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Yes, it’s true: A Day in the Life

(TGIF) Thank God it’s February

Canines can
get the flu
t may be the Times Reporter a lasting impact in the Moreover, I have
shortest month of Cathyleen Rice world. re-dedicated myself to
the year, but gaw- Infused with their sticking to my never-
lee, February is the spirit of humbleness, changing New Year’s Fortunately, it’s rarely fatal, and
best month by far! excellence. hope, passion and resolution of counting
Not only is February
Black History Month,
I am so excited to
share this month
optimal idealism, I
believe a new beginning
calories and shedding
excess body weight,
there is a vaccination available
but it’s also the month with some of the is on the horizon for me and I have also vowed Just like humans, our canine pets can also get
I was born, Langston most inspiring and this month. before God to work on the flu. And lately, we’ve seen several stories
Hughes, Rosa Parks, empowering people who First and foremost, my attitude and be a on social media, warning dog owners to take
Nina Simone, Frederick not only contributed to this will be my first time better me each day, so precautions against the illness.
Douglas, Hank Aaron, the success of African celebrating Valentine’s look out world, because The concern stems from the spread of canine
W.E.B. DuBois and the Americans, but also Day in four years, so Cathyleen is getting her influenza in four states: California, Kentucky,
list goes on of black galvanized me to make hip-hip-hooray for me. groove back! Ohio and Michigan.
According to the American Veterinary
Medical Association, dogs can get coughs that
The Mighty Pen last for 10 days to a month. Other symptoms
include lethargy, a mild fever, sneezing, and
fever, as well as discharge from the eyes or nose.
It’s highly contagious, and can infect cats as
The good news is, almost all dogs recover, and
no fatalities in cats have been reported. And it’s
not common — the AVMA reports that many
dogs have never been exposed to the virus.
It’s spread by other dogs through sneezing,
barking or coughing, and is more likely to
strike social dogs, such as those who regularly
interact with other dogs outside of their homes.
However, you can’t get the flu from your dog,
nor can your dog get it from you, the AVMA
There is a vaccination available, but experts
note that if your dog isn’t in an area with a high-
risk population, it’s probably not necessary.
So what should you do? The Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention recommends
that pet owners discuss their concerns with
their veterinarian, and decide together whether
or not a flu vaccination is a good idea for Fido.
The American Kennel Club reports that it takes
three-four weeks for the vaccination to provide
immunity, so weigh that factor in your decision.
And as with any other illness, it makes sense
to practice good sanitation, the American
Kennel Club reports, such as using a mix of
bleach and water to disinfect common areas, and
washing hands frequently, especially between
handling different dogs.
If your dog does get a cough, make an
Guest Column appointment and have the veterinarian
recommend the right course of action, the CDC

Lady justice fled the scene Unsigned editorials represent the viewpoint of this
newspaper rather than an individual. Columns and
letters to the editor represent the viewpoints of the

lindfolded and still unemployed (allegedly because persons writing them and do not necessarily represent
Guest Columnist the views of the Palo Verde Valley Times.
holding her scales, Lady Dennese Lilley-Edgertonhe wouldn’t give loyalty to the
Justice vacated the scene president). The act of firing Comey
where truths were once could be considered evidence of

self-evident. Where she found evident? Or are you afraid the “consciousness of guilt.”
shelter depends on your name for truth will vindicate your enemies? Attacks on leaders in law
her: Goddess Justitia would likely Are we witnessing enforcement are a pattern of
sail to Rome; Goddess Astraea consciousness of guilt? Are behavior consistent with a
would flee the planet to escape multiple leaders unconsciously “consciousness of guilt.” These Thomas Taliaferro
assaults are meant to persuade December 6, 1966- January 31, 2018
the lawlessness. Americans are showing us they are guilty of
committing a crime or that Americans that we cannot trust Thomas Taliaferro was born
witnessing an unprecedented in Culver City, CA, to Richard
attack on our judicial system someone they are in contact with the FBI. If we agree, we’ve allowed and Patricia Taliaferro on
in response to what some call a is guilty of committing crimes? partisan politics to weaponize December 6, 1966. Due to
complications of pneumonia
“witch hunt” and others call a They certainly create confusion. their disagreements with the he passed away early
partisan attempt to undermine In the context of the law, actions investigation conducted by morning on January 31, 2018,
that display consciousness of guilt Mueller. Without our trust in the at JFK hospital in Indio, CA.
the government, intelligence He grew up in Blythe,
communities, and her justice can be used as evidence against FBI, we as a nation will be less graduating from PVHS as a
system. a defendant in a court of law. safe. member of the Class of 1985.
In 1993 he married Seanea
Ironically, those who control our Examples of evidence that could Have we entered an Iron Age Jessop and they had two
government are the ones attacking be used include measures taken to when laws mean little to those beautiful children that he
“cover up” crimes and misleading who claim to love law and order? loved and adored, Thomas Jr.
intel communities like the FBI. (TJ) and Jenna Lea.
To deepen the sense of irony, or untrue statements. Americans are accepting lewd,
the sharpest law enforcement in Siblings often blame each wicked behaviors as normal. They As a young man, Tommy worked as an agriculture
inspector and raced motorcycles with the Dobbs family.
our country is predominantly other for a broken jar or eaten are allowing unjustified attacks His passion was spending time with his children and
conservative, including the FISA cookies to cover their crime — to go uncensored. Americans are family. He loved having family barbeques, playing in the
this is consciousness of guilt. desert, on the river, and watching NASCAR. Tommy
judges. Many were handpicked accepting over blown promises was an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting, fishing,
by conservatives and spent their The grown up version of this and individual hubris to destroy racing his class 9 buggie in the Nevada desert and loved
careers in Washington D.C. is more damaging. Today, we attending any desert race. He later became licensed as
our country and her time-honored a locksmith, and owned and operated A Desert
Republicans applauded Mueller have tweets and disparaging branches of government and Locksmith until his passing.
for the independent investigations comments, and yes, a lot of maybe even “the grand ole party.”
because of his integrity and blaming of others. Have we seen Tommy is survived by his children, TJ and Jenna, his
As Americans, we need the father Richard, and his sisters Colleen (Tim) Burt, Kathy
sterling reputation. Some of these the FBI or Mueller behave in a answers and the truth. Let’s (Kirby) Hightower, and Margaret (Rolando) Cavazos.
same Republicans are now aiding manner that reflects guilt? Or Tommy has many close friends and family members
encourage our leaders in who also survive him. Tommy was preceded in death by
in the destruction of his reputation are we seeing this behavior from Washington to show support for his beloved mother, Patricia Taliaferro in 1988 and his
and that of the FBI. members of the White House and the independent investigation grandmother, Margaret McColley in 1995.
It’s perplexing. It’s concerning. Congress? Members of the FBI and and ask our leaders to stop Services will be on Wednesday, February 7, 2018, at
It’s even terrifying. Congressional Intel Committees trying to discredit these groups 1:30pm at Palo Verde Cemetery and a celebration of
Americans and their have been threatened, insulted, Thomas’ life will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018
commissioned with finding the at 734 Riviera Dr. from 1pm to 3pm.
leadership have a long and and even fired or forced to resign. truth. We must communicate Please sign the guestbook at
trusting relationship with The members of Congress and with our leaders on the House and
intelligence communities and the the White House who are now Senate intel committees that we
Congressional committees that claiming Mueller’s investigation will not stand for partisan games
investigate wrong doing by those is a “witch hunt” are the same while America’s democracy hangs Personalized obituaries, which allow more detail, may
in leadership roles. leaders that applauded James be purchased. Funeral homes can assist with purchasing
in the balance.
What has changed? Wouldn’t Comey for releasing his letter
you prefer the truth over the lies? concerning emails that may Dennese Lilley-Edgerton is a Blythe resident, award
an obituary. Please call Palo Verde Valley Times
If you are innocent, wouldn’t you have cost the Democrats the winning instructor, and has dedicated herself to Classified Advertising with questions, 760-922-3181.
want that truth to become self- election. However, he is now education through the written and spoken word.

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