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Ref No: AN – 002/ 10-11 R00

Issue date: 01 / 06 / 2010

Case Study : Application of MV VFD for ID Fan Application

Customer Site : APGENCO Vijaywada Thermal Power Station

Introduction :


Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Limited ( APGENCO ) is one of the pivotal organisations of Andhra
Pradesh. Engaged in the business of Power generation. Apart from operation & maintenance of the power plants, it
has undertaken the execution of the ongoing & new power projects scheduled under capacity addition program and is
taking up renovation & modernization works of the old power stations.

APGENCO came in to existence in December 1998 and commenced operation from February 1999. The installed
capacity of APGENCO as on 25 June 2009 is 7587.9 MW comprising of 3882.5 MW Thermal, 3703.4 MW Hydro and
2 MW Wind power station and contributes about half of the total energy requirement of Andhra Pradesh. APGENCO is
the third largest Power Generating Utility in the country next to NTPC and MAHAGENCO.

Vijayawada Thermal Power Station ( VTPS ) has total generating capacity of 1760MW and commissioned in 4 stages
between 1979 to 2009. It has 210MW x 6 units and 500MW x 1 Unit. VTPS having PLF of around 90% which is much
higher than all India PLF of 210MW units.

APGENCO and its management having a vision to be the best Power Utility in the country and one of the best in the
world, always looks for new innovations, technology to improve plant efficiency and energy saving.

Yantra Harvest Energy Pvt Ltd “Saving Energy is our business”

Pune ,India
Customers Requirement : Energy Saving in 6.6KV ,1600KW ID Fan

Two ID Fans 70 % & 220m’3/sec Capacity,1600KW are used in Unit 3-Stage II of Power Plant ,using Inlet Guide
Vane(IGV) and Hydraulic Coupling using Scoop control to vary Flow .The Hydraulic Coupling operates in range 60-
70% and both IGV and Hydraulic Valve are controlled by DCS system .The ID Fan system works dynamically in
tandem with FD Fan, and ensures required Draft is maintained to ensure proper Boiler Operation .

Measured Values Before Applying VFD :

 Scoop Tube Position : 65-70% Open

 Inlet Damper : 100% Open
 Total Air Flow at Full Load : 700 T/hr
 Fan speed : 660 rpm
 Motor Speed : 50 Hz
 Suction Pressure : -130 mmwc
 Furnace Pressure reqd : -15 mmwc +/- 5 mmwc
 Current : 160 Amp
 Power consumed by ID Fan without MV drive : 1554 KW

Yantra Harvest Energy Pvt Ltd “Saving Energy is our business”

Pune ,India
Challenges :

a) Retrofitting of MV Drive required to be done keeping process parameters intact .

b) Take into account current electrical system ,manage Grid Disturbances or small jerks in system .
c) Interface with Current Control System – DCS which controls ID Fans in singular/dual fan mode .
d) Ensure Tripless operation by providing bypass scheme to handle conventional and VFD system .
e) Take Care of Environment Concern and ensure high reliability .
f) Ensure no ill effects on existing motor and Harmonic Injection onto Grid .

Solution Provided :

Yantra Harvest Energy executed the job on turnkey basis taking into account all concerns and challenges .

The State of Art Harsvert A MV VFD 1600KW ,6.6KV using 36pulse Multi Level Casacaded SPWM Technology
was applied to ID Fan system .
Selection Logic was provided for Scoop Control /VFD Control on BTG Panel/UCB-3 .
In VFD Mode , 4-20ma command shall directly be fed to VFD and Scoop shall operate at 100%
And in Scoop Mode ,VFD command will be disconnected and 4-20ma shall control Scoop .
Adequate precautions shall be taken to ensure no boiler trip due to high furnace pressure for unexpected
Problem on DCS side due to additional hardware added .
Bypass system using VCB was provided to ensure both modes of operation .
Environment Conditions were taken care by preparing Dust Free Room inside plant .
The Yantra Harsvert VFD with 36 Pulse Multi Level cascaded technology provided harmonic injection below
5% at VFD Input and no ill effects on existing Motor due to excellent multistep PWM Waveform .

Measured Values After Application of VFD :

 Scoop Tube Position : 100% Open

 Inlet Damper : 100% Open
 Total Air Flow at Full Load : 700 T/hr
 Fan speed : 640 rpm
 Motor Speed : 86%
 Suction Pressure : -130 mmwc
 Furnace Pressure to be maintain : -15 mmwc +/- 5 mmwc
 Current : 109 Amp
 Power consumed by ID Fan without MV drive : 1187 KW

Yantra Harvest Energy Pvt Ltd “Saving Energy is our business”

Pune ,India
Customer Benefit : Energy Saving achieved per Hour – 367KWH .
% Energy Saving - 24%

Parameter Without Drive With MV Drive

Scoop position 65 % open 100% open

Current 160 A 109 A

Power 1554 KW 1187 KW

Conclusion :

The Energy Saving Objective on ID Fan system was successfully achieved by application of Harsvert 6.6KV MV VFD
And executing job on turnkey basis taking into account all process parameters and concerns .

Supported by : APGENCO –Vijaywada TPS

Year of Installation : 2009
Mr Rameshbabu –DIV.Engg (EMD-II)

Yantra Harvest Energy Pvt Ltd “Saving Energy is our business”

Pune ,India