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Business Research Management

Aniket Parab 16106B1032
Khushboo Kumthekar 16106B1002
Amol Nagap 16106B1037
Shivam Gujrathi 16106B1024
1) Age
o Less than 25
o Between 25 and 35
o Between 35 and 45
o Above 45

2) Gender
o Male
o Female

3) Household Income per annum

o Less than 5 lacs
o 5 – 10 lacs
o 10-15 lacs
o 15 – 20 lacs
o Above 20 lacs
o Cannot disclose

4) What is your main mode for your daily commute?

o Two wheeler
o Four wheeler
o Train/Metro/Buses
o Cabs
o Auto rickshaws
o Cycling/walking

5) How do you compete your last leg of your journey?

o Walking
o Cycling
o Auto rickshaws
o Bus
o My transport takes me to my destination

6) How much do you spend on your daily commute?

o Under Rs.50
o Rs.50 – 100
o Rs.100 – 250
o Rs.250 – 300
o Rs.300 – 350
o Rs.350 – 500
o Rs.500 and up

7) Do you own vehicle?

o Yes
o No

8) Do you use On demand cab services(App base services such as Ola, Uber..) for your travel?
o Yes
o No

9) Which on demand cab do you use most frequently?

o Ola
o Uber
o Taxi for sure
o Other

10) Why do you prefer the brand of your choice over the other?(Optional)


11) What is the typical distance you use this on demand cab service for?
o 0 – 5 km
o 5 –10 km
o 10 –1 5 km
o 15 –20 km
o 20 km above

12) How would you rate the service of on demand cabs of your choice based on the following

Very good Good Neutral Bad Very bad

Reliability o o o o o
Comfort o o o o o
Convenience o o o o o
of booking
Driver o o o o o
Safety and o o o o o

13) For what purpose do you use the on demand cab services usually?
o Daily commute to work
o Meeting
o Airport and railway station
o Personal trips

14) What is your prime reason for using the on demand cab service?
o Non availability of parking
o High price of parking
o Ease of travel/comfort
o Lack of public transport
o Reasonable fare
o Avoid hassles like waiting. Negotiating price etc...
o Other

15) How often do you use the on demand cab service?

o Daily
o Twice or thrice a week
o Once a week
o Rarely
o Other

16) How often do you use offers(Coupons/Discounts) while using these services?
o Mostly
o Sometimes
o Rarely
o Never

17) Do you use the on demand cab service even with surge pricing?
o Yes
o No
o Sometimes
18) If you not used the on demand cab service, how would you have travelled?
o Personal vehicle
o Trains/Buses
o Regular cabs
o Auto-rickshaws
o Other

19) Would you be interested in a similar App-based, On-Demand services for buses?
o Yes
o No
o Not sure

Thank you for your response we look in to it.