Zeitgeist Addendum Exposed: The Final Cut

The Zeitgeist series has been controversial. Zeitgeist the documentary has been thoroughly debunked via enumerable articles, videos, etc. That is why it's suddenly my intension to refute it further with more extra information. Why expose it more? My justification for this action is that 2012 is coming soon. The New Age Movement is gaining more influence, but the truth refuting that movement is growing in leaps and bounds as well. The truth can never die as spirituality is here and our ancestors believed in equal treatment among all peoples. Recently, there has been religious controversies from the Mosque issue in New York City and a renewed attack on Christian doctrine in general. Therefore, it’s certainly time to present information and let people decide on what they desire to believe in. Fundamentally, the freedom of conscience and the freedom of religion are vital to embrace in order to enhance legitimate human principles. I will expose the lies of Zeitgeist that Jesus is a rehash of Horus and Jesus is non existent as a historical figure. This education or showing of the truth can be utilized in a great way to awaken people. For mental colonialism is just as evil as lies about religion being promoted. It's one thing to disagree with a religion. Human beings have the right to be a Christian, not to be a Christian, or to

accept no religion whatsoever. It's quite another to lie about a religion in hatred to promote some nefarious agenda. This anti-religious hatred as shown in Zeitgeist is a kind of evil pathology that people have the right to verbally refute. For religious tyranny is just as nefarious as anti-religious tyranny. The Zeitgeist series is inaccurate,
because it falsely characterizes the essence of religions (especially Christianity) as an excuse to

promote an Utopian Society (where all nation states are absolutely abolished under the control of a cashless society in a globalized system). The documentary does tell the truth about the corruption among the Federal Reserve and some Secret Societies. Yet, that information is permitted in the film as a smokescreen in order to promote lies in dealing with spirituality and truth.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has been under a new attack. Bill O’Reilly is at it again. He lies and said that all 9/11 Truth activists are dangerous radicals and borderline terrorists. The First Amendment gives people the free speech right to disagree with the official story of 9/11. That isn’t some evil or sin at all. O’Reilly tried to call Faiz Khan a threat since he questioned the official story of 9/11 (and Bill tried to link the Ground zero iman Feisal Abdul Rauf to Khan. The iman worked with the FBI on its counterterrorism effort in March of 2003 and he talked with the Council on Foreign Relations). Faiz Khan was a first responder to September 11, 2001, so he isn’t a candidate for terror or radicalism. He’s a Muslim scholar and educator. Khan participated in two memorial services for the victims of 9/11 and is involved with the New York group Muslims Against Terrorism. We have the right to call 9/11 an inside job if we wish to. Bill O’Reilly is so devious that he wants Khan to not be allowed within 10 miles of Ground Zero when Khan isn’t a criminal. That would be against Khan’s freedom of movement. Bill reading a teleprompter is in no position to lecture us on freedoms. O’Reilly and his ilk desires to ban people full freedoms if they believe that 9/11 was an inside job (when Osama bin Laden never caused NORAD to stand down, wasn’t in the planes, and didn’t collapse Building Number Seven). The Zogby poll from 2006 found that 42% of Americans believe the U.S. government and the 9/11 commission covered up the truth behind the attacks. Is it possible O’Reilly and Fox News consider millions of Americans to be dangerous radicals and would prevent them from traveling to Manhattan? Maybe a yellow star is in order? I don’t accept the false gospel of the official story of 9/11 at all. The Ground Zero controversial is not only used to demonize Muslims and cause religious tensions. It’s a means to criminalize the 9/11 truth movement and promote the contrived, evil war on terrorism. Even Gulf of Tonkin have been proven to be a false flag attack conclusively. The Government was making the case and presenting the false evidence before the UN in trying to go ahead with the Iraq war. This is real.

9/11 Truth is still here. There is the ninth anniversary of 9/11. Even 9/11 Commissioners have issues with the current story about how 9/11 went down. The 9/11 Commission co-chairs said that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that the military officials misrepresented facts to the Commission. The Commission considered recommending criminal charges for such false statements. 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton said that he don't believe that they got everything correct. The Commission in his mind was set up to fail. People have the right to keep asking questions about 9/11. The truth about 9/11 isn't over in its debate. 9/11 Commissioner Timothy Roemer said that "...We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting." 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned form the Commission. He said that it's a national scandal. He believed that the investigation is now compromised and the full story about 9/11 should be shown. The White House in his mind wanted to cover up about what occurred during 9/11. 9/11

Commissioner Bob Kerrey said that: "...There are ample reasons to suspect there may be some alternative to what we outlined in our version...We didn't have access..." He also said that the investigation depended too heavily on the accounts of Al-Qaeda detainees who were physically coerced into talking. John Farmer was the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission. He led the 9/11 staff's inquiry. He recently said that: "...At some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.” He also said “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described …. The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years…. This is not spin. This is not true.” And he said: “It’s almost a culture of concealment, for lack of a better word. There were interviews made at the FAA’s New York center the night of 9/11 and those tapes were destroyed. The CIA tapes of the interrogations were destroyed. The story of 9/11 itself, to put it mildly, was distorted and was completely different from the way things happened." Intelligence officers questioned the official story of 9/11 as well. The former military analyst and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg said that there could be a certain 9/11 whistleblower that is far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers. He accused the government of covering up about 9/11. He is open to accept accusations of government involvement in 9/11. The U.S. government did knew of 9/11 style attacks for years. This is why some want a new investigation into 9/11. Raymond McGovern said that the 9/11 Report was a joke. He was a 27 year CIA veteran. He chaired National Intelligence Estimates. He personally gave intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials). William Bill Christison said that there is more persuasive evidence that show that the 9/11 attacks are different from what was presented from the 9/11 Commission. Christison was a 29 year veteran of the CIA, a former National Intelligence Officer, and a Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis. Many intelligence people and CIA people sent a letter to Congress exposing the omissions, errors, and serious shortcomings from the 9/11 Commission Report. CIA veteran Robert Baer said that evidence points to 9/11 having aspects of being an inside job. The Division Chief of the CIA’s Office of Soviet Affairs, who served as Senior Analyst from 1966 – 1990. He also served as Professor of International Security at the National War College from 1986 – 2004 (Melvin Goodman) said “The final [9/11 Commission] report is ultimately a cover-up."

Many Congress people have doubts on the official story of 9/11. Bob Graham said that a FBI informant hosted and rented a room with 2 "hijackers" in 2000 (and the FBI blocked investigations of this issue). Graham was the co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. He was the former Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy said that warnings occurred about 9/11 on Bush's watch and why did it allow to happen. Even Ron Paul want a new investigation into 9/11. Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich said we weren't told the total truth on 9/11. Lincoln Chaffee, Mike Gravel, and Jason Chafetz wants to re investigation 9/11. Dan Hamburg (a former U.S. Democratic Congressman) doesn’t believe in the official story of 9/11. Former U.S. Republican Congressman and senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and who served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee Curt Weldon has shown that the U.S. tracked hijackers before 9/11, is open to hearing information about explosives in the Twin Towers, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job. Edward Peck, Wesley Clark, and others want an investigation into 9/11. If these government officials, politicians, and intelligence agents question the official story of 9/11, we have a right to question it too. That is why 9/11 Truth will never die and it's here to stay. Protesters from various quarters existed in New York to express their views. Yet, we should fight revolving around real issues like the prison system, the war on terror, etc. We should reject the hysteria against Muslims like the race-baiting rhetoric coming from neo cons. I want to mention this too. 9/11 Truth will never die. The pristine tenet of inquiry and seeking the truth that existed among all of humanity for eons is as unshakable as the existence of the Universe. The full precepts of righteousness and justice ought to be fulfilled. These

precepts can be fulfilled when a full, independent investigation on what really occurred on 9/11 transpires. I will never forget about 9/11 in my entire life.

The Zeitgeist film series came about in 2007. Ever since then, individuals from many religions and political ideologies have exposed its deceptive nature. Zeitgeist includes tons of
lies in its film. The film says that Horus was the sun god and Christians borrowed the Horus concept to develop modern Christianity. The truth is the Egyptian god Ra was the sun god and Horus was the sky god. There is no evidence that Horus had 12 disciples or was crucified. There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was born in December 25th either. The Bible doesn’t mention a word on the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ at all. Horus wasn’t even born in December 25th, but on the month of Khoiak or July 15th. The Roman Bishop Liberius popularized the myth that Jesus was born in December 25th (based on pagan thinking new the Winter Solstice). Isis wasn’t virgin. Horus

Later after the Protestant reformation, for example, many of the Protestants outlawed the celebration of Christmas in England and in early America declaring it "trappings of popery" and "rags of the Beast.” The Christ Mythos lie has been
was known as a children, but he wasn’t crowned a teacher at age 12.

popularized by Masons and occultists like Albert Churchwood, Archayra S, Gerald Massey (He was not a trained Egyptologist. He was a Druid and Theosophist. Massey wrote for the Theosophical magazine called “Lucifer“ which was published by H.P. Blavatsky), and Thomas Doane. The Scriptures mention that the magi
gave gifts to Jesus Christ and it doesn't specify their number as found in Matthew 2:1-11. Jesus Christ was called the sun god historically in that time nor did the Bible call him that (since the Scriptures forbids the worship of the sun or any created entity as found in Matthew 4:8-11, Revelation 19:10, Deut. 4:15-16,19, Ezekiel 18:15-18). The Bible mention Jesus as a historical

first century historians like Josephus, Flavius, Pliny the Younger, Tacitus and Suetonius who make mention of Jesus as a historical figure. Pontus Pilate’s reign has been confirmed through the “Pilate Stone” found in Caesarea Maritima and the historical accounts of Philo and Josephus. There are 39 non-biblical sources within 150 year of Jesus’ life that mention his existence and allude to or explicitly document his crucifixion. Among the extra-biblical early sources that allude to Jesus’ crucifixion are the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, the satirists Celsius and Lucian, The Roman Cornelius Tacitus, the distinguished Suetoniuos, and the pagan Mara Bar Serapion. All of these sources are early, reliable and were written by adamant enemies of Christianity. Osiris was never crucified or even hanged in a tree. The Osiris of Egyptian mythology dealt with him ruling the Underworld that has no relation with the Christian story of resurrection at all. Osiris was dismembered by his brother Seth, as any reference work on Egyptian mythology will relate. The lie of Christianity being a rehash of Osiris/Horus stories is an old tactic

figure despite Zeitgeist denying that Jesus Christ was a historical figure. Reputable

utilized by New Age occultists to intimidate people to accept New Age philosophies. Penn states that Apollonius was crucified yet this is emphatically
untrue! Apollonius was never executed in anyway. Penn states that Apollonius rose from the dead however this is also wrong. Philostratus ends his biography of Apollonius by stating that Apollonius disappeared and therefore ascended into Heaven. He later returns in a young boy’s dreams to assure him of the reality of immortality. This is apotheosis, not a death, and certainly not a bodily resurrection.

Josephus refers to “Jesus, who was called the Christ,” when referring to the execution of his half brother James (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, book 20, chapter 9, item 1), and Tacitus, writes of “Christ, [who] had been executed in Tiberius’ reign by the governor of Judea, Pontius Pilatus.” (The Annals of Imperial Rome, Book 1, Chapter 15). There is no evidence prior to the birth of Jesus Christ of a of incarnation of a person, experience death by crucifixion to be raised from the dead on the third day, and be called Savior of the world. Even the Old Testament list several prophecies about Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. Even the prophet Isaiah said that the Messiah would die for our sins as found in Isaiah 53.

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” -Romans 10:13
When you get down to it, the Zeitgeist film use sources from Satanists and occultists like Madame Helena Blavatsky and Manly P. Hall. Researchers show that the occult and Blavatsky's teachings influenced much of the Nazi Movement. One big source of information for Zeitgeist is Jordan

Maxwell. Jordan Maxwell exposes much of the evils in the Vatican as an excuse to condemn all of Christianity. He targets Judaism as well as a creed that causes problems in the world society. Maxwell's heresies and false ideologies are commonly shown in the film. Maxwell thinks that a group of aliens gave him knowledge. These views aren't representative of people in the truth movement at all. Maxwell hypocritically bashes Christianity, but sells little statues of Jesus (and copies of the shroud of Turin in his site). Maxwell bashes religion, but quotes John 8:32. He said that: “The religious institutions of this world are at the bottom of the dirt. The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government, your corrupt education, who set up your international banking cartels, because our masters don’t give a [expletive] about you or your family. All they care about is what they have always cared about and that’s controlling the whole [expletive] world. We have been misled away from the true and divine presence in the universe that men have called God… You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.” –Jordan Maxwell, Zeitgeist-The Movie

Jordan Maxwell's real name is Russell Pine. He admitted that he got Jordan Maxwell from the occult teachings from Madame HP Blavatsky (Maxwell praises her and Manly P. Hall). Manly P. Hall was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason. In his "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry" book, he admitted that the energies of Lucifer are in a Mason's hands if they learn of the Craft heavily. It's also strange that Maxwell supposedly condemns secret societies and their secret symbols to communicate their message (in promoting the new world order of the elite), then Maxwell comes in hyper super beings are going to reward him when they set up the new order. The Zeitgeist series cites works from Archarya S. She is a known anti-religious hater using even false information to outline her hatred of any religion. She quotes New Agers and Theosophist like Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner. Rudolf was the former President of the European branch of the Theosophical Society. Like Theosophists, Archarya S called for the Aquarian New Age of unity people into one. She quotes H. P. Blavatsky in her book entitled, "The Christ Conspiracy." Anne Besant states her agreement with the existence of the New Age of Aquarius: " … the equinox will reach the sign of Aquarius, and, coinciding the great Cycle of influence, we can indeed hope to put a complete end to all the influence of the past Cycle, with its tyranny, slavery, war and cruelty ...” “This is one of the great transitional Epochs, and the karma before humanity as a whole, and to every group in particular, is to reform itself from slavery, female subjection, war and cruelty and establish a civilization based on humaneness and interest in spiritual matters." (Annie Wood Besant, Lucifer Theosophist Magazine April 1925-June 1925, [Kessinger Publishing, 2003], p. 56, 57) Acharya states her supports for the New Age of Aquarius: “Despite the vilification of the so-called New Age movement, the fact is that we are entering into a new age... The age referred to in the gospel tale is that of Pisces, and, through contrivance and duplicity, coercion and slaughter, the fish-god "Jesus," the Piscean Solar Avatar, has indeed been with us, but now it is the close of the age, and his time is over... As Hancock says, "We live today in an astrological no man's land at the end of the 'Age of Pisces,' on the threshold of the 'New Age' of Aquarius. Traditionally these times of transition between one age and the next have been regarded as ill-omened." Ill-Omened verily as the ongoing destruction of the earth and the endless warfare over ideology will indeed produce the 'Armageddon" so long awaited and planned by those who cannot live for today but must look towards an afterlife. By realizing the cultural unity revealed behind the Christ conspiracy, however, humanity can pull together and prevent this fall, to

create a better world." (Acharya S, The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, [Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999], p. 416, 417). Even Peter Joseph desires the nation-state to be abolished in order to have some global management system, which is similar to the global governmental system. He said the following:

"...Government and the concept of the state will eventually be outgrown entirely and replaced by an objective system of global resource management and technological organization."
Zeitgeist Addendum quotes the false Messiah J. Krishnamurti. He said that: “…But

that depend on you and not somebody else. Because in this there is no teacher; no pupil…there is no leader. There is no guru. There is no master, no savior...You yourself are the teacher and the pupil; you are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader. You are everything! And… to understand is to transform what is…”

This sums up the philosophy of the Zeitgeist movement and some of New Age ideology. Their ilk don’t view God as the sole Master and Savior of the Universe. New Agers will often claim that the Bible promotes their astrological beliefs.

However, in the Old Testament book of Isaiah, Astrology is forbidden and identified as an abomination to God: “Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Behold, they shall be as stubble.” -Isaiah 47:13-14. They view that man can be everything to be perfect to transform society
into something better. Yet, man isn’t perfect. A perfect Utopia is an impossible vision. It’s better to work on the truth. It’s fine to view humans as being leaders to assist world. Although, it’s farcical to assume that we should just reject any display of spirituality in order to function in a perfect, nirvana like state of existence. Also, we should not trust a beast system. Just because the mainstream media wants us to worship a flag, worship the military, and accept a cut throat trickled down capitalist propaganda doesn’t mean we should accept it. We ought to reject that nonsense since those concepts only can lead into the slave ship of conformity. It leads into no land of milk and honey. Only true mental and cultural liberation can do that.

Political elites have called for global government or the new world order among many years. This is nothing new. Apologetics is common in the world. Jesus Christ is definitely a historical person. Tacitus was a 1st and 2nd century historian. He lived during the early Roman Empire. He was called a great historian. He verifies the Biblical account of Jesus' execution at the hands of Pontius Pilate. Pilate governed Judea during the reign of Tiberius (from his Annals XV, 44). Suetonius wrote about the expulsion of Christian Jewish people from Rome that confirmed from Acts 18:2. Pliny the Younger wrote about Jesus Christ and the Christians refusing to deny the worship of Jesus Christ. Clement of Rome and other early Christians wrote about Jesus' existence too. More than 300 Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled, and the Books of Daniel and Revelation are literally unfolding before our very eyes. The skeptics claim that Christianity is based on sun worship, moon worship, and astrology. The problem is that the OT and the NT isn't friendly toward worshipping the stars, moon, and doing astrology at all. In her book The Christ Conspiracy, Acharya S states that she wants a new age of Aquarius to replace the Christian religion (on pg. 416-417). That is why there is a large contingent of people out there bashing Jesus Christ and Christianity. Some people even say that Hitler was a Christian. He wasn't since he was baptized Roman Catholic and he later promoted genocide (which is contrary to numerous religious creeds not just Christianity). The first Zeitgeist had 3 sections. They were that the Federal Reserve being exposed, 9/11 being an inside job, and the slander against religious people. The first 2 sections were mostly accurate about 9/11 and the FED. Peter Joseph use some legitimate information as a means to omit the exposure of Freemasonry, Theosophy (Anne Besant is known for promoting socialism. Annie Besant joined the Marxist-based Social Democrat Federation (SDF) in the 1880s. One major weakness of socialism is that it views any form of private enterprise as wicked. Socialism allows the government to control all of the economic policies beyond just 20% of it. There should be economic justice, fairness, and public

safeguards in our nation, but individuals have the right to make private efforts to solve problems as long as it's done in a legitimate fashion. One example is how private charity is fine to embrace. That is not evil. There are the private non-profit organizations that are building homes, giving food to those suffering from hunger, and giving medical aide to those that need it. This isn‘t evil at all just like

legitimate public services are never evil too), and the New Age Movement.
Some researchers believe that the synthesis of Capitalism and Communism into socialism is a secret goal of the elite. Yet, even some agendas of the corporatists have nothing to do with socialism at all. Paul Manning's “Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile” believes that Bormann escaped into South America (and lived long after WWII). Louis Kilzer's "Hitler's Traitor" wrote that DNA evidence and dental records examined in 1998 confirmed Artur Axmann's claim. His claim was that Bormann died near Weidenbammer Bridge in Germany sometime between 1:30 A.M. and 2:30 am. on May 2, 1945. Kilzer at first seemed to have the better case. Yet, the DNA evidence from the skeletal remains was unearthed by a construction crew near the bridge in 1972. It was matched with that of a Bormann relative rather than Bormann himself. If Bormann escaped, he could of have the dental records of a relative similar height substituted for his own (and that persons' remains could have been found in 1972). FBI files showed Bormann on August 4-5, and 14, 1967 had written checks on demand accounts in several banks. Some feel that Bormann died between 1967 and 1972 and his body was then secreted back to Germany to be discovered in 1972. If this is the case, why did the construction crew just happen to unearth his skeletal remains in 1972 rather than earlier when Axmann made his original claim. General Reinhard Gehlen said that Bormann escaped into the U.S.S.R. Paul Manning's publisher's legs were broken as a result of publishing Manning's book. Paul Manning’s son was murdered as Manning in the early 1990s continued his research into Bormann’s South American activities. Manning disagreed with Axmann's views on Bormann's death or William Stevenson's book "The Bormann Brotherhood" from 1973. Both Stevenson and Hugh Trevor Roper don't agree with Axxman's claims on Bormann's death. Kilzer believed that the British doubled cross Hitler and informed Moscow of the nature of Hess's mission. He said that General Franz Halder (or the head of the German Staff form 1938 to 1942) said that the mission of Rudolf Hess was to go into Britain to make peace with the UK. That is why the Soviets were surprised when Hitler suddenly attacked the USSR in Operation Barbarossa. Hess was a friend of Hitler, helped him write Mein Kampf, and was deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich. Kilzer mentioned that Bormann or Hess' deputy was largely responsible for the Holocaust. Hess changed a report before Hitler could see it about Jews being “liquidated” to say instead that 1.45 million Jews had been deported to the East and 1.27 million had been “processed through the camps.” And if Bormann was working with the Soviets, what does this say about the Soviet connection to the Holocaust? Relevant to the secret Nazi plan, Stevenson in The Bormann Brotherhood related the contents of a March 1945 report by the Research and Analysis branch of the OSS based on deciphered radio communications between Germany and secret stations in South America. The Nazis wanted to spread their teachings after the war. They wanted cartel agreements and commercial projects. They wanted to infiltrate nation in order to build a powerbase. Allen Dulles worked with SS member Paul Dickopf in Switzerland. It's not a secret that the elite want a feudal world governmental system. Crises in economics, etc. are exploited to propose a goal. Even the Economist in January 9, 1988 desire to promote the Phoenix currency in ca. 2018 A.D. The Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are used as an international currency. On September 11, 2009 (note the date September 11) the World Currency Unit (Wocu) was introduced as a derivative of the

exchange rates of the world’s top twenty currencies as measured by Gross Domestic Product. A press release indicated the Wocu allows “corporations, financial institutions, governments and even individuals to trade across national boundaries and hold foreign assets with minimal risk of losses caused by exchange rate fluctuation.” Some feel that the Wocu is a transition currency to the planned global currency. A techno-feudal system (which is a mix of socialism according to some [though I feel it’s really Stalinist communism] and totalitarianism) is a common goal of the elite (or the mix of Capitalism and Communism). Nazism didn't died in WWII. Its philosophies still flourish today and we have the right to fight against it. Some extremists or reactionaries don’t like the middle class or the poor via wanting tax cuts for the rich, desiring to get rid of all of Social Security, don’t wish for financial reform, and wanting to bash social services. They can lecture fiscal responsibility all they want, but they made fiscally bad policies of the Iraq War including causing our economic problems in the first place. It’s as simple as that. Candidate Miller said that unemployment benefits are unconstitutional when the Constitution clearly give Congress the right to pass laws to benefit the general welfare of the people.
Anne Besant was a close friend of Madame HP Blavatsky. HP Blavatsksy in her literature praised Lucifer/Satan as a helper of mankind, which isn’t true. Another Theosophist named H. Alexander Fussell praised Satan as man’s teacher. So, many Theosophists are Satanists or Satan worshippers. In the occult, Lucifer to some of them is shown in a positive quality as believed by Rudolf Steiner. He said that: “…Lucifer is not a being that we can see with our

present day physical eyes; Lucifer can be seen only with the awakened clairvoyance. Seen clairvoyantly, in fact, Lucifer is a particular being who was left behind during the moon phase of evolution…” N. Sri Ram who often gave lectures at the United Nations, a major Theosophist and writer for Lucifer Magazine, clarifies: "The adversary or Satan is no other than Lucifer, the light bearer, the bright Morning Star: He is the Initiator, awakening the divine faculties of intellect on man. He is the king of the "Fallen Angels," Spirits from higher spheres, who descended among primitive mankind of the Third Race, “... to develop in man, and endow him with his self-conscious Mind, or Manas." (N. Sri Ram, Lucifer Theosophical Magazine September 1960-April 1961, [Kessinger Publishing, 2003], p. 23). Of course, Lucifer is not some benevolent being. Lucifer is wicked egomaniac promoting deception and New Age propaganda in the Universe. Numerous New Agers regularly are Luciferians, which is one secret of the occult agenda. Luciferians believe that man can be a god since Satan in the book of Genesis lied to Adam and Eve in claiming that they can exist as gods. It‘s the old lie. Even Peter Joseph told Mark Dice from Resistance Radio that he believes that man is God. The false prophet Benjamin Crème promoted Maitreya as a Messiah-figure for years since the early 1980’s. Crème believed that the Ascended Masters told him about the Maitreya coming to make everything right in the world. Yet, there has been no conclusive evidence that Maitreya is coming into the Earth. Now, Crème promotes the teachings of Theosophy and New Age ideology. Like many of that ilk, Crème is a Luciferian who believed that Lucifer came to Earth from Venus in about millions of years ago to sacrifice for people. Under the guise of spiritual deception, the establishment promotes globalization and the one world system. This isn’t me typing these words down.

Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbott, advocated globalization and world government in Time Magazine in its July 20, 1992 edition. He remarked that: “Here is one optimist's reason for believing unity will prevail over disunity, integration over disintegration. In fact, I’ll bet within the next hundred years (I’m giving the world time for setbacks and myself to be out of the betting game, just in case I lose this one), nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. A phrase briefly fashionable in the mid-20th century -- 'citizen of the world' -- will have assumed real meaning by the end of the 21st. All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances. No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time, in fact they are all artificial and temporary.” (Strobe Talbott, Time Magazine, American Abroad: The Birth of the New Global Nation, July 20, 1992). David Rockefeller admitted in his 2002 Memoirs from pg. 405 that: “…For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institution. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” "A system of world order - preferably a system of world government - is mandatory. The proud nations someday will see the light and, for the common good and their own survival, yield up their precious sovereignty, just as America's thirteen colonies did two centuries ago [defeating King George in the American Revolutionary War]. When we finally come to our senses and establish a world executive and parliament of nations, thanks to the Nuremberg precedent we will already have in place the fundamentals for the third branch of government, the judiciary." –Bohemian Grover Walter Cronkite, from his book, A Reporter's Life

So, the truth is real. The truth is that many globalists desire global government for many eons of time. Man is not God Almighty God is God. God is the Most High. I
choose to praise and worship God alone instead. That’s just me. Just because socialism isn’t perfect, that doesn’t mean I accept the “let them eat cake” pro-von Hayek economic philosophy. Corporate problems are easy to see and prove. There was the enclosure

movement and corn laws in the UK. These laws made the peasants get off their land to force them into city slums to work in sweatshops. So, the aristocrats have oppressed people in the 4 corners of the Earth for eons. The free trade system as it is today doesn't work at all. Even the most virulent monetarists concedes that you have to have some protection on

industries. Trade is important to promote, but it's not something that should be exploited for nefarious purposes. National policies can work to facilitate trade without world corporatists dictating everything. Ignoring historical events and having false historical examples don't work to develop pristine financial policies. Free trade according to Fletcher even made into perfection still will have negative consequences. An especially interesting case study is NAFTA. Fletcher points out that in this instance, those responsible for its implementation were just the people economists would want to have in that role. Yet the effects of NAFTA, both in Mexico and in the United States, have been negative. Radical free trade have expanded the economic gap of richer and poorer nations. The Zeitgeist movement is having a real backlash from real people. The agendas of Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and Achraya S are nothing new. What’s new is some of the technologies that exist today that promote the idea of excessive conformity, anti-intellectual, and authoritarian oppression against independent human thought. Utopian is the aim of Zeitgeist, which was advanced by Sir Francis Bacon toward the North American continent. Our job isn’t to promote Utopianism, but promote equality and justice for all people of the human race.

*Some people want to save big banks, while contributing to the harm of our economy. Once, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on April 20, 2007 denied that the sub prime mortgage troubles were big. Now, we have serious issues with our financial system. Even the controversial International Monetary Fund or the IMF said that assistance to banks and

their borrowers can be counterproductive. that means that the net worth of banks can cripple tax burdens to finance bank and lead into more severe credit supply contraction and economic decline. Today, the Democrats and the Obama administration are responsible for a great deal of what occurs in the U.S. economy. Most Americans don't like the state of the economy. Many people are angry. Some are placing that anger in the right way in fighting for labor rights, economic justice, and for civil liberties. Reactionaries are exploiting that anger to promote religious bigotry, austerity, extreme deregulation, and a divide & conquer strategy to harm the harmonious fabric that is found in the American culture. President Barack Obama didn't massively confront the fraudulent practices of the international bankers for fear of falsely being called a socialist. Even FDR in the 1930's did policies that angered the bankers. Yet, I do respect the brother Barack Obama for his leadership skills and intellectual abilities. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush continued deregulation policies from 1999 after Glass Steagal was eliminated. There was the mortgage-linked synthetic sub prime securities and for betting against them. Geithner, Bernanke, Orszag, Emanuel, Sachs, Bair, Romer, etc. allowed trillions of public dollars to the largest banks. Many of these banks enjoyed hundreds of millions of dollars in yearly bonuses. This was the time when 300,000 Americans are losing their homes via foreclosures every month. That is why some people want to reform the foreclosure situation or the economy might totally collapse. Some regulators want to save the largest banks so bad, that they began to raise capital asset ratios and to shrink their risk assets. The Bernanke Fed went so far as to lend money to the largest banks at zero interest rate, while paying interest on the excess reserves the banks kept at the Fed, a practice that resulted in an outright gift to the banks. Later, credit availability lowered and the M3 money supply fell the lowest since the Great Depression. Wall Street connected people are still in the President Barack Obama administration. Wars are promoted by Obama and Petraeus. These wars exist in Afghanistan and still in Iraq. So, economic issues ought to be discussed. Indeed, with U.S. real unemployment rate hovering around 17 percent, with 3 out of 4 workers telling pollsters that they doubt that their wages will increase next year, with many American households' financial situation deteriorating, people want radical changed. There are fiscal deficits and people don't have much public confidence. Hopefully, the economy can increase, but some neo cons want to do nothing to solve our problems. Other reactionaries have an obsession with tax cuts for the wealthy. The reality is that we ought to do something active to improve the economy and help all people not just people from a certain class. Although, we shouldn't support the government unconditionally since our government now is run mostly by a bunch of Oligarchs. It's the corrupt government and corrupt banks caused much of these problems in America not the poor or the rest of the people. The threat of eugenics is still upon us. This eugenics isn’t just overt. Its characteristics today in the 21st century has been covert as well. The eugenicist Charles Laughlin wanted to restrict immigration of Italians and Eastern European Jewish people. This is exemplified in the racist Immigration Restriction Act of 1924. This xenophobic atmosphere is common now even in 2010 where some even want to restrict radically legal immigration for the sake of hatred not mutual human compassion. This xenophobic, anti-public services hatred is promoted by the likes of Hannity, Beck., Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, Krauthammer, Crowley, Ingraham, and others. They are a threat, but the good news is that time

after time after people like us refute them at every turn. They can’t run away from their lies and war mongering. Also, I reject some of the gold runners (even some of them in the alternative media as well) when an explicit gold currency can be unstable for the economy.

Finland has education benefits. They have studied algebra, geometry and statistics since the first grade. They are ranked #1 in many categories as it relates to student education. that is why American educators and researchers want to use the Finland model (and influence from Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, etc. to help end the educational crisis in America. Finland used actions that help them to adjust in the 21st century economy. Finland have people learning Finnish, Swedish, and English. They have governmental support for parental leave, day care, and healthcare in exchange for high taxes. Finland has a culture of trusting teachers (and requiring all new teachers to have master degrees if teachers want to teach in primary or secondary schools since 1979). Finland has an abundance of high quality teachers to improve student achievement. Each school in Finland supports a national curriculum. Yet, the testing allows students to be critical thinking and problem solving. The national board samples students' skills periodically and gives feedback to schools (not the public) so they can see how they compare with the national average. So, Finland a single, straightforward curriculum for all students. They expect great results from all students and use strong extra teaching resources to get those results. The teachers are well trained and they love to have the freedom to teach. The teachers are given more independence to have control over how they ran their classroom. So, these lessons and more can improve American educational system (along with learning art, design, economics, engineering, math, science, etc.).

You don’t be a real man or a real woman by loving war mongering or subscribing to the tenets from some oppressor (whether it’s communism, socialism, cartel-

capitalism, materialism, colonialism, fake religions including the prosperity false gospel, war mongering, eugenics, jingoistic patriotism, etc.). Never should we submit to the oppressor. I don‘t believe in tricks. The real gangsters are people owning multinational corporations and restricting benefits for human beings. These gangsters promote the lie of “trickle down economics” in perpetuating misery especially among the poor (who are black, Latino, Native American, Asian, white, etc.). That is why economic poverty should be fought against. The savage gangsters from the West try to use the lie of eugenics and the lie of racism in trying to conquer the lands of indigenous peoples in Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, Australia, the Pacific Islands, etc. I love talking and writing about religious and political issues. I’m attuned to intellectual and social issues. Once, you develop that intellectual maturity and social enlightenment, then you gives you all of the motivation to enact real solutions in society. People have the right to disagree with a Nazi-like criminal Oligarchy bent on global domination. You don’t hate to worry about a coward. These cowards say stuff behind someone’s back instead of front of their face. They hide behind others for social acceptance instead of forging their own independent paths. They hide out and use blatant hypocrisy. A real response to a coward is that their cowardice is never apart of real strength. It’s apart of neutrality in the midst of injustice and pure sucking up to the establishment. We can’t go into that route. We should be up front with and not be ashamed of ourselves. I love what my views are. It’s also important to take risks. Many heroes in history

(whether known or unsung) took risks in order to accomplish extraordinary feats. So, in life, we will have to side with the oppressed, the poor, the working class, etc. instead of the exploitor or the oppressor. It’s not a secret that Big business and corporate elitists promote racism,

poverty, war and

environmental destruction. So, we have every right to promote economic
justice and political independence to raise our minds into a higher level of consciousness.

Sometimes I go have joy and humor. Sometimes,

I get angry at the corruption. Yet, God doesn’t want us to have permanent bitterness in our hearts. God wants us to stand tall like human beings to speak out against injustice, yet be meek with our fellow human beings. Despite of the pain, we should never quit in life. Since, it’s not just an issue about one cause. The real revolutionary mindset revolves
around numerous causes that don’t equate into finding compromise. So, the end result ought to be total freedom and total equality for all people without exceptions. It’s value

to trust your instincts or your gut. If you feel something is just up, then you should follow the right thing. You have to remember also that real people still live in America. America isn’t land where real dreams die. America is still a land despite its imperfections where men and women fought for dreams to be realized and blossom. When I mean America, I mean the land of America that even stolen from its rightful owners by a bunch of imperialists. Our fighting hearts for a just cause spread out among eons and that inspirational power still is apart of my psyche today. The world can never break my heart. It can never lower my soul and it can never damage my forthright conscience. Without equivocation, my inner core is preserved like concrete. a human being should not beg for his or her liberty. They should demand it in an urgent fashion. Sometimes a person goes through pain to strengthen their own hopes in order to engender a better life.
When a man starts to beg for his rights as a human being, it only ends in patronize and exploitation. Begging dehumanizes a person. That is precisely why I believe that

*There has been new information on the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project. The Venus Project members admits to have UN connections. Roxanne Meadows is from the theVenusProject.com. Roxanne said that: "...We have made personal contacts with some people who are in the U.N." Ken Keyes wrote a whole book called "Planethood" that wanted the U.N. to fix the planet under the guise of an one world government for the Earth. Fresco attended to a Congress called "Inspirational Days" in June of 2010. The meeting was organized by globalist Mikhail Gorbachev's foundation called Green Cross International. The Club of Budapest was created by Ervin Laszio and Aurelio Peccei, also founder of the Club of Rome. Ervin attended to the congress and talked as a main speaker with Jacque Fresco. Roxanne admitted that: "We spent time with Laszlo." Laszlo seemed to not have much interest. She said that she wanted an audience with Gorbachev. Jacque supported the

UN Charter. She said that she meet at the Queen Beatrix's Palace to talk about the 10th anniversary of the U.N. Earth Charter. Such groups have pro-eugenics ideologies. So, the Venus Project is supported by many members of the elite. So, the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement are movements that are supported by the elite since the elite hated mainstream Christianity (and national sovereignty).

You just have to be independent, preserve your manhood if you’re a man, preserve your womanhood if you’re a woman, think for yourself, and follow the truth.
By Timothy