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PMI Project Management

Professional (PMP)® Workshop

All Rights Reserved . Introduction 2 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.

3 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.  PMP® certification is globally recognized and this credential is valid for 3 Years and need to renewed regularly by obtaining PDUs.  PMI manages and monitors the PMP® Certification Exams.  PMI is an Organization founded in 1969.About PMP & PMI Certification  PMP®: Project Management Professional.  PMP® is a credential. All Rights Reserved .  PMBOK: Project Management Body of Knowledge.  PMBOK® Guide is a Text Book for the PMP® Certification Exam.  PMI®: Project Management Institute.  PDU: Professional Development Unit.

All Rights Reserved .  To keep your job.Why PMP?  To become a better project manager as the best practices have been included procured from myriad project managers across the globe.  Hike in your current salary (Help you to get ahead) 4 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.  Minimizing resource utilization and making a project cost effective .  Changes how others look your abilities. promoted or get a job.  Increases the success rate of your project as you become more organized.

500 hours 60 months associate degree or global Hours within last 8 equivalent years  After paying the examination fee online.  You need to contact a prometric center to schedule a date for the exam 5 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.500 hours 36 months equivalent Hours within last 8 years Two High School diploma. PMI will send an authorization letter.  Exam must be taken within one year of receiving the authorization letter.Exam Eligibility Requirement Category Eligibility Of Education Formal pmp Hours leading Months of training and directing pmp training hours hours experience One Bachelors Degree or global 35 Contact 4. 35 Contact 7.  PMI may randomly choose to send your application for auditing. All Rights Reserved .

Examination Pattern  Total 4 Hours duration  Out of 200.  Grades are  Below proficient  Proficient  Moderately Proficient  There is no negative marking. All Rights Reserved . 25 are considered as pre-test questions (zero marks) and only 175 are scored for the exam result  Grading system is followed to arrive at the result Pass or Fail. Result is based on the individual grades on each process group. 6 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.

All Rights Reserved .Distribution of Q’s across Process Groups Process Group Percentage of Questions Initiating 13 Planning 24 Executing 30 Monitoring & Controlling 25 Closing 8 Note: This % of distribution might vary as required by PMI. 7 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions Call Us @ 901-989-9000 If you are looking for PMP Classes in Chennai visit: http://in. All Rights Reserved .com/training-chennai 8 © 2015 Skillogic Knowledge Solutions.skillogic.