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Term Definition
Accident (Accidente) An unforeseen and unplanned occurrence resulting
in loss or damage to persons or property.
Adjuster (Liquidador de siniestros / perito de siniestros) Insurance
company employee in charge of processing claims to their
Application (Solicitud NO APLICACION!) A form on which the prospective
insured states facts
requested by the insurance company. Information given is
then evaluated by the underwriter to make the final
decision as to whether to issue coverage, issued a rated
policy or decline coverage altogether.
Appraiser (tasador, agente de avalúos) Insurance company employee in
charge of damages, inspections and evaluation of damages.
Automobile (Seguro para vehículos) Coverage issued by insurer to protect
Insurance drivers and passengers in case of automobile accidents or losses.
Most states require minimum coverage for all automobiles.
Beneficiary (Beneficiario/a Person(s) who may become eligible to receive or
is receiving benefits under an insurance policy.
Benefit amount (Monto de los beneficios) The stated limit on the amount
persons may receive when benefits are to be paid out by an
Benefits (Beneficios) The amount an insurer promises to pay or do for an
insured in case of loss.
Bodily Injury (Lesión corporal- daños fisicos) Any physical or mental
impairment suffered by an insured. It includes occupational
diseases, auto injuries,
work-related accidents and even death.
Body shop (Taller de carrocería) A repair establishment specializing in non-
mechanical damages to automobile framework and body.
Burglary (Robo geralmente se refiere a viviendas) A type of theft requiring
that signs of forced entry be detectable.
Business days (Dias hábiles) The days during the week when most companies
operate. Most generally, these days are considered to be Monday
through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., although that may
vary from company to company.
Case Manager (Gerente Encargado(a) de caso) The person in charge of
processing claims for the insurer.
This term is used mostly in health and worker’s
compensation insurance circles, while “adjuster” is used
in automobile insurance circles.
Claim (Reclamo, reclamación) The report of a loss made by an insured
to the insurance company.
Class Action Lawsuit (Demanda colectiva) Legal action filed by an individual or small
group (usually attorneys) on behalf of a larger group.
Collision (Choque) A forceful impact between two objects.
Collision Coverage (Cobertura contra choques) Coverage that pays for the repair
or replacement of a vehicle in case of accident; forms part of what
is considered “full coverage” for automobile policies.
Comprehensive (Cobertura contra todo riesgo NO COMPRENSIBLE!)
Coverage Automobile coverage that will pay for damages caused by
incidents other than collision; such incidents may include theft,
fire, vandalism, hail, etc.
Coverage (Cobertura) A description of the benefits an insurer promises to
the insurer once the policy is issued.
Deadline (Fecha Límite) The date or time limit given for an event to take
place; for example, deadline for premium payments, for
documents to be received, etc.
Death Benefits (Beneficios por defunción o fallecimiento) The amount of
money to be paid to beneficiaries in case
of death; death benefits are paid after all loans or
encumbrances have been paid.
Deductible (Deducible NO DEDUCTIBLE!!!) The amount of money an
insured must pay before the insurer makes any payments; the
higher the deductible,
the lower the premium.
Department of Motor (Departamento de vehiculos motorizados) A state agency in
Vehicles (DMV) charge of keeping driving records for drivers in the state, including
tickets, accidents, etc.
Disability (Incapacidad) Impairment of physical activity; the extent to which
normal work or daily activities cannot be performed due
to mental or physical injury or impairment.
Drive-in facilities (Centro de inspección) An insurance office designated to
inspect and evaluate damages to automobiles.
Driving Under the (Conducir bajos los efectos de alcohol o drogas) A serious
Influence (DUI) traffic offense denoting that the driver’s ability
to properly operate a vehicle was impaired by the use of
alcohol or drugs. States have set minimum levels of
alcohol or drugs in the blood before a person is considered
to be impaired.
Effective date (Fecha de vigencia) The date on which coverage begins.
Enroll, to (Inscribirse NO ENROLARSE!!) To register and give information
relevant to an insured’s participation in an insurance plan.
Financial (Responsabilidad financiera) All drivers must show evidence of
Responsibility financial responsibility in order to license a vehicle. Depending on
state regulations, financial responsibility can be proven by way
of an automobile liability insurance policy, a fidelity bond
or a sworn statement.
Flood Insurance (Seguro contra inundaciones) Added only by endorsement or
as a separate policy to homeowner policies, flood insurance is
offered to homeowners who live in areas with a high probability of
Forms (Formularios, NO FORMAS!!!) Insurance companies are famous
for forms. Every insured must read and sign a wide range of
paperwork, depending on the type of insurance required, known
collectively as “forms.” These include applications, affidavits,
forms, etc.
Four wheel drive (Doble Tracción) Most vehicles receive their forward or
backward momentum from one of the tires with which they are
equipped. Vehicles that require more traction (SUVs,
ATVs, some trucks, etc.) will derive this momentum from
more than one tire, sometimes all four. The latter are
collectively known as four-wheel-drive vehicles.
Full Coverage (Cobertura Completa NO FULL COVER!!) This term denotes a
combination of coverage bundled into one policy. This term is
most widely used to show that an automobile has liability, collision
and comprehensive insurance coverage. The term itself is a bit
misleading since full coverage does not include medical
payments, towing and labor, PIP, car rental, etc.
Garaging Zip Code (Codigo postal del área de estacionamiento) This is not
necessarily the same as the insured’s home zip
code. Insurance companies base part of the rates for auto
insurance on the actual location where the automobile is
left overnight or when not in use. For example, some
people may live in Connecticut and commute by train to
New York City where they keep their vehicle in a public
parking garage. The rate would be based on the loss
history the company has in New York City, rather than
Hit and run, to (Chocar y huir, chocar y dares a la fuga) When a driver who is
involved in an accident leaves the scene of the accident without
providing information to the other drivers or the police.
Homeowners (Seguro para vidiendas) Policies designed to protect the
Insurance property of homeowners, as well as the legal liability derived from
owning said property.
In force (Vigente) When coverage becomes effective, it is said that the
policy is in force.
Insurance Policy (Poliza de seguros) A written document that describes coverage,
premiums, the named insured, exclusions, conditions, etc.
Insured (Asegurado) The individual(s) protected by an insurance policy.
Insurer (Asegurador) The insurance company.
Issued (Emitido) The act of bringing coverage and insurance policies
into effect.
Lapse (Periodo sin cobertura) When the coverage of a policy ends due
to non-payment of premiums or for other reasons.
Liability (Responsabilidad) Legal responsibility assumed by an
Light duty (Trabajos livianos) In health insurance, medical terminology and
Worker’s Compensation, this term refers to duties to which an
injured worker may be assigned if the injury prevents the
insured from performing the normal duties of the job.
Usually, employers will find different duties to prevent
the insured from using the injured part of the body.
Loss (Pérdida) The actual damage or injury suffered by an insured or
the insured property which the insurer is responsible for
covering or paying.
Loss of Use (Privación de uso) In cases where a vehicle is disabled due to
an accident but the driver has access to another vehicle and
declines the rental option, the insurer will usually pay a stated
amount per day for the loss of use of that vehicle. The most
common amount is $10 per day.
Lost wages (Ingresos o Salarios no devengados) The amount of money not
paid to an injured worker during a period of treatment or recovery.
Mandatory Liability (Seguro obligatorio de responsabilidad civil) In states where
Insurance liability insurance is required for automobile registration, it is said
that insurance is mandatory.
Medicaid (MediCal) Medicaid (MediCal) - Government-run or -sponsored programs
designed to help
people in low-income brackets.
Medicare Medicare - Government run medical and health program
designed to
help people in fixed-income situations, such as retirees or
the disabled.
Medical Payments (Pagos por servicios medicos) Provides medical and hospital
benefits for the driver and all occupants of an insured vehicle,
regardless of fault, in case of accident, up to a stated limit.
purpose is to provide immediate medical attention for the injured
party without having wait for the other insurance company to
finalize the process of accepting liability.
No-fault Laws (Leyes independientes de culpabilidad) Laws enacted by
states forcing insured parties to file injury claims through their
own insurance companies,regardless of fault..
Occupation (Profesión, ocupación ) The duties performed by a person in the
Overpass (Puente elevado) A bridge that crosses over a main thoroughfare
whether it contains a road, railroad track, pedestrian walk or other
P.I.P. (Personal Injury (Protección o cobertura contra daños personales) This
Protection) coverage provides personal injuries benefits in
states with no-fault laws. Coverage usually applies to the insured,
all members of the insured’s household, any passengers and any
pedestrian struck by an insured’s vehicle.
Policy (Poliza)A legal document (a contract) that describes the
agreement between an insured and the insurer.
Policy loan (Préstamo en base al valor acumulado de la poliza) An
amount of money given to the insured, backed by the
cash value of a life insurance policy.
Premises (alrededores, predios) The location of property or persons
protected by insurance.
Premium (Prima) The cost of an insurance policy; the consideration paid by
the insured to the insurer for protection.
Prior damage (Daños previos/anteriores) Pre-existing damage to property not
related to the current claim.
Quote (Cotización, NO CUOTA!!!) Information about the cost of an
insurance policy given to the prospective insured by the insurance
Rate (Tarifa) The amount charged for a given unit of insurance
coverage; for example, the rate for a healthy forty year old
female would be thirty cents for every $100 of insurance
per month.
Reckless driving (Manejar con inprudencia) Moving violation that indicates that a
driver was driving a vehicle in a reckless or imprudent manner.
Records (Expedientes, archivos) A permanent compilation and storage
of data.
Registered owner (Propietario registrado) The person whose name appears on a
title or deed.
Reinstatement (Restitución) The process through which the insurer puts a
cancelled or lapsed policy back in force.
Renew, to (Renovar) To continue in full force and effect a policy that is
about to expire; for example, usually all that is required is the
premium payment. In some instances, however, proof of
continued insurability may be required, such as a new
physical examination, etc.
Rental/Rental (Alquiler / reembolso por alquiler) An optional coverage for a
Reimbursement driver to be provided with a rental vehicle should the insured
automobile become disabled due to an accident. The
main difference between Rental and Rental Reimbursement is
that, under the latter, the insured pays the cost of the rental
vehicle up front and is reimbursed at a later time.
Right of way (Derecho de paso, derecho de via) A way of determining which
vehicle, among two or more, will be allowed to continue on its
path before the others.
Roadside Assistance (Cobertura de asistencia en la carretera, asistencia vial) An
Coverage optional automobile insurance coverage that may be
purchased for an additional premium; this coverage
provides for gasoline, minor.
Robbery (Robo con violencia, asalto) A type of theft characterized by
person-to-person contact and the threat of violence.
Salvage value (Valor residual, valor de rescate) The value assigned by an
insurer to property deemed beyond repair, or whose value is less
than the actual cost of repair.
Scene of an accident (Escena o lugar del accidente) The location where an incident
of an accidental nature occurs.
Skid marks (Marcas de frenazo) The evidence left by vehicle tires on a
surface indicating the distance the vehicle traveled after the
brakes were applied; the length of skid marks may indicate the
speed at which the vehicle was traveling.
Sobriety test (Prueba de sobriedad) A test given to individuals suspected of
being under the influence of alcohol that indicates the level of the
substance contained in the blood stream.
Statement (Declaració) A declaration about the facts of an incident.
Theft (Robo) The disappearance of property without the owner’s
approval; theft includes robbery and burglary.
To settle (resolver diferencias, llegar a un acuerdo) To come to a final
agreement on a claim; the claim will then be closed.
Toll road (Carretera con peaje) Usually a large freeway operated by the
state where drivers are charged money for the privilege of using
Total loss (Perdida total) Property which cannot be repaired or whose cost
of repair is higher than it’s actual value.
Tow truck (Grua) Vehicle used to transport disabled vehicles from one
location to another.
Tow yard (Lote de carros remolcados, corralón) A storage facility used to
park disabled vehicles on a temporary basis.
Towing and Labor (Remolque y mano de obra) Optional automobile insurance
coverage that may be purchased for additional premium; this
coverage allows for a disabled insured vehicle to either be
repaired on the spot or be towed to a different location.
Transported by (Llevado en ambulancia) When an injured person is taken to a
ambulance medical facility by an emergency vehicle.
Under the influence (Bajo los efectos del alcohol o drogas) The impairment of
(of alcohol or drugs) normal functions through the use of drugs or alcohol.
Underwriter (Agente aprobador) The person who evaluates the risk and
makes the final decision regarding the issuance or rejection of
Uninsured/Underinsured (Conductor no asegurado / conductor con seguro
Motorist (UM/UIM) insuficiente) This coverage protects victims of an
accident from the driver or owner of a vehicle with no insurance.
The Underinsured Motorist coverage supplies additional benefits
to the victim of an accident whose medical expenses surpass the
maximum coverage offered y the responsible party’s insurance.
Whiplash (Tralla, latigazo) An injury to the neck of an individual caused by
the rapid involuntary movement of the head forward and
backward; most commonly experienced during rear-end
Worker’s (Seguro de indemnización laboral) Insurance designed to
Compensation protect workers from work-related injury, disease, disability,
Insurance dismemberment or death. Worker’s Comp insurance of some type
is mandatory for entities that employ more than a certain number
of people (usually ten to twenty-five, depending on the state).
Work-related injury (Lesión de trabajo, lesion por accidente en el trabajo) An
injury that occurs during the course of employment, during hours
of employment or while performing work related duties.
Yield, to (Ceder el paso) To allow another vehicle or individual to proceed
before you.


Account cycle Fecha de corte de la cuenta

Accrued interest Interés acumulado
Affidavit Declaración jurada, afidávit
Annual percentage rate (APR) Tasa de interés anual
Arrears Atrasos, pagos atrasados
Assets Activos, capital, haberes, bienes
Automated teller machine (ATM) Cajero automático, cajero a toda hora
Available balance Saldo disponible
Balance (n) Saldo
Balance transfer Transferencia de saldos
Billing statement Estado de cuenta
Budget Presupuesto
Call deposit Depósito a la vista
Cardholder Tarjetahabiente, titular de la cuenta
Cash advance Adelanto de efectivo
Certificate of deposit (CD) Certificado de depósito
Collateral Garantía, resguardo, prenda
Collections Cobranza, cobros
Compound interest Interés compuesto
Consumer credit reporting agency Oficina o agente de crédito al consumidor
Conventional (mortgage) loan Préstamo convencional (hipotecario)
Co-signer Aval, fiador
Costs; expenses; fees Costos; gastos; cargos
Credit balance Saldo a su favor
Credit union Cooperativa de ahorro y crédito
Creditworthy Digno de crédito, solvente
Cut a check, to (v) Emitir un cheque
Debit balance Saldo en su contra
Default Incumplimiento, morosidad, falta de pago
Delinquent account Cuenta morosa, atrasada
Delinquent payment Incumplimiento de pago, pago atrasado
Deposit slip Formulario de depósito, volante de depósito, ficha
de depósito, recibo de consignación
Disbursement Desembolso
Down payment Pago inicial, enganche, cuota inicial
Drive-through Auto-banco
Electronic draft Giro electrónico o telegráfico
Equity Valor líquido, plusvalía
Escrow account Fondos en depósitos de garantía, fondos en
custodia, fondos de plica
Federal credit union Cooperativa federal de crédito
Fee Cuota, cargo
File a dispute Debatir un cargo
Fixed interest rate Tasa fija de interés
Foreclosure Ejecución hipotecaria
Fraud Fraude
Fraudulent charges Cargos fraudulentos
Fund transfer Transferecia de fondos
Grace period Período de gracia
Gross monthly income Ingreso mensual bruto, salario mensual bruto
Home equity line Línea de crédito sobre el patrimonio de la
propiedad (NO EQUIDAD!!)
Home equity loan Préstamo sobre el patrimonio de la propiedad
Interest rate Tasa de interés
Insufficient funds Fondos insuficientes, falta de fondos
Joint account Cuenta conjunta, cuenta mancomunada
Late fee Cargo por pago atrasado, cargo por demora
Maturity Vencimiento
Money market savings account Cuenta de ahorros de mercado monetario
Monthly (payment) statement Estado de cuenta (del pago) mensual
Mortgage loan Préstamo hipotecario
Overdraft fee Cargo o cuota por sobregiro
Payment schedule Plan o programa de pagos
Pay-off amount Saldo por liquidar
Post a check, to Cheque a reflejar en la cuenta
Primary card holder Tarjetahabiente principal, titular de la tarjeta
Prime rate Tasa preferencial, tasa de interés primario
Revolving line of credit Línea de crédito renovable o rotatoria
Routing Number Número de ruta o identificación bancaria
Savings account Cuenta de ahorros
Secured card Tarjeta de crédito respaldada por fondos
Stop payment Aviso de suspensión o detención de pago
Transfer fees Cargos por la transferencia
Trust Fideicomiso
Underwriting Proceso de evaluación de un péstamo
Update, to (v) Actualizar, poner al día
Voucher Comprobante
Warrantor Garante, fiador
Waive, to (v) Eximir o exonerar de una obligación
Wire transfer Transferencia electrónica o telegráfica
Withdraw, to (v) Retirar, extraer, sacar
Withhold to, (v) Retener
Yield Rendimiento


Common Diseases
Chicken Pox Varicelas
Diabetes Diabetes
Dizziness Mareos
Gallstones Piedras en la vesicula, Cálculos hepáticos)
German measles Rubeola
Goiter Bocio
Gout Gota
Heart attack Ataque al corazón, ataque cardíaco.
Heart murmur Soplo cardíaco / en el corazón
High blood pressure Alta presión sanguínea / arterial
High cholesterol levels Niveles altos de colesterol
Kidney stones Piedras en los riñones, Cálculos renales
Measles Sarampión
Mumps Paperas
Sexually Transmitted Disease Enferemedades de transmission sexual
Skin rash Salpullido, erupción en la piel.
Stroke Derrame cerebral, embolia
Tetanus Tetanos
Vaginal discharge Secreción vaginal, flujo vaginal
Vomiting Vomitos

Medical Professions

Acupuncturist Acupunturista
Advice nurse Enferemera consejera
Anesthesiologist Anestesista
Dermatologist Dermatólogo
Endocrinologist Endocrinólogo
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Otorrinolaringologo
Family doctor Doctor de práctica familiar
General Practitioner Doctor general
Internist Internista
Midwife Partera
Nurse Practitioner Enfermero(a) facultativo(a), especializado(a)
OB/GYN Gineco / Obstetra (Ginecología)
Ophthalmologist Oftalmólogo
PCP (Primary Care) Doctor de cabezera, Doctor primario
Pediatrician Pediatra
Podiatrist Podiatra, Podólogo
Surgeon Cirujano
Triage Nurse Enfermera de prioritizacion de casos

Pain Descriptors

Ache Dolor
Aches and Pains Achaques
Burning Ardor
Constant Constante
Crushing Dolor aplastante
Dull Dolor sordo, dolor amortiguado
Itching Picazón
Numbing Adormecedor, entumecedor
Numbness Adormecimiento, entumecimiento
Sharp pain Dolor agudo o puntada
Stabbing Dolor Punzante
Tenderness Sensibilidad
Throbbing Dolor palpitante, pulsante
Tingling Hormigueo

Prescription Related Vocabulary

Adverse Reaction Reacción adversa
Brand name medication Medicamento de marca
Dosage Dosis
Dropper Gotero
Drowsiness Somnolencia, sueño
Formulary medication Medicamento de la lista de medicamentos
Generic product Producto genérico
Non-Formulary medication Medicamento que no esta en la lista de
medicamentos aprobados
Ointment Ungüento, pomada
Patch Parcho
Refill Resurtir, volver a surtir la receta
Side effects Efectos secundarios
Syrups Jarabe
Tablespoon Cucharada
Teaspoon Cucharadita
To fill (a prescription) Surtir.
Common Medical Acronyms
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation RCP Resucitación cardio pulmonar
CT scan Computed Tomography Tomografía
CAT Computerized Axial Tomography Tomografía axial computarizada
C section Cesarea, parto por cesarea
D&C Dilation and Curettage Dilataciٕón y raspado
EKG Electrocardiogram Electrocardiograma
EEG Electroencephalogram Electroencefalograma
EOB Explanation of Benefits Explicación de beneficios
EPT Early Pregnancy Test Prueba temprana de embarazo
ER Emergency Room Sala de emergencia
ICU Intensive Care Unit Area de cuidados intensivos
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging Imégen de Resonancia magnética
HMO Health Maintenance Organization Organiacion para mantenimento de la salud
IUD Intrauterine Device Dispositivo intrauterine
OTC Over the Counter Medicamento que no requiere receta, medicina de
venta libre
PCP Primary Care Physician Doctor de cabezera, doctor primario
PPO Preferred Provider Organization Organizacion de Proveedores preferenciales
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease Enfermedad de transmision sexual
TB Tuberculosis Tuberculosis.
Anatomy Terminology (External)
Abdomen Abdomen
Adam’s apple Nuez de Adan
Ankle Tobillo
Back Espalda
Back of the knee Corva
Breast Senos
Bridge of the nose Tabique
Buttock Nalga, glúteo
Calf Pantorrilla
Chest Pecho
Chin Mentón, barbilla
Ear Oreja
Elbow Codo
Eye Ojo
Eyebrow Ceja
Eyelashes Pestaña
Foot Pie
Forearm Antebrazo
Hair Cabello, pelo
Hand Mano
Head Cabeza
Heel Talón
Hip Cadera
Instep Empeine
Knee Rodilla
Lips Labios
Lower back Espalda baja
Nape of the neck Nuca
Navel Ombligo
Nipple (female) Pezon
Nipple (male) Tetilla
Nose Nariz
Shin Espinilla
Shoulder Hombro
Sole Planta del pie
Temple Sien
Thigh Muslo
Toenail/Fingernail Uña del pie / uña de la mano
Waist Cintura
Anatomy Terminology (Internal)
Bladder Vejiga
Brain Cerebro
Cervix Cuello de la matriz, cuello del útero
Diaphragm Diafragma
Esophagus Esófago
Fallopian Tubes Trompas de falopio
Heart Corazón
Kidney Riñón
Large Intestine Intestino grueso
Larynx Laringe
Liver Hígado
Lungs Pulmones
Mammary glands Glanduras mamarias
Ovary Ovario
Penis Pene
Small Intestine Intestino Delgado
Spinal Cord Espina dorsal
Spleen Bazo
Stomach Estómago
Testicle Testiculo
Trachea Tráquea
Ureters Ureter
Urethra Uretra
Uterus Utero
Vagina Vagina
Vas Deferens Conducto seminal

911 Terminology
Arrest Detención
Armed Robbery Asalto a mano armada
Arrest Warrant Orden de Detención
Assault Agresión física, golpiza, caerle a golpes a alguien
Bail Fianza
Bail Bondsman Fiador
“Blank” Balas de Salva, Cartucho sin bala
Book, to Fichar (el arresto)
Break In Entrar a robar
Bullet Bala
Butt, Stock, breech Cacha, mango, culata
Clip Cargador, peine
Cock, to Amartillar, (arma)
Casing Casquillo, cápsula
Chamber of a firearm Recámara
Dagger/poofy puñal
Detonator cap Cápsula del fulminante
Double barrel (arma de fuego) de dos cañones
Drive-by-shooting tiroteos desde un vehiculo
Dum -dum bullet Bala de expansión
Gun Arma de fuego
Hand Gun Arma corta, arma de mano
Felony Delito mayor
Fine Multa
Fingerprints Huellas Dactilares
Fist fight Pelea a Puñetazos
Kicks or Kicking Patadas
Knife Cuchillo, navaja
Loaded Cargada
Misdemeanor Delito Menor
Mugging (I’ve been mugged) Asalto, robo (Me asaltaron)
Parole Libertad bajo palabra
Pellet Perdigón
Probation Libertad vigilada
Pull each others hair Halarse el cabello
Revocation of Probation Revocación de Libertad vigilada
Search Warrant Orden de Cateo
Slap on the face Bofetada
Shooting/Shoot out Tiroteo
Tear Gas Gun Pistola de gases Lacrimógenos
Theft Robo
Trigger Gatillo
The Road
Beltway Periférico
Bikeway Sendero para Bicicletas
Blacktop Alquitrán
Blind Intersection Bocacalle de visión limitada
Blind Curve Curva sin visibilidad
Bump Bache, tope
Call Box Teléfono de Auxilio o de emergencia
Center Divider Refugio, Divisor central
Curb Bordillo, orilla, cuneta, borde
Dip Vado, hundido, bajada
Ditch Zanja, cuneta, can
Divider Separador
Gutter Cuneta, zanja, canal
Interchange Eje Vial, distribuidor
Island Refugio, canalón, isleta
Offramp Salida, rampa de salida
Onramp Entrada
Overpass Paso superior, puente elevado
Passing Lane Vía de rebase, carril de adelantamiento
Pothole Bache, pozo
Shoulder Banquina, borde, margen orilla
Traffic Circle Glorieta, Rotonda
Underpass Paso subterráneo
Vehicle Code Violations
BA (blood alcohol level) Nivel de alcohol en la sangre
Balance test Prueba de equilibrio
Bleary Eyes Ojos llorosos, mirada apagada
Blood Test Análisis de Sangre
Bloodshot Eyes Ojos ensangrentados
Blow (into mouthpiece) Soplar (en la boquilla)
Blurred Vision Vista borrosa
Chase (to) Perseguir
Clock (to) Calcular la velocidad
Digital Readout Resultado indicado por e instrumento digital
Ditch (to) Abandonar un vehículo
Driving Record Antecedente de manejo
Field Sobriety Test Prueba de sobriedad en el sitio
Finger-to-nose-test Prueba de tocar la nariz con el dedo
Gait Marcha, paso
Glassy Eyes Ojos vidriosos
Jerking Motion Movimiento Brusco
Mouthpiece Boquilla
Range of Readings Variaciones entre los resultados
Reckless Driving Conducir negligentemente
Sway (to) Ladearse
Swerve (to) Desviarse
Swing (to) Girar
Tailgate Pisarle los talones a otro vehículo
Walk-the-line test Prueba de caminar sobre la línea

Automobile Terminology

Acclerate Acelerar
Back Into (another car) Retroceder en contra de otro carro
Back Up Dar marcha atrás, retroceder
Break Down Descomponer
Buckle Up Abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad
Burn Rubber Rechinar las llantas
Careen Patinar de costado
Change Gears Cambiar las velocidades
Collide /crash Chocar, estrellarse contra otro vehiculo
Cruise Pasear en automóvil
Cut someone off Dar un corte, cortar el paso
Decelerate Aminorar la velocidad
Ding/Dent Abolladurita – marca de golpecito leve
Double Park Estacionamiento doble
Drift(Between lanes) Cambiar de carril al perder el control inconscientemente
Fishtail Colearse
Flag Down Hacer señales
Flip over Volteado o volcado
Head on Collision Choque de frente
Rear-ended Chocado por detrás
Stalled Descompuesto

Describing Vehicles
Vehicles Vehículos, Carros, Automóviles
Color Color
Year Año
Make Marca
Body Carrocería, Tipo de Carro
Model Modelo
License Plate Number Número de Placa
coupe Carro de dos puertas
hatchback Carro de tres puertas
sedan Carro de cuatro puertas
Station wagon camioneta
van Furgoneta, una van

Describing People

Persons Personas
Name and last name/surname Nombre y apellido
Color/Race Color/Raza
Sex (male/female) Sexo (masculino/femenino)
Approximate age Edad aproximada
Height – Tall, short, medium height Estatura – Alto, Bajo, estatura media
Weight – Slim, fat, obese, Peso - Delgado, gordo, obeso
Hair color –blonde, black Color de pelo/cabello –rubio, negro
Hair – long, short, calvo, afeitado Cabello, largo, corto, bald, shaven
Curly hair, straight hair Cabello rizado, cabello liso
Eye color- blue, green, brown, black Color de ojos, azules, verdes, marrones, negros
Complexion – White, Black, Latino Tez, color de piel –blanco, negro, latino
Build (slim, bulky, slender) Contextura del cuerpo (delgado, corpachón, esbelto)
Physical marks, scars, tattoos, etc. Marcas físicas, cicatrices, tatuaje
Clothing description from head to foot Descripción de ropa de cabeza a pie
Hat/ sky mask Sombrero, gorra, cachucha/mascara de sky
Beanie hat Gorrita (que se fija en la parte de atrás de la cabeza
como la usan muchos artistas de hip hop)
Shirt/T-shirt Camisa/ camiseta/ polo/playera
Tie/bow tie Corbata/corbata de lacito o pajarita o corbatin
Coat/Jacket (Leather or fabric) Abrigo, saco, chaqueta, chamarra (cuero o tela)
Trousers/Pants/shorts Pantalones/ o pantalones cortos o shorts
Socks calcetines, medias, calcetas
Shoes Zapatos, calzado
sandals sandalias
boots botas
sneakers Zapatos deportivos de goma, tenis,
Fabric prints (for tops and bottoms) Estampado de las telas (para camisas y pantalones)
plaid Tela a cuadros
Floral Estampado con flores
solid Tela unicolor
Polka dots/dots Con pepitas, de pepitas
stripes A rayas
jeans Pantalones de mezclilla, jeans, mahones [Pto. Rico]
pantalones vaqueros