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To fulfil the requirement of Planning of Teaching & Learning (PRKA 3012) assignment,
one of the sub tasks for our assignment is to carry out a macro teaching in about 30 minutes
for the teaching activity. Movina, Buvanectvary and I worked together as group to carry out
our simulated teaching to teach about Pollution to the Year 5 pupils. We chose Movina's lesson
plan to help us to demonstrate the macro teaching. Movina did set Induction and presentation
stage, Buvanectvary did practice stage while Priya did production stage.

Being in the teaching profession is an enthusiasm for me because the excitement of

teaching and guiding young children. In spite of the fact that I have no experience in teaching
pupils, the macro teaching that I have done with my partners was really a step towards the life
of a teacher. The process of setting up the materials and lesson plan was a great challenge
for me and feedbacks received during the macro teaching opened my point of view on criteria
required in leading a lesson.

After completing the macro teaching, I received some comments and feedbacks from
my peers and my lecturer. As for the strength, I was said that my performance during the
teaching session was good and engaging. I was able to communicate with the pupils and draw
their attention towards my lesson. Next, I was also given feedback that I have a fair
presentation and good voice projection where this could help me to present my session clearly.
This made me realised that a good voice projection will help the pupils to hear the teacher
clearly. Besides, my lecturer commented that I managed to recall the objective of my lesson
which ensure my lesson is in the right flow.

Regardless I have to enhance my technique in conveying information as I spoke too

much and too fast. My lecturer said that I can misguide pupils and make them confuse instead
of understand the lesson. Furthermore, I failed to maintain an eye contact with my pupils
during the teaching, where I stand way and failed to notice the pupils who were not paying
attention in my lesson. Other than that, my lecturer also commented that I need to make sure
I understand the choice of word that I’m using in my class beforehand as I might teach them
the wrong one. This is because pupils may post questions and I might be off hand.

By carrying out this macro teaching, I learned quite a lot on how to teach effectively
using various approaches, strategies and techniques. I discovered that the choice of material
that we utilize can influence our teaching. It can help us in making our lesson attractive and
interesting. As we all know that teaching English for the pupils can be more fun if we use
different techniques and approaches in teaching that caters all level of pupils. It is also
important to choose the suitable activity so the pupils can learn the content better.

As a conclusion, I have learned that integrating Professional Learning
Community (PLC) in our teaching can help the teachers to produce a successful learning for
their pupils. PLC also helps the teachers to become more effective and ensure they deliver a
higher quality teaching for their pupils. On the other hand, the members of PLC may develop
their leadership skills through discussion, modelling, practicing and receiving feedback. This
will enable the teachers gain increased respect for being professional and could learn more
about PLC which widen up their eyes in the field of teaching.