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real food. real stories.

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Guest List

Chef Michelle Chef Nathan

Adrillana Griffin
Besides her Even before
celebrity status being
EDITOR IN CHIEF in the world of appointed
Alexis Kim Paola Selom Cuizon gastronomy, chef de cuisine
Chef Michelle of the Raging
ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE EDITOR proudly advocates Bull Chophouse &
Trish Dumlao Filipino culture through Bar, Chef Nathan has
food—running across the globe always believed in using only the
EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS to promote our cuisine. This freshest and finest produce in all
Arrah Balucating, Muriel Dizon issue, she shares a few of her his seasonal creations. This issue,
notable recipes perfect for you he co-creates a blowout for an
LAYOUT ARTIST and your barkada. ultimate Macho Munchies.
Kit Singson
CREATIVE TRAINEE Chef Giorgio Ulysse
Karlo Cadang Bucciarelli Jouanneaud
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Leave it to Chef Hailing from
Angela Arreglado, Ena Torreda Giorgio if you France, Ulysse
need someone started his career
DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST to inspire you as a bartender
Carla Arroyo with histories, in Paris where he
traditions, learned the basics
DIGITAL MARKETING ASSOCIATE and creativity of of bartending. Being passionate
Kiel Vasquez anything Italian. We witness his with mixology and the bar culture,
magic as he whips up nostalgic he is now the head mixologist of
CIRCULATION MANAGER comfort dishes in this issue’s Shangri-La at the Fort.
Christoper Cajucom Mommy's Dish List.


Elnie De Leon
Chef Nina Park
Gladys Gumapac believes that
It’s not over a preparing
RECIPE DEVELOPER year since Chef food should
Chef Mac Flaviano Nina graced always come
our pages with utmost
CONTRIBUTORS and shared her sincerity, insisting that
Timothy Diao, Aica Duran, Pam Musni, scrumptious gluten- everything must be made with
Nikki Natividad, Tricia Quintero, free recipes. Now, we’re happy love. This issue, she imparts her
Tarish Zamora to have her once again as she expertise as she creates a wistful
crafts a 3-course delight perfect feast for the grands.
SPECIAL THANKS TO for your date night.
Miko Aspiras, Enah Baba, Bu Castro,
Niño Laus, Chinina Perez, Heny Sison Chef Mac Chef Bong
Flaviano Sagmit
BergHOFF: The Fundamental Kitchen, For the past As a chef that
Better Steps, Heny Sison Culinary School, issues, Chef advocates
Kuysen Enterprises Mac has always responsible
awed us with and sustainable
a myriad of farming, he puts
offbeat recipes his culinary skills to
and superb styling. use with his take on
But this issue, he shows his bona contemporary Filipino cuisine and
fide prowess as he takes on the a farm to table approach. Join him
challenge to curate nutritious this issue as he teaches us the art
recipes for our pet friends. of meat cutting.

Aica Duran Chef Vivian

Aica is a
freelance artist Even before her
who has a various culinary
fond taste for stints across
okonomiyaki the globe, Chef
and sushi. She Vivian's affinity
likes watching cult to cooking was
classics, hula hoops, influenced by her first
ON THE COVER and drawing creatures in her cooking teacher—her mother. This
Recipe by Miko Aspiras sketchbook. You can find her art issue, she recreates popcorn recipes
Photography by Tarish Zamora Instagram at @aicaduran. for you and your siblings.

2 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
editor’s note

“W hy did you
decide to
enter this
industry? Your father
must love you very much,”
of magazines sold,
hundreds of stories
written, with the 36th
issue in tow. Breakfast
slowly transcended itself
with utmost substance—
those who fearlessly
talked of countless failures
that led them to their
personal definitions
industry because we wanted
to showcase food in visuals
like no other—like creativity
engraved in stories.
This issue reminds
said my then-mentor who from being a celebrity- of success; those who us of the many times
gave a ruling on my thesis laden food magazine to a fervently and selflessly we rebuilt ourselves as
paper on digitizing AKME creative bimonthly food shared their passion; those a magazine when only
Publishing. We were often visual with kitchen stories who put quality on top one thing remained—our
criticized for entering from kitchen masters. of everything they do. vision. I hope you enjoy
the industry head-first. It hoped to inspire food Having seen how this all this as much as we loved
Perhaps because at the enthusiasts and to be unfolded gave us a sense of making it.
time we introduced the platform for food purpose in what we do.
ourselves, the industry visionaries who had a We entered this industry Cheers to six years!
was on a verge of shifting spectre for reinventing because we believe stories
from traditional content the scene. are imprints of people’s past
publishing to digital To my mentor, if and they serve as inspiration
publishing. Even my paper
proved that.
But here we are six
years later—thousands
you are reading this, we
entered this industry
because we knew it would
lead us to meet people
for growth and success—and
we want to be the one to
tell those stories through
food. We entered this
b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 3
Table of contents

real food
6 Macho perfec t dat e wi t h your
Munchies significant other? We’ve
got you covered with
Because the best r e c i p e s t h a t w i l l t r u ly
way t o sp end t ime ge t t he nigh t s tar t ed!
with our dads is no longer requires wishful
t hrough a he av y thinking. Take your gr ands 33 P ica P ica
me at y me al and a way b ack in t he day w i t h t he Stunners
good glass of liquor. e at s that defined their time- Grant your barkada the
- n o t h i n g q u i c k a n d e a s y, a l l ult im at e b l o w o u t w i t h
12 Mommy's s l o w - c o o k e d a n d e a r n e s t. pica pica stunners to
Dish L ist p e r f e c t ly c o m p l e m e n t
Our moms h av e a lways 23 M idnight Bites y o u r c h i l l- o u t s e s s i o n s
been the ones to whip Movie mar athons and binge- on wa rm sunn y days.
up dishes that would e ating: t wo things we love
doing best with our siblings. 38 Pet-fr iendly
c o m f o r t u s b e s t.
Now, it’s time t o give And we’ll make it even better Nibbles
with three surprising popcorn D o n’ t w o r r y, w e d i d n’ t
back through these forget! Thrill your (non-
scrumptious recipes. r e c i p e s y o u ’ l l s u r e ly d i g !
human) friends to some
18 Mellow 28 Date Night s p e c i a l t r e at s w i t h t h e s e
Grubs Aphrodisiacs nutritious homemade
r e c i p e s t h at w i l l m a k e
Going back in time Wondering how to spend the t h e i r ta i l s wa g w i t h j o y.

4 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
Table of contents

real stories
4 4 Man of
the Hour
T o t h i s d ay, M i ko A s p i r a s 66 Gastronomy
f i n d s h i m s e l f a s t h e ta l k Con f idential
of the culinary town. M e at c u t t i n g i s n o e a s y
How could he not when ta s k . I t ta k e s a c e r ta i n
h i s c r e at i o n s b e c o m e t h e amount of skill and
and how they seek to redefine knowledge to do the job
physical gastronomical r i g h t. A n d n o w, y o u c a n
m a n i f e s tat i o n s o f sweets to its core. ta k e t h i s a r t f o r m h o m e
i n s p i r at i o n ? T h i s i s s u e , w e and hone this craft to
ta k e t i m e t o s i t d o w n w i t h 62 Essays your liking too.
the pastry virtuoso to talk T here’s jus t s ome t hing sp eci a l
about his beginnings, his a b ou t t he way f ood m a k e s t he 72 Food T r ip
inspirations, and what makes worl d go round. I t bring s p eop l e Because it’s the most
his creative juices tick. t oge t her in m ys t erious ways a nd wonderful time of the
buil d s sp eci a l b ond s. Now, w e y e a r t o c e l e b r at e t h e
54 Brand Talk ta k e a l ook at t wo end s of t he ones you love, the night
Even if Auro is one of sp ec t rum. F ir s t, t he re s taur a n t i s s t i l l y o u n g t o ta k e
t h e n e w e s t p l ay e r s i n indus t ry a nd how t he y m a n age them out and about
t h e c h o c o l at e- m a k i n g t o del i v er in one of t he mo s t f o r d at e n i g h t.T h i s
i n d u s t r y, i t h a s p r o v e n gruel ing se a s ons of t he y e a r. issue, we divide our top
itself a promising T hen, w e mov e f ur t her t owa rd s e s ta bl ishmen t p icks a nd
addition to the roster t he fa mily uni t a nd e x p l ore gi v e you t wo op t ions:
t he p sychol ogic a l benef i t s of s av e or sp l urge. Ei t her
of local products in the way you choo se, w e c a n
m a r k e t t o wat c h o u t f o r . sp ending t ime w i t h t hem ov er t he gua r a n t ee you a nigh t
Learn their ins and outs dining ta bl e. t h at is one f or t he b ooks.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 5
RECIPES BY NatHaN GriffiN & CoCktail
Mixes By Ulysse JoUaNNeaUd of tHe
raGiNG BUll CHoPHoUse & Bar
CHoPHoUse & Bar

The Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar is

located at Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th
Street, corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio
Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, you
may contact them at (02) 820-0888.
reaL fOOD: macho munchies

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15-30 minutes Serves 10

• 1 ½ kilos beef tenderloin • Bulleit bourbon
• 20 grams sea salt • Macino Rosso Vermouth
• 20 grams black pepper • maple syrup
• 30 mL vegetable oil • smokey bitters
• 100 grams butter
• 1 bunch thyme
• 1 bunch rosemary
• 1 bulb garlic

1. Remove any sinew from the beef, then cut into 150-gram
portions. Season with salt and crushed black pepper.
2. Place vegetable oil into a frying pan on high heat until hot.
3. Once oil is hot, place beef into the pan and sear all the
way round until golden brown then reduce heat. Add
butter, thyme, rosemary, and garlic. Base the beef with
the butter and flavor the meat.
4. In a tray, place the beef and cook in an oven at 180°C for
4-6 minutes, medium rare.


1. Chill glass with ice.
2. In a mixing glass, pour all ingredients using a jigger.
3. Add ice cubes and stir for about 10 seconds.
4. Strain using the Hawthorne strainer.
5. Garnish the cocktail and serve.

Editor’s Note: For the cocktail, you may customize the amount of
each ingredient according to your preference.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 7
reaL fOOD: macho munchies

8 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: macho munchies

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Serves 10

FOR THE BEEF STEW • 20 grams sea salt
• 30 mL vegetable oil • 1 bulb garlic,
• 1 ½ kilos beef for garnishing
rump, diced
• 250 grams carrot, diced FOR THE COCKTAIL
• 1 bunch thyme • Elijah Craig,
• 150 mL red wine 12 years bourbon
• 150 mL beef stock • Fresh calamansi
• 150 grams potato, diced • Homemade ginger jam
• 20 grams black pepper • House Szechuan honey

FOR THE BEEF STEW ingredients using
1. In a medium-sized pot, a jigger.
place vegetable oil on 3. Add ice cubes and
high heat. Caramelize shake for about 6
the beef, then seconds.
caramelize the carrots. 4. Strain using the
2. Add garlic and thyme, Hawthorne strainer
then deglaze the pan and fine strainer.
with red wine and 5. Remove ice from
reduce by half. Add shaker and dry shake
the beef stock. Add for 3 seconds.
the potatoes and 6. Garnish the cocktail
seasonings. Bring to a and serve.
boil then simmer and
cover with lid. Chef 's Note: A Hawthorne
3. Cook until beef strainer is one of the two
becomes tender for common strainer types. It's a
around 40 minutes on disc with a handle and two
low heat. or more stabilizing prongs
4. Serve stew in a bowl.
Editor’s Note: For the cocktail,
FOR THE COCKTAIL you may customize the
1. Chill glass with ice. amount of each ingredient
2. In a shaker, pour all according to your preference.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 9
reaL fOOD: macho munchies


Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Serves 10

Ingredients Procedure
• 30 mL vegetable oil • Raging Bull Bourbon 1. In a medium-sized pot, place 1. Chill glass with ice.
• 1 ½ kilos short rib • Nectar PX Sherry vegetable oil on high heat. 2. In a mixing glass, pour all
• 1 piece carrot, • homemade vanilla Caramelize the short ribs, then ingredients using a jigger.
medium-sized syrup caramelized the carrots, onion, 3. Add ice cubes and stir for
• 1 piece brown onion • bitters and celery. about 10 seconds.
• 1 stalk celery 2. Add garlic and thyme, then deglaze 4. Strain using the
• 4 cloves garlic the pan with red wine and reduce Hawthorne strainer.
• 1 bunch thyme by half. Add the beef stock and 5. Add smoke using a smoking gun.
• 350 mL red wine chicken stock. Bring to a boil and 6. Garnish the cocktail and serve.
• 600 mL beef stock braise overnight for 8 hours at
• 600 mL chicken stock 82°C degrees. Editor’s Note: For the cocktail,
• 100 mL barbecue 3. Take the short rib out, and reduce you may customize the amount of
sauce the sauce until it thickens. Add the each ingredient according to your
barbecue sauce. preference.
4. In a plate, place the short rib and
glaze with barbecue sauce.

10 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
Heny Sison Culinary School is
located at 33 Colonel Bonny
Serrano Avenue, Quezon City.
For inquiries, you may contact
them at (02) 726-5316.
reaL fOOD: mommy's Dish List

Mommy's Dish List

RECIPES BY CHef GiorGio BUCCiarelli of tHe HeNy sisoN CUliNary sCHool
SPECIAL THANkS To CHef HeNy sisoN aNd BU Castro

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Serves 4

• 4 slices beef tenderloin
• 1 cup all purpose f lour, for dredging
• salt and pepper, to taste
• 2 tablespoons butter, unsalted
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• ½ cup white wine
• 4 slices Parma ham
• 8 pieces fresh sage leaves
• lemon wedges, for serving

1. Put the meat cutlet side by side on a sheet of
plastic wrap, and gently flatten.
2. Put in a platter with some flour and season with
salt and pepper, combine the dregs with a fork in
a seasoned flour, shaking off the excess.
3. In a saucepan, melt butter and heat oil. Sauté one
side of the meat for a minute then the other side,
and add wine.
4. Add the Parma ham and sage on top with a toothpick.
5. Once done, put the on a large plate, and serve hot
with lemon wedges.

Editor’s Note: Dregs refer to the residue left in a container,

together with the solids.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 13
reaL fOOD: mommy's Dish List


Preparation time: 10 minutes Baking time: 15 minutes Serves 4

Ingredients Procedure
• 400 grams fusilli pasta 1. In a pot, boil the fusilli 3. Add water, tomato, 4. Keep it creamy and
• 30 grams butter, unsalted pasta in hot salted water stirring slowly until al pour the pasta in a large
• 1 tablespoon olive oil for 4 minutes, and let cool. dente; adding water if plate, and serve hot.
• water, as needed 2. In a large saucepan, heat necessary. Add the wine
• 1 cup tomato sauce the butter and add the and egg yolk, far from
• 2 tablespoons sweet wine olive oil and pasta, then the fire. Stir quickly to
• 4 pieces egg yolk toast it. avoid egg to scramble.

14 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: mommy's Dish List


Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Serves 6 to 8

Ingredients Procedure
• 1 piece small octopus 1. In a pot, boil the octopus and
• 2 pieces big squid, 300 grams each the big squid until tender.
• extra virgin olive oil Remove from water and cool
• 2 cloves garlic it down. Once cool, chop the
• 500 grams fresh clams octopus to 2-cm thick and cut
• 500 grams fresh mussels the squid to rings.
• 300 grams prawns, skinless 2. In a saucepan, heat oil then
• salt and pepper, to taste sauté garlic, clams, mussels,
• 3 pieces lemon juice and prawns. Add salt and
• 125 grams black olives, boneless pepper to taste.
• fresh parsley, for garnishing 3. In a plate, combine all the
seafood with lemon juice, olive
oil, and black olives. Sprinkle
fresh parsley and serve cold.

16 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: mommy's Dish List

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 17
Mellow Grubs
RECIPES BY CHef CeCil Park of tHe HeNy sisoN CUliNary sCHool
SPECIAL THANkS To CHef HeNy sisoN aNd BU Castro

Heny Sison Culinary School is located

at 33 Colonel Bonny Serrano Avenue,
Quezon City. For inquiries, you may
contact them at (02) 726-5316.
reaL fOOD: mellow Grubs


Preparation time: 10-20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes to 1 ¼ hours Serves 4 to 6

Ingredients Procedure
• 1 kilo whole chicken 1. For the stuffing, bring up to pressure.
• 1 2/3 cups water combine chestnuts, Cook for 20 minutes,
• 1 teaspoon salt baby potatoes, dates, then reduce the
• 1 piece fresh ginseng garlic, ginger, and salt. pressure and continue
root, finger-thick or Set aside. to cook for another 10
2 tablespoons ginseng 2. Rinse the chicken minutes until meat is
root, dried inside and out, pat dry very tender. If using a
with paper towels and pot, tightly cover and
FOR THE STuFFING fill the cavity with simmer for 1 to 1 ¼
• 4 dried chestnuts, soaked the stuffing. Close the hours, adding a little
for 30 minutes cavity of the chicken by more water if the sauce
• 4 pieces baby potatoes, threading a skewer in evaporates. Ensure you
optional and out of the f lap. turn the chicken several
• 3 pieces red dates, dried 3. Place the chicken in a times to cook evenly.
• 3 cloves garlic pressure cooker and add 4. Serve the chicken
• 1 slice ginger water, salt, and ginseng. whole, or cut into
• ½ teaspoon salt Close the cooker and smaller serving pieces.
reaL fOOD: mellow Grubs


Preparation time: 45 minutes Baking time: 15 minutes Serves 2 to 4

• 1/3 cup glutinous rice flour • ¾ cup mixed seafood,
• 1/3 cup rice flour rinsed and drained
• 1/3 cup flour • a pinch of dried chili strips
• 1 large egg, lightly beaten
• 1 teaspoon salt FOR THE GARLIC SOY DIP
• ½ teaspoon ground white pepper • 3 tablespoons soy sauce
• ¾ cup water • ½ to 1 tablespoon rice vinegar
• 8 teaspoons vegetable oil • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced
• 12-16 pieces spring onions, cut • ½ teaspoon sesame oil
into 6-inch lengths • 1 teaspoon sesame seeds, toasted
• ¼ teaspoon black pepper,
freshly ground

1. For the dip, mix all ingredients 4. Lay the spring onion in
in a bowl and set aside. neat rows on the batter,
2. In a mixing bowl, combine then scatter the seafood
all f lours, egg, salt, and and chili on top. Drizzle
white pepper; gradually 1 tablespoon of the
stirring in the water to reserved batter to secure
make a smooth, thin batter. the pancake. Cook for
Keep 4 tablespoons of the 2-3 minutes over medium
batter aside, then divide heat or until golden
the rest into 4 portions. brown underneath and
3. In a skillet, heat 2 teaspoons top starts to set. Turn the
of vegetable oil. When the oil pancake over and cook for
becomes moderately hot, add another minute. Repeat on
1 portion of the batter and remaining portions.
spread over the base of the 5. Serve hot with the garlic
skillet to make a thin pancake. soy dip on the side.

20 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD:
fOOD: comfort
mellow Grubs

b rb
t smtam
Ga G
z ianzei n| e
Oc| f
TOe bbreu
r a- ry
n O-vm
r 2017
2018 21
reaL fOOD: mellow Grubs


Preparation time: 30 minutes
1. For the seafood stock, place drain. Quarter the crabs
Cooking time: 30 minutes Serves 4 to 6
all ingredients in a pot and and crack the claws so the
bring to a boil. Reduce the flavors can penetrate.
heat and simmer for 15 4. Put the crab, squid, scallops,
Ingredients minutes. Strain and reserve
the stock while discarding
shrimp, clams, abalone,
cabbage leave, and tofu in a
• 1 piece fresh crab • 2 pieces red or green chili, sliced the solids. Keep the stock large casserole dish or pot.
• 300 grams squid, sliced • 1 teaspoon ground red pepper warm on low heat. Carefully pour the warm
• 8 pieces fresh scallops 2. Lift the triangle-shaped seafood stock over. Cover
• 8 pieces shrimp, peeled FOR THE SEAFOOD STOCK “apron” on the underside and simmer for 5 minutes
• 12 pieces fresh mussels, cleaned • 6 cups water of the crab. Insert your or until cooked.
• 12 pieces abalone • 1 piece kelp, dried thumb between the body 5. Remove from heat,
• 4 pieces Chinese cabbage • 1 piece white-part leek, sliced and top shell at the rear then add spring onions,
leaves, cut into squares • 7 cloves garlic, crushed of the crab, and pull the chrysanthemum greens,
• 250 grams soft tofu cake, cubed • 2 teaspoons ginger, grated carapase off. and chili. Sprinkle the
• 2 pieces spring onions, • 2 tablespoons chili bean paste 3. Discard the grey gills and ground red pepper and
cut into lengths • ½ to 1 teaspoon ground red pepper any green or spongy grey serve with bowls of
• 1 bunch chrysanthemum • 1 piece chili, halved lengthwise matter on the body. Clean steamed rice and vinegar
or watercress • 2 teaspoons salt thoroughly, then rinse and soy dip, if desired.

22 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
Midnight Bites
RECIPES BY CHef ViViaN syyaP of tHe HeNy sisoN CUliNary sCHool
SPECIAL THANkS To CHef HeNy sisoN aNd BU Castro

Heny Sison Culinary School is

located at 33 Colonel Bonny
Serrano Avenue, Quezon City.
For inquiries, you may contact
them at (02) 726-5316.
reaL fOOD: midnight bites

24 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: midnight bites

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes Serves 2 to 4

• ¾ cup granulated sugar
• 1 cup honey
• 2 tablespoons butter, salted
• 1 cup Chocnut, grated
• 1 bag microwave popcorn, popped
• 1 cup banana chips

1. In a saucepan, combine sugar and honey
together until melted. Turn off heat.
2. Add the butter and Chocnut, stirring
to combine.
3. Place hot popcorn on a sheet pan,
then pour the hot mixture and
banana chips over. Toss to coat and
let cool.

b rb
t smtam
Ga G
z ianzei n| e
Oc| f
TOe bbreu
r a- ry
n O-vm
r 2017
2018 25
reaL fOOD: midnight bites

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves 2 to 4

• 2 teaspoons salt,
• ¼ cup wasabi
powder, sifted
• 5 tablespoons
butter, salted
• 4-5 drops food
coloring, green
• 1 ½ cups honey
• 1 bag microwave
popcorn, popped

1. In a saucepan,
combine salt and
wasabi powder
together, stir to blend.
2. In a pan over low to
medium heat, melt
butter and add green
food coloring and
wasabi mixture, stir
to blend.
3. Turn off the heat
and add honey,
mixing well.
4. Place hot popcorn
in a bowl and pour
the wasabi-honey
mixture over the
popcorn, toss to coat.
Pour into a sheet pan
and cool.

26 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: midnight bites

Ingredients Procedure
CARAMEL • 3 cups granulated sugar 1. Heat sugar and light corn syrup
together in a saucepan until it
• ½ cup light corn syrup
• 3 tablespoons butter, reaches a light caramel color for
about 12 minutes. Turn off heat.
• 1 bag microwave 2. Stir in the butter until melted
popcorn, popped and incorporated.
Preparation time: 5 minutes • 2 cups cashew, dry 3. Place the hot popcorn on a sheet
Cooking time: 15 minutes roasted pan, and pour caramel, cashew,
Serves 2 to 4 • ½ cup dried coconut, and shredded coconut. Toss to
shredded and sweetened coat and let cool.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 27
Date Night
SHoT oN LoCATIoN AT BerGHoff: tHe
fUNdaMeNtal kitCHeN

For inquiries or bookings, you

may email Chef Nina at nina.
reaL fOOD: Date night aphrodisiacs

Preparation time: 15 minutes Serves 2

• 1 teaspoon white sugar
• 1 wedge lemon or lime
• 1 cup watermelon, seeded and diced
• 1 cup rose wine (or any sparkling,
sweet wine, champagne)
• 1 cup simple syrup, to taste
• crushed ice
• 1 cup watermelon balls, for garnish

1. In a saucer, place sugar. Rub the rims
of the glasses with lemon wedge. Spin
rim of each glass in sugar. Set aside.
2. Blend watermelon and rose wine. Put
simple syrup, to taste. To make the
simple syrup, boil and cool 1:1 water
and sugar.
3. Fill each glass with ½ cup crushed
ice. Pour mixture to each glass.
4. Garnish with watermelon balls or
lemon slices.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 29
reaL fOOD: Date night aphrodisiacs

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Serves 2

• 250 grams dark chocolate chips or
dark chocolate bar
• 125 mL heav y cream or whipping cream
• cocoa powder, for rolling
• crushed Oreos, for rolling
• mini red sprinkles, for rolling

1. In a bowl, put chocolate. Heat cream
and pour over the chocolate. Let it
rest for 3 minutes then stir gently.
2. Pour onto a lined pan and chill inside
the refrigerator for at least an hour.
3. Scoop out about a tablespoon of
chocolate mixture and roll it with
your hands. Place rolled balls in a
lined pan and chill inside the freezer.
4. In small bowls, prepare all
ingredients for rolling separately and
roll each chocolate ball.
5. Chill until ready to serve.

30 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: Date night aphrodisiacs

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 31
reaL fOOD: Date night aphrodisiacs

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Serves 2

• 1 cup cherry tomatoes
• 200 grams thick cheese,
(feta, ricotta, goat's, or
• 200 grams watermelon,
deseeded and sliced
into triangles
• 20 grams fresh basil,
roughly chopped
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
• salt, to taste
• freshly ground black pepper

1. Brush oil or pan
with oil. Grill all
the cheese slices
and tomatoes until
charring occurs.
Remove and set aside.
2. In a dish, arrange
watermelon, grilled
cheese, grilled
cherry tomatoes, and
chopped basil.
3. Mix together olive
oil and garlic. Drizzle
over salad.
4. Season with salt and
freshly ground pepper.

Chef ’s Note: Prosciutto or

smoked salmon may be
added, if preferred.

32 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
Pica PicaRECIPES BY CHef MiCHelle adrillaNa of flaVors oN fire

SHoT oN LoCATIoN AT kUyseN eNterPrises

For inquiries and

orders, you may
contact (02) 340-8947
or (+63) 933-1806,
or email orders@ or
reaL fOOD: Pica Pica Stunners


Preparation time: 20-30 minutes Serves 10 to 20

FOR THE SISIG • 50 grams red onion, finely chopped
• ¼ kilo beef brisket • 10 grams garlic, finely chopped
• ¼ kilo oxtail • 20 grams butter, nuggets
• 3 tablespoons soy sauce
• 50 mL calamansi juice FOR THE CLOuD EGG
• 10 mL olive oil • 5 eggs
• 6 pieces bird’s eye chili, • salt and pepper, to taste
finely chopped • 30 pieces quail egg yolks

1. Place beef brisket and 1. Preheat oven to 120ºC & line
oxtail in separate pots baking mats.
with water and bring to 2. Beat the egg whites from low to
a boil until tender. Strain high speed, about 2-3 minutes
then mince into small until it forms stiff peaks.
cubes, and transfer to a 3. Dollop spoonfuls of the beaten
stainless tray. egg whites onto the baking
2. Preheat oven to 220°C then mats. Make a well on the center
place meat and roast for 20 using a spoon, enough to fit the
minutes until crispy. filling. Bake in the oven until
3. In a pan, heat oil and sauté hard and firm.
onions, garlic, and meat.
Add chili and calamansi TO ASSEMBLE
juice. Season with soy sauce Line up cloud eggs and fill up with
to taste. sisig. Top with the quail egg yolks.

34 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: Pica Pica Stunners

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 35
reaL fOOD: Pica Pica Stunners

CHICKEN Ingredients Procedure

1. In a bowl, mix lemongrass, soy sauce, annatto
oil, calamansi, sugar, garlic, and chili. Marinate
BuRRITO • 50 grams
• 10 pieces tortilla
wrap 2.
the chicken breast.
Grill chicken breast for 5-8 minutes on each side,
Cooking time: 30 minutes finely chopped • ½ kilo brown depending on size and thickness. Cut into strips.
Serves 10 • 10 mL soy sauce rice, cooked
• 20 mL annatto oil • 30 grams or 10 TO ASSEMBLE
• 15 mL calamansi leaves lettuce 1. Place tortilla wrap on a flat surface.
• 3 tablespoons • 50 grams tomato 2. In a bowl, combine brown rice and chicken
sugar inasal strips.
• 20 grams garlic, 3. Place a lettuce leaf on the tortilla wrap, then
finely chopped layer the tomatoes.
• 4 pieces chili 4. Spoon the brown rice mixture over the tortilla
• ½ kilo wraps. Roll tightly like a cigar and wrap in an
chicken breast aluminum foil or parchment paper.

36 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: Pica Pica Stunners


Preparation time: 20 minutes Serves 10

Ingredients Procedure
• 100 grams chickpea • 1 gram pepper, to taste 1. To make the hummus, blend chickpeas, Tahini
• 30 grams Tahini paste • 10 pieces pita bread paste, olive oil, parsley, and garlic using a food
• 100 mL olive oil • 20 grams grissini or processor. Season with salt and pepper.
• 5 grams parsley, finely breadsticks 2. Grill or pan grill pita bread and cut into triangles.
chopped • 30 grams red bell Insert the grissini sticks at the wider part of the
• 50 grams garlic, finely pepper, diced into small pita bread, making it look like a pine tree.
chopped cubes 3. Spread the hummus on the pita bread and top with
• 2 grams salt, to taste bell peppers.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 37
For recipe development or food styling
bookings, you may visit
or contact (+63) 906-414-3047

Pet-friendly Nibbles RECIPES AND STYLING BY CHef MaC flaViaNo

tHe fUNdaMeNtal kitCHeN
reaL fOOD: Pet-friendly nibbles


Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Makes 12 to 15

• ½ cup natural peanut butter
• ½ cup mashed sweet potato
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 cup water
• 2 ½ cups all purpose f lour, sifted
• ½ teaspoon baking powder
• 3 tablespoon crushed peanuts, toasted

1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.
2. Mix peanut butter, sweet potato, honey, and water
thoroughly. Stir in flour, baking powder, and peanuts.
Knead lightly.
3. Roll out dough to 1-cm thickness and cut into desired shapes.
4. Bake for about 20-25 minutes until biscuits are dry.
5. Store in an airtight container for up to 7 days at room
temperature, or in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 39
reaL fOOD: Pet-friendly nibbles

Preparation time: 10 minutes Baking time: 2 hours

• 2 pieces chicken breast fillet
• ¼ kilo lean beef
• 15 pieces chicken gizzard

1. Place chicken and beef in freezer for 1 hour to make
them easier to slice. Cut into ¼-inch thick slices.
2. Open chicken gizzards and place flat on prepared
baking tray together with chicken and beef slices.
3. Bake at 150-175ºF oven for 1 hour 30 minutes or until
completely dry. Cool on a wire rack.
4. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up
to 2 weeks.

40 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL fOOD: Pet-friendly nibbles

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 41
reaL fOOD: Pet-friendly nibbles


Preparation time: 20 minutes Baking time: 20-25 minutes

Ingredients Procedure
• 1 cup minced fresh salmon • 1 cup all purpose flour 1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. about 30 minutes. Cool
or tuna • 1 teaspoon baking powder 2. In a bowl, mix together completely.
• ½ cup grated carrot salmon or tuna, carrot, 5. Fill and frost with potato
• ½ cup grated zucchini FOR THE ICING zucchini, egg, honey, oil, and cream cheese icing.
• 1 large egg • 1 large potato and water thoroughly. 6. To make icing, mix
• 1 tablespoon honey • ½ cup water 3. Sift together and stir in potato, water, and
• 2 tablespoons canola oil • ¾ cup low-fat cream cheese flour and baking powder. cream cheese together
• ¼ cup water 4. Divide batter between until smooth.
two prepared 4-inch
pans and bake for

42 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
the ingredients to

winning WoRDS BY tiMotHy diao

PHoToGRAPHY BY tarisH ZaMora
SHoT oN LoCATIoN AT le Petit soUfflé

C hef Miko Aspiras walked into the private dining area of

Le Petit Soufflé at SM Mega Mall quite rattled, picking
up the panic that was shared throughout the room.
“I’m sorry medyo natagalan. May mga kinailangan lang
akong i-approve na mga cakes,” he shyly apologized, while
making his way to the makeshift prep table where six other
hands were trying to figure out how to style a delicate
confection of tempered chocolate—a creation that Chef Miko
sculpted into a bouquet of flowers the night before.
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 45
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

“I know people will look at this, Since winning that first event, he
[those who really practice the craft], has participated in over sixteen Young
and criticize this; but [for me], it looks Hoteliers Exposition contests. But it
natural—detail wise, and technique wise,“ wasn’t until the fourth one that he was
he shared under a hush as he carefully pushed by circumstances to sign up for a
and meticulously delved into styling it. pastry challenge.
He operated with a certain caution He was hell-bent on throwing his
that you’d imagine a celebrated and name into the hat for a hot kitchen
awarded pastry chef would not have. competition, but was later eliminated in
It was not a novice apprehension, but the selection process. Refusing to miss
rather a careful calculation of whether
or not each move of a hand would lead
to the unfortunate crumbling of the
beautiful chocolate-made foliage.
It had been a while since he had to
sculpt chocolate. The last time he did a
similar project was for a competition he
participated in 2013, when he was still
employed with Raffles and Fairmont in
Makati. Though he did not bring home
the bacon—a first for Chef Miko as he "His storied love
had always ranked a place for every and career in
competition he joined: twelve golds, tHe world of
two silvers, and a bronze to be exact—he
did gain a much deeper perspective on sweets began in
the value of winning, and what it took
to get there.
a BeGiNNiNG to eVerytHiNG

His storied love and career in the

world of sweets began in serendipity.
In De La Salle College of Saint Benilde,
where Chef Miko studied culinary arts,
students were given a platform titled
Young Hoteliers Exposition, which
served as an avenue for budding chefs an opportunity of honing his craft, he
and hoteliers to showcase what they’ve still looked for a bout to join. As luck
learned and practiced through a series would have it, the only event left for
of competitions. him to sign up for was a cheesecake-
Chef Miko, a self-confessed making contest.
spirited competitor, began joining the This he took as an unprecedented
exposition a little earlier than advised. challenge; little did he know that that
“I was naturally very competitive very detour would be the push he
in college. Even if I wasn’t allowed to needed to discover his raw talent, and
compete yet—it was usually the juniors would pave the way to his whole career.
and seniors that competed—but it was on “Hindi ko nalang alam na I was
the first term of my sophomore year that blessed with the talent to develop flavors
I first joined the hotel set-up contest.” for the sweet side of food,” he said.

46 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 47
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

WitH a GraiN of salt

Ever since he began

competing, Chef Miko
has taken to heart the
growing pains that comes
with practicing his craft:
the number of failed
attempts before that
perfect bite of cheesecake;
humbling himself to sharp
criticism; even the politics
that comes with working

"ever since
He bagan
cHef miko
Has taken
to Heart
tHe growing
pains tHat
comes witH
His craft."

in a big kitchen; and

knowing when to turn
his back when it’s the best
thing to do.
Being openly gay,
and comfortable with his
sexuality hasn’t always sat
well with everyone that
he’s worked with in the
past. Joining a kitchen,
the immensity of his
talent was not attributed
to his dedication to
pastry, but was more
often than not credited to
his sexuality.
Chef Miko recalled
instances when he was
assigned to create cakes
for important guests at
the hotels he worked for.

48 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 49
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

This sort of workplace love for his expertise. For dessert spots that Chef This continuous pursuit
discrimination may have the past 11 years, he has Miko handles to this day. for knowledge for his
stung, but Chef Miko seen Chef Miko’s decade- “Pastry has always craft makes him the best
was not going to let a few long career unfold: from been his passion even in what he does. ”
slurs set him off course. their practicum days at before I met him,” San
He took it with a grain of EDSA Shangri-La, to the Juan shared. “While I tHe MileaGe of
salt, and proved to them PassioN
that he was great at his
job, not because of his Ever since his first
flamboyance, but rather pastry competition in
his ferventness, and
letting his passion have
"wHile i love pastry, miko culinary school, Chef
Miko has been pushing
its way. Has a passion for it. His eye the boundaries of what
“[Passion is] one of
the things I had when
for creativity, as well a dessert is expected to
be like. His restaurants
I started pursuing my as His mind for flavor, is and dessert spots
career. That’s the one sometHing innate to Him." (Scout’s Honor, Freezer
thing that separated Burn, Le Petite Soufflé,
me from a lot of pastry and The Workshop)
chefs—‘coz I worked in are a testament to
a lot of establishments this continuous push
with people who are like number of hotels and love pastry, Miko has a for excellence and
me—they worked really restaurants that he has passion for it. His eye ingenuity—a love letter
hard but they lacked the been a part of, even their for creativity, as well as of sorts, a dedication of
passion,” he shared. time as business partners his mind for flavor, is his passion for the pastry
His partner, now at a now-defunct home- something innate to him. arts. Through the years,
husband, JV San Juan has based baking venture, and I saw his eagerness to Chef Miko has learned
been a testament to his of course, the numerous learn and try out things. that though passion

50 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 51
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

52 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | D e c e m b e r 2017 - j a n u a ry 2018
reaL STOrieS: man of the hour

may have been his kick-starter, one More importantly, Chef Miko
ingredient does not make a cake. sees the value of the people that have
“Passion is just one part of reaching supported his dreams from the very
what you want to be in life. It’s an start. His husband, as Chef Miko would
essential part, but it’s just one part of put it, has been his biggest cheerleader;
it. You have to have [passion] for you believing in him and his capability to
to start doing, or to become what you rise above his challenges even before he
want to be. But it’s not enough.” would think that he could do so. His long
His colorful journey has shown him time friend and fellow pastry chef, Chef
that though his innate fervor for sweet Peachy Juban, who in an introductory
confections has been his career’s meal speech that she gave to welcome Chef
Miko on stage at this year’s Madrid
Fusion likened watching his growth as
a chef to reading a book, and seeing the
pages unfold before her very eyes. And a
number of industry movers that he sees
as mentors and great influences, such
as Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Cyrielle
Soenen, Chef Chele Gonzalez, and Chef
Margarita Forés.
"i found out tHat In return, he has been recognized
it was not scary to as one of the best in his craft by the
people that love his confections, by
lose. i Had to lose to his esteemed mentor and peers, and of
know wHat it takes course through numerous awards from
to win." the Philippine Culinary Cup, Hong
Kong Food Exposition, Hong Kong
Culinary Classics, World Association of
Chef’s Societies Congress, and more.
You would think that a competitive
and dedicated craftsman like he is would
be caught up by the high of winning,
but amongst all of these wins, he values
what he learned at that singular loss in
2013 the most.
ticket, he cannot dismiss how without “I found out that it was not scary to
raw talent, his passion would have been lose. I had to lose to know what it takes
in vain; or if not drive, he would not have to win,” Chef Miko shared alluding
been a competitive and excellent pastry to what it took for him to refuse to
chef; and if not for understanding the tolerate his excuses, to continuously
necessity of rediscovery and redeveloping push and assert his goals, and to go
passion for what one does, he would have beyond his expectations and what
given up when things became rough. others have expected of him.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 53
Auro: A Bean-to-Bar Story
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

A long the sprawling roads of

Laguna’s Technopark, you’ll
find Auro Chocolates – or
at least, its factory. Located near
the entrance, it is of relatively
large build, spacious enough for its
equipment and storage facilities.
And the facade is quite new, with
production beginning early 2017.
“Lean yet capable” seems to be the
factory’s over-arching theme, and
one that seems to manifest what
Auro is shaping up to be.
While it’s a relatively new
company, it holds the distinction of
being one that’s looking to revitalize
one of the country’s lesser-realized
industries – chocolate. The road to
Auro started in a gourmet shop in
Chicago, where founder Jacqueline
Go saw an American-manufactured
chocolate bar that made use of cocoa
beans from Davao. “That was seven
to eight years ago, where even here,
there was no awareness of that,”

"wHile it's a
relatively new
company, it Holds
tHe distinction
of being one
tHat's looking
to revitalize one
of tHe country's

says Kelly Go, Jacqueline’s daughter

and Auro’s managing director. At
the time, she was studying Political
Science in Chicago, before moving
into Culinary Arts – a move
that would deepen her love for
chocolate. “She was really surprised
to find that all the way across the
world, so she sent somebody to go
to Davao, she herself went there just
out of curiosity.”

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 55
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

It was there that they realized

how fertile the Philippines was
for cacao-growing, being part
of the cacao belt and containing
one of the world’s rarest cacao
species, the criollo. And with
such potential, the possibility of
creating something great from it. the Philippines to be known for one had to make use of larger
“The Philippines has had cacao for something more than just what it’s machines, which were often only
300 years, and for the longest time typically known for.” available to larger companies. And
we only did tablea products and That said, it looks to be part manufacturing chocolate in the
whatnot. [We] never actually saw of an emerging group of bean-to- Philippines from scratch had its
a quality Filipino chocolate brand bar chocolate makers, placing a own share of problems. “Now, we
come out of this after hundreds of premium on both the source and see a democratization of the entire
years,” says Mark Ocampo, who is process. After all, the chocolate process, with smaller machines
also managing director for Auro. scene in the Philippines is often available. So it’s only been really
“We wanted to create something fraught with a slew of difficulties. possible in the last, I would say,
that could be marketed abroad, Kelly notes how chocolate-making 10-15 years,” she says. That said,
have the same quality that other used to be hard to do at a small timing had been a crucial factor in
international brands carry, and for scale – in order to make chocolate, launching Auro, as it was during

56 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 57
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

58 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

and farmers a larger market for

their work, thus providing them
greater recognition and greater
opportunities for livelihood.
At the same time, its focus on
origin also allows it to be more
inclusive, as instead of gathering
farms in more convenient places,
it instead taps into lesser-known

"for us, we really

make it a point
to go all over—
nortH, east, west,
soutH—and really
go to places
wHere people
don't really want
to go to."

communities. “Right now, we work

with over 2,000 farmers, and we
actually guarantee their market
for over 10 years, or more. And so
what we realize about this is that
sometimes, what ends up happening
is that people only zone into specific
places that are easily accessible,
which they can guarantee a supply,”
says Mark. “But for us, we really
make it a point to go all over—
a time when cacao was said to be recognition to the effort given by North, East, West, South—and really
turning scarce and the movement those who had worked to produce go to the places where people don’t
to be more aware of one’s food and it. “So we have our standard single really want to go to.”
its source began to take hold in the origin bar, that is actually a blend It’s through this push for
local industry. of different beans coming from inclusiveness that brought further
But more than putting the different farming communities in awareness into the lives of cacao
Philippine chocolate on the map, Davao,” she says. “We’d [also] like farmers. “I don’t think as business
Auro is about giving back to both its to proudly announce that we’re also people… and we’re not from
origins and its farmers. Aside from launching our Auro Reserve – more agriculture, [that] we have a lot of
being bean-to-bar, it also prides than single origin, they’re also chances to interact with the farmers
itself on being single origin, truly single estate, and those are what face-to-face, or really get to know
highlighting the unique flavors we find even more exceptional.” about a lot of the issues that they
of the region as well as giving It, after all, provides partner farms face,” recalls Kelly, when asked

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 59
reaL STOrieS: brand Talk

about how the first meeting came

about. “So when [my mother] first
met them, she was quite shocked
that they didn’t know much about
the cacao market, that there are
even different varieties, that there
were different opportunities – some
of the companies would just tell
them, you plant this, and that’s it.”

"to create great

cHocolate, one
must involve
affects it."

And it’s this understanding and

collaboration that Auro builds itself
upon, even incorporating itself into
practices such as the pricing matrix.
So indeed, Auro may be a new
player at this moment in time. And
such a status could prove daunting
when innovating in an industry that
has long lain dormant. But even
in the short period they’ve been
existing, they’ve managed to make
a lot of progress – from helping
out previously impoverished
communities and teaming up with
initiatives like CrowdFarming,
where Auro is the only non-
European participant. Because for
them, chocolate is no mere product
to be consumed by the market and
to be produced haphazardly. To
create great chocolate, one must
involve everything—and everyone—
that affects it.
For more information, you may
visit You can
also check out their Facebook page at or their
Instagram @aurochocolate.

60 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: essays

Home is Where the Food Is

The Importance of Sharing a Family Meal
WoRDS BY Nikki NatiVidad. ILLUSTRATIoN BY aiCa dUraN
SPECIAL THANkS To raPHael iNoCeNCio of Better stePs PsyCHoloGy iNC.
reaL STOrieS: essays

A happy home starts

at the dinner table.
It’s where kids get a
taste of their parents’ best
recipes and mom and dad
Sometimes meal time
is the only opportunity for
families to just sit down,
bond, and talk about
their days. Or even when
of the meal isn’t a factor,
but rather the quantity
of meals shared together.
That is, the actual food
that’s being eaten and
during meal times, then
the effect of a delicious
meal is lost.
“The most important
thing is to first establish
get to ask their kids about words aren’t exchanged, shared isn’t as important a relationship with your
their day. unfortunately, the sacredness of eating as the consistency of the family members,” says
today’s fast-paced world together and performing company. For families Raphael. “This cannot
puts pressure on family little rituals is enough to to bond and “reap the be forced by just having
members to sacrifice form a bond and create benefits” of sharing meals, meals together. This has
meal time together for lasting memories. they need to do it as often to be fostered in all the
more urgent matters, It could be a father as possible. Anyway, things that surround your
like meeting deadlines or customarily pouring eating is also necessary family’s interaction.”
going on con-calls. But water into everyone’s for survival, so might as The dinner table is
as routine as eating is, it glass at the start of a well eat together! the perfect venue to start
isn’t just a simple human meal, or a mother shelling
need. It’s an essential shrimps for each of her
ingredient for living. children. These moments
An Irish playwright are what make eating
once said, “There is no together a fulfilling
sincerer love than the experience, even if at the
love of food.” And he’s time, it seems so usual.
right; there are few
pleasures in life that can
This is why families
who eat together tend to be
"The quality of the meal
compare to the pleasure closer together. Studies have isn't a factor, but rather
of eating. It’s likely shown that eating meals
because food engages all together have a positive the quantity of meals
the senses, right from the
start and all the way until
effect on fostering a sense of
belongingness for families. shared together."
the end. Meal times can be used as
The sound of raw food a vehicle for bonding and
hitting a hot pan; the building trust.
smell coyly wafting from In order to better
the kitchen door; the understand the
mouthwatering sight of a psychological benefits
delectable meal; that first, of sharing meals, we
oh-so-satisfying bite. asked Raphael Inocencio, However, just because fostering that sense of
Eating is an experience a consultant at Better a family eats together does openness. Eating is more
so pleasurable, it must be Steps Psychology, a few not guarantee closeness. He than just a basic need – it’s
shared. That’s why it’s at questions. offers this disclaimer: essential for living. So
the dinner table where “Generally, family “Merely eating together make time to eat – carve
people often show their meals have a positive is not an assurance that out time in your day where
love. It’s a venue to make effect, mainly on the family members are better you can and share a meal
friends and court lovers. nutrition of children able to relate to each with your loved one.
And for families, it’s an and adolescents,” Raphael other. While meal times We don’t eat just to
opportunity to become agrees. “There is also together is one way, be full. We eat to talk
closer together. some evidence that there are still prerequisites about our days or hear
The entire process of having family meals, just that are required to reap about our loved ones’
meal time fosters a sense like any other family its benefits.” days. When we eat, we
of togetherness in different bonding activity, has For example, there don’t eat at all – we give
ways. Parents who cook a positive effect on a needs to be a sense of thanks, we enjoy the food
put in the time and effort to sense of belongingness openness already present served us, and we share
make dishes that are both for every member of between family members pleasurable moments in
nutritious and delectable the family.” for meal times to be the company of a person
for their children. They’re Meal time, from a an open and enjoyable we love or we would
gratified when kids enjoy psychological standpoint, experience. Breaking love to get to know.
their meals and the meals is a useful venue bread together is a form It just so happens that
they make show that they for family members of camaraderie that these moments are best
care about their kids’ health to strengthen their cannot be replaced, but if experienced over a nice,
and happiness. relationships. The quality there is no sense of ease hot meal.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 63
reaL STOrieS: essays

the business WoRDS BY arraH BalUCatiNG

SPECIAL THANkS To CHef Niño laUs of NiNyo
fUsioN CUisiNe & WiNe loUNGe aNd eNaH BaBa
of sHaNGri-la at tHe fort of love
B ack in the day, it
was believed that
married men made
bad soldiers—and so, in
Rome, the sacrament was
banned. But legend has
it that there was once a
man named Valentine, a
noble priest who was later
known to have arranged

"Legend has
it that there
was once a
man named

marriages in secret. After

being imprisoned and
sentenced to death for this
act of rebellion, he would
later on be immortalized
as a saint of the Roman
Catholic Church. Shortly
after, February 14 would
be established as the
feast of St. Valentine—a
foreshadowing of what
was to come.
The 18th century
marked the era that

64 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
reaL STOrieS: essays

February 14 began to as chaos. Which begs the tHe War ZoNe giveaways that they can
take on a whole new question, how do they do If love is a battlefield, offer, small touches they
light. Couples would it like clockwork? then so is February 14 for can put in to the whole
partake in the spirit St. the warriors breaking a experience—roses or
Valentine left behind, one WHere it BeGiNs sweat behind the kitchen anything the guests can
that celebrated love and It all starts with and those slaving away at take home.”
affection in a grandiose crafting the experience the front of house. In the
manner. Speeches of in an appropriate setting. nitty-gritty of the much- a WiNNiNG Battle Cry
adoration were adorned Prep is an important anticipated event, Chef At the end of the day,
with flowers and sweets, aspect before the curtains Niño employs certain it boils down to creating
and that was just the rise for the big night. strategies on logistics. For an impact on memory
beginning. A string of meetings one, he makes sure he’s got and eventually becoming
Today, it has become is needed leading up all hands on deck. As such, a vital part of one’s love
a multi-billion dollar to the event, especially he doubles the staff and story—be it in the context
“holiday”. The business in an industry where hires extra hands. Then of romance, friendship,
of love has created in every detail counts. there’s the Valentine’s family, or work. Chef
itself its own currency, Shangri-La at the Set Menu he innovates Niño shares a noteworthy
and the numbers don’t Fort’s Communication every year. He says he story he holds dear to his
lie. Entrepreneur has Executive, Enah Baba, swears by this system on heart to this day, “We had
reported Valentine’s Day a couple drive into Ninyo.
sales reaching an all-time They had a reservation and
high all over the world everything. We noticed,
at roughly $19.7 billion though, that they did not
in 2016. Meanwhile, The "today, it has become a multi- come down from their
Fiscal Times estimates car. Soon after, the couple
$3.8 billion spent on an billion dollar "holiday". the decided to drive away.
evening out, with 25
percent choosing to wine business of love has created in Later on, we found out
that they had broken up.
and dine.
Our nation is
itself its own currency, and the The guy who made the
reservation messaged to
no exception to the
phenomenon. We’ve been
numbers don't lie...our nation is apologize, we expressed
our empathy, and told him
hit by the lovebug time
and again. Chef Niño Laus
no exception to the phenomenon. he can come back anytime
to redeem his dinner. He
of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine, a we've been hit by the lovebug eventually did a year later,
restaurant that has become with the same girl, this
a cult hit for couples on time and again." time for a proposal.”
Valentine’s Day, alludes to It is in moments like
this, “It's really the busiest these that gastronomy
time for us, the whole bleed seamlessly into life.
February actually, but attributes their success to the evenings of the 13th, And despite the long hours
Valentine's Day especially. giving each of their hotel’s 14th, and the 15th since the industry needs to put
Reservations are nonstop. restaurants a certain it tends to get really busy. in, they seem to agree on
People call as early as personality. “We make In his kitchen, guests also the same thing:keeping up
December. It's a lot of sure that the offerings get to choose between with St. Valentine is not so
work and coordination and how we communicate two batches for dining—a bad after all.
on our end—making sure in terms of marketing strategy he utilizes to
we don't miss out on any are also synonymous avoid overcrowding and to Ninyo Fusion Cuisine is
details and special requests to the personality per guarantee the best service. located at 66 Esteban Abada
by the guests. The results restaurant,” she says. Enah also attests to the St., Loyola Heights, Quezon
are always great. Sales are To wit, options should set menu rationale in their City. For reservations and
at its peak and people end be open to make sure restaurants for purposes inquiries you can contact,
their dinner happy”. everyone is included. The of efficiency and lessening (02) 426-0301.
The food and key is not to isolate the food wastage. Another
hospitality industry get holiday to just romantic thing the hospitality Shangri-La Fort is located
the brunt of the hustle and love, as there are different industry has up their sleeve at 30th St., cor. 5th
bustle, bringing a sense angles and stories of it to on the special day? Small Avenue, BGC, Taguig. For
of order and beauty to a celebrate. tokens. “The managers reservations and inquiries,
night otherwise defined come up with certain you can contact 820-8888.

b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 65
tHe process oF
meAt cuttIng
WoRDS BY MUriel diZoN

T he meat section is probably the most

excruciating yet the most exciting section
in the market. Choosing the meat to use
for a certain dish might be a no-brainer, but
knowing where a piece of meat came from is
beyond the basic knowledge of most consumers.
A wise consumer must always remember that
the meat’s tenderness, juiciness, and flavor varies
on which part the meat is from.
In this issue, Chef Bong Sagmit, a renowned
force in the local scene’s farm-to-table
movement, shows us how to obtain our own
meat cut in the comfort of our own kitchens.
REAL STORIES: Gastronomy Confidential

first things first, in

meat cutting, Chef
Bong recommends
getting your hands
on the basic materials
needed: a meat saw,
a solid cutting table,
a sharpening steel,
safety gloves, and
different kinds of
sharpened knives.

b r e a kb
a Gsa
i naeG|aDzei n
ce m
| fbeebrr2017
u a ry
- j-am
h 2018 69
REAL STORIES: Gastronomy Confidential

doing your own meat cutting would

require you to order your own carcass
from the butcher shop. thus, it is
essential to research on the nearest
meat suppliers in the area and order
one that’s freshly butchered.

you can either order carcasses in

halves or as a whole, depending
on usage. for Chef Bong, cutting
your own meat is favorable during
festivities or celebrations because
you can utilize a bulk of different
meat cuts for a myriad of dishes.

68 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
REAL STORIES: Gastronomy Confidential

once the primary cuts are done, some butchers

prefer to clean or smoothen the meat’s surface
using a sharpened knife. this can help identify
after cutting the carcass in half, the primary the sub-primary cuts easily.
cuts are developed by identifying its four
major sections: the round, loin, rib, and chuck. some fats can be kept aside once removed; and
can be used for making broths, ground meats,
achieving these major cuts may require a or even in sausages.
saw to cut the bones, and sharpened knives
for the finer meat portions like the fat and
the meat itself.


b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 69
REAL STORIES: Gastronomy Confidential

While doing the sub-primary cuts,

the usual cuts seen in markets can
now be identified. the meat can
be cut according to its shape, or
can also be prepared by wrapping
it with a thread to even out the
shape for cooking.

70 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018
REAL STORIES: Gastronomy Confidential

loin joints

Presenting the final
meat cuts you see in the
marketplaces. Now, you are
ready to meat cut to your
heart's delight!

belly slices

rustic belly
b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018 71
reaL STOrieS: food Trip

lovers' date out

Love is in the air again. Like it or not, this day has become
quite a commotion. With all the restaurants out there, it
may be a bit of a struggle to narrow it down and choose
one. Lucky for you, we have already scoured the Metro and
WoRDS BY triCia QUiNtero come up with a list you can try.

splurge Fantastic food, a relaxing ambiance, top-notch service,

and an intimate set-up altogether is still a classic way to
induce all the kilig. If you don’t mind shelling a few more 1 Champagne room
bucks (than usual), read on for our recommendations. Like a classic that will never go out of style, they
continue to woo the hearts of fine diners alike. With its
impeccable service, lavish fairytale-like décor, and its

classic menu offerings, it guarantees the finest dining
Price range: Approximately Php2,500 for two

2 top of the Citi by Chef Jessie

Besides the breathtaking 360-degree view of
the city, they also boast their consistent five-star
cooking—their Sea Bass with Goose Liver, Angus
Beef Tenderloin, and Lamb Chop with Adobo sauce
will not disappoint.
Price range: Approximately Php2,000 for two

3 210 degrees kitchen + drinkery

Whoever said fine dining can’t be fun? More akin to
a laidback and homey feel: posters of different cities
around the world and quirky quotes fill up the walls.
Their four-course menu is worth every penny.
Price range: Approximately Php2,600 for two

4 Blackbird
Aviation-inspired restaurant, Blackbird, combines
sophistication, simplicity and elegance; but more
importantly a one of a kind dining experience.
Price range: Approximately Php3,100 for two

5 lemuria Gourmet restaurant

This diner is a French-Mediterranean restaurant
done with a lot of finesse. A place that exudes a truly
romantic and secluded feel that will guarantee a quiet

4 3
and intimate bonding time with your loved one, they
constantly evolve their menu, so try asking them for
their recommended dishes.
Price range: Approximately Php3,000 for two

save Amazing dates need not break your pockets. There are
a huge number of concept restaurants that can equally
ensure a good time and filled tummies. Here are our
1 rustic Mornings by isabelo
They serve all-day breakfast fares that won’t
disappoint, and an array of popular Filipino dishes
like Lechon kawali and kaldereta. The place is
also IG-worthy, perfect for immortalizing those
snapworthy moments.
Price range: Approximately Php1,100 for two

2 Bucky’s
Combining a chill vibe, a tight but varied menu, and

good food, Bucky’s covers all your bases. Since it’s
in Poblacion, you and your loved one can explore the
neighborhood right after.
Price range: Approximately Php500 for two

3 la Vie Parisienne
Don’t let its façade intimidate you because, contrary

to its looks, it won’t cost you too much. The best part?
It’s a french bakery, deli, and a wine cellar all in one!
Their ingredients are imported from France, but they
still keep their prices on the affordable side.
Price range: Approximately Php1,100 for two

4 Common folk
Right along katipunan is this cozy nook. They offer
toasts and sandwiches in different ways—Salmon to
Love and Say Cheese are among their highlights.
Price range: Approximately Php500 for two

5 Pound by todd english

You’ll be surprised to find the best-tasting and
affordable burgers tucked in BGC. You can never go
wrong with their crispy chicken sliders.

Price range: Approximately Php800 for two

72 b r e a k fa s t m a G a z i n e | f e b r u a ry - m a r c h 2018