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Updated December 16, 2016

Name: Robert Pavletic Student #: 0546329

Faculty Advisor: Airin Stephens

1. Refer to Appendix A to review the criteria on which you are being assessed. On that Appendix, check off the appropriate box according to your own

2. a) Reread your associate teacher’s feedback, including emails, notes, letter of concern and evaluation reports. Using your associate teacher’s
comments as a guide, complete the table below in detail, listing strengths/areas for further development, regardless of whether you agree or not.

b) Once you have completed the table to reflect your associate teacher’s comments, revisit the table below. Using a different colour, highlight the
Strengths / Areas for Further Development with which you agree. Reflect upon / add additional Strengths / Areas for Further Development
according to your own self-assessment of your teaching abilities. Give thought to the criteria you checked off in Appendix A.

My Strengths Areas for Further Development

Tone, voice Continue to create student directed lessons

Lesson planning, transitions, lever lab Classroom management
Cooperation with school community Organization
Good adaptability Time Management
Involvement in school Community

Prioritize your goals for next placement. Is there an underlying factor (“push factor”) that would
enhance your performance overall (i.e. better organization?)
3. How will you further develop your teaching skills? Focusing on your Areas for Further Development, as well as your Strengths, design your Learning
Plan. This learning plan should include stated goals, strategies for achieving your goals, and the supports you need for achieving your goals. This
learning plan is to be submitted to your faculty advisor and you are required to meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your plan.

Goals for Next Practicum Steps I will take to achieve each goal Specific Resources / Supports Timeline
Improve Classroom Management Research and practice new classroom management
techniques Research classroom management Before placement 2 March 22,
strategies, experience, talk to other 2018

Create more student directed lessons Research new and innovative lessons and practice to
see what is effective Research new lesson ideas experience, Before placement 2 March 22,
talk to other teachers/supports, curriculum 2018
and instruction courses

Organization Create class specific folders, improve day book, plan

further ahead if possible Buy new books, create more cohesive Before placement 2 March 22,
google drive folders, Utilize 2018

More effective use of time will allow me to be more Better organization, more effective use of Before placement 2 March 22,
Time management organised and create more student directed lessons planning/work periods 2018

 I have read the Practicum Guide and reviewed my Teacher Candidate Agreement and am aware of
my responsibilities during placement.

 If I incur difficulties/fail my placement, I will be placed “on review” and must enrol in the next session of EDUC 0498: Enhancing the Practicum.
 Entrance into my next placement is contingent upon enacting my learning plan and passing EDUC 0498.

 I understand that an INC or FAIL in any mandatory course may prevent me from proceeding into the next placement as scheduled.

 I will share my post-placement learning plan with the associate teacher responsible for my next placement.

Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Teacher Candidate

Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Faculty Advisor

Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Professional Experiences Coordinator

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of section 14 of the Lakehead University Act and will be used to support development of teaching practice of
the student named herein. The information will be kept secure and confidential at all times, and will be disclosed only to Lakehead University personnel and agents, such as
the associate teacher assigned to the student’s placement, who need the information to support the said development. Any questions on this collection should be directed to:
Chair, Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E1. Telephone: 807-343-8520.
Program Evaluation Criteria

1. Professionalism YES NO SOMETIMES

 flexibility
 dependability
 reflexive practice:
o arrives early
o meets with AT to debrief
o analyzes/improves practice
 judgement
 care, trust, respect, integrity

2. Positive Learning Environment YES NO SOMETIMES

Creates positive, inclusive, safe learning environment:
 respectful, non-threatening, engaging, stimulating,
 uses safe practices and routines
 embraces student-centred learning
 celebrates individuality and diversity
 builds rapport with students
 models initiative/enthusiasm
 uses effective proactive strategies

3. Teaching Practice YES NO SOMETIMES

Demonstrates knowledge of:
 child development/educational theory
 curriculum guidelines, expectations and big ideas
 subject matter
Demonstrates proficiency in reading/writing/listening/speaking
English/language of instruction
Accesses up-to-date, accurate resources
Develops engaging learning activities
Submits lesson plans to AT minimum 24 hours in advance
Communicates clear, achievable expectations
Scaffolds learning
Engages students in learning process
Sets clear learning goals/success criteria
Differentiates instruction
Integrates technology

4. Assessment/Evaluation YES NO SOMETIMES

Practices assessment for/as/of learning
Provides specific, meaningful, timely feedback to students
Maintains organized assessment records