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Humans Right

Good morning the honorable jury and all my friends.Before we start,Let us pray to god who
because of his blessing,we can attend this event.The topic of my speech today is talking about a
something that’s every person in this earth has,that is,The Human Right.

So Humans right is a important part for building a country without war,because humans
right,this world can reduce the possibility of war.So many benefit of humans right if it is applied
properly.Humans right can give every person chance to have a better life,but if the right of
humans being in wrong use,that’s will cause the conflict.So now we need to know the meaning
of Humans Right.Humans right are rules that make everyone feel secure and that can improve
their standart of living.

Every single person in this world is already has the human right when they born in this
earth,The problem is whether everyone has felt human right?Do we know that a lot of events that
violate humans right in Indonesia?many people doesn’t get their humans right and that makes
them life harder.Today we are not too sensitive to our brothers out there who are oppressed
because they have not felt human rights.They get bully,they are being harassed,they are
abandoned and the worse,they get murdered.They are our brother who do not feel the human
right.We should be grateful because we can feel the human right so we can live well.

Many cases of human rights violations that occurred in Indonesia.For example child sexual
abuse cases,this cases often happens in Indonesia.And it makes children feel the bad impact,they
are traumatized that they find it difficult to get the rights they are supossed to we see
that human right is so important..From this cases we got a Question,why they cannot feel the
human right?.This is because Indonesia people are not concerned the law of human right.

We need to concerned the law of human right for avoid the violating to human right in
Indonesia.There is a lot of country with less care to humans right law,In United States,Killing
like ussualy things do in that country.The fact is really embrassing.Right human need to
respected for better life,because if we life without the human right,that’s will makes us live
harder and a lot of complicated.

Ladies and gentleman,Lets open our eyes,Lets see to the Myanmar,Palestine.There our brother
is killed ny those hate them,they do not the right to life,the right to freedom from war.Now what
we can do to help them ? we are the next generations,if we cant war,we can demonstrate by
demanding the freedom of the Rohingnya and palestine