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by Atechbcn Ea BMU WORKING LIMITATIONS To whom it may concern, Atechben S.L. declares that our BMU cannot be used in poor lighting conditions. This limitation is, defined on all our O&M manuals at the “prohibited operations section’. When using a BMU, the cradle must be able to arrive in case of emergency to the floor at any moment of the operational period. We consider it impossible to have good working lighting conditions in front of the facade all along a facade descend during nighttime. In consequence, our BMU cannot be used at night time. Best regards, Bruc, 72-74, 4 Planta (08009 Barcelona, Spain 1436934 110281 http: / ATECHBCN 5.L. c/ Bruc, 72 ~ 74 4# planta 08009 Barcelona. Spain