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Name :

Class : Pra Zamrud

Date : 22nd February 2018

Day : Thursday

Time : 9.00 – 9.30 a.m.

Number of children : 15

Age : 6 years old

Theme : Colours

Main component : Communication Component – English Language

Standards of Content : (BI 3.1) Develop Prewriting skills

Learning Standard : (BI 3.1.3) Engage in hand-eye coordination through scribbling, drawing

lines and patterns

Integrated Learning : (FK 1.1.1) Carry on various activities which involve the use of fine motor
Component skill
Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, children will able to :

i. Write name of colours such as red, green , yellow and pink

ii. Match things such as ribbons, mug and car with the words of colours

Prerequisite knowledge: Children already know colours in Malay

Thinking skills : Solving Problem

Good values : Confidence , patience and cooperation

Teaching aids : Worksheets, marker pen, pencils, whiteboard, sensory bags, flashcards,

Laptop, projector
Multiple Intelligence : Interpersonal, verbal linguistic

Vocabulary : Red, yellow, green, purple, blue, grey, orange, pink, brown

Steps/Times Contents Teaching and Learning Activities Remarks /

Teaching Aids

Flashcards 1. Teacher asks the children to sit on Teaching Aids:

their chairs.
Picture of 2. Teacher introduces colours to the Flashcards
flashcard children using flashcards of
Set colours. MI: verbal
Induction linguistic
(5 min) GV: Cooperation
1. What colour do
you know?
2. What is the
Match Board 1. Teacher divides children into3 Teaching Aids:
2. Teacher distributes papers to the Match board,
children. worksheets,
Step 1 3. Teacher explains to the children whiteboard,
Picture of
about the activity.
(10 min) flashcard 4. Teacher asks the children to MI: Interpersonal
volunteer to give answers by
matching the objects with the GV: Cooperation,
correct colours on the board disciplines
5. Children in group must write
down the answer on the
worksheet provided.
Step 2 Words and 4. Teachers asks the children to sit Teaching Aids:
Colours on their chairs.
(10 min) 5. Teacher distributes papers to the Flashcards
1. Children match 6. Teacher explains to the children MI: verbal
the words of about the activity. linguistic
7. Teacher encourages the children
colours like red GV: Cooperation,
to give answers.
with the red 8. Children write the name of disciplines,
flashcard. colours in the paper. patience
2. Children say
out the name of
3. Then, children
write the name
of colours in
the paper given
to the them.
Closure Q & A session 1. Teacher asks the children about Teaching Aids:
colours they learned
(5 min) 1.What did we 2. Teacher revises the lesson by Flashcards
learned today? showing the colour flashcard.
MI: verbal
2.What is the linguistic
colour of this
GV: Cooperation