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GS 120L

Lesson 6 Application Activity

Name: Juan Manuel Choque Garcia

Date: 02/17/2018

Answer the questions below. Include examples from your learning, insights,
or experiences to support your statements. Use complete sentences and
support your opinions with examples from the lesson material
or experiences.

Part 1: Priority

1. After taking some time to reflect, list the overall goal or priority you
want to achieve.

Finish and graduate from my univesity

2. List two or three short-term goals you could work on this week that
could help you reach your overall priority. List the facts surrounding
your decision (you may list the pros and cons of each option in light of
your understanding).

Star my Thesis and Search information about thesis.

The pros are that I will prepare my Thesis on time and also Include
this activity in my schedule.
The cons are that maybe I wont have enough time and I will spend
less time with my family.

Part 2: SMART Goal

3. Through prayer, pondering, and careful planning, now select a goal

that you can develop into a SMART goal. Write your SMART goal in 1-3
sentences, beginning with the words, "This week I will _____."

This week I will star my thesis. I will include this activity in my

schedule and I will try to have enough time for my family, church, my
career and pathway.
4. Is your goal SPECIFIC? How will you focus on one thing to improve?

Yes, It is. Well I will do my activities in a specific time.

5. Is your goal MEASURABLE? Explain how will you measure your


I`m planning my specific steps according to achieve my goal

6. How Is your goal ATTAINABLE? Write down the major reasons why or
how you can reach the goal within one week.

Because, I have a specific time to achieve my goal and I know how I

will star and how I have to be prepared.

7. How is your goal RELEVANT? How does this goal and your chosen path
to reach this goal fit into your overall priorities?

Well is relevant because, If I want to finish my career, I have to star

with my thesis.

8. How is your goal TIMELY? Give a timeline for your goal’s completion
and schedule how you will work on it in the next few days.

Well its required in my career, If I want to graduate.

9. How can prayer and the influence of the Holy Ghost inform your
SMART “goal-setting” process?

Well, in all the time that I will spend in my thesis, I will ask my Father for
thee guide.