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Business Ethics

Assignment 3
(TMA3 – 20%)

Submission Date:
29 Oct 2010
BBM208/05 Business Ethics

Tutor-marked Assignment 3


1. TMA 2 covers Unit 5.

2. TMA 3 contains 5 application questions

3. TMA 3 carries 20% of your final total marks

4. The assignment should be typed using Times New Roman, font size 12 and double
spaced, approximately 2000 words.

5. The deadline for the submission of TMA is 29 Oct 2010. A softcopy should be
submitted via Online Assignment Submission System

Business Ethics Project

You have been hired as consultants to write a code of ethics for your company. Management is
primarily concerned about employee theft and customer service, but want to be sure that their
new code of ethics covers all employees, upper level management to sales clerk and all major
ethical issues.

You will need to address the issues that you consider most important in specific detail. Write a
code of ethics that you think covers the major issues based on what you learned in class and
conducting additional research. You may want to refer to some codes of ethics as models to
begin your task.

Your code of ethics should cover the major issues that were discussed. Be sure to balance the
needs of the employees, the customers, the suppliers, and the company. Your code should be
short, but cover the areas that you considers important. In addition to the code, you will need to
write an explanation of the rationale for your code to the management.

Sections will include:

1. Employees (How the corporation treats the employee)
(20 marks)

2. Employees (How the employee conducts himself/herself in work related environments)

(20 marks)

3. Customers (How the corporation interacts with customers)

(20 marks)

4. Suppliers (How the corporation interacts with suppliers)

(20 marks)

5. Health and Safety (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and Environmental

(20 marks)

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