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Pennsylvania State University

Panhellenic Council
For Immediate Release: March 14, 2018

Panhellenic Council’s Response to Chapter Loss of Recognition

On behalf of the Panhellenic Council:

Following the events that have transpired throughout the past week, Panhellenic is committed
to moving forward in a positive direction that upholds our values of Sisterhood, Leadership,
Service, and Scholarship.

The revocation of Penn State’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter is difficult and has sent a shock
throughout our community. With this comes the loss of our Panhellenic President, Genevieve
Fishman from the Panhellenic Executive Board. We thank Gen for her constant dedication and
commitment to the Panhellenic Community. Based on the standing rules of Penn State
Panhellenic, the previous Executive Vice President, Courtney Rodrigues, ascended to the
position of President on Wednesday, March 14th 2018. She will fulfill the rest of the 2018 term.

We, as a council, are committed to moving forward and implementing positive change. Our
goals have not wavered and we will continue to promote actions that support the wellbeing of
our members.

We hold pride in the fact that we are apart of such a resilient community. We will continue to
empower our members to make necessary changes to allow for chapter growth and
membership development.


The 2018 Panhellenic Executive Board