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I noticed that in the book you use some commotion accidents, and examples of artists.

Pitt, Tom Cruise , Rocky Balboa and the movies you mentioned are well known here, but other
examples are not. So, there are some examples of commotion, which obtained several hours of
media here in Brazil.

Below are the main accidents in numbers of deaths or social commotion, and after some
incidents with famous artists.


When: February 1972

Location: São Paulo - SP

Number of victims: 16 dead and 300 wounded

Information and curiosities: the cause of the fire was an overload in the electrical system. The
flames soon reached the upper floors, causing a fire of gigantic proportions. To save the
victims, the firefighters even improvised a bridge between the neighboring building and
Andraus. The Andraus fire had more survivors than Joelma's because the building had a
heliport. Most of the survivors were rescued there(heliport). Very few measures have been
taken to prevent further tragedies as Andraus. Two years later, the fire of Joelma would occur,
with a much larger number of fatal victims.


When: October 1992

Location: São Paulo - SP

Number of victims: 111 dead and 130 injured.

Information and curiosities: There is more than one version to the case. In the prisoners'
version, there were 200 human losses. What is known is that many bodies showed signs of
firing (examinations showed that 70% of the shots were directed at the head and the thorax of
detainees). The case had great repercussion, being headline even in newspapers of the
exterior. The Carandiru massacre gave rise to a book about the penitentiary, written by the
doctor Drauzio Varella.


When: november 2016

Location: Medellin - Colômbia

Number of victims: 71 dead, 6 wounded (approximate numbers,need to check)

Among the victims of the crash were Brazilian football team players, coaches, officials, journalists and the plane's crew. The aircraft with
the Chapecoense delegation was without any fuel at fall, ( preliminary results of the investigation of the accident).

When: July 2 007

Location: São Paulo

Number of victims: 199 dead

Information and curiosities: it rained heavily at the Congonhas airport at the time the flight 3054
landed. The plane slipped onto the runway, stopping outside the airport. He collided with a
cargo depot. The explosion generated by the impact mobilized dozens of firefighters, which took
hours to contain the flames. Of the 199 victims, 12 were on land.


When: February 1974

Where: São Paulo, SP.

Number of victims: 189 dead and 300 wounded

Information and curiosities: the fire started on the 12th floor due to an overload in the electrical
network. Missing fire prevention equipment and training, which helped to complicate the
situation. Sufocadas pela fumaça, survivors ran to roof top, where there was no heliport. Many
jumped to the death. Inspired books, movies and documentaries for TV.


When: January 2013

Where: Santa Maria, RS

Number of victims: 242 dead and 116 injured

Information and curiosities: caused by a firework during a musical presentation, the fire soon
spread through the nightclub. In a panic, the crowd tried to run to the only exit. Most of the
victims died asphyxiated. Such was the amount of dead, that a refrigerated truck was called to
transport the bodies. The Kiss nightclub fire was the third biggest disaster in nightclubs in the
world… Father of young people killed in tragedy, began to complain about the slowness of the
authorities investigate and punish those responsible for. These parents are being prosecuted by
the state.


When: December 1 961

Where: Niterói, RJ

Number of victims: 503 dead (2/3 were children)

Information and curiosities: caused by an employee dismissed two days before, the fire
consumed the circus in minutes. The audience was full, in the midst of the rush, several children
were released from their parents. The commotion caused by the fire was “so great” that it
mobilized even Pope John 23.


When: February 1 984

Where: Cubatão, SP

Number of victims: 93 dead (official number) or 508 (unofficial number)

Information and curiosities: all began with a leak of 700 thousand liters of gasoline from a pipe
of Petrobras (state company ) in a village formed largely by very simple houses, the place was
called Vila Socó. Although they found the smell of fuel unbearable, the population remained in
their homes. The authorities also did nothing to evacuate the area. Until the fire occurred,
probably triggered by a spark. The survivors received small reparations. The detail is that many
students never returned to school (of 300 students, only 60 returned). Nobody knows what
happened to them.


When: January 2 011

Where: Serra Fluminense (Teresópolis, Petrópolis, Nova Friburgo and other cities)

Number of victims: 900 dead and 400 missing

Information and curiosities: nor the meteorologists, who had foreseen strong storms for the
region that day, imagined that it would rain so much. It rained in 24 hours the expected for the
whole month. Residences and commercial buildings disappeared under tons of earth and rock.
30,000 homeless. Bodies have been found miles from their homes. President Dilma Roussef
decreed three days of mourning for the dead in the tragedy.

Barrage Breakup of sweet river – (ROMPIMENTO BARRAGEM DO RIO DOCE)

When: November 2015

Where: Mariana - MG

Number of victims: 17 dead and 2 missing

Information and curiosities : Although not the biggest disaster in the number of people killed, it
was the biggest natural disaster in the history of Brazil, and had impressive numbers, with the
consequence of thousands of people. Some numbers:

35 million m³ of mud ,11 tons of dead fish, 82% of the buildings in the city of Bento Rodrigues
were destroyed by the mud., 329 homeless families, , 1,500 hectares of vegetation destroyed
by mud, 39 affected cities, 80 species inhabited the Rio Doce basin before the disaster, 80 km²
the extent of the mud in the sea.
Offshore oil platform P-36 – (Plataforma P-36)
When: March 2001

Where: alto mar (Rio de Janeiro)

Number of victims: 11 dead

Information and curiosities : The P-36 was the largest semi-submerged oil production platform
in the world, prior to its wreck in March 2001, produced 84,000 barrels of oil per day. In the early
hours of March 15, 2001, three explosions occurred in one of the pillars of the platform, 175
people were at the scene at the time of the accident, of which 11 died, all members of the
platform's emergency team. After the explosions, the platform bent at 16 degrees, due to the
pumping of sea water to its interior. Attempts to rescue were made, injecting nitrogen and
compressed air in the tanks, to remove the accumulated water, but to no avail, they abandoned
it. According to the Brazilian national oil agency (ANP), the accident was caused by
"nonconformities regarding operational, maintenance and project procedures."

Artists – (ARTISTAS)
Cazuza (April 4, 1958 - July 7, 1990), was a Brazilian singer, songwriter, poet and lyricist. In
October of 2008 the Rolling Stone magazine promoted the List of the One hundred Greatest
Artists of the Brazilian Music, whose result put Cazuza in the 34th position. Died of AIDS

Renato Russo (March 27, 1960 - October 11, 1996), was a Brazilian singer and songwriter,
famous for being the lead singer and founder of rock band Legião Urbana. In October 2008,
Rolling Stone magazine promoted the List of One Hundred Greatest Artists of Brazilian Music,
in which Renato Russo occupies the 25th. More than 15 million copies sold. Died of AIDS

Roberto Carlos (19 of April of 1941) is a singer, businessman and Brazilian composer. He has
already won more than 20 times the award for best singer of the year in Brazil, has at least 6
Latin Grammys and 1 Grammy Awards. When he was a child, playing on the railway suffered a
fracture in his right leg, rescued by a travel agent, taken by him to Rio, had to amputate his leg
to just below the knee, Roberto Carlos is the solo artist with more albums sold in the history of
Brazilian popular music. more than 120 million copies. Is popularly called the king

Dinho Ouro Preto- The singer Dinho Ouro Preto, fell on his back from a height of more than 3
meters when he passed a stage catwalk during a show from his band Capital Inicial. The
musician was taken to a local emergency room early in the morning, where preliminary
examinations revealed a head trauma.

Mamonas Assasinas - Brazilian rock band, which had achieved success recently, more than 5
million copies sold, The time was closed in Greater São Paulo on the night of March 2, 1996, on
a Saturday. A thick mist covered part of the Serra da Cantareira when, around 11:15 pm, an
executive jet learjet advanced through the trees, crossed the curtain of cold mist and collided in
the woods. The nine occupants were killed: the two crew members, a security guard, a stage
assistant and the five young musicians of the Mamonas Assassinas. Circulated photos on the
internet with the bodies of the singers totally destroyed.