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Petrel 2012 Geophysics

Solve complex structural and stratigraphic challenges at any scale

BENEFITS AND FEATURES Geoscientists and engineers can only assemble all pieces of the subsurface puzzle using the
■■ Powerful 3D and classical 2D best technology in a common platform. The Petrel* E&P software platform integrates all data
interpretation to solve the most types and disciplines to solve the most complex challenges. In 2D or 3D, you can visualize,
complex structural and stratigraphic analyze, interpret, and edit geophysical, geological, reservoir engineering, production, and
challenges at any scale drilling data. It provides seamlessly repeatable workflows from exploration to production,
while managing subsurface uncertainty and capturing knowledge. With the Petrel platform,
■■ Patented coordinate conversion
you get what you need, when you need it, and in a productive environment—no barriers,
technology delivering a step change
no silos, no data integrity loss, and no wasted time.
in spatial accuracy for 3D seismic data
Changing the seismic interpretation game
■■ Extensive attribute libraries with
Traditional interpretation workflows are typically performed in isolation using multiple
interactive parameter control to
packages—resulting in knowledge and efficiency gaps. The Petrel platform provides the
delineate complex structures with ease
geoscientist with a single environment for powerful 3D and classical 2D interpretation to solve
■■ Horizon waveform-tracker and the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges at any scale. Combined with a full
automatic fault picker for quick and suite of tools to visualize and render seismic horizons, faults, and associated attributes in truly
accurate tracking of horizons and faults immersive full-screen, this allows the interpreter to perform fast, high-quality interpretation.

■■ Flexible seismic-to-well tie tools,

bridging the critical gap between
time and depth
■■ Modeling-while-interpreting and
seismic-reconstruction processes
for more accurate models and maps
■■ Integrated volume interpretation
for quick analysis, isolation, and
extraction of complex structural
elements and geobodies
■■ Fast, true 32-bit color blending for
delineation of stratigraphic elements
■■ Interactive prestack, AVO, and inversion
technologies from WesternGeco for
improved confidence in interpretation
■■ Integration with Omega* seismic data Petrel seismic interpretation—disciplines working together, access to best science, and increased
processing software workflow productivity.

■■ Seamless integration with When spatial accuracy matters

geological modeling and simulation The Petrel platform is optimized to support working from regional to reservoir scale interactively,
while maintaining optimal spatial accuracy. When working on regional plays you often need to
■■ Multiuser database access, notifications, work across multiple coordinate reference systems. The patented Petrel coordinate conversion
and subscriptions, enabling powerful technology delivers a step change in accuracy. No longer is there a need to settle for corner point
collaboration among your asset team approximation for your 3D seismic—a process that can result in spatial errors. This innovative
approach ensures that wells and 3D seismic are accurately placed, regardless of the
coordinate system.
Petrel 2012 Geophysics

Regional-scale exploration with spatial accuracy and cross-discipline integration.

A new look at structural interpretation

In areas of complex geology, geoscientists need advanced capabilities Data courtesy Geoscience Australia.
to accurately describe and delineate fault and horizon relationships,
and validate their interpretations. Solving these problems requires
them to think outside of the traditional 2D workflows. The Petrel
platform provides the tools and the freedom to explore and think
creatively in all dimensions, allowing complex geology to be
understood and characterized—quickly.

New edge detection and illumination attributes provide a much

clearer delineation of complex structures, such as complex faulting
and in sub- and presalt areas.

Complex seismic events can be tracked quickly using the horizon

waveform-based autotracker, combined with a series of confidence
attributes for rapid evaluation of tracking results.

To further improve the consistency in the structural framework, the Seismic reconstruction with quick-look understanding of geomechanical processes.
modeling-while-interpreting and seismic-reconstruction workflows
significantly increase confidence in the interpretation process.
the associated geomechanical processes. The interpretation cycle time
These workflows allow you to build a high-quality structural framework is significantly reduced, producing high-quality maps and geologically
and reconstruct sections, while also gaining a good understanding of accurate structural models that can be shared with the geological modeler.
Petrel 2012 Geophysics
Improving confidence in workflows with
Data courtesy Geoscience Australia.
WesternGeco science
Access to prestack data is essential to improve confidence in
interpretation workflows—whether to bridge the gap between
interpretation and processing, or as input to AVO and Inversion
workflows. The Petrel platform lets the interpreter seamlessly
integrate pre- and poststack data—to visualize and interpret
on the gathers, and to interactively process and stack data
on the fly for more accurate seismic interpretation results.

Interpret in true 3D to easily understand the geological relationship using the

structural framework.

Stratigraphic interpretation with increased insight

Combining seismic attributes and volume-based interpretation is the
fastest way to interrogate and analyze your data for complex structures
and stratigraphic features. The Petrel platform improves productivity
using GPU (graphics processing unit) technology for better illumination
and faster results. Complex volume attributes are generated on the fly
and blended in true 32-bit color, and parameters are fine-tuned using
dynamic controls. Geological bodies are isolated and extracted from Prestack seismic interpretation supports interactive processing, stacking on the fly,
the seismic, and can be directly sampled into the model and used in visualization in 3D, and interpretation on the gathers.
property distribution—instantly.
To evaluate tough or unconventional reservoirs, geoscientists can now
take advantage of accurate rock physics solutions and models with a
range of quantitative interpretation workflows enabled through proven
WesternGeco technologies.

Results from log and seismic data-conditioning tools, wavelet extraction,

stochastic and prestack simultaneous inversion (ISIS algorithms),
and reservoir AVO modeling are integrated directly into the Petrel 3D
property model, enabling critical insight into the link between seismic
and reservoir properties.

Bridging the gap between processing and interpretation

In complex areas such as presalt, imaging of the reservoir is critical.
Collaboration between the seismic processor and the interpreter is
key to improving the image. The Petrel platform, together with
Omega seismic data processing software from WesternGeco,
provides an integrated environment to support iterative processing
to bridge the processing and interpretation gap.
Combined seismic attributes illuminate complex channel features.
Petrel 2012 Geophysics

Prestack simultaneous inversion using WesternGeco science, fully integrated to create direct link to 3D
property models.

Increased workflow productivity

The multiuser database access, knowledge capture and sharing, collaborative work
sessions, and personalization capabilities of the Studio* E&P knowledge environment
are integrated into the Petrel platform, ensuring seamless awareness and access to key
insight, information, and results.

In the context of their work environment, seismic interpreters can search for any interpretation
created by other team members, as well as receive instant notifications on updates done and
retrieve these into their project seamlessly.

The combination of intuitive interpretation tools and an integrated environment can greatly
increase productivity, while the new immersive mode gives you greater insight into your data.
Geophysical work done inside the Petrel platform can be seamlessly consumed in geological
modeling, increasing accuracy and enabling improved collaboration, repeatable workflows,
and the capture of cross domain uncertainty.

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