class) Introduction/Problem Statement Thesis/Hypothesis/Methodology Statements Proposal Due; Introduction to Lab Reports Citation Methodologies Fundamentals of Argumentation Oral Presentation Strategies Common Grammar Problems workshop Lab Report Workshop Lab Report Workshop

ASSIGNMENT DETAILS The Annotated Bibliography You will find three peer-reviewed essays related to your worm research, using full-text database searches as explained in the library workshop on 6/23. It will be due on Monday, 6/30. The Research Proposal A formal research proposal in the sciences generally contains the following categories; we will be examining these categories in more detail during class: • TITLE • INTRODUCTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT • LITERATURE REVIEW • HYPOTHESIS • METHODOLOGY • TIMELINE/BUDGET • DISCUSSION/PROBLEMS • WORKING BIBLIOGRAPHY The Lab Report Very similar to the proposal, but this time with an abstract and the results of your project: • TITLE • ABSTRACT • INTRODUCTION/PROBLEM STATEMENT • HYPOTHESIS • METHODOLOGY • RESULTS • CONCLUSIONS/FUTURE IMPLICATIONS • REFERENCES CITED In class assignments will include working on sentence and paragraphing conventions, grammar usage, topic sentences and transitions, eliminating expletive constructions in your writing, thinking about essay forms, formats and various disciplinary conventions, apostrophe ‘s usage, reading and note taking strategies, citation methodologies and avoiding plagiarism. Keys for Success • Come to class on time, be prepared to work, and try to maintain a positive attitude • Do the out of class work to the best of your ability • Save all of your work • Bring a notebook and a pen or pencil to every class, since most of the assigned writing will happen during class time