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Somewhere Behind Black Eyes Part 5

Somewhere behind black eyes …

Shadows twisted, pulsed and formed

grotesque images. Even if he closed his eyes the
images taunted him and threatened to pursue him
under the covers where he hid in pointless defense.

The five-foot-tall mirror his mother brought

inside stood stoically against the corner of the
room. Figures of unknown creatures taunted,
teased him, poking their images in and out of the
reflective area. The shadows seemed to note he
was in the room even when he blinked or poked
his head back under the covers.

He sighed loudly; this is never going to end. Every

night this was an ongoing event. He might as well
just suck it up and go over to the mirror to see if
the dark figures moving around in them were real
or imaginary. Nothing he could say to his mother
or father was going to convince them he was
seeing them, and they were real! He had to be
brave and check it out; after all he was going to be
twelve, then, he’d be a teenager.

Then he got a really good idea! What if he

found something to cover the mirror up with!
Maybe this would make them go away and lose
interest in him? He’d cover it up then they couldn’t
stare at him. Maybe then he could sleep knowing
most of the creepy stuff in his area was taken care
of. Getting across the room was going to be hard
to do. One of them could be under the bed! Please
don’t let one of them be under the bed!

He desperately, wanted to smash the mirror to

bits, but it would be too loud, his parents would
hear, and he would probably miss a piece of glass,
then step on it later. All these scenarios seemed
like they were a sure way to get him spanked or
grounded from something. He stretched his leg out
and his toe knocked against his fire truck at the
end of his bed. “Ouch!” He exclaimed and then
realized this might have been too loud. He stopped
and listened towards his bedroom door ignoring
the mirror for seconds. He was expecting one of
his parents to burst into the room, pull him out
from under his blankets and out of his bed. He
continued to listen but heard nothing.

Back to the plan! This was getting exciting!

He had to walk the trail of throw carpets his
mother used to cover up various stains he made
from chocolate milk and juice punches. If he
shuffled his feet instead of walking, he could push
the toys scattered on them. He’d have to do it
slowly and quietly, so he didn’t make much
He’d have to figure out which blanket to use
for this task. “Fuck it!” He’d just grab the nearest
one. After this alleged deed, he realized he cussed,
did it out loud and didn’t get busted for it! His
new-found independence felt like layers of armor.
He was ready for the fight against darkness now!

He grabbed his flat sheet blanket and silently

put his feet on the floor. He threw the blanket
around his shoulders. This would be better than
dragging it across the floor; it could get hooked on
one of his favorite toys. It could ruin one of them
or make a clattering sound. He can’t let it happen.
Just as he was having this thought his left foot
caught on the blanket which was partially on the
floor. He tripped, tried to get his composure, but
his body was jerked quickly to the left; oddly, his
body flew head first as he was sent flying forward.
This is going wrong! How he had the time to
calculate how much trouble he would get into was
beyond his eleven-year-old comprehension. He
thought he was being careful!

He wasn’t thrown very far, but he was happy

to see it got him closer to the mirror. This could be
bad too though! What if one of them reached
outside the mirror and grabbed him! With this
understood he jumped up onto his feet with great
grace and agility. None of them were gonna get
him, especially since he’d come this far. He didn’t
even take the time to listen for evidence his parents
had heard him fall. He zipped to the mirror but
arrived right in front of it when he was frozen in
place by what he beheld.

There were other kids staring at him in his

mirror! One was a boy and the other appeared to
be a little girl in old fashion type clothes. The type
of clothes his kid sister’s dolls had. The boy
blinked at him, as the girl giggled. He wondered if
he had stated this out loud, or if she could read his
mind?! She giggled again. Holy cow, she was reading
his mind!

He saw his reflection in the mirror briefly, as

his eyes grew wide. He wanted to turn around and
run but he found it difficult to. What if he did and
one of them snatched him, pulling him inside the
hideous mirror he hated?! He was frozen for
moments wondering if this was even possible?!

Another one of them arrived. He appeared to

be male. He had a smile which seemed to get
larger and larger as he stood there in complete

He didn’t know why, but he was squinting to

see the new kid better. He blinked repeatedly, to
get a closer look. Were the kid’s eyes black?! No,
it had to be they were just dark and the lighting in
here was bad! This sounded logical to him, but he
was growing more and more sure he was looking
into the kid’s eyes and they were completely black.
Not just black though, but like voids or deep

The little girl giggled again and reminded him

how terrified he was. He kept his voice steady and
asked; “What do you want?” Right after he asked
he was immediately sorry he did.
They chimed together as if they were one voice or
several voices in surround sound mode. Their
voices did not sound like those of children his age
when they spoke. Their voices were low and
slightly dragging, like a forty-five-speed record on
thirty-three. He knew this because his father had a
record player and explained it to him.

The little girl mouthed the next words, but it

sounded the same as if the others were channeling
their voices through her single, frail body. “We
want to come inside!” They didn’t blink, only her
mouth moved when vocalizing this command.
This was another frightening thing about their
request…?? It wasn’t said as a question, it was
stated like a definite command; like they expected
to get in! Like they were going to gain access to
whatever they meant.
They were in his house, his room and his
mirror! How much more “in” did they expect to
get? Then the possible answer hit him, it knocked
the wind out of him, causing his stomach to drop
to his knees. Possibilities beyond what he could
comprehend danced like demons in a blood
feasted orgy.

He started whimpering like a beat puppy. All

three of them grinned at the same time. He heard
the giggling again. He started crying. He threw the
blanket over the mirror and frantically tried to get
the entire area of the pooled, reflective nightmare
out of his head, room and body. He felt a slight
relief. He backed up away from the mirror and
knocked into something. He spun around, eyes
wide and finally be able to free his constricted
throat. He screamed loud and booming. He could
only imagine the terror behind him and what
unspeakable things it can do.

He stopped when he heard his mother’s sweet

voice. “Honey, what is going on?” She reached
her arms out to him and he rushed headlong into
them burying his head in the scent of her familiar
smell. The fragrance of perfume, soap, and body
wash with laundry detergent flood his nostrils and
took the fear from his heart.

Somewhere Behind Black Eyes Part 2

Somewhere behind black eyes …

The teenage form watched as juveniles came in

droves to the party which was taking place inside the
geographical, Target’s residing place. He was not
prepared to dialogue this scene. He was only practiced
and instructed to interact with the Prime Target. But
the Target had left.
He hadn’t been there for hours. Days. All he could
do is watch and be helpless in his training as in
antiquate as it presently was. He had to approach each
social hurdle with methodical calculations. He stabled
himself as the booming bass from the stereo within
shook him to his core. His hunger was hitting him, it
made him feel even more of the emptiness which
hunger brought. He leaned again against a tree to stable
him from the waves and waves of bass emanating from
the targets home.
Unblinkingly, he noted the way their individual
frequencies, once singular, gathered together and
intermingled and entwined to become one collective
frequency. Young as he was he still was very infant to
this plane and didn’t know how to do what they did
every night and day.
He did know they were inexperienced in the
art of dimension jumping. This was close to no feat for
him whatsoever. He had so much to learn and he is
starving and frustrated in his hunger of their
frequencies. Not too much, but not too little was what
he was told; if he had to draw from the non-prime
Yet, when he was able to draw from them he had
noticed when he felt the transfer, his empowerment was
their demise. Last time this happened he was met by
looks of disappointment and head shaking from his
creator. A dim part of him was relieved he was not
skilled yet to read, facial expression, body language and
vocal cues. He couldn’t do anything about this,
especially since empathy was not constructed into the
fibers of his DNA. Even if he had the inclination to do
so he only could do as his nature instructed.
Under his breath he repeated his lines, “Can I
use your phone? My mom is worried about me.” Then he
hesitated, he couldn’t remember the next line. He had
to remember to heighten the treble of his voice. It
suddenly, came back to him, “It won’t take long. I need
to call him.” He paused, blinked and then drew silent.
The frequency was still too bass to be believably, a
human child’s voice. He had to `practice to make
perfect’; it was something his instructor told him the
humans said. He liked the sound of it, but not when he
said it out loud; it came out booming, commanding and
monotone. Even though it sounded like the best
pronunciation to him, it came out a deep series of
identical sounds. He was pleased with his vocals. He’d
practiced hard. He’d have to get it perfect.
Imposing was the second part of the way into the
target; his required eye contact with the Prime Target
to hypnotize them. He had to say it in a demanding
vocal sound. It was to be followed through on if the first
line of the predicted dialogue didn’t work and the target
didn’t allow you in, but he was confident he would gain
access. He was trained well for the hunt.
He still, stood there, unmoving and then decided
he wanted to get closer to the windows of Prime
Target’s house. Flashing back to him was and voice of
his instructor, “Prime Target, or PT is the only one you talk
to. He is the one we need to dispose of. Do you understand?”
Yet, he felt a tug towards the house and his
curiosity was becoming as aching as his desire
wrenched inside of his dim soul. He moved from
behind trees of the woods ten feet from Prime Target’s
His black eyes scanned the ground. There were
twigs, leaves and fallen branches his feet needed to
avoid. These two elongated limbs called, legs could be
lost in them and then he could be thrown forward, not
having control of his upper torso and head part. If he
remembered correctly the humans called them feet.
This could end in catastrophe.
Humans had a bi-molecular make up which healed
better than 5th dimension beings. A human could break
a bone and they could have the bone mended within
three earth months. For 5th dimensioners it took three
human years. Hopefully, in few human years
everything would change. The whole lot would alter.
Even though Prime Target wasn’t home for him to
complete his task, his inquisitiveness was getting the
best of him. Concentrated curio was pulling him
toward Prime Target’s house, when he was instructed
not to approach unless the mark was available to him.
Before he noticed he was walking as if on auto-
pilot. He had to stay hidden from the humans. They
could not see him yet. He had to be very careful. He
reminded himself to stay far away until the time was
right, but his limbs kept carrying him closer.
He was ten feet away when he spotted a window
he wanted to try to investigate. Before he reached it, the
front door of the house, still pulsing from the dance
music within, was thrown open and two teenagers
came rushing out.
The girl from what he could see seemed to be very
upset. Why she was upset, he could not decipher. She
was making a clamor he couldn’t figure out and what
the humans, call “rain” was pouring out of her eyes. A
few seconds later a male teenager came bolting right
behind her.

After the blinding light triumphed over him, the

relentless thumping of the bass was done assaulting
him, he was able to adjust his eyes to the brightness
spilling over the concrete.
Somehow the ten feet turned into four and half
feet. He had not meant to get this close, but it was too
late to retreat now. If he moved the humans might
become aware of him. Discerning back, he didn’t think
he had been ever detected on Prime Target’s property.
He watched in grave silence and watched the humans’
motions. He cocked his head to the side to better hear
what was going on.
Maybe he could pick up on some human words?
Perhaps, he would remember their language and refer
to it later for further study? Directing his head part, the
humans called “ear” he listened and watched their
frequencies. There was much discord in them.
He couldn’t stir. Watching this sway of their
energies was intoxicating. Slipping away from each
other then colliding. They would separate and then
blend when they put their human forms close. He
wondered if they took sustenance from each other, or if
there was one who fed from the other and watch the
weaker one slip into a slow and painful death. His
intrigue of the flood of questions kept him entranced.
Who will be the fed? Who will be the bled? Intensely, he
focused. His need gave him no comfort as the limbs
failed beneath his torso.
He was in trouble now. Mother would not be
happy. He lay there. His coal black eyes fixated on the
sky above him. He could feel the coolness of the
Earth’s, grainy soil beneath his frail body.
He couldn’t move as if in a coma his limbs would
not budge. He heard crackling sound from something
rolling across the soil. It was Mother’s car. The
crunching hauled. No solace would come to him, as he
was scooped up by two men wearing black. They threw
him in the trunk of the long, dark car, closed the hood
and drove away into the night.
No one noticed. No one cared. The music of the
party inside Prime Target’s house continued its
persistent pumping. The teenage couple outside of the
house stood, engulfed in each other’s lovers embrace,
not knowing the night was empty of the predator which
for hours and had lurked outside only four and a half
feet away from them.

Somewhere Behind Black Eyes Part 1

Somewhere behind black eyes...

Kali quickened her pace chucks smoothly

and silently hitting the pavement. Someone or
something was following her. She didn’t know if
it was human or not. In all her seventeen years
she could not decipher what she had seen two
blocks away.

It was autumn and the leaves were crunching

under her feet as she walked out of the building
from her work onto the cement. It was a Sunday,
so the small town was very quiet. Almost like a
ghost town except for the two kids standing
fifteen feet from her in the shadows. They were
wearing dark clothes and seemed to be watching
her. She felt uneasy but tried not to pay attention
too much or even care at all; it had been a long

She had completed her shift and then was

asked by her boss to return later in the evening,
because the new girl didn’t show up. She couldn’t
remember for sure, but she thought she heard the
boss say the girls name was Lily.
Nonetheless, the shift had to be filled and instead
of working the whole next shift her boss took
over the first half of the second shift and Kali was
to go freshen up, then rest and return for the last
half. She was un thrilled, but it meant more
money on her paycheck to eventually bounce out
of this town and move somewhere else. Where?
She hadn’t decided yet.

Kali glanced behind her as she rounded the

corner going left. She had two blocks to go and
she could go inside, get a shower and crawl into
her bed, nice and snug until the next day when
she had to return to the same routine. She
without thinking professed her frustration,

She dipped into her messenger bag to rummage

around for her apartment keys. Her fingers
touched and scanned many of the inventories of
her belongings. Tissues, lip gloss, wallet, cell
phone; which lit up the inside of the bag. She
pulled it out after halting to a stop; then used it as
a make-shift flashlight and scanned it over her
things. Kali found her keys. The jingling sound of
them made her feel safer than she did a few
seconds ago. Just as she was getting her bearings
she heard a “popping” sound from down the block
about ten feet ahead of her.

Appearing there, were the two kids she thought

she had left behind her four blocks ago. Odd.
Kali tried to wrap around her mind what they
would be doing out this time of night. This was a
semi-suburban neighborhood. They didn’t move.
They didn’t even look up. They were both
wearing dark clothing. The taller one was
wearing a hoodie and very baggy jeans. The
younger one, whom didn’t appear to be any older
than six years of age, had a dress on which also,
didn’t look like it was suited to her form. Her hair
was unkempt and dark. The evening air blew her
hair around her face, making her look, as if she
was a ghost instead of a real little girl.

Faster than her mind could process, all the

street lights lining both sides of the street one by
one like light switches being flicked off; popped
off down the street. Everything was deafening
silent for seconds. Then a crackling, static noise
electrified the air around her. Kali had 5 feet or
so to get to her gate and she wanted to run, but
her chucks wouldn’t lift off the ground. She could
not move. Her brain felt the effects of the static as
if it was the source of energy, the only source of
energy her processes could function on. It made
her dizzy then she felt as if she was going to pass
out. Blood trickled out of her nose. What is
happening? She was immobile. She couldn’t
move. She wiped the red liquid steeping out of
her nostrils and stared at the sanguine in

Kali doubled over and then fell to the pavement,

she hit her head on the concrete with a sickening
thud and then there was darkness. Contents of
her bag fell out and scattered on the ground, as
her cell phone skidded three feet from her,
knocking it up against the curb with a sharp
crack. Through the screen rippled lightning-like
A shadow fell across it shortly thereafter. The
thirteen-year-old, Brandone al Suhail’s eyes lit
only of the fading brightness emanating from the
draining the cell phone before it died as the
energy from the lithium battery was stolen by
him, never to be returned or charged again.

Brandone al Suhail’s pitch black voids for

eyes scanned and fell onto his partner in crime.
She grinned, and her black eyes played over the
unmoving form of Kali’s body. Kiilsae al Suhail
sent to Brandone al Suhail an unflinching
message. The words were not spoken in their
language though; it was felt through the night as
all the streetlights on the blocks within a ten-foot
radius, one by one just as they had shut off
turned back on.

“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop” sparked down the street.

The well-lit streets should have awoken one

of the residents, but all were tightly, snug in their
beds as if a warm fire of a chimney during
Christmas was keeping them. The usual
unwavering beams from the street lights
flickered. From then on, they never worked quite
the same.
Kiilsae al Suhail spoke to her `other’s static was
laced through the words of their native language.
“Is it time to play with our food?”

Brandone al Suhail’s response was to turn his

back to her and the still, form of Kali, then walk
slowly up the street. It was growing light out on
this dimension and it was time to retreat to their
own again, as they did every Earth morn.

Kiilsae al Suhail stepped in time to follow. Her

black hair swept across her black eyes as she
moped down the street behind Brandone. Their
sustenance was steadily going low. One lithium
cell battery was not going to be enough to feed
them. They couldn’t draw from Kali she was
more useless to them than her battery was. They
would have to go out and hunt in this dimension
soon. This time; the big game, the ones humans
referred to as adults.