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A10  PALO VERDE VALLeY TIMES, Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October’s harvest of the month: Grapes

By Cathyleen Rice products like face cream tein. Flavonoids, like
Times Reporter and night serum. myricetin and quercetin,
  Other beneficial uses in grapes help the body
for grapes is its ability to reduce the damage
What comes in red,
to treat asthma, prevent caused by free radicals
green or black and are
heart disease, blood and slow down aging.
usually found in a clus-
clots, cure migraines, Due to its high nutrient
ter? control cholesterol, re-
If you answered content, grapes also play
duce the risk of alzheim- an important role in en-
grapes, then you are cor- er’s and boost the body’s
rect! suring a healthy and ac-
As fall season has offi- According to Organic tive life.
cially begun, the harvest Facts, “The health ben- “Grapes are not only
crop of the month for Oc- efits of grapes include packed with flavonoids
tober are grapes. its ability to treat con- and minerals, but vita-
Did you know grapes stipation, indigestion, mins, as well! The high
are actually berries fatigue, kidney disor- levels of Vitamin C, Vi-
consisting of 80 percent ders, macular degenera- tamin K and Vitamin A
water and grown in tion and prevention of in grapes, gives you a
bunches of 100 individu- cataracts. Apart from healthy boost to many of
al berries? the fruit of grape plant, your organ systems, par-
As one of the nation’s the seeds are also benefi- ticularly your immune
leading fresh vegetables cial for health, such as system, which means
and fruit producers, the it helps reduce swelling
PHOTOSPIN.COM less chance of coming
state of California is also Did you know grapes are actually berries  consisting of 80 percent water and grown and prevent eye diseases down with common
the nation’s largest pro- in bunches of 100 individual berries? As one of the nation’s leading fresh vegetables and fruit as a result of diabetes.
ducer of this delicious colds, as well as more se-
producers, the state of California is also the nation’s largest producer of this delicious fruit. Grape seed extract has rious health issues.”
fruit. high antioxidant con-
According to the orga- To make sure you get
concord grapes are one calories in a ½-cup por- spreading them as a jam, tent.”
nization, Grapes of Cali- of the only three fruits tion, grapes are a good grapes can be used in a Likewise, to its daily your daily dosage of
fornia, “Today, 99 per- native to North Ameri- source of Vitamin K, variety of ways. health benefits, Organic grapes this month, be
cent of U.S. table grapes ca. among other sources of In health care, grape Facts says, “Grapes have sure to stop by your lo-
are produced in Califor- With over 85 variet- vitamins and nutrients. seed oil is used for the high water content that cal market and pick up
nia’s warm, dry climate, ies of grapes, California From simply enjoying production of healthy helps keep the body hy- bunches of grapes.
that is ideal for grape grapes come in three them as a snack, topping skin and hair due to the drated, and also contain As flu season is upon
growing.” colors, black, green and off desserts with them, to fruit’s rich antioxidants, dietary fiber, healthy us, eating grapes is one
In addition to being a red. including them in cock- wherein grape seed oil is carbs, antioxidants and way to ensure you stay
homegrown state food, Containing only 52 tails or salads and gently mainly used in cosmetic moderate amount of pro- healthy all season long.

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