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Industrial UPS Types Available

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What are UPS Systems?

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is battery backup which acts as the power source for an IT
equipment or device when the mains power is no longer available.

Imagine a situation when you are working on your PC or Desktop trying to complete a work on time.
But the main power fails, what does your UPS do? It provides your system an additional power
supply so that you can complete the urgent work on time. Generally, the industrial UPS suppliers
make available following type of UPS system type:

● Single Conversion System

● Double Conversion System
● Multi-mode System
Single Conversion UPS System

A single conversion UPS would use the incoming utility AC power to supply the power to the output
load connected. When the AC input power is no longer available or falls out, the UPS would make
use of its inverted to generate the current from the battery. Meanwhile, it automatically disconnects
the AC power supply and remains on battery power unless the battery runs out of power or the AC
input is supplied.

There are mainly two types of Single Conversion UPS system which include Standby &
Line-Interactive System.
Single Conversion UPS Types

Standby UPS System: For desktops, the standby UPS are widely used. The primary power source in
this Standby System is line power from utility while battery is the secondary one. Both the battery
and inverter do not supply any power to the equipment and remain on standby mode. The line
power is used by battery charger to store the charge for generating power when needed. Whenever
the AC power fails, the transfer switches the secondary power source and continues the power
supply to the IT equipment.

Line-interactive UPS system: A combined inverter/ converter replaces a battery charger, inverter, and
source selection switch. This combined inverter/converter charges the battery as well as converts
into AC power for the output. However, in line-interactive UPS system has AC line power as the
primary source and battery as the secondary source. Whenever the line-power operates, the
inverter/converter charges the battery and operates in reverse if the main power fails.
Double Conversion UPS System

In double conversion UPS system, the AC power is converted into DC power via rectifier. This DC
power charges the battery as well as supplies the inverter to convert DC into AC mains through Pitch
Width Modulation (PWM). This double conversion is the reason why this UPS type is called double
conversion UPS system.
Multi-Mode Conversion System
A multi-mode UPS has a first path which consists rectifier and inverter while the second path in
parallel to the first path. It works in an economy mode which supports the flow of power from a
utility to the load connected through the second path. It includes the properties and performs the
activities of both a Single Conversion UPS & a Double Mode Conversion. And hence this UPS type is
called multi-mode conversion UPS system.
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