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Screening and Conveyor Solutions

PSV Conveyor Rollers

A large number of rollers are kept in inventory to assure availability and quick deliveries.

Heavy-duty construction for tough applications

The PSV roller is designed to handle the toughest applications and environmental conditions with high
reliability. The PSV rollers off er the highest quality and maximum load capacity and are particularly suited
for conveyors that operate under very diffi cult conditions, where working loads are high, and large lump
size material is being conveyed.

Each roller consists of a heavy gauge steel side of the roller, by seals which withhold the
tube carrying surface, with pressed steel lubricant and at the same time prevent the
end-caps that are precision welded together entrance of contaminants.
to form a monolithic structure of exceptional
strength that guarantees maximum precision 30,000 working hours
and minimum imbalance on the overall roller The unique design of the totally hermetic seal
diameter. A rotational test is performed on consisting of inner seal, triple labyrinth, outer
100% of rollers. rubber V-ring and centrifugal self cleaning
chamber protects the bearing against possible
Sealed for life entrance of contaminants, such as rain, dirt,
A quality roller is characterised by its effective dust, etc. with a minimum of friction drag. Life
sealing system. Scrupulous research tests and, projection is 30,000 working hours or more
above all, the practical plant experience in depending on the load.
the most variable environmental situations, The ideal static and dynamic balance
has made it possible to develop a particular of the PSV roller eliminates vibrations and
sealing that guarantees optimum bearing bearing hammering and thus guarantees
performance. trouble- and noise free running even in high
The bearings are lubricated with long life speed applications year after year. The rollers
lithium based water repellent grease which are galvanized to resist corrosion.
off ers high stability under various atmos-
pheric conditions. The quantity of grease is Low starting and rolling resistance
suffi cient for the life of the roller eliminating The PSV roller has low starting and rolling
lubrication and maintenance costs. The bear- resistance for minimal power consumption
ing is protected, on the external and internal and low cost operation. All rollers are

2 Screening and Conveyor Solutions

A triple barrier sealing system keeps grease in and contaminants The PSV roller meets the toughest demands and many types of industries
out for maximum life. such as mining, quarries, power, cement etc. rely upon its heavy duty con-
struction and long wear life for reliable conveying.

tested to assure that, at a certain speed, the

friction drag is not higher than the recom-
mended value.
Low friction drag, reduces energy require-
ments, keeping production high and total
operating costs low.

Support frames
Sturdy cross-angle support frames have the The Garland designs ability to absorb dynamic forces extend the life of both
roller brackets accurately jig welded in place. conveyor belts and rollers.
Support frames can be supplied straight or
with the end brackets tilted a few degrees
in the direction of conveyor belt travel to
aid the throughing rollers in centering the
belt. Longitudinal slots for mounting bolts
facilitate alignment of idlers. Also available
are suspended “Garland” sets.
The Garland set consists of rollers connected
by chain links. The suspended design is flex-
ible increasing the ability to absorb dynamic
stresses. It´s especially suitable for high speed
operations carrying large size material.

Return rollers with rubber discs mounted is used to prevent material

build up and mistracking. The rollers can also be delivered with a seamless
rubber sleeve.

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