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Butterfly Life Cycle

Lesson Plan
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Butterfly Life Cycle

TEKS: The student knows all organisms are classified into Domains and Kingdoms. Organisms within these
taxonomic groups share similar characteristics which allow them to interact with the living and nonliving parts of
their ecosystem (6.12). The student knows that populations and species demonstrate variation and inherit many
of their unique traits through gradual processes over many generations (7.11).

The student knows that organisms resemble their parents and have structures and processes that help them
survive within their environments (K.10; 1.10; 2.10). The student knows that organisms undergo similar life
processes and have structures that help them survive within their environments (3.10; 4.10; 5.10). (Page 10)

Objective: The student will investigate and record some of the unique stages that insects undergo during their life

NOTE: Please download the free app Aurasma prior to the lesson and the free QR code, so that you may use the
Augmented Reality Flash Cards.
5E’s Suggested Activity Teacher will do: Student will do:
Engage: Read “The Very Hungry Discuss these terms with students: Ask students to create their own
Caterpillar” & discuss the Life • Egg illustrations of the butterfly cycle
Cycle of a caterpillar. • Larva or caterpillar & label each stage of
• Adult butterfly development.
Visit Websites: (Could be done on the top half of a
Metamorphosis folded sheet of paper or on a
Butterfly & Moth Life Cycles paper plate divided into quarters)
Encourage students to use vocabulary terms.

Songs to Engage students in the

Butterfly Life Cycle



Explore: Start by having your students Use students’ previous Place iPad/iTouch & the Aurasma
explore the butterfly stages at by knowledge/experience in the Application on top of each Flash
using Augmented Reality Flash classroom (terms & stages of Card to watch it come to life.
Cards in groups and place them in development). Recall terms and
sequential order. stages and ask students to walk to * Use technology when exploring
the appropriate stage of the cards to see video of
development on the playground. Augmented Reality Flash Cards
5E’s Suggested Activity Teacher will do: Student will do:

Explain: In their student groups have Teacher can ask students how Students may discuss with
students describe the life cycle they are similar and how they their group/partner the
and if they can think of a life are different. How many differences/similarities.
cycle of any other animal that stages are found in the life
they’re familiar with. cycle.
Extend: Have student recall the life Provide student with Place iPad/iTouch & Aurasma
cycle of a butterfly & how it Augmented Reality flash cards Application on top of each
compares to another animal’s of the life cycle of a frog. Have Augmented Reality Flash Card
life cycle. students recall terms for the to watch it come to life.
life cycle of a butterfly.
Sequence the life cycle of a
Evaluate: Create an Augmented Reality Provide students with QR code Use the recording sheets
Scavenger Hunt Life Cycle for and Augmented Reality cards provided to complete the
students using the Aurasma with instructions (Sample appropriate handouts.
Application. Handouts of Scavenger Hunt) (Sample Handouts of
Scavenger Hunt)