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Using Token Economy System to Improve Pupils’ Participation in English Language

Learning Activities


Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Tuanku Bainun,14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

Keywords: Token Economy System, pupils ‘participation, English, Language, Learning,



This study investigates the use of token economy as an intervention to improve pupils’
participation in ESL classroom. Pupils’ participation is one of those workhorse instructional
strategies to accomplish language learning. But in reality it is difficult to create an active learning
environment in a classroom due to some reasons such as pupils’ background, traditional overt
teaching method; pupils depending on teachers and more. Lack of pupils’ participation hinders
language learning of the pupils. A review of the literature conducted by Matson and Boisjoli
(2009), found that token economies have been used successfully for different behaviors. In view
of this, in this study, I choose the Token Economy System to improve pupils’ participation. The
pupils receive tokens on an intermittent reinforcement schedule for being on-task, displaying
compliant behavior as an individual and in groups. Tokens were used as both a primary
reinforce, multiple tokens earned additional rewards based on preference. I have carried out this
research on average pupils to find out whether they were improving their participation in ESL
classroom. The findings indicate a significant improvisation of average pupils’ participation in
ESL classroom.