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Global warming has become one of the world’s biggest threats in the 21st century.

Global warming is speeding up in an alarming rate affecting the world in many

multiple ways. As the earth’s temperature rises, more and more problems have
spouted out of the ground, challenging the scientific world to provide solutions to
this massive threat. This essay will talk about the problems of global warming while
also providing solutions to the problems associated.

The first problem of global warming is the rising temperatures of the world.
Greenhouse gasses are particles from carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor that
carry the heat energy from the sun (Global Warming: Feature Articles, n. d). The
heat carried by these particles becomes tiny heaters, warming the world slowly.
Humans have artificially increased the greenhouse gas effect by over 38% since the
industrial revolution started in 1750 (Global Warming: Feature Articles, n. d). The
world has been getting warmer in an unprecedented way. The world has gotten
warmer by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 according to NASA. The hotter the
world gets, the more and more effects surface in this world. One effect of the rise in
temperature is the melting of polar ice caps (Global Warming Effects, 2017). The ice
sheets and glaciers are starting to melt slowly causing a chain effect. As the ice
melts, sea level rises, causing floods to coastal cities. Environment for polar animals
such as polar bears and leopard seals are also gradually decreasing.

The solution to this problem is to first of all reduce the greenhouse gases. Now how
do we do that? The most likely solution is to boost energy efficiency. The energy
used to power our homes, heat our houses or cool them is the single largest
contributor to global warming (Global Warming Solutions, n.d). By being efficient in
energy use, we can gradually slow down the pace of global warming in hopes to
reduce the impact it has on the polar ice caps.

Another problem caused by global warming is extreme weather conditions. Global

warming is enhancing the weird weather patterns all around the world (Pappas,
A.B, 2017). Unusual weather patterns can be easily seen in the US for example,
longer and colder winters. Or we can also see another example is in San Francisco,
where they just experienced its first rain free January. This affects multiple parties,
including humans, animals and plants. Animals migrating based on seasons are now
struggling to find its proper timing due to inconsistent weather. Us people are also
suffering from this weird pattern. Crops may not be growing due to drought, and
plants dying to extreme winters.

Another solution to global warming is stopping deforestation (Global Warming

Solutions, n.d). Deforestation can enhance the effects of weird weather patterns. For
instance, due to consistent rain and no trees are around to absorb the water,
landslides, erosion, and floods could pose more threats to humanity. By reducing
deforestation, it can also lower global warming emissions. Reforestation is clearly
needed in the world we live today.
Problems are abundant due to global warming. Another problem is invasive species
of animals. One example of this problem is the spruce bark beetles. Due to 20 years
of warm summer, they have thrived by eating almost 4 million acres of spruce trees
in Canada. Other species will move up north or become more successful and yet
many will die and cause extinction. More and more viruses are also spreading to
global warming for example the Zika virus in 2016 (Global Warming Effects, 2017)

A solution for this is by of course reducing the heat. And to reduce heat, we must
reduce global warming. One easy solution is by going on a meat-free day every
week. By not eating meat at least 1 day a week, we can reduce the emissions
produced. Producing beef, lamb and cheese creates one of the highest amounts of
green house gases, so by reducing the production, we can help reduce emissions
(Schweig, S. V, 2016)

Global warming has indeed become the major villain of the earth in this age. Rising
temperatures will affect the world in more ways we could ever imagine. Extreme
weather conditions appear out of nowhere and more invasive species are
conquering due to warm temperatures and yet some species of animals can
completely die out. But it doesn’t mean that global warming cant be stopped. With a
reduction of green house gases, stopping deforestation and also by just simply going
on a meat-free diet, we can fight global warming from plaguing our world even


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