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Learning  Area:     Physical  Education         Topic:   Warm-­‐up  Cricket  Exercise  (bucket  ball  adaption)  

Students’  prior  knowledge  and  experience:  

• Students  must  have  basic  fundamental  movement  skills  involving  throwing  and  catching.  
Preparation  and  Resources:  
• 2  Tennis  
• 2  Hula  Hoops  
• 2  Cricket  Wickets  

Timing:   Learning  Experiences:  
1. Introduction:    
Call all students into a group and keep them standing. Introduce the warm-up game to the
group and quickly get into the warm-up
2. Sequence  of  learning  experiences:  
Throwing  and  catching  warm-­‐up  exercise:    
1. Split  the  students  up  into  two  even  teams  
2. Place  two  hula  hoops  20  metres  apart  to  create  a  field  for  the  students  to  play  on.    
3. Place  the  cricket  wicket  set  inside  each  hula-­‐hoop  with  only  one  leg  of  the  cricket  
wicket  inserted  in  each  cricket  wicket  set.    
4. The  two  teams  will  attack  opposite  hula-­‐hoops  to  create  one  offensive  hula-­‐hoop  
and  one  defensive  hula-­‐hoop.  
5. The  aim  of  the  game  is  for  students  within  their  team  to  pass  the  ball  to  one  another,  
when  they  are  close  enough  to  the  hula-­‐hoop  and  cricket  wicket,  they  can  attempt  to  
throw  the  ball  and  if  they  hit  the  wicket,  their  team  scores  one  point  and  the  ball  is  
then  given  to  the  opposing  team.  
6. The  defending  team’s  aim  is  to  intercept  tennis  ball  to  become  the  attacking  team  
7. The  rules  of  the  game:    
• The  student  with  the  ball  in  hand  must  remain  stationary  with  their  feet  (netball  rule)  
• The  defending  team  must  be  at  least  1  metre  away  from  the  ball  handler  
• Students  must  remain  outside  the  hula-­‐hoop  
Ability  for  Modification:  
1. Add  another  rule  where  the  students  must  bounce  pass  the  ball  
2. Add  another  rule  where  the  students  must  catch  one  handed  
3. Extend  the  size  of  the  pitch  
4. Add  another  rule  where  the  ball  must  be  passed  to  at  least  3  different  team  members  prior  to  
  attempting  to  throw  the  ball  at  the  wickets.