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PVTA’s concern with safety against school shootings

BY CATHYLEEN RICE rooms, Roberson relayed possibility of someone an easy way.” They need to know what Las Vegas to a CTA con-
TIMES REPORTER to the board, “They have getting through the shat- “We open our doors to do, and so do our teach- ference and I spent time in
Presenting to the gov- to step outside to lock terproof windows is like- in the morning, visitors ers. a “keep your school safe,”
erning board of the Palo their doors and step back ly, but unlikely. come in and out, parents Kindergarten students session and the same guy
Verde Unified School in, that takes a couple of She said, “They can come in and out, whoev- need to know what to from Redlands who is the
District, Mary Roberson minutes and if you’re un- take a rock, they can take er comes in and out; we do in [case of an] event head of security at Red-
the current president of der stress, when you’re a crowbar, they can take don’t really keep track [when] they’re on the lands was there, and he
the Palo Verde Teachers fearful, when you are whatever they want to of that before still starts. playground and do not
asked these questions:
Association shared pos- whatever, it takes forever take and that window will [but] once school starts, know what to do. “
and it’s a lot harder to not shatter...Eventually it we lock the doors. No Since speaking to the How many of you have
sible solutions and steps monthly fire drills? We
do.” will shatter, but by that one can go in unless they board about bringing
to take to ensure every raised our hands proudly
Thus, taking the time to time, you will have first come through the office, much needed safety to the
classroom at every school and we were like, “ooh we
do a little research on her responders. but [what if] they’re al- schools in PVUSD on last
is protected against gun have monthly fire drills.
own, the PVTA President First responders have ready on campus, and if year, Roberson said she
violence. And he responded,
found feasible, yet dura- to arrive in three minutes they don’t leave, if they was sent out to a train-
Standing behind the ble door barricades and hide somewhere, they’re ing in Claremont at a TO- “When was the last time
once the call is made, so if
podium before the school program systems that you can keep your school there and how are you go- SAS conference, where you had a fire in your
board, Roberson said, will help bring ease to ev- safe for three minutes un- ing to protect that,” Rob- she learned about other
“We have been sitting schools?” Oh, can’t re-
ery school administrator til the first responders ar- erson questioned. safety and preventative member ever having a
with our hands down and teachers’ anxiety. rive, you’re doing really In addition to fine measures to help protect
long enough. We need to fire in a school where
Finding fast and effec- well and that film on that combing record data- students and teachers.of it was killing a kid, or a
do something and I have tive sleeves, barricades window will last three bases, Roberson said the PVUSD.
spoken before and noth- teacher or faculty or any-
and lockdown magnetic minutes. It will not last Keepntrack program will “Actually right af- body. Shooters, yes! We
ing has never happened, strips, which would forever, but it will last.” also print a photo ID for ter the San Bernardino
and it’s sort of frustrating make it difficult for a Next, she shared a third visitors to wear while on shooting,I had the oppor- had many of those.
because once again you perpetrator to break into concern with the board, campus, so that students tunity to meet the head Do we practice for that?
have a school shooting classrooms at the school which detailed how un- and staff know that the of security [of] Redlands No!,” shared Roberson.
and Dr. Guith comes on and open fire, Roberson wanted visitors on school visitor have gone through School District, because As she asks for schools
campus to check doors showed slides of infor- campus could be tracked, the proper regulations to when they captured the to conduct gun-violence
and it’s not enough.” mation, including costs, which can also be used be on campus. guy, he was close to the drills and have it added
After reaching out to directions of installation in the best interest of the However, nonetheless, school and so forth, and to the school’s calendar
teachers and learning of and the effectiveness of school, should an offend- Roberson said teachers I have had the opportu- in the event of unforeseen
their concern with class- each item. er try to make their way will also need classroom nity to go to several CTA danger happening close
room doors and the safe- With Felix J. Appleby on school grounds. supplies and additional conferences (California to home, Roberson said
ty of their students and Elementary School hav- Using a “Keepntrack” training for themselves Teachers Association) unfortunately, every year
themselves in the event ing 40 classroom doors, program that the high and their students, be- and learn more informa-
of crisis, Roberson spoke people get so busy that
Roberson’s projection school currently utilizes, cause as of right now, tion, and I spoke a year the drill never ends up
at the last school board included the purchas- Roberson said visitors “We have nothing!” or maybe two years ago…
meeting to make it a case happening.
ing of magnetic strips would be tracked and ac- From keeping class- There was a situation in
in point to the district that totaled about $1.84 counted for, as the scan room supplies for bath- a school district over to- However, Roberson
about investing in pre- per door or $27.96 for a 5 will run state identifica- room breaks and food and wards the big cities and stated, “We have to prac-
cautionary tools. pack, in addition to bar- tion through the national drinks for those who have they had to call lock down tice.” We have to train
With a close relation- ricades/sleeves ranging registry of sex offenders, dietetic needs should and when they called lock our students. We can no
ship with the staff at Felix anywhere from $59 to $79 to ensure that office staff the school ever have the down in the schools, the longer shelter them. [Stu-
J. Appleby, Roberson’s each. know who is on campus. need to go on lock down teachers stepped outside dents] have to know what
proposed plans for action As a second concern Roberson shared with for any reason, Roberson and anybody in the hall- to do in case something
included the number of made aware to Roberson the board, through this said nothing from the dis- way, they brought them happens. We can no lon-
classrooms currently at by teachers at Appleby, way, “You know immedi- trict is currently being in. ger shelter them, we have
the elementary school, was the need for window ately whether that person provided unless it comes “Well it just so hap- to train them.
wherein she shared in- security should a student should be on your cam- directly out of the pockets pened that the teacher We live on I-10 and you
formation that was cost try to break in from the pus or not. I can tell you of the teachers. brought the perpetrator never know what’s going
effective for the board, outside. first hand how I had that Urging on the safety into her classroom, be- by and what’s going to
should they decided to “We have 2,600 square- happened last year where conversation, Roberson cause there was no way to happen; besides some of
move in favor of her pro- foot of glass (windows) at I had to tell a man that he said, “We need to train identify the perpetrator.
posals. the homegrown people.
Appleby” Roberson said. could not come onto our our teachers and our stu- So at that time I brought
Since teachers at Ap- Yet, with her finding of campus for the assembly, dents, and we don’t need forth that there was a Of course it all takes mon-
pleby told her their main window security film that because he was on the to train our students way to produce visitation ey, well you know what,
concern in the event of a goes over both sides of the National Sex Registry, so while they’re sitting in badges with pictures on there are thousands of
gun situation was with window, Roberson’s re- those things happened ev- a classroom, we need to them and [only] the high grants out there and the
classrooms doors and the search showed that with ery day. train them at lunch, when school has [it], but not the city of Blythe has a grant
risk they take in stepping the film added to all the So we have to protect they’re at recess, we need elementary schools. writer that could help
outside of their class- windows in Appleby, the our students and this is to train them at all times. In January, I went to with this.”

Leaving tracks:
count shows scant
growth in Mexican
gray wolf population
BY JENNA MILLER North America, officials
ALPINE — Ole Alcum- A program to reintro-
brac has just eight min- duce the wolves into the
utes. wild began 20 years ago,
A wolf sprints across a and the population has
field of dry grass, a heli- been growing slowly.
copter clattering above. The field team said the
About 30 feet above information gathered in
annual surveys plays an
ground, Alcumbrac —
important role in that
eyes glued to the wolf — PHOTO BY JENNA MILLER/CRONKITE NEWS
growth. They take great
leans out of an open door, WHEN THE WOLVES ARE RELEASED,  they typically rejoin with their packs quickly, veterinarian Susan Dicks said. The results of
pains to capture and care
into the turbulence, raises the latest aerial survey show 22 Mexican gray wolf packs living in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico.
for the wolves.
his dart gun and aims for
Alcumbrac stays within
its rump. the eight-minute limit be- number in Arizona and tor. “It slows our time to- over a number of years to uted to this article.
The chase is adrena- cause he doesn’t want to New Mexico to 114. wards recovery.” account for these dispari- This story is part of Ele-
line-fueled, but there’s a cause unnecessary stress “It was a disappoint- She said officials hope ties. The average popula- mental: Covering Sustain-
rhythm. If Alcumbrac, a or overheat the wolf, ability, a new multimedia
ment that we didn’t grow for a 10 percent popula- tion growth rate over the
project veterinarian for which could injure or kill collaboration between
the U.S. Fish and Wildlife this year,” said Sherry tion growth each year, but past 10 years was 7 per- Cronkite News, Arizona
it. Barrett, U.S. Fish and they expect some fluctua- cent.
Service, fails to dart the The dart, which is filled PBS, KJZZ, KPCC, Rocky
wolf in eight minutes, he Wildlife Service Mexican tion. They measure the Cronkite News reporter Mountain PBS and South-
with the sedative Telazol,
must allow it to rest for at will knock out a wolf for wolf recovery coordina- growth rate as an average Meagan Barbee contrib- ern California PBS.
least five minutes before only a short time. The
trying one more time. And team has to work quickly,
if he doesn’t hit his target landing the copter, racing
on the second attempt, the to the wolf, and carting it
wolf is free to go — until back to the helicopter for
another day. a quick trip to a waiting
On this trip in late Jan- team of biologists and vet-
uary, Alcumbrac’s aim is erinarians, stationed in
true; the wolf slows to a trailers or makeshift fa-
crawl, then stops. cilities in rural locations
“It’s a challenge, plain across the wolves’ terri-
and simple,” Alcumbrac tory.
said. The team treats the
The chase was part of captured wolves for any
the federal agency’s an- injuries, administers vac-
nual program to moni- cines and fits the wolves
tor endangered Mexican with tracking collars be-
gray wolves living in the fore releasing them at
wilds of eastern Arizona the same spot where they
and western New Mexico. were captured. The medi-
The service tries to get cal treatment is meant to
an accurate count of the keep the wolves healthy,
wolves, which have been and the collars help to
listed as endangered since monitor their movements
1976. throughout the year.
The Mexican gray wolf This year, the team cap-
once was prevalent in tured and collared 24 Mex-
parts of the Southwest, ican gray wolves, more
but intensive trapping than any previous year.
and hunting had nearly However, after strong
wiped out the wolves by population growth of 16
the 1970s. They are the wolves in 2016, the 2017
smallest, rarest and genet- survey showed an in-
ically most distinct sub- crease of just one in the
species of gray wolves in past year, bringing the